List of 10 Best HR Onboarding Software for New Hires in 2023 (Free & Paid)

top 10 Onboarding Software

The candidate-driven market is highly competitive and full of potential talent. Organizations need to go beyond their capacity to attract quality candidates through an optimized onboarding process

When a company hires a new employee, every new hire must be full of potential. The company must put every effort to evaluate employees’ efficiency and utilize it to generate success. It all starts with welcoming the employee onboard and making them feel comfortable. It is important to train them and communicate with each employee, and get constructive feedback to understand their expectations. This is called Onboarding.

» What is HR onboarding software?

HR onboarding is defined as a process of familiarizing new employees with the company’s work culture and making them feel at home. Employee onboarding software is a platform that digitalizes the complete onboarding process smoothly, saving time spent on documentation and orientation. 

The software helps in enhancing efficiency and productivity among new employees. It gives preference to organizational socializing by delegating important tasks to new employees from the very first day. 

Effective onboarding software integrates new hires into generating better performances. If you are looking for top Onboarding software, here you can find the list of the top software.

» List of top 10 Best HR Onboarding Software

best Onboarding Software

1. BambooHr


BambooHR has revolutionized the onboarding and offboarding process, hiring, and performance management with its intricate features. This employee onboarding software focuses less on hiring formalities and more on creating better initial days for new hires. For any employee, the initial six months are enough to decide on job continuity. This onboarding platform ensures that the onboarding process is effective, smooth, and organized to influence new employees. It personalized and customized onboarding for different locations, departments and varied job types. Making the complete onboarding process inviting helps in retaining new hires.

› Features

    • Automated hiring and onboarding
    • Compensation automation
    • Task management
    • Personalization and customization
    • Automated billing
    • User-friendly interface
    • Workflow automation
    • Cloud-based technology
    • Assessment surveying tools
    • Automated reporting and analysis
    • New hire packet templates
    • Performance management

› Benefits

    • Sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities
    • Tracks employee performance and helps the employer to guide them accordingly
    • Helps in creating a friendly, organized, and efficient work environment from the first day.
    • Easy onboarding of new employees
    • Role-based access to data and information
    • Suitable for small and medium-scale business
    • Works effectively on all devices irrespective of any operating system
    • Helps in remotely hiring employees efficiently
    • Task generation from the first day helps in creating self-development interest in new employees
    • Helps in retaining employees, speeds up employee hiring, and increases job loyalty


    • BambooHR is available for a limited free trial period.
    • The onboarding software is available in two different packages – Essential and Advantage.
    • The essential package is priced at $6.19/employee/month. It covers standard features like HR management, employee onboarding records, benefits administration, document storage, reporting, standard workflows, approvals, email alerts, etc.
    • The advantage package is available at $8.25/employee/month. It includes all the features covered under the essential package plus training racking, onboarding and offboarding record, company branding, phone support, applicant tracking system, custom tabs, audit trails, and many other advanced features.

2. Goco


GoCo is one of the best onboarding software solutions that are easy to use, paper-free, and automated. GoCo is an automated onboarding solution that emphasizes improving employees’ first-day experience at work. The platform offers a delightful hiring experience that delivers customized offer letters with embedded e-signature. The software helps in choosing the right employee, managing payrolls, and automating tasks to keep new hires engaged. It is flexible, easy to integrate, and syncs with integrated payroll software easily. Not only the employers, but this system also benefits employees in calculating costs and enrolling in benefits while helping them with the right plan. 

› Features

› Benefits

    • Eliminates paperwork and simplifies the onboarding process.
    • Collects e-signatures and stores them digitally in a database.
    • Provides online benefits enrollment and empowers new employees
    • Involves multiple teams digitally and automates work management
    • Simplified payroll management
    • Digitalizes pre-boarding processes like sending automated customized offer letters, employee handbooks, benefits previews, etc.
    • Modern onboarding tools like time tracking features, reporting capabilities, syncing, and embedded payroll software.
    • End-to-end software that streamlines HR process

› Pricing

    • GoCo pricing starts at $5/employee/month.
    • It is available for customization, and pricing varies as per individual companies’ requirements.
    • All plans include Hiring, onboarding, MagicDocs, and Employee Self-service.
    • Its additional features that come at custom pricing are HR workflows, Payroll, Time off and Time tracking, White Glove Implementation, and HR support.

3. ClearCompany


ClearCompany is employee onboarding software for new hires, equipped with modern tools and solutions. The system is an easy-to-use solution that aims at engaging new employees from the first day of their job. Its intuitive user interface helps in delivering an ideal onboarding experience to new hires. This online onboarding solution is mobile-friendly, hence equipping employees with digital handbooks, onboarding materials, and documents and signing forms right from the convenience of the phone. ClearCompany is fully automated and digitalized, which avoids any errors.


    • Self-service onboarding solution
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Mobile friendly
    • Device and Equipment management
    • Automated task management
    • Compliance and I-9 management
    • Auto fill technology for forms
    • E-verify, background check and WOTC
    • Automated task notifications
    • Bulk onboarding
    • Payroll and HRIS integrations
    • Interactive reports and dashboard


    • Easy-to-use interface to make it easy for new hires to complete tasks electronically.
    • Impresses new hires with interactive, attractive, and branded employee onboarding self-service solutions.
    • Tracks each device and workplace equipment owned by the company.
    • Allows team meetings and paperwork from any device.
    • Auto-fill technology reduces errors on redundant data.
    • Carries out electronic background checks during new onboarding.
    • Introduces new hires to team members and makes them feel comfortable.
    • Automatically assigns the task to new employees and keeps them engaged from the first day itself.
    • Integrates well with payroll and ERP systems.
    • Built-in compliance management makes sure the company complies with state tax and local and federal regulations. 


    • GoCo
    •  packages start from $5/employee/month.
    • Pricing differs according to custom plans as directed by the user.

4. Greenhouse


Greenhouse is the leading hiring software for growing companies. Thousands of the most successful companies, like DoorDash, Betterment, Wayfair and DocuSign, use Greenhouse to optimize all aspects of their hiring and onboarding. With its powerful hiring approach, complete suite of software and services, and large integration ecosystem, your company will be ready to hire for what’s next. It also leads the industry in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) tools, helping to mitigate bias and create a fairer hiring process. Greenhouse customers see an average of 85% company-wide engagement, a 27% improvement in average time to hire and a 31% reduction in average cost per hire.


    • Customized information and document collection
    • New hire signature
    • Counter hire signature
    • Personalized welcome experience
    • Performance tracking
    • Task automation
    • Feedback collection
    • Modern onboarding tools and digitalization
    • Reporting and analysis capabilities
    • Laying consistent onboarding framework


    • Helps in integrating new members into the team faster by introducing them and providing an organized hub.
    • Instills a sense of belongingness and connection among remote employees.
    • Helps in getting organized and well-informed about the consistent changes in the organization.
    • Predetermines employees’ roles by easily organizing documents and signing offer letters electronically.
    • Assigns notifications, and automatic reminders for easy task accomplishment.
    • Seamlessly syncs new hire information into onboarding software.
    • Gathers feedback from new hires and pulls improvement reports.

› Pricing

    • Greenhouse pricing is based on the company’s requirements. Its packages are divided into three different types- Essential, Advanced, and Expert.
    • Essential package includes core Greenhouse recruiting, candidate tracking, applicant experience, structured hiring, team collaboration, mobile apps, and an integrated ecosystem.
    • Advanced and Expert packages include custom features as per client demands. 
    • Package pricing is available upon request on the Greenhouse website.

5. EMP Trust


EMP Trust is human resource onboarding software that offers complete I-9 functionality, manages compliance, and reduces errors. This onboarding software for new hires streamlines off-boarding packages, mergers, acquisitions, and employee transfers and manages consistent workflow. The system offers seamless integration with payroll management, ERP, and internal legacy systems. Proudly named as ADP marketplace Platinum Partner, this onboarding platform empowers employees, administers jobs, and eases the complete hiring procedure. EMP Trust is accommodating, flexible, and has an HR suite of legally compliant employee onboarding solutions.


    • Pre-employment checks, background checking, and WOTC
    • Offboarding management
    • System integration with internal legacy systems
    • Payroll management
    • Onboarding reports and dashboard analytics
    • Workflow automation
    • Employee benefits administration
    • Compliance management
    • Form I-9 and E-verification
    • Empower employee training
    • Mobile friendly
    • Remote hiring with I-9
    • Paperwork management
    • Onboarding new hires with engagement portals
    • Streamline distribution of HR policies, manage creation and updating approvals
    • Task tracking management


    • Allows new employees to easily sync with company cultures, understand HR policies, and get along with older employees.
    • Helps in completing paperwork and documentation with ease.
    • Assists new hires in signing for employee benefits and availing them from time to time.
    • Manages training schedules, orientation, and task generation from the first day to keep new employees engaged and help them feel productive.
    • Customized hiring portal that is configurable with the content management system, allowing companies to edit pages, and add information, images, and videos for employee engagement.
    • The task tracking system helps in assigning schedules, managing workflow, and ensuring task completion.


    • EMP Trust has a custom pricing model. Although it starts from $100, complete detail can be availed upon request.

6. Zoho People

Zoho People-best-hr-onboarding-software

One of the best-customized employee onboarding apps, Zoho People, delivers an unadulterated experience with its integrated features. The cloud-based onboarding system manages the hiring process, offboarding, appraisals, and time tracking with efficiency and accuracy. The HR solution system creates an interactive platform for new hires from the very first day. Zoho provides pre-designed templates to customize onboarding workflows. Providing a secure online employee database, Zoho People manages HR administrative tasks and provides a 360-degree view of employees’ performances.


    • Case management, performance evaluation
    • Centralized database management
    • Document management
    • Employee Self-service benefits
    • Customized workflow management
    • Candidate onboarding management
    • Paperwork management
    • Corporate training course creation
    • Single-step invite
    • Report generation and dashboard analytics
    • Employee management
    • Shift scheduling
    • Attendance tracking
    • Corporate LMS
    • Performance management
    • Data security and privacy management
    • Compliance management


    • Engages, motivates and retains new hires.
    • Generates reports that highlight task completion.
    • Invites new candidates and helps the company in the onboarding process.
    • Allows to tag goals based on departments, designation, and other such filters.
    • Allows to create of corporate training courses and builds a learning culture within the organization.
    • Helps in breaking the ice with customized workflow management and welcoming new team members.
    • Accomplishes the onboarding process smoothly by generating customized offer letters, assigning forms, and handbooks on company policies, and managing other documents beforehand.


    • Zoho onboarding solution offers a 30 days free trial with limited features.
    • Zoho offers various packages to suit companies of different sizes. The Essential HR package is available at $48/user/month.
    • Its Professional package is available at $96/user/month with advanced features that cover everything from the Essential package and additional features.
    • Its Premium and Enterprise packages are more advanced, billed at $144 and $192, respectively. The packages include advanced features suitable for large-scale companies or professionals.
    • The People Plus package is a customized enterprise package that starts from $350/user/month and is billed annually. This package covers a wide range of advanced features offered by Zoho on demand.

7. Guru


Guru human resource onboarding software is everything a successful company needs to integrate new employees into their respective departments. Guru escalates hiring procedures and saves time by directly recruiting jobs to new hires from the very first day. This onboarding system is a reliable tool to enforce contextually reinforced learning among current and new employees. This free employee onboarding software saves time and money and improves employee engagement in building a better workplace. The HR solution helps the organization stay organized and focus on other important tasks like creating an amazing customer experience, building a future, closing deals, and client management.


    • slack integration
    • Browser Extension
    • Collection and Boards
    • Simple and powerful editor
    • Captures information
    • Knowledge alerts
    • Duplicate Detection
    • Intelligently suggested tags
    • Deep insights into tracking information
    • Trigger custom knowledge
    • Intelligent chat suggestion
    • employee onboarding
    • auto task management
    • product enablement


    • Helps in creating an amazing customer experience.
    • Organizes information in a specific way to help team members.
    • Captures all relevant information and saves it in a format that is easy to export.
    • Automatically syncs with existing smart tools integrated into the organization.
    • Transforms company information into employee knowledge.
    • Keeps information tidy by automatically detecting duplicate contents.
    • Delivers exact knowledge to boost effectiveness and reduce wastage of time.
    • Focuses on improving internal communication and knowledge sharing.
    • Automatically designates job roles and departments to new hires to keep them engaged from the first day.


    • Guru offers a free Starter pack with limited features like Browser extension, Slack, Microsoft team app, verification, etc. This feature is free for 30 days, after which the app is chargeable at $5/month/user with similar features.
    • The Builder pack is available at $10/user/month, inclusive of advanced features plus everything from the Starter Pack.
    • The Expert pack starts from $20/user/month. It offers AI support, expert advice, and custom features, including everything from the Builder pack.

8. HROnboard


One of the best human resource onboarding software, HROnboard, is a practical approach to building cultural learning and boosting productivity among new hires. The system is responsible for transitioning employees’ journeys and delivering amazing experiences while working in the organization. The employee onboarding system automates recurring tasks, tedious manual creations, and provisioning tasks to new hires. It provides a seamless digital hiring experience by automating paperwork and saving time wasted on the onboarding process.


    • Communication management
    • Report and Analytics
    • Contact management
    • Content analytics
    • Action management
    • Automatic task designation
    • Onboarding automation
    • Document management
    • Employee management
    • Compensation management
    • Activity dashboard
    • Configurable workflow
    • Self-service portal
    • Orientation workflow management
    • Social media integration
    • Training management


    • Creates an amazing employee journey by transitioning employees automatically.
    • Automates repetitive tasks and saves time for productivity.
    • Automatically generates tasks from the first day of recruitment to initiate efficiency among new hires.
    • Reduces the time spent on manually selecting the best candidates for particular job placement.
    • Digital streamlining and quick job offer help in finding the right candidate.
    • Seamless onboarding system.
    • Easily manages employee transition, manages bulk contracts, and re-hiring during seasonal peak periods.


    • HROnbaord offers a 30 days free trial period with limited features. It is available for various custom rates depending on individual requirements.
    • More information on pricing and package can be collected from the software website.

9. Zavvy


Zavvy is equipped with the right onboarding software tools that drastically reduce manual tasks and help in focusing on other important factors. The system delivers crucial experiences to the team members by digitalizing meetings and collaborations and upskilling them. The software tools offer automated scheduling, tasking, task tracking, and hour tracking. It is one of the best onboarding solutions to manage multiple hiring without affecting productivity and efficiency. Zavvy is a platform that engages new hires and helps them understand work culture from the first day of recruitment. It constantly motivates guides and interacts through emails to help them feel at home.


    • Event scheduling
    • Task automation
    • Preboarding management
    • Stepwise delivery
    • Collaboration and software integration
    • Customized templates
    • Workflow management
    • Easy setup
    • Task tracking
    • Integration with Slack and MS Teams
    • Communication management
    • Compliance management
    • Self-service support
    • Dashboard reporting and analytics


    • Manages and assigns job roles to new hires with just a click of a button.
    • Motivates and engages new candidates through emails.
    • Tracks tasks and sets automatic reminders for follow-ups.
    • Easily combines image, content, video, and gifsfor customized templates.
    • Easily integrates with other software tools.
    • Automatically arranges orientation, new hire meetups, and founder intros.
    • Bridges the gap between pre boarding formalities and task assignment.
    • Stepwise message and information delivery to new employees to help them understand the company’s work culture.
    • Assigns onboarding buddies to new hires for helpful guidance.


    • Zavvy is available for three types of packages –Onboarding, Development, and Training.
    • All plans come with features like reporting, support, integration, compliance, and a template library.
    • Prices for each plan can be availed on request through the software website.

10. Personio


Personio is exclusive employee onboarding software for a stellar start. The HR system ensures efficiency and productivity for new hires from the beginning. It delivers extraordinary tools to help the organization sync with new employees and get the best out of them. Automatic task administration, coordination, automated onboarding process, and accessibility to information are a few features that Personio delivers to get new employees running from the very first day. This onboarding platform provides seamless coordination and central task recruitment that makes employees feel comfortable at work.


    • Seamless coordination
    • Task automation
    • Accessibility
    • Communication management
    • Application tracking
    • Task reminders
    • Digital employee file
    • Applicant sourcing
    • Absence management
    • Attendance tracking
    • Preliminary payroll
    • Performance management
    • Training management
    • Electronic signature
    • Employee self-service
    • Reporting and analytics


    • Allows employees to show their full potential by motivating and guiding them at regular intervals.
    • Documents performance meetings and maintains a clear overview of progress.
    •  Customized access rights allow employees to access the latest information.
    • Saves time by offering customized templates for documents and emails.
    • Automatically sets reminders for important deadlines.
    • Captures HR metrics and creates data-driven forecasts.
    • Maintains employee data centrally to manage payroll.
    • Automatically allocates onboarding tasks.


    • Personio is available for free trial versions.
    • Its Essential package is priced at $2,88/month/employee, offering core functions.
    • The Professional package is available at $4,43/month/employee, featuring core and advanced functions.
    • The Enterprise package is available at custom pricing, for which users can ask quotes on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the phases of onboarding?

There are four distinct phases of an onboarding process. Each phase is important in helping the newcomers settle well in the company without disrupting the workflow.

Here are the phases of onboarding;

    • Pre-onboarding

In the first phase of an onboarding process, pre-onboarding accepts job offers and initiates documentation. This phase ends when the candidate joins the office. This is a crucial phase as it involves lots of uncertainty. During this stage, the organization initiates communication, completes paperwork, and sends videos and handbooks detailing the company. This is the phase when a small miscommunication may lead to candidates backing out of the recruiting process.

    • Welcoming

The second phase is about welcoming new hires through orientation, founder intro, and team recognition. During this phase, the candidate is given a clear picture of how the team works on a daily basis, which helps them gain a better grasp of the organization’s work culture.

    • Role-specific training

The training phase is crucial as it specifies the candidate’s role in the company.  Employees are trained and designated individual departments and roles to make them feel productive. They explore various learning techniques like micro learning, self-paced learning, and blended learning.

    • Transition to new role

The final stage is about converting new hires into full-fledged employees who know their job responsibility. The managers set clear expectations and designate smart goals. They further track monthly or weekly performance to keep a check on employees’ quality, performance, ability, and sincerity.

› What is the difference between onboarding and induction?

Onboarding and induction may sound similar but are significantly different in various aspects. Induction or orientation involves the introduction of new employees to current team members and giving them a clear picture of timings, date of joining, assigning workstations, sorting paperwork, and reviewing HR policies. An Induction session lasts for a few hours or a few days, registering minimal information to new hires.

The onboarding process begins from the date of joining. Onboarding is a long process and may last up to 12 months. Although it seems quite a long period, it delivers fruitful results in the end. This process aims at employee retention by making them feel comfortable at the workplace, providing self-support benefits, and administrating tasks. Onboarding includes a performance review that helps the management in providing adequate support to new employees and brings the best out of them.

› How much does onboarding software cost?

Onboarding software offers a wide range of features that include task management, automatic task assignment, documentation, administrative features, self-support, integration support, dashboard reporting and analytics, performance management, pre-designed templates, and auto email communication. Other than these basic features, few onboarding platforms provide custom features and AI support. While some software is available for a free trial period, others charge prices starting from $5 to $400 per employee per month.

› What are the benefits of onboarding?

Onboarding is a major aspect of an organization. It is administrative, serving the employers and new employees on an urgent basis. The process has proven to generate productivity, efficiency, employee engagement, and employee retention. While traditionally, onboarding was not given importance, today there is onboarding software that offers significant features for a successful and popular enterprise.

Here are a few benefits of onboarding;

    • Higher employee engagement

Missing out on talented employees can be a major failure for any enterprise. When they hire new people, they make sure to keep them engaged, feel homely and stay away from office politics. Onboarding is the right way to appoint a work buddy to new employees who guides and motivates them. It helps in providing early job recognition, implementing feedback, and lowering absenteeism.

    • Stronger company culture

Retaining the right talent is a part of building a strong company work culture. Onboarding helps in retaining employees by sharing the company’s vision, mission, and job profile through onboarding materials, handbooks, and email drafts. This way, the new candidate gets to know about the company culture and makes the effective decision to join the organization.

    • Increased productivity

A productive employee is what salt is to food. New hires need at least 12 months to reap productivity. The onboarding system helps in completing paperwork beforehand and assigning tasks from the first day of joining. This way, employees feel important and try to show their best part. Onboarding helps in building relationships, goal setting, and frequent performance reviewing to boost employees’ productivity.

Final thought

Talent acquisition is an important factor behind a company’s success. However, talent retention is equally important, which is not possible without the management roping in and having a motivational conversation with employees.

Additionally, assigning tasks regularly, performance reviewing, and goal setting through an effective HR onboarding software are significant in deriving the best out of employees.

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