Top 10 Data Center Management Software In 2020

Data Center Management software is a helpful tool for many companies that have to deal with IT and technology sector. A Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software helps data center operators run data center operations efficiently. Every company has a data center with a server station and high-end technology that keeps the servers running. This software is used to monitor, organize and manage these data centers. A data center software replaces a lot of tools like Excels, homegrown databases and Visio. It bridges information across domains and helps in keeping the servers and equipment related to it in proper conditions. It works efficiently to monitor and measure the resources of a data center. Data Center Management software manages all the information related to a data center. Business organizations use this software to optimize the performance of large data centers. Compare and choose the appropriate software from the list of top-rated Data Center Infrastructure Management software curated by SoftwareWorld.

Best Data Center Management Software

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List of Best Data Center Management Software | Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Reviews

1. Datadog – Monitoring Service for IT

Our Score 99/100

About Datadog : Improve monitoring level of hybrid cloud applications and get end-to-end visibility across the applications and organizations through Datadog; the modern monitoring and analysis tools to see inside any app, stack at any scale from anywhere. The user can easily get full visibility and he/she can analyze and explore log data in context through the software. The user can also build real-time interactive dashboard and get an alert notification on the critical issue through Datadog.

Datadog Data Center Management Features : Device Auto Discovery, Multi-User

“Using for monitoring multiple servers health. The implementation is easy. Let you know in real time if your server is down or is failing. The best tool I found. It’s always sending mails when the server fails in any way. Great monitoring tool.” – Daniel P.

Datadog Reviews


United States

501 – 1000



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80+ Reviews


200+ Reviews

2. Pulseway – Manage your IT environment from anywhere, using any device

Our Score 98/100

About Pulseway : The user can develop the robust control over IT environment all the times through Pulseway; it is real-time remote monitoring and management software for remote desktop control, patch management, white labeling & reporting, and for an advanced automation solution. Pulseway is the best data management software to increase business continuity and disaster recovery solution. It’s easy to integrate with the third-party platforms.

Pulseway Data Center Management Features : Audit Trail, Cross Reference System, Device Auto Discovery, Diagnostic Testing, Multi-Platform, Multi-User

“Now that we have been using Pulseway for a few months, our clients are enjoying improvements in support response, infrastructure control and management. This is because Pulseway is a real anywhere anytime solution.” – Pieter Plas

Pulseway Reviews



01 – 50



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140+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

3. ConnectWise Automate– IT Automation for Today’s IT World

Our Score 97/100

About ConnectWise Automate : Automatically solve IT problems and boost the effectiveness of IT team through ConnectWise Automate. It is remote monitoring and management software to gain visibility across all the organizations and devices; it’s also a valuable option to improve service level with a cost-effective manner. The user can easily manage documents, cloud access, data backup, data recovery and much more with this data center management software.

ConnectWise Data Center Management Features : Audit Trail, Behavior-Based Acceleration, Cross Reference System, Device Auto Discovery, Diagnostic Testing, Import/Export Data, Multi-Platform, Multi-User, Power Management, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

“ConnectWise Automate is the most powerful tool I’ve ever used. And the power doesn’t come from what the software does. It comes from the people who design it, and it’s the tool to accomplish whatever you want.” – Eric Hoffmaster

ConnectWise Automate Reviews


United States

01 – 50


Not provided by vendor

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80+ Reviews


90+ Reviews

4. Kaseya VSA – IT Systems Management Software

Our Score 96/100

About Kaseya VSA : The most comprehensive, collaborative and contextual IT management software for leading IT infrastructure; Kaseya is IT management and monitoring software offers complete IT solutions for managed service providers and internal IT teams. The user can manage and automate all of IT in a scalable, secure and reliable manner. It’s easy to use and powerful software for contextual documentation and data management. The software also provides the best unified backup solution to IT businesses.

Kaseya VSA Data Center Management Features : Audit Trail, Cross Reference System, Device Auto Discovery, Diagnostic Testing, Import/Export Data, Multi-Platform, Multi-User, Power Management

“It A full-featured product that could use better support and documentation. This software is very full-featured and allows quite a bit of granular control and automation. It continues to improve and has a nice amount of features that are included.” – Meir G.

Kaseya VSA Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



170+ Reviews


100+ Reviews

5. Device42 – Automated IT infrastructure visualization & management tools

Our Score 94/100

About Device42 : Data center management and network management software to improve IT infrastructure; Device42 offers data center inventory and asset management solutions for robust data center management. The user can also get IP address management, software license management, app dependency mapping, capacity & power planning, IT assets & QR codes and much more features through Device42. The software provides an intuitive web-based interface to the users.

Device42 Data Center Management Features : Audit Trail, Cross Reference System, Device Auto Discovery, Import/Export Data, Multi-Platform, Multi-User, Power Management

“Everyone has been so professional, courteous and willing to accommodate above and beyond my expectations. I’ve had numerous questions and problems but each inquiry was returned with such enthusiasm and eagerness to help. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service.” – Christina Sharp

Device42 Reviews


United States

51 – 200



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40+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

6. ManageEngine – Application Performance Monitoring with Total Visibility

Our Score 92/100

About ManageEngine Applications Manager : Get the single application monitoring platform for your all server and application monitoring needs with ManageEngine Applications Manager. It is application performance monitoring tool to get complete visibility from the URL to the line of code. The user can automatically receive notification when any problem occurs across all the applications and servers through the software. It’s also the best software to monitor database, middleware & messaging components, cloud, container, and whole IT infrastructure.

ManageEngine Applications Manager Data Center Management Features : Device Auto Discovery, Import/Export Data, Multi-Platform, Multi-User

“ManageEngine Applications Manager allows me to monitor the efficiency and progress of my database servers. It efficiently monitors performance of my database server.” – Kainat R.

ManageEngine Reviews


United States

5001 – 10000





10+ Reviews


04 Reviews

7. CloudMonix – Monitoring and Stability as a Service for Cloud Systems

Our Score 91/100

About CloudMonix : Take your cloud to the next level with CloudMonix; it’s the cloud-monitoring platform to visualize all your systems and resources in one place with the live dashboard. The user can get a deep insight of complex software through the provided performance dashboard, status dashboard, alerts dashboards and root cause analysis. The software is really helpful to automate issue resolution and it really optimizes cloud costs for the user.

CloudMonix Data Center Management Features : Diagnostic Testing, Import/Export Data, Multi-Platform, Multi-User

“Perfect data insight with the help of dashboards. Outstanding alerting features with tight integrations. Automatic resources computing and auto-scaling in real time. Self-healing actions. Setup takes just a few minutes. A great tool built for MSPs and DevOps.” – Steve K.

CloudMonix Reviews

Paraleap Technologies

United States

2 – 10





09 Reviews


03 Reviews

8. Drawbase Enterprise – Commitment to Customer Service & Quality

Our Score 90/100

About Drawbase Enterprise : Discover the best data center management and asset management solution with Drawbase Enterprise; the software provides CAFM/IWMS enterprise products for data center management, infrastructure management, space management, and occupancy planning. The software provides solutions to the healthcare, financial services, higher education industry, government, retail industry, manufacturing industry, IT industry and much more. Improve your infrastructure with the best data center management solution.

Drawbase Enterprise Data Center Management Features : Power Management

“Ease of use and quick configuration capability. It has great web publishing feature to quickly publish and review drawings and data.Managing facilities. Integration with Smart DCR.” – Giridhar K.

Drawbase Enterprise Reviews

Drawbase Software

United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



03 Reviews


01 Reviews

9. Uila – App-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring & Analytics

Our Score 89/100

About Uila : Monitor and optimize multiple private and public cloud with Uila; it’s simple and easy to use software for application performance monitoring and infrastructure performance monitoring. The user can automatically discover the applications and their dependencies on the virtualization & infrastructure layers and he/she can also identify the root cause of performance issues through the software. The user can also manage their cloud migration solution through Uila.

Uila Data Center Management Features : Device Auto Discovery

“Uila stands out by focusing on providing a level of visibility into data center operations that is not available with the existing tools in the segment.” – Edwin Yuen

Uila Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



06 Reviews


0 Reviews

10. Nlyte DCM – Proven Solutions for Compute Infrastructure Management

Our Score 88/100

About Nlyte DCM : Reduce cost and migrate risk with Nlyte DCM; it is data center infrastructure management software to optimize IT performance, automate workflow, asset tracking and monitoring. The software provides technology asset management, risk management, audit and compliance along with data center management solutions. The software is helpful to reduce costs and to get improved efficiency and transparency level across the entire organization.

Nlyte DCM Data Center Management Features : Audit Trail, Behavior-Based Acceleration, Cross Reference System, Device Auto Discovery, Diagnostic Testing, Import/Export Data, JCL Management, Multi-Platform, Multi-User, Power Management, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

“I would recommend this tools to any company interested in getting a complete CMDB tool. I would suggest that they speak to other customers using the product to get a real view on what Nlyte can provide.”- Joe Z.

Nlyte DCM Reviews

Nlyte Software

United States

51 – 200





02 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Data Center Management Software

Data Center Management FeaturesDatadogPulsewayConnectWiseKaseyaDevice42ManageEngineCloudMonixDrawbaseUilaNlyte
Price$15.00/month$1.35/monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$1,499.00/year$945.00/ year/user$75.00/monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$20.00/year
Audit Trail     
Behavior-Based Acceleration  
Cross Reference System     
Device Auto Discovery        
Diagnostic Testing     
Import/Export Data      
JCL Management 
Power Management     
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance 

Data Center Management Software Buyer's Guide

Data center management is related to data center managers or the individuals whose job is to oversee any technical or IT issues within the data center. This includes the management of server and computer operations, an enormous amount of data, services, and application, as well as protection and security of data.

» What is Data Center Management Software?

Data center management software allows data centers to increase efficiency and uptime while reducing costs. The software can monitor and control physical systems such as servers, storage, and network gear, IT or telecommunications hardware and so on. Generally, this includes a mapping tool, one of the data center management tools allowing employees to view the location of various hardware and how it contributes to the overall functioning of the facility.

» What are the Features of Data Center Management Software?

The Data Center Infrastructure Management software (DCIM) streamlines data center management to run data center operations efficiently and improving data center infrastructure planning and design. This system can bridge information across various organizational domains to maximize data center utilization.

However, it is good to have a look at the features of the software to understand how it works before you invest in one. The following are the common and key features of the data center management solutions to get end-to-end visibility and control on the data center.

› Integration and Automation

Your DCIM software should integrate with systems you already placed and customize integration and infrastructure automation by leveraging APIs.

› Inventory and Asset Tracking 

Asset Management module manages a central repository of data center assets, even tracking minute details of assets. You can spot the exact location of an asset with the help of track reports. Your software should also allow you to add or edit device components and set reminders for important material notes.

› Change Request Management system

Your chosen software should be able to keep track and record any changes made in the server. It should record the reason for change, priority, change request description, and technical or business impact analysis.

› Dashboard

Look for the software that gives a quick overview of the entire system and its components. It should show graphs and statistics for device deployment, rack space, power utilization and so on.

› Network Management and Monitoring

Your data center management system should assist you in various device monitoring activities, such as performance monitoring, logs monitoring and more. It should also monitor various services, RAM, CPU, power supply, and more.

› Setting Reminders

The software should provide notifications and alerts based on the defined rules during the time of monitoring. These alerts should be sent through emails or SMS.

› Virtualization 

Your chosen software must have this aspect, as it minimizes your costs on hardware, power, cooling, administration, and others. This feature in DCIM should also support other virtualization platforms too.

› Mobile Access

Your software should allow you to monitor and view performance aspects. It should also allow you to create customized dashboards and through a web-browser interface, you should be able to perform admin activities. You should be able to access the software from any device.

› Multi-user access

Your software should allow you to assign different user roles, from operator to manager, allowing restricted access.

» What are the Benefits of Data Center Management Software?

Data center management software helps your business to improve infrastructure visibility, employee productivity, and asset utilization. It also reduces the time to plan and implement changes, power consumption, and downtime. You can also benefit from eliminating unnecessary manual tasks, reduce the number of on-site employees and associated business costs. There are more benefits of installing suitable DCIM software in your business.

› Improves Uptime 

The software monitors critical facility infrastructure constantly, and record equipment details, reports on data, and monitors for threshold violations. You can act before failures affect users and services with the built-in alerting system.

› Increase Capacity Planning and Utilization

The software quickly allocates space for new racks, servers, IT and facilities equipment. With few clicks as well as power and network connectivity, you will be able to manage the relationship between critical facilities infrastructure and IT equipment.

› Improves Productivity

With fully integrated and automated workflow management, it is easy to add, edit, or change. Process assurance and audit trials increase employee productivity significantly.

› Drives Efficiency

The data center infrastructure management system collects data from various sources automatically and performs immediate calculation, ensuring organization energy efficiency initiatives.

» What is the Cost of Data Center Management Software?

DCIM pricing varies depending on various packages. If you are looking for the DCIM software with complex features, it corresponds to the complexity of the data center. However, a simple DCIM package often offers asset discovery and performance tracking. The cost of deployment increases with configuration and software maintenance. The data center size also directly affects the cost of DCIM software, the larger the number of assets, the higher is the cost. Rather than lifetime licensing, monthly and annual subscription-based licensing is common.

Considering what features you are looking for in the software, you can choose one of the best data center management software from loads of software available in the market. The price of the software starts from $15/month/user to $70/month/user. You should search for software available according to your business requirements and shortlist a few from them. You can request for a demo first and experience software’s functionality by using their free trial. If you don’t feel comfortable working with software, you can try another free trial from a different provider. However, the free trial offers you limited usage of main features for a limited period, and you will understand if what software suits your needs within this time.

» Conclusion

Data center resources, when not managed properly affect your business agility. Managing assets of a data center is a tough task, which gets simpler with data center management software by reducing the laborious task. Once you determine to invest in the software, it is recommended to use free trails first to understand if it fits your business needs. This will give you the confidence to invest in it. However, it is important to get good clarity on what you want and getting clear on other aspects such as security, employee training, and support from the software provider.

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