8 Best Candidate Relationship Management Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)


» What Do You Understand About Candidate Relationship Management Software?

A candidate relationship management software is an application for expanding, storing, and managing the candidate information in your talent network. It includes automated messaging, job postings, and a contact database. The organizations use the system to maintain the readymade data of the candidates in their talent pool to inform them of the next opportunity, which reduces the search for new candidates. Furthermore, the application also helps track your candidates from when you have contacted them to date. It furnishes you with the information on:

  • The status of the candidates.
  • The last interaction that you had with them.
  • The candidature status and the history that you shared with them 
  • Others.

» How Do You Choose The Best Candidate Relationship Management Software?

If you have decided to go for the best candidate relationship management software, it will help if you conduct thorough research to check for the incredible features like:

  • Candidate 360 – When you purchase candidate relationship management (CRM) software, you must ensure that CRM software lets you create a complete profile of a candidate. Such applications record your interaction with the candidate during the interview. It also includes resume parsing, recording the assessment results, scheduled interviews, feedback, offers made to them, and others.
  • Autopilot workflow – The candidate relationship management (CRM) software that you choose should enable you to send personalized emails to candidates regarding their interviews after qualifying for the next round. However, you need to configure the application to execute each time when it satisfies the predefined condition.
  • Interview scorecards – Speeding up the hiring process by getting the online feedback forms filled by the panel members asynchronously will indicate that the application you have selected is the best candidate relationship management software.
  • Talent pool – Though you get good candidates, they may not meet your requirements for that position. In such cases, the CRM software lets to preserve those profiles in the talent pool, automatically retrieving them when needed. Hence, a robust talent pool is one of the most dependable sources that you can have in your company.
  • Analytics – The recruitment CRM software should also track your recruitment marketing efforts and tell you the performance of each sourcing channel. It should also generate customizable reports on the number of employee referrals that came in and the offers that you have made through these efforts.

» List of Top Candidate Relationship Management Software for 2023


1. iCIMS


The iCIMS Talent Cloud is one of the candidate relationship management tools that offers enterprises a solution for hiring the right candidate at every stage of the talent journey.  It is a cloud-based recruiting CRM software designed to bring the right talent together for the organization’s benefit. It offers a global hiring platform that a recruiter needs to build a winning team. The iCIMS also helps the recruiters to fill the job vacancies faster by connecting the present & future job candidates, using the sources like automated email marketing, recruiting event functionality, job recommendation portals, etc. The CRM software also helps recruiters to reach candidates in any location through job alerts, text, and email campaigns. You can also expand your talent pools with the help of virtual career fairs.


  • It is a cloud-based recruiting CRM application.
  • It helps in performance management.
  • It is a user-friendly software that offers an activity dashboard.
  • It helps in an organized presentation of 301 features with clear modules & sub-modules.
  • It benchmarks the talent platform’s overall performance against an industry standard.
  • It has a scope to establish better connections.


  • It eliminates or reduces the weeks of research by providing you with all the necessary features.
  • It provides a product report that reveals the strengths & improvement areas for every feature.
  • It saves your time & effort by helping in confirmation or eliminating the frontrunners of the software.
  • It helps discover the features, functions, & capabilities of new software.
  • It is a simple tool for accessing all the features without difficulty.
  • It helps you to build a pipeline of talent pipelines & engage the candidates via multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • It helps recruiters to streamline sourcing and stay connected with former employees.


The pricing depends on the available packages, complexity, & the robustness of the software. Please get in touch with the sales team or customer support for more information. 

2. PeoplePath CRM


Are you looking for software to provide a platform for engaging talents, including ex-candidates? In the digital world & networked economy, the present candidate may become your clients. Hence, former employees can advocate your brand. So, it’s time to grab the talents proactively & engage them in their careers. PeoplePath CRM is one of the best candidate relationship management systems that helps you to achieve your objective. The software helps you to establish a lifetime relationship that will be beneficial for your company & the employees that would bring a drastic transformation. Furthermore, it also offers support and strategic advice to recruiters for maintaining the data of a qualified talent pool and brand ambassadors, which minimizes your advertising expenses on job sites, social media, and offline ads.


  • It is an ISO 27001-certified cloud solution for maintaining users’ security.
  • It helps in analyzing and measuring the effectiveness through advanced reporting functionality.
  • It is GDPR-compliant software.
  • It helps in membership, employee & performance management.
  • It enables the generation of customized & analytical reports.
  • It features you with workflow automation that reduces your manual tasks.
  • It provides an effortless login experience to the users with the help of social media and professional accounts.
  • It enables you to gain a 360-degree overview of your candidate database and conduct admin-related searches.
  • It features you with tailored accessibility and profile templates that support your day-to-day tasks.


  • It reduces your time in filling up vacant positions with qualified candidates.
  • It reduces your costs & number of interviews & promotes quicker onboarding.
  • It reduces staff turnover by enabling the self-assessment of the candidates.
  • It helps you to gain the top candidates.
  • The software makes your hiring process simple with personalized communication.
  • It enables time configuration and action-based workflows, which reduces manual tasks.
  • The recruiters can create professional email campaigns while targeting specific talent pools and segmentation preferences.


Please contact the sales team/customer support/vendor to know the pricing details.

3. Freshteam


Freshteam is one of the best candidate relationship management tools that help track applicants. It offers the perfect candidate management capabilities for a growing business. Freshteam is among the candidate relationship management strategies that enable posting job requirements to multiple channels like job sites, social media channels, career sites, emails, vendors, and other sources under a single interface. Freshteam comprises candidate 360, which gives you a quick insight into the candidates within a few minutes, based on their resumes, contact information, and scheduled interviews. It includes the feedback submitted by the interviewers based on the tasks assigned to them.


  • It is an applicant tracking system that makes hiring the right candidate easy.
  • It helps in sourcing active & passive candidates from sources like job boards, career sites, etc.
  • It enables an automated resume screening and extracts candidate records.
  • It helps in talent pool management & HR automation.
  • It provides you with a complete list of candidates & employees in no time.
  • It allows you to make multiple job postings.


  • It stores all the employee details under a single interface.
  • Avoids paperwork for updating employee records.
  • It takes care of the entire talent acquisition & onboarding process.
  • It promotes an effortless self-service to the employees.
  • It is an automated CRM software that takes away human error.
  • It professionally helps in candidate management. 


Contact the sales team/customer support or the vendor for pricing details.

4. iSmartRecruit


Powered by Artificial Intelligence & innovation, iSmartRecruit provides cutting-edge AI technology for automating and simplifying your daily tasks, which enhances overall recruitment quality. It is one of the best recruitment CRM software in the IT market that boosts recruitment efficiency, promoting quick revenue generation and business growth. The companies can use various sources to recruit candidates via job boards, background verification, and social media without compromising on iSmartRecruit. It is an AI-based recruiting technology that comes up with innovative solutions in all phases of the recruitment process.


  • It is an applicant tracking software.
  • It is a recruiting CRM, enabling you to have a good relationship with stack holders.
  • It offers an in-depth & AI-automated service.
  • It is a self-service portal that allows external candidates to link independently with the company.
  • It contains a resume parser that parses most resumes in a few seconds.


  • It promotes an efficient recruitment process through social media.
  • It enables you to target the best candidate via multiple job boards.
  • The sourcing analytics enables you to get real-time insights and key metrics on each candidate. 
  • It encourages mobile recruiting, which enables job seekers to submit applications in any geographical location.
  • It has efficient networking.


Please get in touch with the vendor or the sales team to know the pricing packages.

5. Gem


Gem is a candidate relationship management tool that unifies all talent relationship data across recruiting systems to simplify the tasks of the talent teams. The talent team only needs to juggle fewer words for dynamic maintenance of talent pools and establish authentic relationships with active and passive talents. The application gives you an in-depth view of the most recent interactions and previous relationship history, regardless of the social media you use extensively. Gem automatically captures your LinkedIn InMails, email, past applications, interview feedback, etc., with the complete picture of every interaction.


  • It is a data-driven talent engagement software.
  • It is a recruiting CRM software designed to discover & attract qualified candidates.
  • It offers automated reminders, follow-ups, and report sharing.
  • It helps analyze your funnel, benchmark performance, and forecast capacity.
  • It contains a central system that accelerates your return on investment.


  • It speeds up the entire recruitment process with the help of data automation.
  • It helps build diverse and high-quality pipelines and hires predictability at any scale.
  • It gives an incredible candidate experience.
  • It helps you to get the maximum out of your existing talent acquisition tech stack.
  • It enables direct integration with candidate databases.


Please contact the sales team or vendor to know the pricing details.

6. Trakstar Hire


Are you pondering how Trakstar Hire is different from other recruiting CRM tools? The difference between the hiring tools and the Trakstar Hire is that the former would fit into the recruitment process of an organization. At the same time, the latter helps you find the best talent from the pool of remote, hybrid, or in-person applicants, including automatic job opening postings. It also helps filter candidate profiles for interview scheduling, gathering 360-degree feedback, and automated communication for hiring managers and teams. Suppose you have lost a valuable candidate from your talent pool in a paperwork shuffle. In that case, Hire Trakstar is an applicant tracking system software that offers the features you need to perform an efficient hiring process. When you receive a potential candidate’s resume, you will automatically receive an acknowledgment immediately. Trackstar Hire is one of the best candidate management systems tools that improve candidate experience and streamlines timelines that enable you to get the right candidate for your organization.


  • Designed to fetch the right candidate for the organization.
  • It helps in tracking the candidates.
  • It helps in building and managing the resume.
  • It helps post new jobs and synchronize job openings on your company website.
  • It generates automated notifications, alerts, email templates, and auto-archive candidates.


  • It helps you to post your job requirements in multiple locations in one go.
  • It offers you the candidate insights before, during, and after the interview.
  • It helps in pinpointing the most successful job boards for qualified candidates.
  • It helps in collaborating with external recruiters.
  • It provides data security to ensure that external recruiters wouldn’t have access to your confidential data.
  • It promotes job openings on your career page for job seekers.


Please get in touch with the vendor to know the pricing details.

7. Oleeo Engage

Oleeo Engage-best-candidate-relationship-management-software

It is a recruiting candidate relationship management software that enables intelligent and automated candidate engagement from the shared content with candidates in job portals to email campaigns by leveraging their data in their profiles. If you focus on your engagement efforts using Oleeo Engage recruitment CRM software, you can intelligently engage and automate every step in your recruitment marketing process. The software also ensures that top candidates enjoy relevant content, so they keep your company at the top of their minds. The recruitment team can continuously focus on their engagement efforts when the company creates a job opportunity. Oleeo Engage also supports targeted multi-channel recruitment advertisements to customized nurturing campaigns.


  • The recruiters get easy access to candidate profiles.
  • Helps in planning your engagement activity.
  • It helps to review the best talent and plot.
  • Enables real-time recording feedback & facilitates quick response.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • Direct delivery of manager reports to your inbox.


  • It is a data-driven software that helps you to overcome talent scarcity.
  • It improves diversity in hiring.
  • It helps make strategic decisions that give you an edge over your competitors.
  • It helps in predictive analysis that helps the recruiting team quickly hire the best talent.
  • It helps business enterprises to drive profits & revenue.


Please get in touch with the sales team or the vendor to get the pricing details.

8. Talention


Talention is a candidate relationship management software that enables you to attract candidates, excite them about job openings, and pick the top applicants. It enables you to maintain a database wherein you can build your pipeline of candidates. The software enables you to track the applicants and keep in touch with them through the sources like job fairs, recruitment drives, university lectures, employee referrals, or career sites. Though candidates may not apply directly for a job in an organization, there is a possibility that a candidate may meet your company’s requirements in a span of 3-6 months and so on.


  • It is an applicant tracking software that promotes efficient applicant management & minimal processing.
  • It transfers all social media prospects to your candidate relationship management with a single click.
  • It helps organize your prospects into talent pools & stay in touch with them.
  • It contains a well-structured talent pool.
  • The software makes it easy to add candidates to your talent pool.
  • It is GDPR-compliant software.
  • It provides a comprehensive learning environment in the first meeting.


  • It helps in setting up the profiles quickly.
  • It helps in quick searching of candidates & filtering them.
  • It keeps your talent pools organized.
  • It provides advanced learning modules that help better implement recruitment tools.
  • It provides you with excellent customer support.


Talention comes to you in three versions. They are:

  • Starter
  • Professional and
  • Enterprise.

To know about the pricing details, please get in touch with the vendor.

» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does a candidate relationship management software do?

A candidate relationship management tool provides companies storage for candidate information. Furthermore, it enables them to engage with the candidates, publish job postings, extract information from resume databases, and convert passive talent into active applicants.

2. What are the benefits of candidate relationship management software?

The benefits of a candidate relationship management software are:

  • It simplifies the sourcing of candidates.
  • It helps in employer branding that attracts the candidates to choose your company.
  • The candidate relationship management software enables you to generate and manage the content.
  • It stores employee referrals, which allows quality hiring and onboarding.
  • It enables you to track the feedback of the ex-employees.

3. Who needs candidate relationship management software?

The higher authorities of a company, like recruiters, hiring managers, and the TA head, need candidate relationship management software. They use the application to create or expand the brand. They use the tool for grooming, segmenting, and hiring qualified candidates for different job roles.

4. What makes the demand for candidate relationship management software higher?

The ever-changing job market generates demand for candidate relationship management software among recruiters. Furthermore, CRM software’s functionalities make the recruiters purchase them.

5. What are the signs of starting the usage of candidate relationship management software?

Following are the indications that you can start using candidate relationship management software.

  • Tracking the candidates that you have sources on spreadsheets as the ATS would track inbound applications.
  • Tracking the number of candidates re-applying for the job.
  • When you find difficulty in building a robust talent pool.

6. What is the best candidate relationship management software?

Every employer would purchase a candidate relationship management software according to their needs. Sometimes, they would also customize software that would serve their purpose. Hence, the opinion about CRM software would differ.

7. What is the difference between an applicant tracking system & a candidate relationship management software?

An applicant tracking software speeds up the recruitment process of the recruiters, enabling them to create & post jobs, source the candidates, collect resumes, screen the candidates, evaluate the candidate performance & selecting them. On the other hand, candidate relationship management software enables you to create an impact on passive candidates & attract them to your company.

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