List of Top 10 Video Interviewing Software for 2022

top 10 Video Interviewing Software

» What Is Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing software is a software solution that enables your recruiting team to interview candidates through video calls and messages. It is much more than a video calling tool like Skype or online meeting platforms like Google Meet & Zoom. A video calling system contains means to simplify the recruitment process with a strategic set of features that includes applicant assessment templates, email notifications, and prerecorded questions. To make it more effective and convenient for both the recruiters and candidates, the software offers two methods for video interviewing: a two-way dialogue between the applicants and recruiters in real-time and pre-recorded video submissions by applicants. Think of the former as your regular live video call meeting. The latter is a way using which candidates can record and submit videos answering questions already provided by the recruiters.

» How to Choose the Best Video Interviewing Software?

Choosing a perfect tool from a pool of video interview systems out there can leave you confused. However, looking for a set of must-have parameters in the software can help. To start with, the software you select must have the right balance of excellent functionality & features and an easy-to-use interface. The tool should pack in robust video quality with support for HD videos. It should also provide seamless integrations with your other HR software systems, like applicant tracking or recruitment software, for an improved user experience. The learning curve should be minimal and deployment hassle-free. If the system offers remote access & multi-device compatibility, it can be a good choice. Besides, the feedback from previous clients is also crucial, so read the user reviews carefully. Lastly, ensure the software pricing aligns with the performance & features on offer. Since there are many solutions ticking all these boxes, we’ve curated a list of the best in this article. Read on to make an informed decision.

» List of the Best Video Interviewing Software

best Video Interviewing Software

1. HireVue


HireVue is your virtual interview software that helps speed up your hiring process. It offers on-demand and live tools to conduct candidate interviews with ease, convenience, and efficiency. The software includes conversational AI technology to communicate with applicants via WhatsApp and text messages. From real-time assessment tools to shareable recordings to automated routing, the system simplifies the otherwise complicated and time-consuming recruitment tasks. The best part? It also enables you to conduct interviews anytime, no matter where you are.

› Features

    • Easy-to-use platform offering Live and On-demand video interviewing capability
    • Conversational AI for faster messaging with the candidates
    • Automatic creation of interviews in seconds
    • Real-time tools for candidate evaluation
    • Automation of candidate routing
    • Interview guides & shareable recordings
    • Integrations with other HR tools, such as an applicant tracking system
    • Anytime, anywhere, access


    • It is simple to use for everyone on your recruitment team.
    • It helps you get rid of the hectic process of manually creating interview guides and scheduling candidates.
    • Its remote access enables you to control your recruitment process from wherever you are.
    • Its flexible, on-demand interviewing enhances candidates’ interview experience, boosting your organizational goodwill & increasing the chances of them accepting the offer.
    • It offers real-time assessment tools to accelerate the hiring process.
    • It helps ensure diversity in your organization.
    • It works well with other critical business solutions, saving both your time & resources.


The pricing of HireVue video interviewing software is not available. You can connect with the team and request a demo of the product to see the system in action.

2. VidCruiter


With VidCruiter, you can organize video interviews to screen candidates in a time-saving, hassle-free manner. The software offers both live interviewing and pre-recorded video interview solutions to fulfil distinct requirements of companies and applicants across roles and industries. Using this tool, you can rate the answers of your candidates in real time, which, in turn, helps the shortlisting process. It also keeps interview records and provides collaboration tools to stakeholders for enhanced communication. The software is especially useful to organizations having a global presence with a diverse, remote workforce.

› Features

    • Platforms for live interviews and pre-recorded video interviews
    • Easy to blend with your company’s unique hiring process
    • Questions in the form of embedded videos or written texts for pre-recorded (on-demand) interviews
    • Things, such as prep time to answer the question, the total number of questions to be asked, response length, and permission for re-recording answers, depending on the recruiter in the pre-recorded (on-demand) interviews
    • Interview guides, standard questions, and real-time candidate assessments in live interviews


    • It helps eliminate travel-related expenses.
    • It helps save time for all the involved parties.
    • It improves team collaboration.
    • It stores interview data securely, eliminating the possibility of misplaced/lost documents.
    • It enables recruiters to interview candidates across geographical limitations.
    • It speeds up the recruitment process.
    • It provides a pleasant experience to the candidates with its app-less format that involves no downloads or sign-ins.


You can connect with the VidCruiter team to know the pricing of their video interviewing software. You can also request a product demo.

3. Spark Hire


One of the top video interviewing platforms, Spark Hire, makes hiring a smoother process for both large-scale and small enterprises. Whether your recruiters prefer pre-recorded video interviews or live interactions with the candidates, this software offers it all. It provides you with a means to screen candidates, regardless of their geographical locations, with just a few clicks. Besides, you get to store all the critical interview data in one single place, solving accessibility issues & boosting the decision-making power at the same time.

› Features

    • Flexible pre-recorded video interviewing capability
    • Tools to review candidates more accurately & efficiently
    • Live video interviews with candidates
    • Ability to record live video interviews
    • Easy sharing of recorded interviews for careful assessment later on
    • Support conducting interviews anywhere, anytime
    • Centralized dashboard for interview records
    • Collaborative tools for teams


    • It helps expand your talent pool.
    • It allows you to conduct more interviews in significantly less time.
    • It enables you to carry out structured video interviews, boosting the possibility of identifying the right candidate early on.
    • It helps gather valuable feedback from hiring managers hassle-freely, promoting fair candidate assessments while reducing recruiter bias.
    • It provides candidates with the flexibility & convenience of interviewing at their preferred time, which not only adds to their experience but also builds a positive organizational image.


Spark Hire’s online video interview software is available in the following pricing plans:

    • Starter at $119 per month for 3 users
    • Pro at $249 per month for 5 users
    • Team at $599 per month for 6+ users
    • Enterprise at $849 per month for 10+ users

4. iCIMS Talent Cloud

iCIMS talent-cloud-best-video-interviewing-software

The built-in virtual interviewing tool by iCIMS Talent Cloud empowers you to broaden your talent reach. The software is a cloud virtual interviewing solution that offers native integrations with the IMS Digital Assistant as well as ATS. Using this system, you get to structure the entire digital interviewing process more efficiently. Apart from that, it equips you to enhance your tracking, reporting, and feedback & evaluations considerably. It also helps adhere to your compliance needs.

› Features

    • A cloud video interviewing platform, allowing you to interview anywhere, anytime
    • On-demand and live video interviewing functionality
    • Native integration with iCIMS Digital Assistant and ATS
    • Remote recruiting tools
    • Pre-screening & self-scheduling questions
    • Mobile-friendly process of interviews
    • Seamless transitions from one-on-one chats through Digital Assistant
    • AI-powered suggestions to identify best-fit applicants
    • Automated text and email reminders


    • It saves time for your hiring managers, recruiters & candidates with its smart, self-scheduling capabilities.
    • It expands your talent pool and improves your reach.
    • It enables you to enhance organizational diversity.
    • It lends your virtual interviewing process more structure.
    • It offers more control without compromising flexibility or scalability.
    • It assists you in making the right hiring decisions with improved feedback, reporting, monitoring and compliance.
    • It helps boost your brand through live video interactions.
    • It helps speed up your time-to-hire significantly.


You have to get in touch with the iCIMS Talent Cloud team for the pricing information. You can also request a free product demo to explore how the system actually works to make an informed choice.

5. Talview


Talview offers a robust video interviewing system powered by artificial intelligence to fast-track your hiring process. The system offers seamless auto-workflows that end up saving your resources and time. The software empowers you to evaluate the applicant’s expertise, soft skills, proficiency, and motivation in merely one step. Furthermore, it helps you eliminate multiple rounds of candidate screening through on-demand or asynchronous video interviews. What’s more? This video interviewing platform offers a mobile-first, custom experience for better candidate engagement.

› Features

    • AI-enabled video interviewing software
    • Supports on-demand virtual interviews
    • Tools to help gauge candidate expertise, body language, soft skills, and culture fit
    • Talview Behavioral Insights to build a comprehensive behavioural profile of the candidate based on their video responses
    • Automated, seamless workflows
    • Tools to schedule, track, and follow-up
    • Scheduled reminders
    • Ability to share interviews with your review panel
    • A custom, mobile-first experience for candidates


    • It helps you find the right-fit candidate for the right roles with ease and efficacy.
    • It saves your time, resources and energy through automation.
    • It simplifies and accelerates your entire recruitment process.
    • It boosts collaboration among your team.
    • It improves the engagement levels of candidates with its custom, branded experience.
    • It promotes convenience and flexibility with its on-the-go interviews.
    • It lets you stay on top of your hiring game no matter where you are.
    • It integrates with other HR solutions, streamlining your overall recruitment operations.


Talview video interviewing software pricing is not available. Reach out to the team with your details to get a professional quote based on your distinct requirements.

6. Willo


Considered one of the best video interviewing platforms, Willo helps you make faster hiring decisions. From setting up the interview questions to reviewing the applicants, the software is simple to use for everyone on your team. On top of it, it offers a robust security mechanism to safeguard your data. The system is designed in such a way that it promotes the remote interview process, letting you attract top talents from across the globe. The fact that Willo works well with over 4,000 apps, including the best CRM and applicant tracking tools, makes it even more preferable.

› Features

    • An easy-to-use platform with a customizable interface
    • Centralized dashboard
    • Hassle-free team collaboration tools, including data sharing & feedback gathering
    • Intelligent tools to generate questions automatically
    • Automated reminders and updates
    • Multiple language support, including Hindi, Chinese and Arabic
    • File uploads & social sharing capability
    • Remote access across devices & browsers wherever you or your candidates are
    • GDPR compliant
    • Enterprise-grade security standards
    • Seamless integrations with over 4,000 apps


    • It helps you save time, money, and resources with its comprehensive smart tools.
    • It facilitates seamless internal communication, boosting overall productivity.
    • It helps identify talents more strategically and efficiently from around the world.
    • It empowers you to stay on top of your recruitment goals on the go.
    • It lets you stay in line with your inherent brand.
    • It provides a smoother experience for the candidates while promoting diversity within your organization.
    • It is scalable enough to meet your growing needs.


Willo is available in three pricing packages:

    • Starter at $75 per month for businesses having up to 49 employees
    • Growth at $300 per month for businesses having up to 249 employees
    • Scale at $830 per month for businesses having up to 1,000 employees

You can also opt for a free 15-day trial of the product.

7. Yello


With Yello’s online video interviewing platform, you get to interview candidates at a time convenient to them. The software supports pre-recorded video interviews, as well as live video interactions with the candidates. And since the software is packed with powerful tools, it offers the best video and audio quality. That not only provides flexibility to all the stakeholders involved but also helps broaden your reach as an organization, helping you hire the best-fit candidates.

› Features

    • Pre-recorded video interview support
    • Real-time video interviewing tools
    • Fully customizable interface
    • Easy-to-use for your team
    • High-quality audio & video mechanism
    • Hassle-free access with no log-ins or downloads
    • Streamlined candidate invites
    • Anytime, anywhere, access
    • Ability to conduct interviews with global candidates
    • Automated SMS and email reminders
    • Convenient review of video recordings wherever you are


    • It lowers the candidate screening time, enabling you to interview more applicants in less time.
    • It provides flexibility to your hiring managers and candidates.
    • It boosts team collaboration.
    • It empowers you to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.
    • It helps streamline your recruiting process, making it more structured.
    • It enables you to overcome geographical boundaries, delays or schedule conflicts.
    • It saves your time and resources through automation.
    • It creates a personalized experience for the candidates.


You have to connect with the Yello team to request pricing details for their video interviewing tool. You can also ask for a product demo to understand how the system works in real time.

8. Interviewer.AI


Interviewer.AI is your end-to-end video interviewing platform powered by artificial intelligence. The software packs in state-of-the-art tools to screen & shortlist the right candidates for every role in your organization. While it lets you assess applicants’ experience & skills, it also contains tools to analyze the technical and psychological aspects to help you find the best-fit candidate.

› Features

    • AI-enabled video interviewing platform
    • End-to-end video interviewing support
    • Resume scoring tools
    • Skill evaluation tools
    • Remote, global hiring support
    • AI-backed asynchronous video interviewing capability
    • Explainable AI for prescreening interviews & shortlisting candidates
    • Customizable interview templates
    • Collaborative tools
    • Actionable insights in real-time
    • Seamless integrations


    • It saves your time as well as resources, cutting down the time-to-hire considerably.
    • It allows you to focus on more critical hiring activities by automating recurring admin tasks.
    • It simplifies the candidate screening process with its powerful tools & ready templates.
    • It enables you to select the ideal, culture-fit candidate from a pool of applicants.
    • It helps you structure & maximizes your recruitment process without altering your current workflow.
    • It improves the quality of your decision-making.
    • It helps you reduce human bias while hiring.


You can choose from the below pricing plans Interviewer.AI has to offer:

    • Pro at $149 a month with 3 users (monthly billing)
    • Premium at $249 a month with 6 users (monthly billing)
    • Advanced at $499 a month with 12 users (monthly billing)

Also, you can opt for a free trial of the product for 14 days for each of the above-mentioned plans.

9. Hireflix


Hireflix is a leading one-way video interview software that helps companies save hundreds of working hours. The platform offers a user-friendly interface so that you can get up to speed faster. With this tool, you get to screen more applicants in relatively less time as the interviews are pre-recorded. You can create an interview once and invite multiple candidates to appear for it, minus any confusion/mismanagement of data. What’s more, is that the software provides seamless sharing of recorded interviews to help the decision-makers make the right choice.

› Features

    • User-friendly platform for one-way video interviewing
    • Hassle-free way of inviting multiple candidates to interview for the same position
    • Powerful tools to let candidates record their answers at a time convenient to them
    • Easy sharing and review of the video recordings
    • Seamless integrations with your current applicant tracking system
    • The flexibility of interviewing candidates, breaking geographical barriers


    • It helps you save your precious time as well as cost.
    • It relieves you from the tedious interview scheduling process – be it in-person or via calls.
    • It improves communication among your team members.
    • It provides you & the candidates with the flexibility of interviewing at your preferable time.
    • It enables you to enhance your hiring process & recruit faster without changing your present workflow.


Hireflix is available in the following pricing plans:

    • Small at $150 a month for businesses having a maximum of 50 employees (monthly billing)
    • Medium at $300 a month for businesses having a maximum of 250 employees (monthly billing)
    • Custom at tailored pricing based on your requirements.

You can also opt for a free 1-month trial of the Small & Medium packages.

10. Tribepad


With Tribepad’s video interviewing software, you can speed up the otherwise lengthy interview procedure by a whopping 90%. It is an agile, powerful, and rapid interview tool that is simple to use for everyone on your team. The platform supports both live (two-way) video interviewing and one-way interviewing methods. That way, it enables you to conduct interviews on the go and screen candidates from across the world, promoting diversity in your organization.

› Features

    • Live and one-way video interviewing platform
    • Easy-to-use for teams
    • Facilitates remote and global hiring
    • Drag-and-drop interview builder
    • Unlimited multimedia questions
    • Access to the encrypted, searchable template library
    • Easy to configure and tailor as per your brand
    • Real-time capture, as well as storage, of interview feedback
    • Ability to record & store the interviews for compliance
    • Supports a maximum of three interviewers in live video interviews
    • Individual and bulk interview invites
    • Self-booked interviews
    • Automated reminders
    • Streamlined review process
    • Anytime, anywhere, access across devices


    • It lets you interview more applicants faster.
    • It works well with your existing recruitment process; no need to change your workflow.
    • It helps boost candidate engagement with any time, anywhere, access across devices.
    • Self-booking of interviews saves time and resources.
    • It keeps you updated through automation wherever you are.
    • It prevents double-booking or schedule mix-ups, letting teams stay in sync.
    • It helps maintain your employer’s brand.
    • It improves team collaboration.
    • It enhances candidates’ interview experience.


For pricing details of their video interviewing system, you can book an introductory call or a product demo with the Tribepad team.

» FAQs

1. What is video interviewing software?

Video interviewing software is a tool that allows your recruitment team to interview candidates virtually through video calls and messages. The software supports live video interviews and pre-recorded video interviews. It contains functionality specifically designed to aid the hiring process, making it different from the regular video calling/meeting tools like Zoom and Skype.

2. What is the purpose of video interviewing software?

The purpose of a video interviewing system is to simplify the otherwise lengthy and hectic recruitment process by making it convenient, flexible and engaging for both the hiring managers as well as the candidates.

3. What are the key features of a video interviewing software solution?

The key features of a good video interviewing platform includes live video interviewing, one-way video interviewing, interview creation tools, individual & bulk candidate invites, intuitive dashboard, secure & centralized storage of interview records, easy sharing & collaboration, auto reminders & scheduling, powerful feedback capture, remote access, and seamless third-party integrations.

4. How would a video interviewing tool benefit my organization?

Using a video interviewing tool helps your organization save precious time and money by streamlining your hiring process. It lowers the burden of administrative tasks via automation while keeping your team’s schedule aligned at all times. It moves applicants through the recruitment pipeline faster, reducing your time-to-hire. It also enables you to interview more candidates, no matter where they are, in less time. That, in turn, empowers you to hire the right talent for the right role.

5. How much does the video interviewing software cost?

The cost of video interviewing systems varies from vendor to vendor depending upon the features, functionality and other actors. Some solutions may cost you $150 a month, while others may cost well over $900 per month.

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