7 Best Staffing Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

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» What is Staffing Software?

This software looks similar to the applicant tracking system, but the two differ. Also known as the recruitment software, the staffing software helps companies (big/small) optimize the hiring process. It aids the HR managers in all recruitment processes, such as searching and attracting candidates, screening their resumes, creating interview forms, and distributing offer letters.

» How to Choose the Best Staffing Software?

When choosing staffing software solutions for your company, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure the company gets the best workforce to boost growth and development. Your chosen software should have essential features such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM). 

You should be able to integrate various automated services that can ease the HR processes, such as shooting-out emails, calendar updates, real-time notifications and alerts, updated job boards, social media awareness, and more. Your staffing agency software is a vital addition to the HR department; therefore, you should look for customer reviews on social media platforms and search engines, especially unbiased ones. You can also analyze your decision with the software’s customer ratings.

Now that you know what to look for in small business staffing software let’s look at the top-rated recruitment and staffing agency software available in 2023.

» Top 7 Staffing Software in 2023!

best Staffing Software

1: Avionte


Avionte is a powerful engine that combines recruitment software, a sophisticated sourcing tool, and a candidate attraction and onboarding mechanism. It’s the most outstanding front and back office solution for companies who provide temporary help in clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional fields. Everything they produce is geared at facilitating employment. It facilitates the management of customer and applicant data. As staffing software, it is the most efficient. The time it takes to put up a job posting and the ease with which potential employees may use the site to apply are both ideals.


  • Clerical and light industrial staffing 
  • Industry-leading software-as-a-service 
  • High-value network of technology partners 
  • End-to-end business insights 
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Intellectual dashboard 
  • Real-time notifications and newsfeed


  • It cares a lot about giving customers the best products and services in its field. Its solutions give you everything you need in a single, easy-to-use system to run your business at the speed of business.
  • It provides innovative staffing solutions from start to finish across the U.S. and Canada.
  • It has a robust platform that includes CRM, recruiting, onboarding, payroll, billing, and business intelligence. It also has an ecosystem of strategic technology partners to help make solutions that fit the needs of clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms.


Avionte offers customized staffing software solutions, which are tailored as per the organization’s needs and requirements. If you wish to avail of a subscription to this software, you should contact their sales department and request a demo.

2: Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit-best-staffing-software

Zoho Recruit is a leading recruitment and staffing agency software. It has a system for keeping track of applicants that helps recruiters get around several problems. Zoho Recruit helps you find, track, and hire the best candidates without switching between different media. It has complete solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies. You can personalize every part of your workday and automate tasks like sending emails, changing the status of an interview, and more. You can make better hiring plans with reports and data at your fingertips.


  • Private company with the public vision 
  • Expert candidate sourcing 
  • Hiring pipeline and resume management 
  • Experts in automating and hire 
  • Easier tracking of applicants


  • It wants to make good use of your money. It puts more money into making new products and helping customers.
  • It makes products to meet everyone’s needs, many of which were made to meet their own needs since Zoho runs on Zoho alone.
  • It hasn’t had any other data leaks. It cares most about its clients’ privacy and treats their problems like they were their own.


The Zoho staffing agency software has variant packages for small and large-scale businesses. To start with, you can get free access to this software with one active job post. The other packages, which are billed annually, are given below:

  • Standard: $1,250/month (per user for 100 active job posts)
  • Professional: $2,500/month (per user for 250 active job posts)
  • Enterprise: $3,750/month (per user for 750 active job posts)

You can always contact the sales department for a free consultation and a demo; they will provide more details.

3: COATS Software

COATS Software-best-staffing-software

COATS software is the finest staffing software solution for recruitment management. With its help, advertising job openings is a breeze, and the postings go live on sites like Facebook, Indeed, Twitter, and Hired in one fell swoop. The increased exposure to thousands of qualified job seekers provided by COATS is well worth the effort. Recruiters may make immediate contact with prospects via a channel much job-seekers favor by sending them complimentary text messages. You can yield streamlined and effective operations by integrating administrative and customer-facing functions into a single program.


  • End-to-end staffing solutions
  • Remote hiring solutions 
  • Advanced accounting and billing software
  • Staffing software customizations 
  • Ultimate payroll system 


  • It’s a one-stop solution that cuts costs, saves time, and improves hiring.
  • It makes work more accessible by combining back-office and front-office functions into a single piece of software. This creates a system that works well and is easy to use.
  • It lets you reach more people and puts your job openings in front of thousands of possible candidates. It also makes it easier to talk to the applicants.


Schedule a free demo if you are interested in this staffing software for recruiting. Contact the sales department, and they will provide you with a customized solution for staffing software per your company’s requirements and norms.

4: Bullhorn


Bullhorn is the best staffing agency software in the recruitment industry. More than 10,000 staffing companies use Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to drive sales, build relationships, and power their recruitment process. Bullhorn has its headquarters in Boston and has offices all over the world. It employs more than 900 people around the world. It helps you manage your recruitment process from start to finish and acts as a hub for the rest of your stack.


  • Workflow Building
  • Hiring Processes Tracking
  • Applicant Data Management
  • Automated Resume Parsing
  • Candidate-Facing Statuses


  • It enables administrators to customize it according to their preferences for how things should be done. You are free to create your objects, fields, rules, computations, and views whenever you choose.
  • It enables users to do business with the same information while seeing it in a variety of languages and currencies, thanks to this feature.
  • It is equipped with analytics tools that may provide crucial information for a company and monitor its growth. Users can engage in conversation through a centralized dashboard.


Bullhorn offers recruitment software for staffing agencies that can ease every part of their hiring process – it is an all-in-one solution. You may contact the sales or customer support team to get a price quotation customized per your organization’s norms and requirements.

5: Connecteam


Connecteam is a workforce management app that can help your staffing agency. It lets managers put their business processes on autopilot to focus on business growth and frees employees to be more productive, flexible, and happy. Save time and be more productive with mobile-first custom checklists, forms, and reports. You can schedule shifts and track work hours with a GPS time clock through Connecteam. Simplify employee communication, improve professional skills, manage daily tasks, and so much more, all through this one software.


  • Online contract templates
  • Work order management
  • Customer Database
  • Billing & Invoicing and Contract Management
  • Dispatch Management


  • It can help you reach all of your staff with private chat or keep everyone in the loop with actionable group updates. It can also assist in maintaining a secure and compliant workplace while efficiently disseminating critical data to your staffing teams. 
  • It can help in monitoring time spent on the move by workers. 
  • Its digital checklists, forms, and reports may improve routine operations and activities. With tools like feedback surveys, private or group chat, a suggestion box, and much more, Connecteam’s personnel management software is an excellent way to increase employee engagement, retention, and morale and reduce turnover.


Connecteam offers staffing software for small businesses that can ease every part of the hiring process. The brand offers variant solutions with a wide range of packages; therefore, you need to contact the sales or customer support team to get a perfect package for your organization’s needs and terms. 

6: Recruiterflow


Recruiterflow is software for staffing agencies that helps them find and hire people. It is a modern applicant tracking software and customer relationship management software. With Recruiterflow, you can use a Chrome plugin to find candidates, build new relationships to bring in great talent and business, use powerful email automation to give candidates a better experience, drive sales, and keep track of your clients and sales pipeline. It is made to be easy to use and get things done. On average, a recruiter can place 15% more people and save at least 5 hours per user daily.


  • System Security & Software Management
  • Recruiting Management
  • Resume Database and Resume Search
  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Recruiting and Talent Acquisition


  • It is made to be easy to use and get things done. On average, a recruiter can place 15% more people and save at least 5 hours per user daily. 
  • It can give you all the tools you need to grow your staffing agency. You can manage recruiting pipelines, billing, managing contracts, and bringing in new business through this software.
  • Its automation eliminates all manual back-office work so you can re-engage candidates and clients whose contracts have ended. Increase your fill rate and place more people without spending more on recruiting.


Recruiterflow provides a variety of packages for small and large-scale businesses. Below is a list of pre-designed packages that are billed annually:

  • Growth: $99/month (per user)
  • Scale: $109/month (per user)
  • Enterprise: $129/month (per user)

You can always contact the sales department for a free consultation and a demo; they will provide more details.

7: BrightMove


Regarding recruitment software for staffing agencies, BrightMove is without a peer. It has become the go-to applicant tracking solution for RPOs, staffing agencies, and HR departments in search of innovative methods of identifying, recruiting, and keeping top talent. Whether you are an executive and retained search company, a permanent placement agency, or someone in charge of contingent employment, BrightMove will not only meet your demands but also exceed them.


  • Integrations and data migrations 
  • Advanced recruitment tools 
  • Easy communication with applicants 
  • Social media integration 
  • Detailed reporting and intelligence 


  • This is the most straightforward and user-friendly software for staffing and recruitment firms. Get back to doing what you do best (recruiting) with 1-click sourcing, pre-made email templates, and a seamless user experience.
  • Its advanced features can help you work quicker and recruit employees and other staff. 
  • It has a comprehensive report library and ad-hoc reporting for custom reports which can help you streamline your process. 


BrightMove offers a wide range of staffing solution packages (pre-designed) for all kinds of organizations. These packages are billed annually and are given below:

  • Staffing Basic: $125/month (per user)
  • Staffing Advanced: $225/month (per user)
  • Staffing Enterprise: $299/month (per user)

You can always contact the sales department for a free consultation and a demo; they will provide more details.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. Who uses staffing software?

Staffing software is popular among recruitment agencies and large-scale organizations with HR departments. It allows robust operations within the companies, especially the HR departments, to handle initiatives related to office staffing. It can also offer a perfect mix of recruitment agencies’ aid and internal hiring processes.

2. Why use staffing software better than a recruitment agency?

Staffing software allows you to take complete control of the hiring process compared to outsourcing services from a recruitment agency. Additionally, your investment in time, efforts, and money stay within your company when you use staffing software for recruiting; you can also use this investment for future processes. 

3. What are the benefits of using staffing software for recruiters?

Staffing software helps you in growing your database. It speeds up your hiring process and reduces the administrative work. This system not only improves communication between potential candidates and the HR department but also increases the quality of staff. It enhances HR performance and keeps track of the job applicants, keeping the data 100% secured and private.

4. Why is automation critical in the process of hiring?

The conventional hiring method was tiring and stressful; automation in the hiring process allows companies to automate recruitment efficiency and procedure. It not only reduces the recruitment costs but also improves the quality of the company’s talent. Additionally, it enhances productivity and time acceleration during the recruitment process of new talent.

5. Should a small business invest in staffing software solutions?

Small businesses constantly look forward to growing profits and becoming more efficient; thereby, using technology to automate daily processes is one way. Staffing software solutions can help manage finances, communicate with potential candidates, and track hiring procedures. It can save time and money and help company owners do other tasks productively.

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