List of Top 10 Employee Experience Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is Employee Experience Software?

This software is made of customized tools that help improve your workforce’s engagement and experience. The system uses its stored employee feedback to analyze the improvements required. The employee experience management software provides a platform where you can track what your staff feels about your company and work using surveys and analysis. With the help of this software, your HR department can take appropriate steps wherever required to provide your staff with the best work culture possible.

» How to Choose the Best Employee Experience Software?

The best employee experience management software offers certain features that you should consider. It should be designed keeping people in mind – it should be user-friendly, employee-oriented, and convenient. It should be able to focus on simplifying solicitation of the workforce’s feedback. The system should be able to offer you analytics tools that are easy to use so that it can help HR managers understand their employees in making thoughtful decisions.

A good employee experience management platform should be able to deliver actionable reports and seamless insights. With the help of these insights, the HR managers can implement required changes as and when needed the most. Looking at today’s scenario, the software should be able to offer you a fully automated dashboard and tools along with real-time notifications, alerts, and newsfeed – this aids the HR team in being updated.

To ensure you make a wise purchase, you should check the unbiased buyer’s reviews, customer ratings, and suggestions on online review platforms, forums, and search engines.

» Top 10 Employee Experience Management Platforms in 2023!

best Employee Experience Software

1. Qualtrics


This is one of the best employee experience management software for consistently collecting employee feedback on every experience and using it constructively to make the right decisions. It will help increase the engagement with the employees and have a positive impact – adding to this; employee experience software also helps in enhancing productivity and innovation. With the tools from Qualtrics, you can indulge in resourceful talent planning and empower your business by making decisions that prioritize your employees.


  • Human language with advanced statistical tools
  • Operational-model data 
  • Decision tools with IO-psychology technology 
  • AI-driven analytics 
  • Automated, real-time workflows 
  • Integration using 3rd party app APIs
  • Action planning via guided manager 


  • The employee experience tools from Qualtrics are ingenious in increasing employee engagement and bringing key areas to focus on into light through the tools that equip human language and advanced statistics. 
  • It encompasses IO-psychology technology for the decision tools that help your organization always come to the right decision to yield the best results for success.
  • It benefits the organization from a managerial point of view by availing action planning with a guided manager, automated real-time workflows, and third-party app integration for extensive care for employees. 


Qualtrics believes in delivering software packages as per the client’s requirements; therefore, you must contact their customer support or sales team to ensure you get a free consultation and quotation on your requirement. You can also request a free demo of this software.

2. SoGoEX


Create a whole new work environment with the SoGoEX top employee software. It makes the organization’s outlook on the term adopt a new meaning by providing tools that enhance the employee experience and increase productivity. With SoGoEX, you can transform your organization by gathering and analyzing data in a resourceful way and mobilizing it to improve employee retention and attract qualified talent to the healthy workplace you build. The employee satisfaction tools from this platform are just what you need to refresh the overall mood of all your employees. 


  • Pulse surveys with automated responses 
  • Anonymous feedback recording
  • Insight on surveys through the employee lifecycle 
  • Parse data with integrated analytics 
  • Resourceful action plans with an engaged workforce


  • It incorporates integrated analytics that provides a deeper insight into the employees’ feedback and helps you parse or break down the data to create helpful action plans.
  • The pulse surveys provided by this employee experience management software are automated and keep track of the responses, which helps you collect data more efficiently.
  • It collects constructive feedback from all employees throughout their entire lifecycle, which helps the organization as a whole to understand the work frame in more detail.


SoGoSurvey offers the best-in-class software options for clients – big and small. The brand offers three primary packages (billed annually) that you can choose from:

  • Plus: $25/month per user
  • Pro: $66/month per user
  • Premium: $99/month per user

You must contact the sales team for Enterprise packages so that they can offer you a free consultation, a customized software package, and a free demo. They are sure to offer budget-friendly, value-for-money options for enterprise packages.

3. Alchemer


Experience lesser turnover, get more engaged in employee interactions, and see an increased sense of motivation and productivity in your workplace with the best employee management software from Alchemer. It provides much better business outcomes than your organization would achieve without paying more attention to employee satisfaction in the workplace. The human resources team in your organization will be able to handle the conflicts and complaints of the employees in more meaningful and positive ways, increasing employee engagement by making them feel cared for.


  • 7 pre-configured, customizable surveys
  • 9 pre-configured system requests 
  • Customizable, additive option for requests
  • Case status monitoring and reporting
  • Limitless, enhanced data security 
  • Automated dashboard with real-time feedback
  • Real-time notification and review options


  • It allows you to capture the entirety of the employee lifecycle in the form of feedback, with the seven pre-configured and customizable surveys that would help understand all employees’ needs and complaints.
  • It helps standardize how HR assesses and analyses employee feedback to ensure a just and objective way of dealing with employee satisfaction.
  • The employee experience software providers from Alchemer can integrate with your company’s pre-existing systems.


Alchemer believes in delivering software packages as per the client’s requirements; therefore, you must contact their customer support or sales team to ensure you get a free consultation and quotation on your requirement. You can also request a free demo of this software.

4. Voxco


Voxco’s employee experience management platform helps empower employees to become leaders in matters of experience with the aid of consistent feedback, which helps in increasing their engagement in work. The onslaught of constructive feedback allows employees to stay motivated and be more productive; Voxco does this with minimal time invested and by turning insights into actions. Adding to this, the overall results of indulging in this work experience administration software are engaging customers, enhancing the sense of innovation, and building a healthy work environment that fosters trust and loyalty.


  • Real-time insights for building programs
  • Team and department collaboration 
  • Provision of critical insights to improve CX
  • ML and AI solutions for data analysis 
  • Surveys for employee feedback
  • Automated dashboard with real-time alerts


  • It allows the HR team in your organization to indulge in functional management of employee satisfaction by building programs based on real-time employee feedback across all departments. 
  • It provides critical insights and helps employees improve CX to deal better with customers and engage them with your organization’s perspective. 
  • There are surveys available by Voxco for all employees to take, the data of which can be interpreted by ML and AI solutions to get a better understanding. 


Voxco promises to provide reliable, robust solutions for checking employee experiences. If you are looking for a requirement-oriented, suitable package, please get in touch with its customer support or the sales team to ensure you get what you want. They also offer a free live demo.

5. Eddy


As one of the top employee experience software, Eddy aims to enhance employee engagement and retention in an organization. Employee experience in a workplace should be given the utmost priority since they are the backbone of any business, and their satisfaction matters a lot. Eddy makes it easier for HR management to indulge in resourceful ways of ensuring that employees have their needs met and complaints heard. The employee experience tools from Eddy help streamline and improve numerous elements of the employee experience, be it regarding payroll or the hiring process.


  • Job post listing on multi-portals
  • Easy visual pipeline to handle candidates
  • Check employee progress at any time 
  • All-in-one digital documentation 
  • Automated dashboard with real-time newsfeed
  • Unique profile employee storage


  • It allows employees to be autonomous and have control over how they work but simultaneously allows management to keep track of the performance of all employees. 
  • The unique profiles for all employees help keep track of their progress and expectations from the organization to enhance engagement. 
  • It helps talent acquisition with better means of making your business look more appealing – the easy visual pipeline for viewing candidates and posting listings on well-known job sites provides extensive help. 


Eddy provides customized software packages starting from $8/month per user. These packages can be tailored as per your requirement and budget. They offer solutions for big and small companies – they have enterprise packages too. You must contact the sales department for more details.

6. CheckMarket


This digital employee experience management software from CheckMarket allows your organization to track the employee experience of everyone in your workplace through the entire employee lifecycle. It offers several features that help yield better results for your business, such as the provision of shareable reports, alerts, dashboards, and follow-ups. These employee satisfaction tools help ensure that your organization’s engagement is optimal, enhance all employees’ overall innovation and productivity, and make it easier for HR managers to cater to everyone’s needs with fulfillment.


  • Building multi-tiered reports 
  • Increased data shareability
  • Automatic text-mining
  • Built-in sentiment and text analysis
  • Real-time automatic push notifications 
  • Recognize response patterns
  • Action-driven insights with pre-existing templates 


  • It allows you to create multi-tiered reports concerning the organization’s hierarchy and helps the division of responsibility work be more organized. 
  • The employee experience software solutions from CheckMarket have built-in sentiment and text analysis and automated text-mining, which helps you understand the best available answers to form cohesive decisions.
  • It helps managers and the HR team stay connected and on the same page with real-time automatic push notifications and templates from CheckMarket to get action-driven insights.


CheckMarket not only offers customized options for enterprises, but it also has pre-designed packages for clients who wish to start right away. Let’s have a look at the packages below:

  • Professional: $75/month per user
  • Advanced: $150/month per user

You can avail 20% discount on these packages when billed annually. You may contact the sales team for more information.

7. Qwary


With the best employee experience management software, you will have happy employees that engage in more resourceful ways in the organization and provide successful output. Qwary is your one-stop for everything related to happy staff, from the start till the end. It avails features to connect with qualified talent and make educated decisions on whom to hire by making meaningful connections and in-depth analysis of candidate skills. A cohesive workplace is built with Qwary, creating a healthy environment for your employees.


  • 360o outlook optimized survey 
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Multi-touch-points open communication 
  • Text analysis insights
  • Employee satisfaction surveys 
  • Comparative and NPS analysis
  • Eco-system with end-to-end integration 


  • It avails different types of surveys to tap into different facets of employee experience such as satisfaction level, engagement tactics, and more – this 360-degree outlook helps understand changes to be made in your workplace. 
  • The text analysis provides insights into employee feedback to get a deeper look into their concerns and needs and create action plans to tackle them resourcefully. 
  • It allows you to communicate with your employees through multiple touchpoints and indulge in open communication, the data of which can be analyzed for interpretation. 


Qwary not only offers customized options for enterprises, but it also has pre-designed packages for clients who wish to start right away. Let’s have a look at the packages below:

  • Essential: $29/month per user
  • Professional: $79/month per user
  • Ultimate: $109/month per user

The above packages are billed monthly; however, you can avail 15% discount on these packages when billed annually. You may contact the sales team for more information.

8. HqO


Build more substantial communication grounds and engagement programs for your employees to increase workplace motivation, productivity, and satisfaction. With the employee experience tools from HqO, you encourage your employees to indulge in better work and build more successful connections. Adding to this, while managing employee experience, you also shed light on the organization’s overall results and optimize the work investment of your business. It gives endless possibilities for your employees to explore by delving into your organization’s digital and physical resources through the app and managing their workplace experience in ways that would benefit and motivate them.


  • App accessible remotely
  • Back-end system integration 
  • Seamless insights with workplace analytics 
  • Full access to digital and physical resources 
  • Day-to-day, manageable experience
  • Intuitive dashboard, real-time notification


  • It allows managers and employees to access all the digital and physical resources to make the best use of what is available and indulge in work plans that benefit the organization.
  • This employee experience software helps employees manage their experience by having access to select commuting options, parking, desk, and conference room reservations.
  • It helps you create a sense of belonging within the workplace that retains and engages all those working in the organization in meaningful ways.


HqO offers personalized solutions for start-ups, companies, and enterprises. You can discuss your requirement with the team, get a free software demo, and get a customized solution per your requirement. You can contact their sales team or customer support for more details.

9. Blink


An organization’s productivity levels depend on the employees’ satisfaction and motivation. The employee experience management platform from Blink helps you create an organizational environment wherein people would want to contribute to the success of your business. It offers a voice for everyone in the organization and helps them control their experience with the resources management can provide. Blink is a powerful workplace technology that also encompasses a user-friendly interface to make the employee experience management ordeal hassle-free.


  • Increased team connectivity and collaboration
  • Enhances clearly-defined goals 
  • Diminishes disconnection and miscommunication 
  • Mobile-first platform with an intuitive dashboard
  • Meaningful courses for honing skills
  • Real-time notifications, alerts, and newsfeed 


  • The tools from Blink help support the growth of your organization’s staff and increase the connection between the customers and employees. 
  • It allows you to share content with all employees that would help them register for courses wherein they can learn skills they wish to learn; this would make them feel immensely cared for.
  • It helps diminish miscommunication and ensures that managers and employees build substantial communication grounds to eliminate confusion and tackle possible issues. 


Blink offers various packages, including Essential, Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. The Essential package starts at $3.40/month per user. For the other packages, you must consult their sales team, who will guide you through the entire process. Also, they provide customized options depending upon your requirement and budget.

10. Questback


As one of the best employee experience software, Questback empowers employees by enhancing their skills, engagement, retention, and experience in the workplace. Questback believes that the people in an organization matter the most and that their satisfaction is the driving force behind the success of any business. It understands that ensuring that all employees are cared for, and their needs are catered to be difficult. The tools from Questback help you genuinely listen to the employees’ feedback, act on it, and increase resourceful performance for the overall business’s success.


  • 360o employee feedback solutions 
  • Insight on individual feedback 
  • Identify wider trends 
  • Tools to analyze results, track and plan actions 
  • Measure alignment of staff
  • Intuitive dashboard with real-time alerts


  • It helps get to know the deeper feelings of all employees with the employee feedback solutions that tap into the 360o employee lifecycle and give you a clearer insight. 
  • There are tools from Questback that help analyze results from feedback and plan actions on its basis, as well as indulge in tracking its progress.
  • It allows you to measure staff alignment and ensure that their needs are catered for to increase employee engagement and satisfaction. 


Questback provides personalized solutions for start-ups, companies, and enterprises. You can discuss your requirement with the team, get a free software demo, and get a customized solution per your requirement. You can contact their sales team or customer support for more details.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What can you do with employee experience software?

The work experience administration software helps uncover the opportunities workplaces can offer. It helps engage employees at work and drives them towards success and business growth. It offers data-driven insights, eliminating the possibility of biased outlooks that prevailed when employee surveys were conducted manually. This software is a platform that helps create a positive work culture that makes the hard work of employees, teams, and businesses thrive.

2. Why are employee experience platforms important for business?

Today businesses need a technology that can offer an opportunity for employee experience – top employee experience software can do it. This will help companies in delivering concrete corporate benefits. The system simplifies the HR processes, which were previously time-consuming. It helps in increasing HR productivity bringing success and growth to the companies. Employees with this software experience a positive workplace culture and deliver work with high efficiency.

3. Who can use work experience administration software?

Practically, every employee can use digital employee experience management software. Employees can use this system to update their personal information, take surveys, provide feedback, enroll in a training program, and select from the company’s various benefits. The HR managers use this information to detect issues within the company’s work culture, address them and resolve them for the employee’s betterment. 

4. What are the primary goals of employee satisfaction tools?

Employers invest in such software to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, resulting in higher efficiency, improved innovation, better productivity, more substantial commitment, and greater customer satisfaction. This software aims to help HR managers retain market talent within the company for overall turnover reduction and improved productivity.

5. What are the significant benefits of using employee experience tools?

The employee experience software simplifies the HR processes by offering tools that allow you to take surveys and quickly gather employee feedback. HR managers can dynamically respond to what the employees feel and need. It automates various HR procedures to improve employee satisfaction and engagement. This software makes it simple for the workforce to capitalize on the company’s plans and core values. It allows the employers and top management to understand their employees during their tenure better, making their work journey efficient, smooth and enjoyable.

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