List of Top 10+ Idea Management Software In 2023 (Free & Paid)

The best Idea Management Software helps an organization to gather innovative and creative ideas from all the employees in an effective manner. You cannot deny the fact that the competition is increasing in the market with each passing day and unique ideas are required on a daily basis in order to survive. This software collects ideas, evaluates the ideas, and then deploys them for increasing productivity. An organization that makes use of idea generation software is benefited in numerous ways. The software helps in accumulating the ideas from various employees who belong to diverse divisions. It allows you to capitalize on the ideas that are unique and innovative, thereby allowing you to gain productivity. It helps in promoting transparency as the employees can view the ideas of everyone and comment accordingly. This helps the employees to improve their ideas with the help of feedback. It also provides flexibility. You can get to know more about the top 10 idea management software if you follow the list that has been brought to you by SoftwareWorld.

Best Idea Management Software

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List of Best Idea Management Software | Top Idea Innovation Tracking Software Reviews


1. Quip– Docs, tasks, & spreadsheet collaboration with built-in chat

Our Score 99/100

About Quip : Make things happen with Quip; leading idea management software offers a unique way of collaboration; it really empowers employees to get things faster. Team members can easily work on the same page without email or meetings. Every member can view and edit simultaneously through Quip. The user can build a culture of action for their team, focus on high-value work and make the decision faster through the software. It’s really best collaboration platform to track work progress.

Quip Idea Management Features : Brainstorming, Collaboration, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“Quip Is Great For Collaboration. You can set collaboration with as many or as few people as you want.So far Quip has been useful when it comes to collaborating on writing outlines for projects that require more than one person.” – Brooke D. W.

Quip Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


150+ Reviews


830+ Reviews


2. Brightidea – Innovation management software

Our Score 98/100

About Brightidea :  With over 2 million users worldwide and $15+ Billion in net benefits recorded to date, Brightidea is the #1 Idea Management Platform on the market. Engage your employees at scale, collaborate on novel solutions, and foster a culture of innovation within your company. Wherever you’re at in your innovation journey, our platform & people will help you get to the next level.

Brightidea Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“Perfect realization of idea crowd-sourcing in a platform. The main advantage of the platform is the high flexibility and customization which allows us to adapt the platform to our needs not vice versa to adapt to the platform. Sometimes it might get overwhelming due to this, though overall I’d say this is a big asset of this platform.” – Giorgi

Brightidea Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


90+ Reviews


110+ Reviews


3. Miro, formerly RealtimeBoard – Collaboration without constraints

Our Score 97/100

About Miro : Simple whiteboarding platform for cross-functional team collaboration; Miro is a team collaboration software which one empowers idea management strategies for enterprises and small businesses. The software offers the coolest platform to managers, designers, developers, coaches, marketers and other talented professionals where they can work together and build great things. The business team can collaborate, visualize, collect ideas and share work through Miro.

Miro Idea Management Features : Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking

“At SapientNitro Australia, we use Miro to enable multiple designers to collaborate on the same ideas at the same time and to take input and then feedback from a broader cross-functional team that spans the organization.” – Andrew Wight

Miro Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



160+ Reviews


80+ Reviews


4. Crowdicity – Social platform offering collaborative idea management tools

Our Score 96/100

About Crowdicity : Discover the great ideas and grow a smart crowd with Crowdicity. The best idea management software is helpful to set challenges, capture ideas, collaboration, vote, review and much more. The user can get the right input from the right people like employees, customers, and partners through Crowdcity. It’s easy to set up and launch and it doesn’t require any technical skills. It’s open innovation and crowdsourcing platform for better idea management.

Crowdicity Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“What you see here is truly the work of a “crowd”, a knowledgeable community from all over the UK who availed of the chance we gave them to knuckle down as constitutional players and suggest, argue for, persuade and promote any parts of the country’s new proposed constitutional order that meant the most to them.” – Conor Gearty

Crowdicity Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



20+ Reviews


03 Reviews


5. UseResponse – All-in-one Customer Support Suite

Our Score 96/100

About UseResponse : UseResponse is customer support and service software that helps to organize efficient customer support and communications. It combines tools for collecting feedback from customers, managing tickets, creating help articles and FAQs, and engaging with customers through different channels in a simple solution. This enables users to perform better, deliver fast and effective customer service, and increase customer satisfaction.

UseResponse Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“This customer feedback software helps us very well to get feedback for products. Votes, discussions, customer engagement and product roadmap makes it very transparent to make your plans. Highly recommended for SMB.” – Dmitry Martinkevich

UseResponse Reviews

UseResponse Inc.


11 – 50





29 Reviews


19 Reviews


6. Viima – Idea & innovation management software

Our Score 95/100

About Viima : The best way to collect ideas and develop ideas; Viima is leading idea management software and it’s free for up to 50 users. It offers a great platform where people and ideas can meet together. The software provides transparent ideation without boundaries, every associated person of organization can unleash the knowledge, boost engagement & commitment, and much more with Viima. Through this platform, the user can make visible created ideas to everyone in the organization; the people can respond over the idea.

Viima Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“Working with the Viima team has been excellent. We now use Viima every day for our innovation application management and evaluation. This is a truly professional outfit with a solution that is flexible, straightforward and immediately implementable. Highly recommended!” – Dr. Lawrence P. Petalidis

Viima Reviews

Viima Solutions


11 – 50





20+ Reviews


01 Reviews


7. Qmarkets Idea Management – Idea and innovation management

Our Score 95/100

About Qmarkets Idea Management : Transform ideas into better result with Qmarkets; idea management software for effective idea innovation tracking. The software offers modern & engaging UI, idea submission & collaboration, screening & evolution, implementation & liftoff, reports & analytics, and much more idea management features to the enterprises and small businesses. It’s the exclusive platform where the user can unleash their corporate level innovation.

Qmarkets Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“Intuitiveness is the hallmark of Qmarkets’ idea management tool – we are pleasantly surprised that we have not received any support requests from our end users since the launch of the company’s tool.” – Dinakar Devireddy

Qmarkets Idea Management Reviews



51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



20+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

Idea Spotlight-top-idea-management-software

8. Idea Spotlight – Collaborative idea management for innovators

Our Score 93/100

About Idea Spotlight : All your innovations on one platform; Wazoku Idea Spotlight is the best cloud-based idea management software to capture, evaluate, improve and implement ideas to the businesses. It’s a highly scalable and flexible platform for internal and external crowdsourcing activities for organizations. The user can choose the better audience for innovative ideas through Idea Spotlight. Get the actionable insights and actionable ideas with the help of this software.

Idea Spotlight Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Status Tracking

“We’ve had more ideas submitted from just six stores in the first six weeks of using Wazoku, than we did in the last six months across the whole of Waitrose with our previous scheme” – Stuart Eames

Idea Spotlight Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



10+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

Accept Mission-top-idea-management-software

9. Accept Mission – Brainstorming tool with gamification

Our Score 91/100

About Accept Mission : Engage people & boost business value. Collect ideas, select with criteria, manage inboxes, start and track innovation projects. This Idea Management platform is designed based on years of consultancy experiences. They designed a platform with many powerful tools that work together for you to engage people, generate ideas and create business value continuously.

Accept Mission Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“Accept Mission is a great tool. Never has brainstorming for my team more fun beaceause of the “gaming” point of view. This surroundings makes everybody want to participate in the process We as company work in different countries and it saves time and meetings between the country managers.” – Sander v.

Accept Mission Reviews

Accept Mission


02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


10+ Reviews


0 Reviews


10. Ideanote – Discover the next big thing

Our Score 90/100

About Ideanote : Get all-in-one idea innovation tracking software with Ideanote; the best idea management software will help to capture, develop and prioritize ideas. The businesses can save time with a simplified process where they can discover the next big thing, build the future together, empower their people to make innovation habit and much more through Ideanote. Encourage people to share ideas and collect lots of successful ideas through Ideanote.

Ideanote Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“We have received close follow-up and professional help from day one, and we find Ideanote to be highly involved in their customers with a burning desire for us to succeed.” – Madelene Stolpe

Ideanote Reviews



11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



10+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

CrowdWorx Innovation Engine-top-idea-management-software

11. CrowdWorx – Best Innovation and Idea Management Software

Our Score 89/100

About CrowdWorx Innovation Engine : Build the best ideas to improve your business with Crowdworx Innovation Engine; the leading innovation management and idea management software offers unique solution for idea management where users can get ideations & discussion features for new and better quality ideas, innovation campaigns to generate focused ideas quickly, prioritization & evolution for never miss a good idea, implementation feature for resources & project management, and reporting feature to manage innovation pipeline.

CrowdWorx Innovation Engine Idea Management Features : Activity Dashboard, Brainstorming, Collaboration, Creator Tracking, Idea Ranking, Project Tracking, Status Tracking

“Collaborative Innovation Tool. Appealing and easy to use. Excellent reporting functions. Integration of International Teams in global organization. Skilled team with value adding consulting and good customer support.” – Dr.-Ing. Philipp K.

CrowdWorx Reviews



11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



09 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Idea Management Software

Idea Management Features Quip Brightidea Miro Crowdicity UseResponse Qmarkets Viima Idea Spotlight Accept Mission Ideanote
Price $30.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor $49.00/ month Not provided by vendor $3.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor $16.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor
Activity Dashboard                
Creator Tracking                  
Idea Ranking                    
Project Tracking                
Status Tracking                  

Idea Management Software Buyer’s Guide

Ideas come and go, but only some live and some need to track for positive results. To get profit from a good idea, you need to improve them continuously. No new idea is pursued immediately as soon as revealed and needs to be tested. Few new ideas do not appear worthy until developing a little. Companies are forced to ignore great ideas as it takes a lot of time to determine if an idea works or not. This may lead to miss a great opportunity, or worse, your competitors may develop the same idea later at any time.

» What is Idea Management Software?

Idea management software is the collection of tools that help companies to identify and develop the best ideas that come from employees, customers, or the public. The software’s main goal is to prevent good ideas from losing or not be a waste to allow industry leaders to find the best ideas and make the right decisions.

» What are the Features of Idea Management Software?

The features of idea management software have common elements with other genres of software, including mind-mapping software, project planning and management software, and knowledge management software. Apart from some similarities, the purpose of idea innovation management software is for the workflows, processing and permission controls required for idea submission, and collaboration development.

› Campaign Support:

Idea management solution should support the company with unlimited idea campaigns. A campaign is a specific proposal for crowdsourcing ideas against a specific business challenge or an area to focus on.

› Idea Archive With Strong Search:

The software product that can archive ideas and allows searching through the existing ideas is important. You should be able to find the solution easily from the pool of ideas with strong search functionality features.

› Flexible Idea Submission Form:

The best idea management software allows you to personalize idea input forms related to a specific project or campaign. Having a customizable submission form for different business challenges helps to get the information you need to test the ideas.

› Flexible Review Process:

Along with the idea submission form, the idea management system should be able to accommodate certain types of flexibility, such as changeable criteria, variable review team, a variety of criteria types, and drop-down lists.

› Rewards and Recognition:

The software with incentive-based rewards and recognition system encourages your employees to increase their engagement and adopting the initiatives. This will encourage your employees to contribute their ideas towards a business challenge that leads to organizational growth.

› Real-time Feedback Form:

The software should have the user feedback feature that provides insights to make useful changes to meet the employee's expectations and fulfill their needs to give more effective ideas. This yields valuable information that will provide calculated decisions.

» What are the Benefits of Idea Management Software?

Capturing ideas effectively from your employees and customers with idea management systems helps your organization build a systematic idea management process. The software comes with a lot of benefits than just innovation management. Because of the several compelling advantages with idea management, the software is gaining more popularity.

› Capture Ideas from All Departments:

The software allows you to capture ideas easily from every employee of all departments. It also encourages your employees to give more ideas to capitalize and share them with the entire organization.

› Capitalize Quickly on the Best Ideas:

The software lets you tap on to ideas of all your employees, customers, and partners. The best ideas received and categorized will be able to capitalize quickly.

› Promotes Transparency In Your Company:

An open and transparent idea management tools help your employees to see other’s ideas and feedback. The ability to add improvisations to other's ideas allows them to take part actively and work together on ideas in an open system.

› Encourages Collaboration:

Cooperating to work on an idea can help to give a shape to raw ideas into a more complete and compelling solution. If each opportunity for improvement is available broadly, then the process becomes cooperative and cross-functional.

› Achieves Competitive Advantage:

The software helps your company to develop the best ideas quickly by collecting and evaluating them efficiently to increase their speed in the market. This helps the organization achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

› Measure Results: 

Once the implementation of the idea starts, it is important to know if it is producing positive results. The software supports this process and makes it easy to consider if the improvement should be supported in other ways.

» What is the Cost of Idea Management Software?

Innovation Tracking Software is used in collecting and developing innovative ideas by the companies. The tools help to improve cooperation between employees and gives them recognition. The price of the idea management software is an important consideration for any business, regardless of industry. Choosing the wrong product can cost you money, time, and effort. Before you choose an innovative tracking tool, do some research and compare the software's pricing options, features, and support from the vendor. This will help you to choose the perfect software for your business needs.

Different software providers offer different packages that meet your needs. Contact them to know more about the product and pricing information. You can also request a demo or use free versions with access to many important features to understand software functionality. Try using free versions of at least three or four software products to get clarity on what product suits your company best. The standard cost of the idea management software starts from $7/user/month or $575/month. However, the price of the software also depends on company size. If you are a large enterprise with more than 5000 employees, you have to contact the vendor to request a quote.

» Conclusion

Novel ideas are key components in the innovation process. The idea management software allows organizations to measure the bottom-line of ideas collected and implemented. This helps businesses to stand separately in the competitive world with its innovative and productive ideas, which have a great impact on your organization's profitability. Weighing all your needs, choose the software in a way useful for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is idea management software?

With the help of idea management software, companies can easily develop the best way where they can collect ideas from their employees. Companies can also deploy the ideas into practical scenarios with idea management software. Company employees can easily submit new ideas as per the required business operations and processes through the software.

What are key features of idea management software?

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Collaboration
  • Idea ranking
  • Mind mapping
  • Tracking ideas
  • Workflow management

What are the benefits of idea management software?

  • Improved business revenues
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Improved collaboration
  • Simplified employee recognition
  • Improved customer satisfaction

What is the best software for idea management?

  • Quip
  • Brightidea
  • Miro
  • Crowdicity
  • UseResponse
  • Viima
  • Qmarkets Idea Management
  • Idea Spotlight
  • Accept Mission
  • Ideanote
  • CrowdWorx Innovation Engine

How much does idea management software cost?

The software can begin around $03/month/user to $16/month/user.


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