List of Top 10 Candidate Sourcing Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is candidate sourcing software?

This software is developed to complete HR processes effectively and efficiently. These candidate sourcing tools allow HR managers and teams to find, monitor, and schedule prospective interviews with shortlisted candidates. You can post several job openings swiftly and conveniently; also, it allows HR executives to post them on multiple social platforms and job sites in a single click.

You can also design an intuitive career page and check candidate profiles instantly with the talent-sourcing software. You can do a lot here, but before buying one, you should know how to choose the best candidate sourcing software for your company.

» How to choose the Best Candidate Sourcing Software?

The top talent sourcing tools for recruiters should be rich in functionalities and features. Considering software that can benefit your enterprise size and employee strength would be best. Software compatibility also plays a vital role; your chosen software should be compatible with your company’s servers, operating systems, devices, and more. The system should also offer you top-notch customer support and onboarding solutions.

Once you have checked all the above aspects, you should also consider the software’s norms – they should be compatible with your company’s terms and conditions. Data security and migration terms are also essential; the software should offer the best-in-class services. Lastly, you should check on the pricing, which should suit your company’s HR budget.

» Top 10 Candidate Sourcing Software in 2023

best Candidate Sourcing Software

1: SmartRecruiters


The most needed tool for hiring recruiters is here. SmartRecruiters is a candidate sourcing software that helps your business make the right decisions with accuracy and efficiency by ensuring that the recruiting process goes smoothly. You can construct customized talent committees to enhance your hiring team’s skills to organize and manage high-quality talent before it is called for. Using personalized and targeted campaigns through this talent sourcing software allows your business to attract the attention of skilled people who fit the role of the job.


  • Custom career sites and pages
  • Integrate and expand talent communities
  • Shareability of content
  • Real-time resume acquiring
  • Interactions in events with a one-click policy
  • Resume parsing technology


  • The scalability of SmartRecruiters helps you perform several high-quality actions efficiently; it allows you to build custom career pages and sites to attract creative talent. 
  • It helps you stay connected by increasing the sharing ability of impactful content that can help you stay close to the teams and employees – the event interactions also occur with just a one-click policy. 
  • SmartRecruiters’talent sourcing tools make it seamless for hiring recruiters to sort through talents and consequently easy for candidates to apply for the job with just three clicks. 


SmartRecruiters provides personalized software solutions; you must contact their sales department or customer support team for more details. They will provide you with tailored options that suit your requirements and budget.

2: Yello


The goals set by your organization in sourcing need to be met with the top talent sourcing tools for recruiters; look no further than Yello to achieve so. This software is perfect for engaging, interviewing, and evaluating candidates without the hassle and ensuring that the recruiting process is done precisely. The sourcing efforts can be automated for the hiring team with the help of automated sourcing tools from Yello. You will be able to recognize potential fits much faster and more efficiently, as well as be able to reach a broader range of qualified candidates. 


  • Automated sourcing of talents 
  • Recapture past applicants
  • Diminish siloed sourcing
  • Candidate imports and scans automated 
  • Job board with centralized search
  • Integration with LinkedIn and DAXTRA boards


  • It offers a wide range of personalized facilities such as nurture campaigns and automated sourcing of talents, which allows finding the perfect fit for your job requirement. 
  • The sync with DAXTAR boards and LinkedIn help you get the best of the batch as the sourcing software for recruiters provides qualified candidates for final interviewing and evaluation.
  • It avails tracking of prior activities and engagements and the ability to recapture applicants that may not have been selected in previous recruiting programs. 


Yello offers customized candidate sourcing software solutions, and you can get a free demo too. They will provide you with personalized options that match your needs and budget. You must contact their sales team for more details.

3: Freshteam


One of the best candidate sourcing tools is availed by the Freshteam software. By using it, your organization can save a lot of time and indulge in applicable recruiting processes to hire the right people. You get the facility to scout for applicants across various job boards; meanwhile, you can create career pages and sites so that your business attracts the attention of the people you require. Since first impressions matter a lot when trying to attract high-quality talent, the AI sourcing tools from Freshteam help you create beautiful career sites that are mobile-friendly as well.


  • Share postings for a job on multiple platforms 
  • Create mobile-friendly career pages
  • Seamless acceptable applications through the website 
  • Streamline applicant data
  • Save time in hiring
  • Custom tracking links generated 


  • It helps immensely increase the team’s overall productivity by ensuring that your organization saves time in the hiring process and uses it resourcefully elsewhere. 
  • The sourcing through Freshteam can be done through various social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more – this allows your business to have a wider playing field to attract talent. 
  • It organizes applications so that sorting through them becomes seamless and makes the rest of the evaluation and managing easier. 


Freshteam is one of the best candidates sourcing software to look for; you can start with a free 21-day trial without having to pay a single penny. They offer monthly and annual packages; however, we recommend you source an annual package. You can always choose the free version if your employee strength is up to 50. For extensive (premium) packages, let’s read further:

  • Growth: $84/month per user
  • Pro: $168/month per user
  • Enterprise: $336/month per user

All the packages listed above are billed annually. For more details, you must contact their customer support.

4: Trakstar Hire

Trakstar Hire-best-candidate-sourcing-software

Regarding talent sourcing platforms, Trakstar Hire gives you some of the best features and a hassle-free procedure for hiring recruits. Your HR team can take the imminent stress out of talent acquisition and having to sort from a long list of candidates to find the best ones. Trakstar Hire’s talent sourcing tools allow you to post job requirements quickly and by following a few steps; it can be cast for a wide range of job seekers and can also be open for passive applicants. 


  • Intuitive design for candidate sourcing
  • Easy forwarding of messages
  • Social Media sharing
  • Broad range for job posting 
  • Avails grants for referrals 
  • Add candidate applications with ease 


  • One of the best candidate sourcing tools from Trakstar Hire is granting access for referrers to write their referrals about the candidates through easy steps; this allows you to access the applicant’s past performance without the hassle.
  • It allows you to share the job posting far and wide, increasing your organization’s exposure and gaining the attention of several potential talents. 
  • Makes downloading and sorting of resumes with this software which creates a unique email address to avoid the traffic of one too many resumes.


Trakstar Hire offers variant packages, but each can be customized according to your needs and budget; you must schedule a call with their sales team for more details on this candidate sourcing software.

5: Betterteam


Betterteam offers some of the best features of all sourcing tools for recruiters. It allows recruiters and hiring managers to relax when the influx of applications flies. By enabling a proactive search through all the candidates’ information, qualification, and skills, this software helps shortlist applications that would be better suited for the position that is open in the organization. Adding to this, it also helps keep that data stored for future reference and contact potential talents to stay connected about the hiring process. 


  • AI to deliver candidate recommendations
  • Outbound tools for recruiting via talent pool
  • Automates engagement processes and candidate sources 
  • Tracks, sources, and manages talent
  • Tailored to fit specific industries 
  • Intuitive algorithm for sorting applications 


  • There are numerous best candidate sourcing tools provided by Betterteam, all of which work together to make the recruiting process easier for the recruiters and sort through the applications to find the talent that fits the job best. 
  • It has an intuitive design that collects information from the internet to adapt an algorithm that would filter, sort, track, and manage the applications more efficiently. 
  • This software is highly ingenious since it is tailored for several industries and follows particular requirements for hiring talent. 


Betterteam has a variety of packages to consider, but you can try it for free to start with and send more than 100+ job sites in a single submission. They offer both monthly and annual pricing; however, they have a 50% off on yearly subscriptions, so we recommend you choose an annual package. Let’s read about the packages below:

  • Solo Plan: $234/annum (up to 1 job posting per month)
  • Basic Plan: $594/annum (up to 3 jobs posting per month)
  • Unlimited Plan: $834/annum (up to 10 jobs posting per month)
  • VIP Plan: $1,254/annum (up to 20 job posting per month)

All the above plans – monthly or annual are billed annually. You can always choose to have customized packages for enterprise plans within your set budget.

6: Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit-best-candidate-sourcing-software

The candidate sourcing software of Zoho Recruit offers efficient sourcing of candidates for future job openings or to find current talents to hire. Zoho Recruit helps you reach some of the most qualified and talented candidates and stay up-to-date with the new people open for job hires. It avails the building of custom career pages, which increase the visibility of your organization and reach a much wider target audience. You can also extend your reach through job boards, social media, or direct sourcing.


  • Up-to-date system for candidates
  • Custom career pages
  • Mobile-friendly career sites
  • Easy application process
  • Candidate portal for increased accessibility
  • One step post to publish on multiple platforms 
  • Social media recruiting


  • With the help of Zoho Recruit’s talent sourcing tools, every employee can become a recruiter; this allows the workload to be shared with the head of HR or hiring managers, wherein the initial screening can be done much quicker. 
  • It ensures that the applications are updated frequently to attract as many talents as possible and catch hold of the best possible person for the job. 
  • The resume management system allows recruiters to manage resumes easily and sort through them in an organized way – this also helps keep contact with talents safe for future references. 


Zoho has variant packages to offer; however, to start with, you can take up a 15-day trial package with no contracts required. To choose from the premium packages with a 45-day money-back guarantee, please have a look below:

  • Standard: $1,250/user (billed annually)
  • Professional: $2,500/user (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $3,750/user (billed annually)

7: Greenhouse


With the AI sourcing tools from Greenhouse, you can build ingenious strategies that help reach qualified and talented candidates through a large talent pool. You can attract the attention of a broader range of applicants and increase your organization’s exposure. This candidate sourcing software offers numerous features that ease the stress for hiring managers and helps them connect easily with present and past applicants. Build scalable talent communities where managing and organizing are under control for recruiters. 


  • Customizable task notifications and permissions
  • Automated sourcing add-on availed
  • Track candidates and prospects over time
  • CRM for building talent communities
  • Experience-based job recommendations
  • Release job postings on multiple platforms 
  • Hassle-free communication during recruiting 
  • Integrate Greenhouse with the company website


  • It makes the entire hiring process a much easier and stress-free ordeal by allowing every employee to become a recruiter by building a talent community that can be managed and organized without hassle. 
  • It allows you to integrate the Greenhouse talent sourcing platforms with your existing company website and attract more talents to apply for open positions in your organization. 
  • The communication through this software is done without any confusion and seamlessly.
  • The data for interactions are stored to reconnect with candidates in the future when needed. 


Greenhouse likes to give customized software packages to its clients as per their requirement and budget. You must contact their sales team for more details.



One of the top talent sourcing tools for recruiters is CEIPAL, whose passive candidate sourcing is AI-driven. Your organization will be able to increase the range of the talent pool for sourcing by 70% and attract a broader range of applicants to choose from. Inclusivity and diversity are kept in check when candidates are sorted to increase the productivity and range of skills in the workplace. Your organization will be able to save a lot of time which can be used resourcefully in other fields with the help of CEIPAL. 


  • Automated candidate searching
  • Talent pool expansion by 70%
  • The ranking of candidates is automated
  • Candidate evaluation is driven by data
  • Automated saving of applications
  • LinkedIn verification of applicants


  • It allows you to view and save data of candidates automatically so that you can access it later to review the application again; this helps have a larger talent pool. 
  • The ranking of candidates and verification through their LinkedIn profiles help make educated decisions when hiring someone to ensure they are perfect for the job. 
  • CEIPAL avails an insight report for a quick look whenever you review a candidate to understand what the candidate has to offer and how it can benefit your organization. 


CEIPAL promises ultimate recruitment solutions with its best-in-class talent sourcing platforms, providing budget-friendly, customized packages. You must contact their sales team for more details on demos, consultations, and services.

9: Hirebee


A vital aspect of the acquisition of talent is candidate sourcing. With the automated sourcing tools of Hirebee, your organization indulges in resourceful candidate sourcing. It provides a wide range of tools that can be used ingeniously, allowing you to build multiple pipelines and a large talent pool to source through them seamlessly and quickly. With the Google chrome extension, you can source with stealth in just a few seconds and get access to many applicants in the blink of an eye. 


  • Google chrome extension
  • Integration with GitHub, LinkedIn
  • Unlimited creation of talent pool 
  • Easy to upload applications 
  • AI sourcing tools to find the best matches
  • Manual adding of applications


  • By indulging in candidate sourcing through Hirebee, you save a lot of time – almost every step of the way, you get automated sourcing and sorting from the software. 
  • AI-based candidate sourcing helps find the best matches for the job requirement in your organization. 
  • It allows you to build a large talent pool with a simple few steps where the candidates make adding applications easy. 


Hirebee offers three primary packages for its talent sourcing software, billed annually. Additionally, if you are seeking enterprise solutions, you need to contact their customer support or sales department for a customized package per your company norms and requirements.

  • Basic: $127/month (for 4 recruiters)
  • Business: $237/month (for 4 recruiters)
  • Premium: $357/month (for 4 recruiters)

10: Vultus


Recruiting has been easier, with the best candidate sourcing tools from Vultus. Talent acquisition is made seamless, and a big talent pool is provided. A stress-free experience during hiring wherein every employee can be a part of the process is availed through Vultus. You can post your job requirements to multiple job boards and social network platforms. A community can be created where active and passive candidates interact with bench candidates and hire. 


  • Parsing resume into searchable data 
  • Acknowledges source of application entry 
  • One profile per candidate 
  • Complete story availed of each candidate 
  • Parse data from anywhere
  • Rating of applications for ranking 
  • Allot placements after sourcing 


  • Sourcing of candidates for talent acquisition is accompanied by understanding the candidates, which the talent sourcing tools of Vultus provide resourcefully for a full disclosure of the talent’s story. 
  • It avails parsing technology to turn resumes into searchable data in your system to organize and manage applications with more ease and make proper decisions when it comes to hiring. 
  • The candidate profiles can be registered only once and allow the recruiter to go through the entire candidate’s history regarding their job experience. 


Vultus has three packages to start with – basic, premium and enterprise both in monthly and yearly form; we recommend yearly, though, as it is budget-friendly. You can always contact the sales department for better options.

  • Basic: $15/month per user (for 3-5 recruiters)
  • Premium: $11/month per user (for 6-30 recruiters)
  • Enterprise: $8/month per user (for 30+ recruiters)

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. Why do HR managers require automated sourcing tools?

The recruitment process becomes highly effective when HR managers use candidate sourcing software. They will save time, money, and effort as this software automates and outsources the database and sourcing networks for the best talent. With decreased timeframe, you can enjoy this software’s more expansive pool of talents.

2. Are there any other ways of sourcing candidates effectively?

There are several solutions available when it comes to talent sourcing. You can outsource your hiring process to a recruitment firm; however, this process can be time-consuming. Hiring recruitment professionals is another option you can choose, but it can cost you a heap. The best option for completing your recruitment process is buying one of the best candidate sourcing tools

3. How can artificial intelligence support candidate sourcing software?

Artificial Intelligence is an add-on feature that sourcing software for recruiters possesses these days. AI technology flags the job skills listed in the description and searches for relevant candidates. Artificial intelligence makes sourcing relevant talent hassle-free, fast and efficient by reducing possible biases that may occur – the AI strictly follows the skill-oriented screening protocols.

4. Which are the different tools that recruiters use to source talent profiles?

Talent sourcing tools for recruiters include the ATS system, job aggregator sourcing tools, recruitment CRM tools, assessment and screening software, interview tools with coding facility, reference checking tools, onboarding software, performance software, and HR management software. Many companies provide all-in-one solutions; however, you can always request tailored software.

5. How can talent sourcing tools for recruiters help in the process of hiring?

Talent sourcing tools, these days, automate the complete process of hiring. It is a highly efficient and effective way of outsourcing the best talent using automated sourcing networks and databases that isn’t possible through conventional manual methods. The HR managers save time, money, and effort, which the team can use in other company development areas.

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