List of Top 10 Succession Planning Software for 2023

» What is Succession Planning Software?

A succession planning software solution helps companies strategize for future vacancies from within the organization. With this kind of software, you can identify employees who, in the future, can take on key roles. Not just that, the tool also helps you train them accordingly. That, as a result, boosts your in-house talent development efforts while reducing your recruitment costs. At the same time, you can tide over the unforeseen people changes and staff turnover with ease.

» How to Choose the Best Succession Planning Software?

Like every software, the secret to getting the most out of your succession planning system is to choose the one that best fits your distinct needs. The software you choose must allow you to track all your applicants and employees hassle-freely. Besides, it should let you manage applicant competency as well as employee assessments with ease. A powerful succession planning tool also includes the capabilities for strategic career development efforts. Apart from that, you should ensure that the software offers seamless performance management, compensation management and benefits management tools. A self-service portal for employees, combined with a custom dashboard, makes the system more robust. In addition, don’t forget to consider the ease of use, deployment options, integrations, and learning curve. All of that, together, helps you determine the tool’s efficiency and expected returns.

Since the market is full of such systems, we have compiled here a list of the best succession planning software to save you time.

» List of Top 10 Succession Planning Software

best Succession Planning Software

1. TalentGuard


TalentGuard offers you a cloud-based succession planning system software for seamless accessibility and control of your succession plans. With this solution, you can fulfill your future talent needs while keeping your employees’ career aspirations in mind. The software allows you to scheme out internal mobility strategies depending upon the verified experience and skills of your in-house talent. The entire process of-identifying the right employee for the right role through training them for that responsibility-becomes simpler.

› Features

    • Insight dashboard for a bird’s eye view of all your plans & processes.
    • Custom talent grids for employee assessments to measure potential criteria and performance.
    • Ability to compare talent to analyze their skills, experiences, preferences, previous roles, time-to-readiness, and much more.
    • Talent pools to identify the right successor to manage “at-risk” vital posts, roles, team vacancies, as well as development groups.


    • It simplifies and streamlines your workforce planning efforts.
    • It provides complete visibility to your managers in terms of gaps, ready-to-take-on successors, employee preferences, and team strength. That enables them to chart out future needs tactfully.
    • It makes the whole process of selecting the right person from within the organization for the right role hassle-free.
    • It helps cut down on unnecessary talent acquisition efforts and costs outside the company.


You can request the TalentGuard team for a demo of their succession planning software. The demo takes you through the features and functions of the system, helping you understand how it can help transform your in-house talent.

2. Dayforce HCM


With Dayforce HCM, you can plan for employee departures proactively, whether they are unexpected or you saw them coming. The software makes it easier for you to recognize potential successors for roles across your organization. Besides, it provides you with all the tools you may need to train them to fulfill your responsibilities efficiently. As a result, your business continuity doesn’t suffer while your workforce is able to meet their individual career goals.

› Features

    • A simplified way of creating succession plans for all kinds of organizational positions, right from entry-level talent to senior executive roles.
    • Tools to manage your talent pool for bench strength identification.
    • Effective successor search to find the right fit for every position.
    • Tracking of employees’ potential and promotion-readiness, along with a performance score.
    • Real-time comprehensive data for informed decision-making.
    • Visual comparison of employee performance through talent matrix.


    • It helps you minimize organizational risks with its potent succession plans.
    • It empowers you to stay aligned with your employees’ distinct career goals, boosting employee retention rates.
    • It fosters talent development within the organization, supporting employee career growth and productivity.
    • It empowers you to choose the right person for the right role across the hierarchy,
    • It helps lower workforce turnover strategically.
    • It enables better decisions with insightful, real-time data.


You can get in touch with the Dayforce HCM team for more details of their succession planning tool, along with the pricing information. You can also talk to the team to request a demo of the product to see the system in action.

3. PeopleFluent


Whether it is developing the next generation of leaders, improving your organization’s bench strength, or identifying high-potential in-house talent, PeopleFluent offers it all. Its powerful tools help you lead your teams into the future without compromising your inherent goals, processes, and policies. What’s more? The software offers enough flexibility to let you meet your unique succession planning requirements with ease.

This employee succession planning software works well for all types of businesses, regardless of their size or stature.

› Features

    • A talent pool that allows you to search for successors for the key positions as well as groom them for the roles.
    • Monitoring of talent across the organization.
    • Ability to spot which is ready to step up the corporate ladder.
    • Insights into crucial employee data, be it their performance, aspirations, or preferences.
    • Tools to help you map out the career paths of your workforce.
    • Functionality to recognize and fill gaps.


    • It helps you create robust succession plans backed by solid data.
    • It facilitates the timely identification of the right people for the right positions in the future.
    • It aids in saving you precious time, resources and costs otherwise required in acquiring outside talent.
    • It boosts business continuity and future plans.
    • It contributes to increasing employee engagement and retention ratios through consideration of their individual career goals.


To know about PeopleFluent succession planning software pricing, you need to reach out to their team with your details. You can also ask for a free demo of the product to understand its suitability for your business needs.

4. PageUp


From understanding the talent, you have on hand to minimizing vacancy risks, succession planning system software by PageUp lets you do it all. The software is packed with tools that allow you to identify and map crucial roles in the present and future. Moreover, you can define competencies for each of these positions with ease, further simplifying the process of choosing the right successors. The solution also turns you proactive when it comes to honing the leadership skills of talented employees more effectively.

› Features

    • Easy mapping of your organization’s present and future key roles.
    • The capability of defining required skills for these roles to succeed.
    • Interactive 9-box tool for regular review of your employees’ performance, potential, and abilities.
    • Proactive identification & development of employees with higher potential & aptitude.
    • Uncomplicated understanding of expectations of your workforce, enabling you to offer great opportunities.
    • Accurate analysis and reports to put together flawless succession plans.


    • It helps you provide solid career prospects to your employees. At the same time, it lets you stay in line with your organization’s future talent needs due to projected/unforeseen departures.
    • It enhances your bench strength considerably.
    • It aids you in creating future leaders.
    • It boosts employee retention rates while lowering the overall turnover costs and vacancy risks.
    • It turns your decisions data-driven with its precise analytics and reports.


Get in touch with the PageUp team for pricing information on their succession management tool. Upon discussing your requirements, you can even get a custom quote for the software. You can also request a personalized product demo.

5. Avature


Avature, with its robust succession management tools, enables you to prepare for the uncertainties revolving around your workforce strategically. From regular assessments of your current employees to recognizing future leaders to training them for new roles, this software offers everything you require. You can build a talent pool of probable successors, monitor it, and take necessary action on time. Furthermore, the tool comes in with powerful reporting functionality to enhance your decision-making process.

› Features

    • In-depth, personalized talent profile of employees with the help of the platform’s AI tool.
    • Consolidated information of all your employees in one place.
    • Ability to build a custom process for successor nominations.
    • Developing an internal talent pool with seamless navigation.
    • System-generated recommendations for potential successors for open roles based on predefined criteria.
    • Creation of customized talent development plan.
    • Automatic check-in process between employees and managers.
    • Robust tools for analytics.


    • It saves you considerable time with its AI-powered tools.
    • It makes it simpler to recognize the best-fit talent for the role.
    • It simplifies the management of your employee data.
    • It allows you to provide tailored training programs, which not only boost employee engagement but also meet their career aspirations.
    • It helps your organization minimize the risks associated with workforce turnover and recruitment costs.
    • Its customizable functions let you make the most of your current business processes.
    • It empowers you to make more powerful decisions with its accurate data and analysis.


For the pricing information, you can reach out to the Avature team with your details and requirements.

6. BizMerlinHR


The succession planning software by BizMerlinHR not only allows you to identify important roles but also helps you chalk out a plan to fill those critical positions. You can monitor your candidates, as well as employee performance. And gauge whether they are ready to take up more crucial responsibilities. With its solid succession plans and pools, it becomes possible to fill significant organizational positions faster without compromising the competencies of the role or your inherent business goals.

› Features

    • Simplified identification of key positions for succession.
    • Employee tracking and evaluation tools.
    • Creation of succession plans and pools.
    • Centralized visibility into your employee succession planning process.
    • Hassle-free process of determining employee readiness for future leadership roles.
    • Comparing potential employees’ skills, aptitude, and performance.
    • Tools to plan and execute a logical process for employee skill development and success.


    • Its strategic succession plans help find the best-suited employee internally for all vacant roles.
    • It facilitates better training and skill development in line with employees’ aspirations.
    • It reduces time-to-hire significantly.
    • It helps lower workforce turnover with its effective succession planning.
    • It minimizes vacancy costs.
    • Its process transparency makes way for more fruitful business decisions.
    • It ensures the smooth running of your business.


BizMerlinHR offers flexible pricing plans based on your organization’s needs. You can contact the team to get pricing-related information. Moreover, you can also book a product demo to understand how the platform works in detail and determine if it’s the right fit for your company.

7. Empxtrack


Identifying or developing top talent is no longer a hustle with Empxtrack succession planning software. The tool not only helps you pick out crucial roles in the organization but also builds a pool of employees with high potential to become successors for those roles. At the same time, the system provides you with accurate performance metrics of all your employees on a regular basis. That allows you to assess their contribution and compare them against other potential successors in the list. That, in turn, ensures you select the best-fit person for each and every vacancy.

› Features

    • Identification of vital job roles in the organization.
    • Ability to build talent pools based on the potential future vacancies.
    • Mapping out feasible succession plans.
    • Tools to develop potential successors with the required leadership and management Skills.
    • Evaluation and assessments of employees.
    • Comparison between potential successors to pick the right people for the right roles.


    • It makes the process of planning for expected/unexpected employee departures more tactful.
    • It minimizes the timeframe a role remains vacant.
    • It allows you to provide better career growth opportunities to current employees, improving the employee retention rate.
    • It simplifies the process of selecting future leaders based on data-driven performance metrics.
    • It helps create a stronger bench strength, ensuring the business continuity remains consistent regardless of the workforce turnover.


The pricing information of the Empxtrack succession planning system is not available. You can connect with the team to request a quote or schedule a free demo of the product.

8. viaPeople


viaPeople packs in a robust set of tools that make it easier to understand the collective talent pool your company has at present. Its employee assessment tools foster error-free evaluation of your in-house talent in terms of skills, capabilities, and experience. In addition, the system allows you to build your own framework using the 4-box quadrant or 9-box method for reviewing talent. What’s more? You can analyze the readiness of potential replacements, as well as train them for future roles early on.

› Features

    • Talent search within the company to promote or offer key responsibilities.
    • Flexible talent assessments and profiles.
    • Seamless capture of employee capabilities, experience, and skills.
    • Dynamic tools (4 and 9 boxes) to review talent.
    • Successor identification functions.
    • Analysis of employee readiness for the role.
    • Promotion tools to provide employees with consistent and fair growth opportunities internally.


    • It enables you to identify and fill talent gaps when it comes to resource identification and allocation.
    • It helps align recruitment strategies.
    • It empowers you to steer clear of biased decisions, thereby promoting inclusion & diversity throughout the organization.
    • It lets you identify turnover and retention risks on time, making way for proactive action plans for employee engagement and development.
    • It helps identify future leaders early, accelerating their growth while ensuring retention.


The pricing of viaPeople succession planning system has not been revealed. You can reach out to their team for the information. You can also request a demo of the product to learn more about it.

9. Arcoro


Arcoro succession planning system helps you spot the core competencies of employees who stand out with their performance and skills. Its highly-functional tools make it simpler to chart out a plan that enables those employees to step up the ladder, which, in turn, sets your organization on a consistent path to success. In other words, you can identify the best-fit future leaders and train them effectively to achieve long-term business goals. Since the software comes in with a built-in reporting capability, you can furnish & access critical information whenever you need it without any hassles.

› Features

    • Comprehensive scorecards to take a quick look at employee performance.
    • All-in-one talent pool with talent search functions.
    • Tools to pinpoint talent gaps as well as top performers.
    • Real-time talent ratings across organizational levels.
    • 9-box talent matrix to recognize employees with great potential to handle future key roles.
    • Customizable employee development plans, including regular feedback.
    • Employee progress monitoring in real-time.
    • Automatic assignment of relevant courses.


    • It provides you with a quick and detailed overview of your employees’ performance based on a predefined matrix.
    • It makes it simpler to identify talent that deserves to be promoted based on both performance and potential.
    • It ensures the company hires the right person for the critical positions, maintaining business continuity.
    • Thanks to real-time data, you can create a strong plan for employee development with long-term organizational growth in mind.


The pricing information of the succession planning software by Arcoro is available upon request. You can connect with their team and ask to schedule a demo.

10. Built for Teams


A powerful succession planning and succession management software, Built for Teams, offers you a chart-based intuitive software solution. You can create, manage, and update your talent pool with ease. Besides, you can also collaborate with your stakeholders. Whether it is identifying critical positions, building sustainable plans, or visualizing the plans’ status, the software enables you to do it all from a single platform. Also, it simplifies finding, tracking, and developing the right talent within the organization, providing employees with career growth opportunities while ensuring organizational success.

› Features

    • Planning, creation, and updation of succession plans.
    • Identification and monitoring of critical roles with high significance, retirement risk, strategic impact, & flight risk.
    • Plan status visualization tools with a color-coding facility.
    • Custom dashboard.
    • Tools to find and monitor talent based on preset metrics.
    • Easy access to employee information.
    • Early detection of plans with risks.
    • Planning & execution of talent development for internal movement.
    • Collaboration tools to work seamlessly with stakeholders.
    • Data-rich, automated reports.


    • It brings transparency into your succession plans and processes.
    • It helps retain employees with high potential.
    • It aids in reducing vacancy risks as well as talent acquisition costs.
    • It enables you to identify gaps and take timely measures to overcome them same.
    • It facilitates the selection of the best-fit candidate for the key positions in the company based on data-rich metrics.
    • It boosts the company’s bench strength.
    • It empowers you to make better decisions with insightful reports.


Succession planning software by Built for Teams offers custom pricing options to align with your distinct business requirements. You can speak to the team and ask for a product demo. The software is also available for a free 14-day trial to let you explore how the system works.

» FAQs

1. What is succession planning software?

Succession planning software is a system that helps you identify potential talent within your company and develop them to take up critical organizational roles in the future. It assists in preparing for unforeseen departures with careful planning with minimal risks.

2. Why should you get succession planning software?

With succession planning software, it becomes possible for you to protect your company from the risks associated with expected/unexpected employee departures. The software helps you plan & prepare to achieve business goals consistently by identifying & developing high-potential employees into future leaders.

3. What is the succession planning process?

The succession planning process is a step-by-step technique to implement your succession plans. In brief, the process begins by identifying critical roles in your organization, defining core skills & competencies needed for those positions, recognizing potential employees & assessing them against those predefined competencies, building & implementing feasible employee development plans, and evaluating the progress consistently.

4. What are the benefits of Succession Planning Software?

Using the succession planning software system can bring a host of benefits to your business. It helps you pick the right person for the right role from within your internal talent pool. It also helps you provide your employees with ample growth opportunities that align with their individual aspirations. That, as a result, helps boost your workforce retention rate significantly while minimizing vacancy risks, recruitment efforts, and costs.

5. What are the features of Succession Planning Software?

The features of succession planning software vary from vendor to vendor. The most common features among all the top solutions include identifying key roles, finding and nurturing in-house talent with high potential, assessing employee readiness for the role, progress, and performance tracking, generating data-driven reports, centralized employee database, and ease of use.

6. What are the considerations when choosing Succession Planning Software?

Before you proceed to purchase a succession planning tool, ensure that the system is easy to use and navigate for your team. The software should offer all the key features, such as critical position identification, competency definitions for the roles, talent search & development plans, and progress tracking tools. Besides, look for the level of customization offered. It is also crucial to understand what kind of support services are on offer, including deployment and training. Opt for a demo/trial of the product to discover how it works before giving your final nod.

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