10 Best Employee Feedback Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is Employee Feedback Software?

Employee feedback software is a human resource solution designed to evaluate employee performance, engagement, and work satisfaction. It enables managers and their teams to incorporate gathered feedback into their operations and foster a culture of recognition and progress. The employee feedback program supports most essential discussions, providing managers with resources to effectively lead and train their team, and workers with the tools to record feedback and monitor progress.

» How to Choose Employee Feedback Software?

It is exceedingly difficult to find and retain talented employees. Additionally, it is much more daunting to ensure that employees are fully engaged and satisfied with their work profile. Nevertheless, getting specific inputs from workers and improvising policies is tough but not anymore! The right employee feedback software assists you in promoting professional engagement by fostering a feedback culture that encourages performance and growth. There is a wide range of employee feedback software solutions available in the market today. However, selecting the one that best meets your requirements might be challenging. As long as your requirements are fulfilled and you do not end up burning a hole in your pocket, you have found the perfect software solution. Here is the top employee feedback software solution to choose from.

» List of Top 10 Employee Feedback Software

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1. SkillSurvey Post-Hire

SkillSurvey Post-Hire-best-employee-feedback-software

SkillSurvey is one of the best employee feedback software solutions to retain your best talent. The platform automates employee and manager feedback at each step, gathers insight data, and helps organizations analyze feedback across demographic groups. This is one of the best ways to improve onboarding programs, retain talented performers, understand candidate experience and keep the employees engaged throughout their workplace journey.


  • Collects valuable insights from candidates to evaluate their hiring experience
  • Has voluntary and involuntary surveys to analyze the root cause of employee exit
  • Gets feedback from supervisors and hiring managers to optimize recruiting
  • Automates ongoing manager and employee feedback
  • New hire feedback survey to show onboarding experience according to location, experience, onsite, and hybrid
  • Provides real-time analytics to uncover patterns and trends in onboarding satisfaction


  • Gathers insight data to deliver an exceptional employee hiring process
  • Helps in retaining top performers
  • Helps in understanding reasons behind employee exits
  • Helps in understanding employee experience and reduces quick quits
  • Utilizes insights to create an equitable and positive onboarding experience


SkillSurvey has a variety of plans to offer for each business type. Its prices can be availed by asking for a demo on the website.

2. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback-best-employee-feedback-software

Zonka is one of the best employee feedback software which initiates employee feedback through active communication and creating great work culture. It captures employees’ pulse by regularly gaining feedback through short-customized feedback surveys. Zonka measures employee feedback at all touchpoints, post-training. It helps in gaining insight and data to identify issues, know problem areas, and make appropriate improvements. This feedback platform is fully customizable and provides real-time insight data to analyze employee performance.


  • The fully customizable employee survey platform
  • Measures Employees Net Promoter Score, employee satisfaction, and employee engagement.
  • Get real-time insightful data for better analytics and scrutinization
  • Uses employee feedback software to close feedback loops
  • Allows measuring employee feedback and satisfaction metrics from various touch points
  • Allows creating various types of feedback forms for better analysis like onboarding feedback forms, employee transport feedback, post-interview feedback, pre-interview feedback, etc


  • Helps in capturing employee pulse by regularly conducting feedback
  • Identifies issues, measures employee feedback regularly, and helps in improving.
  • Creates custom surveys for all touchpoints
  • Views employee feedback trends, compares various locations and sets feedback on various channels
  • Performs various surveys on a single platform, thus making it cost and time effective
  • Creates effective work culture with open communication and growth


Zonka provides various plans to suit each business type. Quotations can be acquired through special requests on the website.

3. Officevibe


Officevibe is an employee feedback tool that automates and simplifies all the hard work of measuring employee pulse. This survey platform is unique for its features like anonymity and user-friendly, and automation. Knowing employees’ conditions and understating their requirements is crucial for any business to run smoothly. Officevibe gets real-time surveys, helps in shaping efficient teams, integrates smoothly with other tools, and develops straightforward reports.


  • Uses survey algorithm to generate employee pulse surveys and survey reports
  • Measures 10 key metrics of employee engagement, satisfaction, company alignment, happiness, and wellness
  • Gathers honest feedback through follow-up questioner
  • Automatically turns feedback into an impactful conversation. 
  • All-in-one employee feedback software to follow employee’s lifecycle and professional development


  • Automatically captures the areas of employee disengagement and addresses them infront of the organization
  • Turns feedback into communications and helps in employee growth
  • An all-in-one employee development program that follows professional development
  • Maintains anonymity during feedback surveys
  • Arranges for one to one meeting between the organization and employees to set action plans


Officevibe offers a free platform for small companies with 10 people. It also provides two different plans ranging from $5 to $7 per person/per month, that include advanced features.

4. Personio


Personio employee feedback system is an effective platform to derive maximum employee productivity. It aids employees in realizing their highest potential and maintaining consistency throughout their professional lifecycles. Personio makes it all possible with a transparent feedback system and supports employee engagement. Through a standardized, customized feedback form, this centralized feedback system defines initiatives and company objectives for the employees.


  • A centralized feedback system gets everyone on the same page and streamlines each step taken by the organization
  • Easily sets up and conducts feedback meetings on team calendars
  • Automated workflows that connect tools, align stakeholders and accelerate business.
  • Expert guidance with a personalized demo
  • Standardized and customized feedback forms
  • Advanced extended reporting system, attendance tracking, and maintains employee calendar
  • Onboarding and offboarding management


  • Aids employees to get more productive and reach their highest potential
  • Supports and unlocks employee engagement in actionable ways
  • Makes the overall feedback system more transparent and effective
  • Defines the company’s objectives through standardized feedback forms
  • Motivates employees and changes their perspective toward the company
  • Deals in building optimal employee performance


Personio offers two plans ranging between €2.88 to €4.43 per person/ month. It offers a variety of features to suit each business type. Its advanced plan is a customized package for which prices can be requested.

5. QuestionPro Workforce

QuestionPro Workforce-best-employee-feedback-software

QuestionPro employee engagement and feedback software is a seamless tool to retain top-performing talents in the organization. The feedback system regularly updates the organization on employee performance by performing peer feedback surveys. QuestionPro offers end-to-end employee review software solutions. It is easy to use, simple, integrates with system tools, and offers workflow automation. Companies aiming to achieve higher goals chose QuestionPro for its seamless employee feedback mechanism.


  • Provides custom scripting of survey forms and webhooks
  • Region-specific data centers to collect feedback data from all locations
  • Net promoter score(NPS) for detailed employee performance analysis
  • Sentiment analysis to understand employee engagement in the company
  • Customized and inbuilt professional survey themes
  • Strong email support system
  • Supports multilingual surveys for global companies


  • Seamless employee feedback survey system
  • Helps in improving employee performances
  • Collates and stores all data information in one place making it easier to retrieve later
  • Provides efficient functionality with custom tools such as dashboard, data privacy, and report analysis
  • User-friendly software which is easy to learn and quick to integrate
  • Retains top performing employees in the office, reduces employee exit
  • Free employee feedback and survey tool


QuestionPro is a free employee feedback and survey tool with numerous features. It is also available at $99/ month with advanced tools. The software also offers custom plans to suit the individual requirements of an organization.

6. Culturemonkey


Culturemonkey is an effective employee feedback management system that analyses real-time feedback and takes impactful actions. The system captures employee feedback in a super easy, method, maintains anonymity, and secures data for future reference. It monitors and tracks feedback, identifies problematic areas, suggests companies on employee improvement, initiates relevant actions, and successfully closes feedback loops. 


  • Breaks down employee feedback from contributing sources such as emails, employee pulse, and custom surveys
  • Average feedback sentiment analysis through AI/ML algorithm 
  • Feedback action ratio to compare the total number of actions taken against each employee feedback form
  • Delivers exclusive reports on leading employee feedback metrics like top locations, top teams, top keywords, and other impactful drivers.
  • Customizable feedback cards for better interaction


  • Initiates anonymous conversations with employees, and helps in taking impactful decisions.
  • Evaluates employee’s sentimental attachment tothe employee, using AI-assisted employee feedback forms
  • Marks resolved feedback items automatically when relevant action is taken
  • Tracks and monitors feedback forms minutely to avoid any faults and retain employee engagement
  • Identifies problematic areas and initiates actionable solutions accordingly
  • Maintains anonymity and data security for in-depth analysis


Pricing for Culture monkey can be availed by asking for a quote on the website.

7. Trakstar


Trakstar employee feedback management software is a complete package that a company looks forward to improving employee productivity. Using Trakstar, employees complete a short questionnaire for managers as a reference. It helps in delivering and constructing feedback reports from managers and other peer staff. This feedback management system is simple to use, customizable, and helps in inviting multiple people to take part in employee performance reviews. Trakstar includes efficient feedback tools that any HR manager or employer requires to improve employee performance and boost productivity.


  • One of the best online performance management software
  • 360-degreeperformance review that helps in gathering feedback from multiple people 
  • Customized appraisal form raters to complete and control employee feedback
  • Multiple feedback tool that helps in generating reports, conducting effective performance reviews, and sending employee engagement surveys
  • Acts as online goal-setting software and employee retention platform


  • Empowers companies with its online goal-setting feature
  • Helps the team members to reach their full potential
  • Boosts employee performance with real-time feedback reviews
  • Help leaders overcome the struggle of providing training and relevant coaching
  • Customizes feedback forms and invites multiple people to participate in the feedback process
  • Centralized performance management solution that generates insightful reports and builds a healthy organization.


Trakstar tailors its packages as per the company’s requirements. Its pricing can be availed by requesting a quote on the website.

8. Nailted


Nailted goes by the policy- understand and involve your people. This employee feedback management software is a unique platform that helps HR managers and organizational leaders to manage employee performance reviews. It helps in building a healthy work culture by applying best practices on employee satisfaction, happiness, and wellness. The software is not just employee feedback tool for managers but an innovative method to achieve business goals. This feedback system delivers insightful data, detects burnout, and covers any loopholes that result in employee exit. 


  • Collects data from multiple sources and delivers real-time people analytics on employee performance
  • Measures eNPS, satisfaction level, wellness level with built-in dashboard, workflows, and surveys based on Google research
  • Identifies issues and shares with HR managers to activate the best possible actions
  • Arranges one-to-one meetings with managers to get them onboard and direct them to follow best practices
  • Provides advanced exports of data for seamless visualization


  • Motivates employees creates a habit of communication, and recognize achievements
  • Carries out positive reinforcement that encourages employees to showcase a positive attitude toward work
  • Helps managers in recognizing the bestperformers and retain them smartly by rewarding those promotions or bonuses.
  • Normalizes feedback culture with frequent feedback loops
  • Makes sure that the feedback procedure comes out as a positive thing for employees rather than turning into a nightmare
  • Configures easily with team’s data, encourages participation, and integrates with the latest tools easily.


Nailted offers three types of packages with varying features. Its Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise are categorized to suit individual business requirements. Prices can be availed by requestinga quotation on the website.

9. AchieversListen


AchieversListen is an advanced employee feedback tool for managers who collect feedback more than four times a year. This feedback platform is specially designed for organizations that focus on increasing up to 50% employee engagement every year. It is an integrated and flexible toolkit that helps in engaging connections through frequent feedback, irrespective of location. This software embeds with office tools seamlessly. It is easy to use and recognizes real-time data efficiently.


  • Uses smart technology to capture employee voicesin real-time
  • Integrates with office tools easily
  • Uses science-backed surveys to measure onboarding and voluntary exits
  • Regular listening to employees’ highs and lows 
  • Customized templates for best practices
  • Growing content library to eliminate guesswork
  • Pre-written projects to recognize employee wellness


  • Takes care of corporate social responsibilities like employee wellness and safety recognition
  • Employees digital coach that listens to employees and helps in taking immediate actions
  • Measures onboarding and exits with science-based Achievers Work Institute that helps in building a strong work culture
  • Facilitates connections from remote locations through purposeful feedback routine
  • The smart and flexible toolkit that integrates easily


Achievers Listen offers free demos to its customers. Prices for various packages are available by asking for a quotation on the website.

10. Lanteria HR

Lanteria HR-best-employee-feedback-software

Lanteria HR is a feedback tool for employees that changes the yearly norm of employee surveys and regularly provides real-time feedback. The software regularly syncs with its employees, identifies challenges, and creates immediate solutions. Additionally, Lanteria establishes effective communication across the company and builds a healthy work culture. It provides an open platform for employees to help in recognizing, expressing, and suggesting actionable solutions for the company’s betterment.


  • Provides ad hoc feedback forms to employees over text messages
  • Segregates feedback forms into different categories for easy identification and consideration
  • Sends instant notifications and email alerts on receiving feedback
  • One-stop access to feedback throughout the year
  • Summaries employee feedback and delivers analytical, graphical reports


  • Saves lots of time and effort by instantly notifying on feedback 
  • Constantly gathers data that helps in identifying problematic areas
  • Makes necessary adjustments automatically that help the departments focus on work
  • Boosts morale, establishes healthy communication and develops a healthy work culture
  • Generates real-time accountability for employee engagement
  • Increases employee retention


Lanteria HR provides a custom quote on the website through four easy steps. The software provides various packages to suit each business’s requirements.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What is employee feedback?

Employee feedback is a process of gathering regular updates on employee performance and finding actionable solutions for improvement. Feedback can be gathered from managers, peers, co-employees, and outsiders. 

2. What are the ways to convey employee feedback effectively?

Employee feedback must be effectively communicated in different ways;

  • Deliver employee feedback personally. It should not be delivered during team meetings or group forums. A one-on-one meeting is the best option.
  • Always end feedback on positive notes. Feedback can be good or bad, but it should be conveyed with a motive to improve employee performance
  • Employers have to be receptive and listen to employees. They should understand employees’ concerns and reasons for lack of performance.

3. How to choose the best employee feedback software?

Out of many employee feedback systems available in the market, companies always prefer to choose the best that suits their requirements. Here are a few points to consider when selecting the best software;

  • Offers automation
  • Customized feedback forms
  • Ease of use
  • Affordable
  • flexible

4. What is the cost of employee feedback software?

Employee feedback software ranges from $5 -$100 per month per employee. The software provides various features that suit business requirements. Companies may choose the packages according to the number of employees and features.

5. What are the features of employee feedback software?

Key features to look for in employee feedback software are;

  • provides employee performance reviews through graphics or analytical data
  • provides actionable information
  • improves employee retention
  • seta relational milestone
  • effective system integration
  • real-time notification system
  • powerful data analytical tool
  • built-in search functionality
  • multiple device compatibility

Employee feedback software is an incredible business solution that not only improves employee performance but creates an overall healthy work environment. It streamlines the process of collecting, analyzing, processing, and managing employee feedback effectively. An excellent employee feedback tool is designed with effective features and compatibility to assist organizations in retaining top-performing employers. 

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