10 Best Job Board Software Platforms for 2023 (Free & Paid)


» What is Job Board Software?

The Job board software is usually used by employers for advertising vacancies at their workplace to the seekers of the jobs. The seekers of the job could use the job board software for searching new opportunities in their profession and their area.

There is some job board software that can be used by employers or recruiters of all kinds of industries while some of them are having their niche, like some job board software only provide jobs in technology industries or designing industries based on their roles. 

The job board software is a place where the seekers of the job and the employers providing the job would find and connect. It also helps in publishing jobs on various social media channels or platforms.

» How to Choose the Best Job Board Software?

Some steps are required to be followed or observed while choosing the best job board software. These include keeping the goals and objectives of the job while choosing the best job board software, then gathering high-quality listings of the jobs, and finally, deciding to select the job board software that meets all the requirements and niches of the job. 

» Common features that every Job Board Software must have –

  • Integration to the significant portals of jobs: The best job board software requires an integration feature with all major job boards like social media platforms. It might include Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, etc. for attracting the best pool of talent, so that the employers along with the seekers of jobs would be able in managing the postings of the job on several social media channels through a unique dashboard.
  • Capabilities of tracking the applicants: Every job board software is required to have an ATS feature that helps the recruiter or employer in tracking the job applications from the automated job board software, instead of any manual addition. This ATS feature in job board software helps the recruiter in scheduling the interviews, and assessment process and also rolling out the offer through a single platform.
  • Connecting to the mailbox: Most of the best job board software also enables gathering job applications that arrive in the email id and also keeping track on that platform.

If you are looking for the best job board software, this list will help you to choose the top solution.

» List of Top 8 Job Board Software for Recruiters and Hiring Managers


1. ejobsiteSoftware


This software provides the facility to the employers where they could post open roles with the skills and qualifications required. This software provides the facility to the job seeker to make an application in such opportunities in which they are willing to.

Features Are

  • An open-source platform for all job seekers and employers as well
  • Built-in templates are available
  • The customized design of home pages
  • Branding of the company
  • Professional support
  • Free hosting annually
  • Free installation of the software 
  • Support services by professionals 
  • Source code in the applications of the mobiles
  • Software for tracking the applicant
  • Control panel of the job seekers- applicants can view the list of applications, save them, and get notifications. It also allows to add or delete any search agents, along with the permission of joining the forum
  • The customized domain name and web hosting available
  • The facility of the newsletter. 

Benefits are

  • Rapidly deploy a fully functional advanced job board software
  • Useful for establishing a niche job board for some specific region or specified sector of a business, or a general job board
  • Provides customized solutions according to the requirements of the clients
  • Online video interviews
  • Web space up to 10 GB
  • LMS- learning management systems. 


The job board software by eJobsiteSoftware is available in 3 kinds of pricing plans that are- 

  • Hosted plan:$120 per month, per user. 
  • Self-hosted plan: $ 600 – a one-time payment, No monthly plans. 
  • Enterprise plan: $1500, a one-time payment, No monthly plans.

2. JobBoard.io


The job board software permits the employers to create touch points through which the seekers of the job could make an application to the position which are open and vacant in an organization. For example, it focuses on setting up a personalized career site in a few minutes; it also helps in posting to the various job boards at the comfort level.

Features are

  • Intuitive panel for administration
  • Optimized SEO and blogging
  • The process of making an application is frictionless
  • Database profiling
  • Only employers are charged for access
  • Friendly to mobiles and tablets
  • Responsive design for mobile
  • Permits establishment of various numbers and combinations of job and timeframes 
  • Easy to switch between multiple job boards through a single software
  • Integration through Google reCAPTCHA
  • Site notifications, and filtrations of feeds
  • Customized URLs
  • Multiple API keys
  • Verifying the domain name with google
  • 139 currencies are supported on this software
  • Easy registration to the employers.

Benefits are

  • Seamless integration with the websites of users 
  • Constantly updated
  • Flexible to adopt any business
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Quick response to the queries and requests of the customers
  • Customization available to all the job board settings
  • An easy addition to the content of the job board
  • Emailing the alerts for jobs
  • Improved support for remote jobs
  • Taxonomy and XML exporter are other benefits updated to the API of the software. 


The job board software by JobBoard.io is available in 3 kinds of pricing plans that are-

  • Basic plan: $449 per month, per user. 
  • Professional plan: $649 per month, per user.
  • Enterprise plan: Contact the vendor

3. JobMount


Generally, this job board software at an online platform allows the recruiters to use some characteristics of the software without any charge. They also offer schemes at a premium level like sponsoring jobs or providing unlimited access to the database of their candidates. 

Features are

  • The candidate user interface is effective and clean
  • Promotes distribution and integration of jobs
  • Supportive ad campaigns
  • Branding of employers is also facilitated 
  • The highest rate of uptime
  • Reliable platforms for jobseekers
  • Geocoding facility available for easy search based on location
  • Compliance with jobs through Google
  • Job scraping services are also available 
  • Template-based feature
  • The application language is java 
  • Can be integrated with the word blog
  • Expansion of bandwidth on request
  • Hosted on AWS
  • Professional SEO dashboards. 

Benefits are

  • Spider-friendly URLs
  • Automated structure for linking
  • Uploading keywords in bulk
  • Footer’s management of SEO
  • Benefits for generating revenues
  • Management of jobs, employers, and content 
  • Emails are automatically configurable
  • Designing and customization. 


The job board software by JobMount is available in 3 kinds of pricing plans that are- 

  • Hosted solution plan (standard):

$4950- a one-time fee that is the initial activation fee and $450 per month, per user as a subscription fee to be paid quarterly. 

  • Hosted solution plan (premium):

$5350 – a one-time fee that is the initial activation fee and $700 per month, per user as a subscription fee to be paid monthly. 

  • JobMount standalone plan: $4950 – a one-time fee that is the initial activation fee and

$9500, a one-time payment for the source code licensing fee.

4. Jobiqo


This job board software helps in the creation of an exclusive portal of jobs for an internal level of employment and also, it has the capability of accommodation and working with external vendors. However, the utilities and the capabilities of job board software are not limited to these only.

Features are

  • Modular, fast, and smart
  • Comprehensive functionality 
  • Fully functioning site for the recruitment process
  • Niche job board software for procurement of human resources
  • Also helps in the procurement of supply chains, and logistics
  • Also, keep track of the feedback of the consumers
  • Ability to make a quick delivery
  • Much more than being a technology provider
  • Empowering the career sites of media brands
  • Growing global team and employers in more than 18 nations
  • Great track record in filling the vacancies
  • Conducting research projects in notable universities. 

Benefits are

  • Classifying the job postings, through the extraction of information and job crawling
  • Enhancement of job recommender
  • Integration of collaborating services
  • Compositing web services
  • Transformation of non-destructive generic data
  • Providing online services platforms in the area of recruitment
  • Usage of technology for recruitment of talent at a global level
  • Automated processing of postings of jobs
  • Analyzing the corporate websites
  • Clustering server side. 


$2900 per month, and one-off an installation fee. The billing is done upfront on an annual basis. 

5. Yello


This is a leading software in early recruitment which helps the companies in delivering an exceptional experience to the candidates. It helps in meeting DEI goals and objectives and also maximizing the return on investment. 

Features are

  • Streamlining the process of an application
  • Attracting more applicants
  • Simple and mobile-friendly process of job hunting
  • Proactive communities for talent
  • Empowering the candidates with robust filtration, and optimizing searches
  • Customizing and showcasing the brand of employers
  • Integration is possible with ATS
  • Easy editing in the content is also possible
  • Configuration of the filtration of candidates
  • Creation of talent communities, segmentation by their roles and skills 
  • Personalized alerts of jobs, for the roles being newly posted
  • Diversified, experienced government recruitment facility
  • Built-in sharing buttons for sharing the jobs on social media platforms.

Benefits are

  • Sharing of upcoming hiring procedures, and events on the networking channel
  • Building the pool of passive candidates is also possible
  • Expanding the reach of employers as well as the seekers of jobs
  • Automatic post to the job boards software at an external level
  • Easy share on social media platforms
  • Helps in finding the best-fit opportunity
  • Quick action is taken
  • Key recruiting metrics 
  • Recruitment CRM
  • Interview scheduling with candidates
  • Campus recruitment planning
  • Candidate engagement
  • Applicant tracking system provider. 


This software gives the feature of requesting a demo to its user, then it offers a customized price according to the needs of the user. 

6. Freshteam


This software saves the time of the human resources team, and effort by mundane automation tasks, and also decreases the potential errors of human beings and delays on an operational basis. It helps in easy updating of the employee records, management of the needs of the employees, and tracking attendance. 

Features are

  • Integration to important portals of job
  • Capabilities to track the applicant
  • Connected to the mailbox of the user 
  • Customized links for tracking
  • Publishing the job with one click
  • The experience of the candidates is impeccable
  • Saving for later features for the employers
  • Suggesting candidates for an upcoming role or some alternative role
  • Hiring as a team
  • Use of autopilot feature for automatic notifications
  • Management of pool of talent
  • Automation HR
  • Sourcing of the candidates
  • Searching the candidates and the employers for each other
  • Feedback and scorecards of interviews
  • Workflow under the recruitment process
  • Reporting under the recruitment process 
  • Quick onboarding of an employee
  • Checklist, courtrooms, workflow list availability. 

Benefits are

  • Amplifying efforts of sourcing
  • Streamlining the process of hiring
  • Faster screening of candidates
  • Optimized budget for hiring
  • Mobile-friendly application
  • Amazing job board software with ATS
  • Creation of enforcing off-time policies
  • Easy to use charts of an organization
  • Efficient employee self-services
  • Securing management of the documentation
  • Data synchronization regarding payroll
  • Team time off reporting facility 
  • Managing calendars for a list of holidays
  • Availability of a free version for an organization that has less than 50 employees
  • Fair, affordable pricing, straightforward, detailed features of planning, and mapping  
  • Proactive reminders and follow-ups. 


The job board software by Freshteam is available in 4 kinds of pricing plans that are-

A 21-day free trial of any package is also available for its users. 

  • Free plan:

Basic HR for a small organization, (up to 50 employees), Free. 

  • Growth plan:

Essential HR for a small organization, (up to 50 employees)

$1.4 per month, per employee, and a $65.13 platform fee per month. 

  • PRO plan:(The most popular one)

For- automation in workflows, managing data for HR for the developing organization. 

$2.10 per month, per employee, and a $110.23 platform fee per month. 

  • Enterprise plan:

Streamlining complex needs of HR for large companies. 

$4.21 per month, per employee, and a $187.91 platform fee per month. 

7. Madgex


This software focuses on determining if the chosen job board is accurate for the profession of the job seeker, and also on defining the niche of the industries. 

Features are

    • The most advanced job board platform
    • Created and developed by the most experienced technical teams
    • True artificial intelligence
    • The cutting edge is Machine learning powering
    • Capabilities leading in the industries
    • Availability of unparalleled sets of data
    • High expertise level of data scientist
    • Enhancements being driven by exclusive research from the UX research team 
    • High advanced security of the data
    • Protecting goodwill of brands (household levels)
    • Protection of the data of billions of job seekers
    • Optimizing ranking of the search through optimizing SEO
    • Automated email capabilities in marketing
  • Extension of reach of job seekers through the integration of social media.

Benefits are

  • Maximizing the revenues of an organization
  • Realization of potential helps in achieving real growth with a capital of tools used for generation of the revenue
  • Unlocking the revenue opportunities
  • Capitalizing on external display advertisements
  • Huge selection of formats of advertisements
  • More earnings from integrated resume database
  • Huge benefits of built-in, multiple, and zero-effort services for revenue
  • High optimization in e-commerce, and self-service websites
  • Offering flexibility for optimized conversion
  • Best strategic insight
  • Full financial management
  • Driving new businesses
  • Similar to white label job board software
  • First class experience to a user. 


This software gives the feature of requesting a demo to its user, then it offers a customized price according to the needs of the user. 

8. JBoard


This is one of the best job board software which also gives a feature of customized tracking links. This helps in tracking the location of the most suitable candidate along with the best return on investment, and the candidate having the best career. This feature in job board software helps in making the optimum utilization of the budget for hiring.

Features are

  • Customized styling
  • Design is mobile-friendly
  • Customized domains
  • Availability of monetization tools, like charging for postings of jobs, offering subscriptions to the employers, upselling with the bundles of jobs
  • Great and high-level search engine optimization
  • Integration for Google jobs
  • Growing subscribers for emails
  • Automatic imports of jobs
  • Automation tag importation of jobs
  • Backfilling of jobs. 

Benefits are

  • Easy transition from another job board software to the board
  • Provides an intuitive user interface for simplicity
  • Supported by 136 kinds of currencies 
  • Translations of all texts are possible
  • Easy Cancellation of subscription policies 
  • Customized domain names. 


The job board software by JBoard is available in 3 kinds of pricing plans that are- 

    • Beginners plan: $75 per month, per user. 
    • Professional plan: $125per month, per user.
  • Enterprise/Business plan: $225per month, per user.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. Is job board software similar to the career page of an organization?

Not being similar to the career page of an organization, the main reason behind choosing the job board software is to make connections between the employers of an organization and the seeker of the job. This job board software is quite different from search engines. 

2. What is niche job board software?

Through niche job board software, the job seekers visit the software to consider that opportunities on that software are likely to match the skill and qualifications in which they are interested. This niche job board software is more focused on a particular industry, type of job, or location, for instance, contract basis, remote or freelancing. This niche job board software gives opportunities to employers to dive into a relevant and specialized pool of talent. 

3. Is the job distribution software similar to the job board software? 

Online job distribution software is software that helps employers in posting the opening of jobs across several platforms on social media. Several social media platforms include LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc. this might also include other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. While the job board software also includes the capacity of distributing jobs along with huge numbers of features like tracking, ATS, and many more. 

4. Why is job board software preferred by business owners and recruiters?

Business owners and recruiters preferred to use job board software so that they could connect with job seekers in a more easy and technological manner. The job board software helps businesses in making customized advertisements for filling up their vacancies. 

5. How is SEO useful for job board software? 

Around 13 to 15 million people hunt for a job every month. They also use Google as a search engine to search for their preferred job titles. They are not able to locate the openings of the employer because it gets hidden behind the ATS which is the applicant tracking system. Sometimes, it also gets hidden among the huge listings of vacancies by many organizations. The website of career might modify that to ensure that most candidates come across such vacancies and make applications to the openings of the organization very first. To perform this, employers are required to be assured that each page on their career site is having the perfect mixture of relevant keywords, page specifying search engine optimization, friendly URLs, and also such links and Meta tags that are relevant. Each job and vacancy that are advertised by the employer must have its page and that too optimized through Search engine optimization or SEO. This must be created automatically when such a vacancy is posted on an online platform. 

6. Can an applicant make an application for the same job more than once? 

In general, or by default, an applicant would not be able to make an application for the job or the same job more than once with the same email address. But if that applicant has been using various email addresses, then he or she could make various applications for the same job more than once. 

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