Best Social Media Marketing Software

Today's society is connected more to the Internet with the help of amazing social media marketing software. To make your business successful, you have to make a presentation of it on the social website. Social media monitoring software helps you to create better content for posting on social sites. This software helps your business to be found out very easily online and also assists in converting the leads to satisfied customers. It makes use of many innovative video templates that make your page connective. Social media management software explains your product and updates the information ...

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List of Best Social Media Marketing Software

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Marketing Software for Businesses of Every Size

HubSpot Marketing Hub is an all-in-one marketing software designed to assist businesses in growing their online presence. It features email marketing tools for creating and sending targeted campaigns. The platform offers SEO tools to enhance website visibility. Social media management tools within HubSpot enable scheduling and monitoring of posts across platforms. The software includes a content ... read more about HubSpot Marketing Hub

7 Days

$800 Per month

United States


Get measurable results from online marketing

Semrush is a powerful suite of robust online marketing tools. It helps you analyze and optimize your website's performance. With Semrush, you can track your keywords, spy on competitors, and discover new opportunities. It provides insights into organic search, paid advertising, and backlinks. The tool's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. Semrush also offers site audit features to ... read more about Semrush

7 Days

$129.95 Per month

United States


Free-to-use online graphic design tool

Canva is a user-friendly and one of the most popular graphic design platforms that is changing how people create visual content. Catering to both professionals and beginners, it offers an extensive library of templates for various projects. Canva's intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies the design operations and allows users to customize layouts, fonts, and colors effortlessly. With a ... read more about Canva

30 Days

$15 Per month



Social media marketing tool to increase brand awareness & traffic.

SocialPilot is a comprehensive social media marketing tool designed for scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and managing social media accounts. It supports multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Key features include a user-friendly dashboard for organizing posts, a content calendar for planning, and analytics for tracking engagement and reach. ... read more about SocialPilot

14 Days

$25.5 Per month

United States


Best Social Media Marketing and Management Tool

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management platforms that revolutionizes how businesses approach their online presence. As a centralized hub, Hootsuite empowers users to schedule, manage, and analyze content across various social media channels seamlessly. With a user-friendly interface, it facilitates efficient social media planning and collaboration among team members. Hootsuite's ... read more about Hootsuite

30 Days

$23 Per month


Sprout Social

A powerful solution for social media management

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management platform that redefines how businesses connect, engage, and analyze their online presence. As a centralized solution, Sprout Social allows users to schedule posts, monitor conversations, and analyze performance across various social media channels. Its intuitive interface facilitates efficient collaboration among team members, streamlining ... read more about Sprout Social

30 Days

$199 Per month

United States


From tracking mentions, to finding creative content ideas, we've got you covered.

BuzzSumo is a versatile online tool that helps users analyze content trends across various platforms. With a user-friendly interface, it allows individuals and businesses to discover popular topics and influencers in their niche. Users can input keywords to find the most shared and engaging content, gaining insights into effective marketing strategies. BuzzSumo also aids in competitor analysis by ... read more about BuzzSumo

30 Days

$159 Per month

United Kingdom


All-you-need social media toolkit for small businesses

Buffer is a user-friendly software designed to simplify social media management for businesses. With an intuitive interface, it allows users to schedule and publish posts seamlessly across various social media platforms. Buffer's scheduling feature enables efficient planning, ensuring content reaches the audience at optimal times. The platform's analytics features provide insights into post-... read more about Buffer

14 Days

$5 Per month

United States


Content Planning, Approval & Collaboration Done Right

Planable is an intuitive software solution designed to streamline and enhance social media collaboration for businesses. With its user-friendly interface, the platform facilitates seamless planning, creation, and approval of social media content. Planable's visual editor allows teams to preview and edit posts in a real-time collaborative environment, fostering efficient workflows. The software's ... read more about Planable


$11 Per month

United States


B2B Social Media Management Platform

Oktopost is a versatile and user-friendly software designed to streamline your social media management needs. With Oktopost, you can effortlessly schedule and publish content across various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, saving you time and ensuring a consistent online presence. Its intuitive dashboard provides insightful analytics, allowing you to track the ... read more about Oktopost


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Best Social Media Management Software

Agorapulse stands out as an exceptional social media management tool, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. This user-friendly software streamlines essential tasks such as content scheduling and publishing across a range of popular platforms, ensuring your brand's online presence remains consistent and engaging. Its standout feature is undoubtedly the robust social ... read more about Agorapulse

30 Days

$49 Per month


Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud

Social marketing for customer connection, conversion, and care

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud is a cutting-edge platform designed to elevate social media engagement and digital customer experiences. It integrates social media management, content marketing, and customer insights into a single, powerful solution. With its advanced analytics and AI-driven insights, businesses can deeply understand audience behavior and preferences, enabling them to craft ... read more about Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud


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United States

Zoho Social

The easiest way to manage your brands on social media

Zoho Social is a dynamic social media management platform that redefines how businesses handle their online presence. Serving as a centralized solution, Zoho Social enables users to schedule posts, engage with their audience, and analyze social media performance effortlessly. With an intuitive interface, it can streamline content planning and collaboration to facilitate efficient social media ... read more about Zoho Social

15 Days

$900 Per month

British Indian Ocean Territory


Social Media Management Tool for Agencies & Brands

Sendible is a dynamic social media management tool designed to help marketers streamline their social media strategies across multiple platforms. It excels in scheduling posts, curating content, and engaging with audiences, all from a unified dashboard. What sets Sendible apart is its sophisticated analytics feature, providing deep insights into campaign performance and audience engagement. The ... read more about Sendible

7 Days

$29 Per month

United Kingdom

Sprinklr Social

The undisputed leader in social media management

Sprinklr Social is a sophisticated platform developed for large enterprises aiming to master customer experience management across digital channels. Its strength lies in offering an integrated suite for social media management, advertising, marketing, and customer care, all within a single ecosystem. Sprinklr sets itself apart with advanced AI capabilities, enabling personalized customer ... read more about Sprinklr Social

30 Days

$299 Per month

United States


Social Media Management Platform

Loomly is an intuitive social media management tool that caters to freelancers, small businesses, and marketing teams. It offers a streamlined approach to creating, planning, and publishing content across multiple platforms. Its standout feature is the brand success platform, which provides real-time tips and post-optimization suggestions, ensuring content is engaging and aligned with best ... read more about Loomly

7 Days

$32 Per month

United States


The fast, easy & affordable social media scheduling tool

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool designed with a focus on automating content recycling and scheduling, making it ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their online presence without constant oversight. Its unique feature is the content library, where users categorize updates that Edgar then smartly recycles, ensuring a steady stream of engagement even during ... read more about MeetEdgar

7 Days

$29.99 Per month

United States


AI-Powered Social Media Management Tool

SocialBee is a comprehensive social media management tool that specializes in content creation, scheduling, and audience growth across various platforms. Its standout feature is the content categorization system, which allows users to organize their posts into different themes and set unique posting schedules for each category, ensuring a diverse and engaging content mix. SocialBee also excels in ... read more about SocialBee

14 Days

$29 Per month

United States


Analytics and management for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook

Iconosquare is a powerful analytics and management tool specifically developed for Instagram and Facebook, making it a go-to choice for brands and marketers focused on these platforms. It excels in providing detailed insights into follower demographics, engagement rates, and content performance, helping users refine their social media strategies. Iconosquare's scheduling feature allows for ... read more about Iconosquare

7 Days

$12.20 Per month

United States


Audience Intelligence and Twitter Marketing

Audiense is a sophisticated audience intelligence and segmentation tool. It stands out for its ability to provide deep insights into audience behaviors and preferences on social media platforms. It enables marketers to identify and understand their target segments with precision, leveraging rich data analytics to uncover demographic, psychographic, and behavioral patterns. Audiense's unique ... read more about Audiense

7 Days

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United States

Pictory AI

Easy Video Creation For Content Marketers

Pictory AI is a groundbreaking tool crafted to transform long-form content into engaging, short video clips using the power of artificial intelligence. It stands out for its ability to automatically extract key highlights and messages from articles, blogs, and scripts, turning them into visually appealing videos complete with text overlays, images, and music. This feature makes Pictory AI ... read more about Pictory AI

7 Days

$25 Per month

United States

Social Media Marketing made easy with AI is an innovative tool developed to empower social media marketers by leveraging AI to craft and optimize content. Its hallmark feature is the AI-driven content assistant, which not only suggests engaging post ideas based on trending topics and audience preferences but also recommends optimal hashtags and captions to increase reach and engagement. excels in providing ... read more about


$32 Per month

British Indian Ocean Territory


Free Social Media Aggregator For Website

Tagembed is a software solution that simplifies the process of curating and embedding social media feeds onto websites. This makes it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence with dynamic content. It aggregates feeds from various social platforms, allowing users to display a mix of real-time updates, user-generated content, and hashtags directly on their sites. This ... read more about Tagembed

7 Days

$19 Per month

United States


Get free insights and guidance to keep your YouTube channel growing.

vidIQ is an essential tool for YouTube creators looking to grow their channels and enhance their video performance. It provides deep insights into analytics, keyword research, and competitive analysis, helping creators understand what drives views and engagement. vidIQ's standout feature is its "Video Scorecard," which offers real-time feedback on videos, including SEO, social shares, and ... read more about vidIQ

7 Days

$1,582.50 Per month

United States

Smash Balloon

Easy, Fast, and Reliable Social Media Feeds for WordPress

Smash Balloon is a user-friendly WordPress plugin suite developed to effortlessly integrate social media feeds into websites. It supports a variety of platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, allowing businesses and bloggers to showcase their latest social media content directly on their sites. The plugin's standout feature is its customization capabilities, enabling users ... read more about Smash Balloon

7 Days

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United States

Social Media Marketing Software Buyer's Guide

With more than 50% of digital users having multiple social media profiles, it has become imperative for every business to target social media marketing with more potential than anything else. People love to share their opinions, experiences, and recommendations on social media platforms and thus the platform promises for the rapid organic promotion of any business if done well. This part of strategy making to target potential audiences falls into the Social Media Marketing wing. However, bridging the gap between your marketing and social media marketing is not that simple. It involves a lot of tasks such as generating exposure for your brand, increasing subscribers, improving on search engine rankings, reducing overall marketing costs etc. Unless you know how to do social media marketing on your own, it calls for hiring a bunch of experienced professionals with a fixed monthly salary. However, the same can be done in a hassle-free way through a Social Media Marketing Software.

» What is Social Media Marketing Software?

Social Media Marketing Software also known as social media management software (SMMS) helps businesses to popularize their brand online by marketing action-oriented marketing content in front of potential buyers. The software acts as an extra extension to your current marketing effort and blends well with social CRM and email marketing efforts. You can easily target different niches of customers and can run multiple marketing campaigns at the same time classified as per factors such as age, interest, business medium etc.

» How does Social Media Marketing Software work?

Social Media Monitoring Software undertakes a lot of responsibility just like other marketing wings however its mode of operation and target audience varies from that of others. One of the main works is to schedule and publish posts on social media platforms to attract the audience through various social media metric tools. It also keeps a close eye on ongoing social activities on audience profiles, tracks their interests, likes and dislikes and then to strategize the campaigns accordingly. Not just that, it facilitates quick reporting and analysis of ongoing progress and displays the same on a dashboard with charts and graphs for creating an easy visual understanding. It also takes care of the SEO part by looking for potential search keywords fetching maximum potential audience for effective marketing.

» Is it worth investing money in Social Media Marketing Software?

Undoubtedly, social media platforms are invading space on everyone’s mobile. With that being said, you can imagine what level of expectation you should keep from a successful social media marketing campaign. You can expect your business getting triple fold within a month owing to an effective marketing strategy on social media platforms. In this regard, the need of a software that can automatically do the needful can’t be termed as unnecessary.

» What are the features of Social Media Marketing Software?

Loaded with different features a single social media marketing software can enhance the productivity of businesses and companies to a whole new level. To get a good understanding on the same, let’s have a detailed look at the various features of the social media marketing software.

› Multi-Support Dashboard

Businesses use various social media platforms for showcasing glimpses of their products and services. Nowadays numerous social media marketing software comes with a multi-support dashboard system which helps host different platforms through a single dashboard. This helps reduce wastage of time as well as the need for installing additional software.

› Content Scheduling

This feature helps in scheduling content beforehand which can be set to be published at a specific time when your readers are much more likely to get engaged. This helps tackle the need for staying online for prolonged hours and wait for the right time to publish the content. Hence, the feature works without any user interference and can also be used to schedule messages.

› Real-time Analytics

Understanding the importance of analytics on the daily activities of a business, many software companies have devised social media marketing tools which are linked with real-time analytics. The analytics can then be used to track customer orientation and behaviour, including the website’s performance on different social media platforms. These reports can then be used to develop customer-specific solutions to keep the customers engaged in the products.

› Content Library

Content Library helps access previously used contents on the platform to gather ideas for posting relevant updates in the social media platforms. This helps in facilitating the content operations as the operators and the team can analyze and publish engaging content to attract more traffic.

› Marketing Campaigns

Apart from publishing content on different social media platforms, social media management software also allows companies to boost marketing campaigns. As the software can be used to track brand performance in the market, one can easily create innovative and revolutionary marketing ideas to attract customers.

» What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing Software?

Social media marketing software come with a myriad of benefits helping the business evolve with the perfect marketing campaigns. They reduce both time as well as wastage of human resources and finance, thus, proving as a budget-friendly option for many companies. Now, let’s have a look at the various benefits of social media marketing software.

› Enhancing Brand Awareness

As the social media marketing software work by managing different social media platforms they have higher chances of attracting customers. This is because nowadays most people remain socially very active which gives exposure to the company’s brand name.

› Increased Click Rates

As people witness the name of your company in different social media platforms, it leads to an increase in the trust factor. This helps in gaining increased click-through rates as concluded by various studies.

› Satisfied Customers

The blogs, images, videos, etc. which are shared in the social media keeps your customers engaged and prevents dropouts. Moreover, sharing creative content regularly makes sure that your readers stay updated with the company’s services and facilities.

› Gain Marketplace Insights

The social media marketing software serves as a link connecting the customers with the company or business directly. Thus, operators can track the profits or customer orientation and rectify any lacking areas to maximize output while ensuring that the users get genuine satisfaction.

» Before you Choose a Social Media Marketing Software

While being able to choose a good social media management software is generally intimidating, there are some points which should be kept in mind before going for a specific social media monitoring app. Although these points may seem a bit old school, they are very important aspects to land with a great deal of software. So, now let’s study the factors briefly.

› Does your company actually need the software?

In spite of the fact that the social media monitoring app comes in handy and offers numerous benefits, it is not always necessary to implement the software. When your company or business is not fully launched or does not have enough creative content to attract the readers, it is highly advised not to hire the software. In such cases, one must first set up a strong foundation, and then only share contents in numerous social media platforms through the software.

› How customizable it should be?

Numerous social media monitoring app comes with pre-installed templates which help share content easily. Yet many are also there where one can completely customize the way content will be shared and displayed on social media. Hence, proper care must be taken to analyze beforehand what the company needs from the social media management tools.

› What are the company’s needs from the software?

As discussed above, understanding and noting down the requirements of one’s own company or business is essential so as to tackle the need for churning the head while selecting a good social media management software. This, in turn, helps to streamline the process by cutting down the number of software to choose from.

› What is the vendor's reputation?

Vendor reputation matters a lot while selecting any software. Good words of mouth about any service provider give you assurance about quality service for sure. Also, you should see how long the vendor has been dominating the market. Some gain popularity quickly and lose at the same pace after a few years. However, a consistent market dominator is the ideal one to go for.

» How to choose a good Social Media Marketing Software?

In the market which is filled with options related to the best marketing tools, being able to choose a good social media marketing software is not always easy. This is because each software comes with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses which are completely different from one another. Similarly, while some may have greater expertise in offering the best social media marketing tools, others may be skilled in other aspects. Hence, in this list, we have hand-listed some of the major points to help you choose the best marketing tools to increase your brand name as well as customer satisfaction.

› User-Friendly Interface

Not every employee in the team is skilled in coding or programming languages, hence, a good social media marketing app must be easy to operate. This will help manage operations more efficiently as the team can focus more on the content rather than the complexity of the software.

› Analytics & Reporting

Companies are very dependent upon analytics and reporting as they provide deeper insight into the customer onboarding and behaviour. Hence, if your company needs daily insight into analytics then one must always go for a more updated and advanced software providing complex tools on analytics and reporting.

› Team Collaboration

Many social media monitoring tools also let their users avail team collaboration facilities which can be used to gather teams in a single place. Moreover, software companies have also provided user-access controls where different roles are assigned to the users to keep a track on the employee as well as the content.

› 24/7 Customer Support

A software providing 24/7 customer support is far better than others, as it helps maintain the customer’s trust in the company by providing instant solutions. Furthermore, the updated best marketing tools also come with support services which even helps the companies to choose the best social media platforms to share their content to attract more traffic.

› Security

Each and every content of a company is highly confidential and needs to be protected from the claws of malicious hackers. Hence, various experts have suggested hiring a social media monitoring app which adds an extra layer of security above the existing ones. Many software come with two-factor authentication, activated firewall, and more which helps keep the contents hack-free.

› Integration with Existing Tools

What is more appealing than having a social media management software which readily integrates with other existing marketing tools! Understanding the need for compliance with other marketing tools, many software companies have devised software which allows the users to work without any worries.

› Pricing

One of the most important factors while choosing the best marketing tools is to look for software which fits the budget. Hiring expensive software or subscribing to a premium plan can lead to increased pressure over expenses.

» How much does Social Media Marketing Software cost?

The pricing structure of the software differs from one another mostly due to the differences between its facilities and tools which are provided by the software. In most cases, the number of users and the term of the contract also play a crucial role as the deciding factor of a software’s price. The lowest price of a social media monitoring tool can start from as low as $9 while reaching a whopping high of $299 is also possible. However, numerous social media software also support pay-as-you-go features which allow users to pay the subscription fee first. Afterwards, the number of facilities and tools can be increased by paying the hiring fee as you go ahead.

» Conclusion

If you want to escalate your business reach to a higher level, you are going to need an ideal social media marketing management software by your side. However, keep in mind to select the one that will best match with your specific marketing needs. Instead of quickly zeroing on any software, take your time and scrutinize as many vendors as you can till you get someone best complementing your organization’s interests.