9 Best Employee Survey Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

top 10 Employee Survey Software

Have you ever thought of measuring the employee’s experiences during their work tenure? Employee survey software can help!

» What is employee survey software?

This tool measures the experiences of your workforce during their lifecycle with the organization. You can analyze several aspects of employee experience, including NPS and satisfaction levels, onboarding surveys, review preparations, and more. And how can this information help? It will help you improve your business workflow – you can detect potential issues and improve the employee’s view of your business.

» How to choose the Best Employee Survey Software in 2023?

Evaluation criteria is an essential phase when you are out there buying the most suitable employee survey software in 2023. Key features, user interface, compatibility and usability, integration, and costs are the primary aspects you should look for before buying. 

As the name suggests, this software should be able to offer all types of surveys ranging from standard to custom ones. You should be able to create customized templates and benchmarks. You should be able to generate insights and analytics using easy UI. The employee survey programs should be easy for managers and employees. 

Your chosen employee feedback software should be a complete package – 100% value for money that you are spending. Multi-level integrations should be possible with other HR tools to acquire detailed results. Additionally, you can always check only platforms for detailed reviews that give you a clear idea of which software to buy.

» Product Reviews: Top 9 Employee Survey Software in 2023!

best Employee Survey Software

#1) Connecteam


Use this employee survey tool to capture your employees’ moods, thoughts, and views directly from their desks. Keep a check on your employee’s say; make realistic decisions with real-time information. This employee opinion survey software involves your employee now in the organization and creates a positive work culture. Over 20,000 organizations worldwide have trusted Connecteam.

› Features!

  • Anonymous surveys with customized versions
  • 100% mobile-first experience
  • Real-time staff insights with live digital polls
  • Intuitive team participation with an integrated communication strategy
  • Multi-level compatibility on mobile, desktop, and tabs
  • Auto reminders and push notifications
  • Available in 11 languages for global utilization


  • It just takes 5 minutes to set up Connecteam employee survey software; it is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • You can manage your employee’s activities remotely from one place; switching from mobile to desktop is seamless.
  • You can implement workplace improvements by customizing feedback forms and surveys per the company’s requirements.


Connecteam offers four software packages, which also include a free plan; the premium (paid) packages are listed below:

  • Basic: $47/month ($468/year)
  • Advanced: $95/month ($948/year)
  • Expert: $191/month ($1908/year)

#2) Inpulse


Inpulse is considered the best employee survey software when you want to offer an emotional touch to your employee engagement strategy. It lets you enjoy a true working partnership experience with its industry-leading dashboard and is well-known for its unique gold standard approach. You can hence generate emotionally-driven analytics reports of your employees. You can boost your employee’s performance, improve engagement and transform your company’s work culture with this tool.

› Features!

  • AI-powered employee feedback platform 
  • Universal accessibility for worldwide usage
  • High-level encryption with SSL certificate
  • Action resources with work empowerment
  • Round-the-clock survey support
  • 100% customizable employee surveys 
  • Survey forms available in 20 different languages

›  Benefits!

  • The employee’s data and related information remain safe and private with this employee satisfaction software.
  • Inpulse software offers training videos for its features, making the complete process easy, convenient, and user-friendly for multi-level users – from management to employees.
  • If you are using this software, then you will not need multiple survey tools; this is an all-in-one solution.

›  Pricing

The pricing is undisclosed; Inpulse offers customized packages to companies as per their requirements. Get in touch with them for more details on packages, subscriptions, and pricing.

#3) QuestionPro


QuestionPro is a leading employee engagement software for measuring the pulse of your workforce and creating employees with a winning streak. It helps identify the key staff drivers to ensure you develop a work culture that is effective, efficient, and profitable. It offers customized surveys and tracks the lifecycle of your workforce.

›  Features!

  • Robust survey logic for meaningful analytics
  • Cultural management model for cultural awareness
  • Email survey software for improved employee experience
  • One-stop solution for intelligent HR decisions
  • Survey-oriented analytics with integrated solutions
  • Improved employee feedback
  • Interactive and personalized dashboard with reporting services
  • eNPS system (Employee Net Promotor Score)
  • SSAE 16 and 100% GDPR compliant
  • Swiss safe harbor and EU certified
  • Powerful CRM integration for a seamless OHI experience
  • Customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week

›  Benefits!

  • This software allows you to achieve excellence in effective company operations and high productivity as the software portal is 100% customizable.
  • With the use of the QuestionPro pulse reviews, you can track the sentiments of your employees, making the review-taking convenient and easy.
  • The multi-level software allows you to send surveys, review forms, and receive results from any smart device, including a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • You can sync essential employee data and information using the futuristic CRM system that allows you to integrate your surveys with various web applications.

›  Pricing 

Getting started and registering with QuestionPro is free; 1 user can access it for free and get up to 300 responses for every survey. An advanced paid membership is available at $129/month ($1,548 per year) with a 10-day free trial wherein you can receive up to 25K responses annually. You must contact the company’s customer support team if you need access to a team.

#4) SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is a global leader in offering the best employee survey tools for small and large-scale enterprises. The software has exclusive survey templates, which experts design. The results are 100% data-driven and can allow you a round-the-clock transformation of the workplace you offer to your employees. This employee engagement survey software will help you provide job satisfaction to your employees and acquire a better-performing workforce. 

›  Features!

  • Benchmark creation for overtime success
  • Multiple language ability for worldwide usage
  • Methodologist-certified employee surveys
  • Powerful result-oriented analysis
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • Actionable and automated feedback system
  • Enhanced encrypted SSO security 
  • Detailed insights to make data-driven decisions

›  Benefits!

  • If you are looking for fresh perspectives from your employees along with actionable insights, then SurveyMonkey’s employee voice surveys are a great option.
  • This software offers dashboard and admin controls that are 100% user-friendly; therefore, you can gain improved visibility. 
  • Although you have multiple users, you can manage the collected organizational data on a single platform.
  • With this employee satisfaction software, you can connect 3rd-party business systems using API integrations. 

›  Pricing

SurveyMonkey offers variant options in paid plans for individuals and teams for your business to turn into a profitable venture. 

The individual plans include: 

  • Premier Annual: $4,999/month
  • Advantage Annual: $1,999/month
  • Standard Monthly: $899/month

The team plans (per user) include:

  • Team Advantage: $1,550/month
  • Team Premier: $3,800/month

If you need a customized enterprise package, you can contact its sales team; they will offer you a plan with powerful integration features, extensive survey tools, and collaboration of exclusive support.

#5) ClearCompany


ClearCompany digital tools for employee management allow you to engage and recognize the company’s employees in promoting and appreciating the office culture and teamwork. It helps you to increase your productivity and employee morale.

›  Features!

  • Employee recognition and celebrations
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Goal alignment and planning
  • Applicant tracking and onboarding tool
  • Emotional well-being and e-NPS of employees
  • SOC 2 Type-2 certification
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliance
  • 2-factor authentication with SSO encryption
  • Real-time feedback and automated notifications
  • Multi-lingual and mobile-friendly tools

›  Benefits!

  • ClearCompany’s digital tools for employee management allow peer reorganization publically, especially for those who have performed outstandingly. The achievements are displayed on the news feed.
  • You can share and celebrate the employee’s special occasions and milestones, including work anniversaries, birthdays, and welcome ceremony for fresh recruits, and more.
  • The in-built surveys allow you to choose from various questions on variant topics that the experts design.

›  Pricing

ClearCompany offers personalized plans and quotations as per your company’s requirements. You must contact the sales team to ensure you get the best offers in two options – modular access or platform access.

#6) WorkTango


Do you want to give your workforce a voice to share their experiences with you? If yes, WorkTango employee survey programs can help. They will provide actionable insights to ensure you create an employee-friendly atmosphere in your company. Improve your company’s employee lifecycle with the customized surveys, data-oriented analytics, and powerful technology that this brand offers.

›  Features!

  • Real-time, intuitive dashboards
  • Advanced design and technology
  • Self-assessing resourceful library
  • Data-science-based actionable engagement score
  • Flexibility in features with unlimited usage options
  • Powerful analytics and insights
  • Modern psychology approach designed by experts
  • Global data privacy with SSO and HRIS integration
  • Multi-lingual and 100% customizable and configurable

›  Benefits!

  • The pulse and annual engagement surveys are flexible as you can tailor them per your needs.
  • The software is 100% compatible with most smart devices, making it frictionless to use on any desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or browser.
  • Because the software is automated, you need not waste time on unnecessary delays. You get to see the results in real-time.
  • Regarding the confidentiality of employees, this software is an expert. The two-way conversations are fast and easy and are 100% confidential.

›  Pricing

The software’s pricing depends on the company’s requirements. The product is offered with customized settings and tailored well for one-on-one support. You must contact the sales team of WorkTango to request a demo and pricing.

#7) SnapComms Surveys


SnapComms is effective employee survey software that can assist you in measuring and managing the experiences of your employees at your workplace. You can immediately check the insights of the surveys on your dashboard, which is 100% user-friendly, and boost your employee morale and how they work with you. You can also check your employee’s engagement with this software. You can make actionable decisions with this software.

›  Features!

  • Automated pop-up notifications
  • Instant dashboard insights from responses
  • Versatile formats on surveys and employee engagement
  • Employee communication recurrence
  • Pre-schedule internal communication
  • Ready-to-use & customizable templates
  • Message validation reporting 
  • Multiple device compatibility

›  Benefits!

  • With the SnapComms employee survey tools, you get the opportunity to change your dialogue with your employees completely.
  • The versatile formats of employee surveys and engagement tools range from pulse surveys to employee well-being check-ins.
  • The software guarantees 100% results in responses with its variant questionnaire options and automated reminders to complete the surveys.

›  Pricing

The pricing is designed to suit enterprise requirements; they have flexible costs depending on your employee strength. The packages start from 100 employees and can offer both limited and unlimited usage. They have two major options in pricing, which they will bill you annually. You should contact their sales team for more details. 

  • Inform package: $9/user
  • Engage package: $14/user

#8) SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow offers the best employee survey tools with which you can conduct in-depth research and analysis for your employees and thereby thrive in your enterprise’s ecosystem. You can also gather employee information even if you do not have internet access. This employee engagement software offers offline surveys too, which can collect data remotely.

›  Features!

  • Innovative, smart survey for data collection
  • Scheduled reporting with SPSS & PDF export options
  • Automated recurring survey process
  • Data integration with 3rd-party web applications
  • Custom domain, CSS module, and email system
  • Cross tabulation with multiple user accessibility
  • Round-the-clock customer success manager
  • Mobile-first surveys with SSO compliance

›  Benefits!

  • Using this employee survey software, you can promote your brand and conduct in-depth surveys with unlimited questions.
  • Integration of the data extracted from the employee surveys with your day-to-day web apps is easily possible with the SurveySparrow API integration tool. 
  • With this software, you enjoy unlimited employee responses and get the most to create a positive ambiance for your employees.
  • You can easily gather frequent feedback using the NPS survey tool and the intuitive interface of this software.

›  Pricing

SurveySparrow offers a wide range of software plans from $19 to $499 yearly. These plans are classified into personal, business, NPS, and 360o assessment plans. It also offers a free program specially designed for startups wherein you can have up to 100 responses and email shares. If you need to acquire an Elite plan, then it will be completed for you – contact the sales team of SurveySparrow, and they will help you.

#9) Zenefits


Boost your employee’s morale and sentiments with the data-driven insights you receive using the Zenefits employee survey programs. This software allows you to streamline the employee engagement process. You can then make decisions that are actionable to empower your employees. You can create, communicate, learn and share surveys with this employee engagement software.

›  Features!

  • Fully consolidated system for employee engagement
  • Pre-populated, proven survey templates
  • Automated notifications on surveys and emails
  • Real-time data syncing with pulse reporting
  • Demographics filtering and data management
  • iOS and Android OS compatibility
  • On-boarding and hiring with the time-off tracking system

›  Benefits!

  • This HR tool is user-friendly and accessible on the go; you can use the software online or offline when you are in the office or the field.
  • It is compatible with most smart devices that use the iOS and Android operating systems, including tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.
  • With this employee survey software, you can minimize the HR headache and invest the time, money, and efforts in the business to generate more sales, revenues, and profits.

›  Pricing

Zenefits offers three employee survey software plans for every employee; they are listed below. The Growth Plan is the most popular among the above survey plans. If you are looking for larger plans, you should contact the sales team; they will customize a plan for you per your requirements.

  • Essential: $8/month
  • Growth: $14/month
  • Zen: $21/month

› Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of using employee survey software?

Employee survey tools let your workforce deliver high productivity along with high retention. It helps you in lowering your turnover and boost your sales and revenue. Better performance of your employees shall, in return, yield you higher customer ratings. If you have evaluated your employees’ experiences and improved their feelings in your company, the absenteeism rate will decrease, and loyalty towards your enterprise will increase.

2. What should you avoid when creating an employee engagement software survey?

There are certain types of questions that we suggest you avoid when creating an interactive, intuitive survey form for your employees. Let them say more than get suggestions from you. Avoid leading questions, which encourage answering them in just one word – yes; the same goes for double-barreled questions. You should not include vogue and common questions for employees as such questions may lead them to boredom – they may lose enthusiasm for answering honestly. Customization is the key; therefore, you shouldn’t send common (one-for-all) surveys to your employees.

3. What are the disadvantages of employee surveys?

Like any other technique, employee surveys have their disadvantages. Employees may lose keenness or may hesitate to participate in the survey. If either recorded manually, results could be easily manipulated; therefore, it should always be done. You have to understand the difference between satisfaction and happiness; if you manually do not understand it, the survey will fail. Also, it is hard to consider the negative feedback received; therefore, making actionable decisions with data-oriented results is important for employee surveys to become successful.

4. Why do you need employee engagement software in your company?

It is important to have employee voice surveys to ensure that your employees are involved and engaged with your company. It creates a bridge between the management and employees, giving employees a voice to share their say within the company. It can boost your employees’ mojo and encourage sales, revenue, and overall business growth. It is also significant to improve your employees’ performance and bring positive change in handling your workforce.

5. Why should you buy employee survey software?

Employee opinion survey software can provide you with real-time updates on survey results. It can evaluate your actions as to how it is impacting your workforce. It gives you a platform to improve KPIs and productivity. It can reduce the overall costs you may incur to improve employee retention. You can also compare the stored data with other global organizational performances. Employee survey software makes the complete survey process swift, simple, and convenient.

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