10 Best Assessment Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is Assessment Software?

Assessment software is essentially a tool used by corporates, exam-holding bodies, and educational institutions for evaluating employees and students through online tests and assessments of any sort. It reduces the huge expenditure of time and resources that goes behind conducting an assessment. Gone are the days when educators had to rely on age-old pen and paper-based methods which required rigorous navigation through tasks like setting questions, manual evaluation, calculation, grading, etc. With assessment software, employers and educators are now able to create different forms of questions according to the type of examination conducted. Participants can use their tablets or computers, appear for the test, and get instant automatic scoring and gradation. 

» How to Choose an Assessment Software?

It is no doubt that online assessment software is quickly taking over traditional assessments because of its effectiveness. From higher education and recruitment drives to organizations- every sector is entirely reliant on assessment software for their assessment initiatives. Thus, the market is jam-packed with such software, each offering lucrative deals and advanced features. It is crucial to understand your purpose and desired outcomes from the software and search accordingly. An ideal assessment software should be easy to use, accommodate different formats of questions and scorings, generate accurate and instant results, be cost-efficient, and offers 24*7 customer support. Here is a list of the top 10 best assessment software for you to choose from.

» List of Top 10 Best Assessment Software in 2023


1. Pointerpro

Pointerpro-best-assessment-softwarePointerpro is an assessment software that allows turning your knowledge and expertise into individual assessments. This innovative platform provides the respondents with personalized and dynamic reports instantly. Pointerpro believes that every organization should have its unique work culture reflected in the assessments they are conducting. For maturity, competency, or self-assessments, Pointerpro has a variety of formats to choose from. Whether one is trying to set themselves apart from the competition or working towards the betterment of the client-customer relationship, Pointerpro has solutions for all.


  • Report-R plan: instantaneously downloadable customized reports.
  • Building different varieties of customizable assessments.
  • Pre-designed templates and videos.
  • Customizable activity dashboard.
  • Full branding and white labeling options.
  • Custom scoring and calculations, outcomes, and formulas.
  • Quiz generator software.
  • User management software.
  • Respondent portal.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Email notifications. 
  • Integrations with Zapier, Make, API endpoints, and Webhooks.


  • A lot of formats of assessments- maturity assessments, 360 assessments, personality tests, self-assessments, quote calculator, etc.
  • Personalized reports with instant download option.
  • Custom URL and follow-up emails.
  • Extended design options with custom CSS.
  • The survey scoring options facilitate showing multiple outcomes at once and are ideal for all types of calculations. 
  • Complex and nested question logic.
  • Contact list with custom fields.
  • Team management features options to choose from 7 different roles and 4 authorization states and the creation of different teams.
  • Integration with 75+ apps through Zapier.


Pricing packages with different add-on services include-

  • Essential- $49/month
  • Professional- $69/month
  • Enterprise- On request
  • ReportR- On request

2. Talentguard


Talentguard is an AI-enabled unified platform for all kinds of talent management services, including talent assessment. It offers job-based assessments for employees tailored specifically to your organization and industry type. Employee engagement and retention and imperative for the growth of a company and Talentguard’s skill management suit ensures that. It is suitable for both small and mid-sized companies as well as large enterprises.


  • Training management.
  • Skills assessment 
  • Skill Gap analysis.
  • Goal setting and tracking.
  • Individual development plans.
  • Job and skill content library.
  • Intelligent role studio.
  • Competency management system.
  • Customized Reporting and analytics.
  • Succession planning.
  • Recruitment management.
  • Third-party integration.


  • Tailored job-based assessment evaluating the skills relevant to an employee’s role.
  • Analyses gaps in current skills and targeted skills for maximum outcomes.
  • Individual talent profiles and personal development plans.
  • Job and skill library categorized by hierarchy and industry types.
  • Practice content like interview questions, learning resources, and coaching tips.
  • Options for editing, and comparing multiple competencies.
  • Achievement documentation and progress tracking.
  • AI-powered augmentation of job role data.
  • Tailored multiple career paths for providing the right direction to the employees.
  • Intuitive and mobile responsive design.
  • High-touch customer success team.


 The Talentguard team has to be contacted for current pricing information. 

3. Leapsome


Leapsome is an assessment software that has 360-degree solutions for performance management, engagement, and learning. It empowers the workforce by automating entire processes of performance assessments. Leapsome is trusted by forward-thinking companies like Spotify, Trivago, Babbel, etc. for their performance management.


  • Goals and OKR management.
  • Employee engagement surveys.
  • Custom questions and question templates. 
  • Sharing instant feedback.
  • Onboarding surveys.
  • 1:1 and team meetings.
  • Live activity dashboard.
  • Development framework and skill matrix integrated with reviews, feedback, and goals.
  • Learning content library.
  • Skill tracking and assessments.
  • Customized reporting and analytics.
  • Peer and performance appraisal.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Customized learning paths.
  • HRIS Integrations, SSO & Encryption, and full GDPR compliance.


  • Public praise wall for employees visible to everyone.
  • Slack and Microsoft team’s integrations.
  • Options for note adding and commenting during meetings, accessible anytime.
  • Google and outlook calendar integrations.
  • Options for choosing frequency, rotation, duration, etc. of engagement surveys.
  • Development and skill matrix enables the employees to have a road map of success for employees.
  • Automated progress updates and tracking reminders.
  • Goal tree comprising the individual, team, and company goals.
  • Quizzes, multiple choice questions, and open-ended questions.
  • Company-wide, leadership-only, and team-specific surveys.
  • Learning path dashboards have lots of insight into employee performance.
  • Free courses.


 Modular pricing starts from 8 USD per user per month (billed annually).

4. HireVue


HireVue is a talent assessment platform that includes services like video interviewing, text-enabled recruiting, and conversational AI. This enterprise-grade software automates workflows and makes hiring a quick and engaging experience while at the same time promoting a fair and consistent work ethic. Hireview’s suit of pre-hire assessment features is backed by industrial and organizational psychology and data science that sets them apart from the crowd. 


  • Live and on-demand video interviewing software.
  • Real-time evaluation tools.
  • 1000+ Job specific interview guides and templates.
  • Interview assessments.
  • Game-based assessments
  • Coding assessments.
  • Competency library.
  • AI recruiting software.
  • Automated SMS and WhatsApp updates.
  • Interview scheduling rescheduling and self-scheduling.
  • Pre-set calendar integrations.
  • Structured interviewing tool.
  • Customizable branding.
  • Text recruitment tools.
  • Integrations with the Applicant tracking system.
  • Third-party integrations.


  • Interviewing anytime anywhere via conversational AI.
  • Supreme candidate experience through real-time evaluation tools, shareable recordings, etc.
  • Interview and skills assessment monitored via organizational psychologists.
  • Game-based psychometric tests as pre-hire assessments.
  • Auto-scored coding assessments.
  • Super quick and fair hiring process.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the applicant tracking system.
  • Events management and interview scheduling are simpler and quicker with calendar integrations and automated invites.
  • Structured interview question templates and evaluation guides.
  • Higher engagement through text/SMS campaigns through their conversational AI chatbot.
  • Accessible across devices and iOS and android apps.
  • Voice and facial recognition.
  • Dedicated customer service. 


HireVue has two types of pricing packages based on your specific hiring needs-

  • Essential: (for 2500-7500 employees) starts at $35K.
  • Enterprise: (for 7500+ employees) contact the team for prices.

5. ExamSoft


ExamSoft claims to be the world’s most advanced assessment solution for primary, secondary, and higher educational institutions, and government organizations as well as conducting large-scale exams and assessments of students. From insightful, detailed feedback reports, automated administration, and gradation to AI-enabled invigilation Examsoft’s a truly advanced suite of features to ensure accelerated student performance and cut down faculty workload. They assist businesses in certification and licensure programs as well.


  • Two separate interfaces for faculty, admins, etc., and student, exam takers, etc.
  • Formative assessment tools.
  • A consistent platform for the classroom, remote, or any hybrid exams.
  • Exam-ID- digital identity authentication tool.
  • Curriculum mapping tool.
  • Customizable performance reporting and analytics tool.
  • Examsoft’s assessment consulting service.
  • Exam content packages for nursing, pharmacy, medical and legal programs.
  • ExamMonitor- remote invigilating service.
  • ExamSCORE- grading tool for performance assessments and rubric-based assignments.
  • Integrations with third-party learning management systems.


  • Completely controlled test environment- randomized questions, all programs, applications, and internet access disabled on exam takers device, and all actions are logged.
  • Creating, grading, reviewing, and gaining real-time insights into student performance, instant delivering of feedback easier with formative assessment tool.
  • Easy and effective identity verification of exam takers.
  • Easy revising and auditing course curriculum and centralized platform for communication.
  • Educators and administrators can enhance their understanding of effective assessments and digital assessment platforms through consulting.
  • High-class, pre-categorized exam content developed by industry leaders.
  • AI-enabled advanced invigilating detects any abnormal movement and detects every irregularity.
  • Flexible tools for rubric creation, assessments, grading, and overall performance review.


The ExamSoft team has to be contacted for pricing details.

6. ProProfs Quiz Maker


ProProfs Quiz Maker is one centralized platform for creating customizable quizzes, online tests, conducting overall performance assessments, etc. ProProfs quizzes are easily created with the help of thousands of templates based on industry type, accessible across all devices, and easily embeddable in an organization’s website. Trusted in 150+ countries its assessment software is also highly customizable, and engaging to use which leads to maximum outcomes.


  • Quick and easy creation of online assessments.
  • Ready to use customizable questions and assessments.
  • Instant feedback to participants.
  • Auto-generated insightful reports,
  • Different types of automated gradation.
  • Complete branding and white labeling.
  • Security settings and configurations.
  • Easily shareable quizzes and exams.
  • Reminders, notifications, and announcements.
  • Integrated with marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, SCORM, etc.
  • 70+language support.
  • Skill and psychographic tests by organizational psychologists.
  • SSO and GDPR compliant.


  • 100K+ customizable assessments and importable questions from a question bank of 1 million+ questions and 10+ question types.
  •  Insightful and instantly available reports with details like time taken by an individual, previous scores, etc.
  • Instant feedback with options for adding images and links.
  • Personalized logos, 100+professionally designed themes, and custom completion certificates.
  • Password-protected assessments and randomized questions.
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • On-click sharing to social media and importing from Excel.
  • Real-time progress tracking ad monitoring of individuals or groups.
  • IP-based restrictions and world-class cloud infrastructure.
  • E-commerce platform for selling quizzes.
  • Assessments are done right after signing in, no installation is required.
  • Works across mobiles, laptops, and tablets. 
  • 24*7 customer support.


ProProfs has separate pricing packages for businesses and K-12 for different services like quizzes and training or only quiz. A free trial is also available.

For businesses

  • Essential:$ 20 /month(billed annually)
  • Business: $ 40 /month(billed annually)
  • Business+ : $ 200 /month(billed annually)

For K-12

  • Teacher Essentials: $ 3.99  Instructor/month (billed annually)
  • Teachers Premium: $ 5.99 Instructor/month (billed annually)
  • Schools: $ 9.99 Instructor/month(billed annually)

7. Mettl


Mettl is one of the top assessment software for businesses and educational institutes for all kinds of talent and coding assessments. It also caters to talent acquisition and other hiring and L&D solutions. It claims to be the world’s largest assessment technology provider and empowers institutes to convert their examination system online. Mettl’s suite of features is extremely robust and aims for conducting examinations and hiring talent with utmost efficiency.


  • Quick customized assessments curation with pre-built questions.
  • Automated scheduling, rescheduling, and invites.
  • Assessments tools like case study simulators, and coding simulators.
  • Various question formats.
  • AI-based proctoring technology.
  • Secure exam browser.
  • Real-time insightful reporting and analytics.
  • ISO 27001 Certified and ISO9001 Certified and GDPR Compliant.
  • Integrations with LMSs like Moodle and Blackboard or HRMSs like Greenhouse and Freshworks.
  • Advanced coding assessments.
  • Digital certifications.
  • Online interviewing.
  • Pre-defined competency library.
  • Skill gap analysis programs.
  • Virtual and blended assessments.
  • 360-degree feedback tools.
  • Online ‘hackathon’ and ‘ideathon’ platforms.
  • Virtual hiring tools.


  • Assessments for both core traits like behavioral and cognitive traits and acquired skills like domain, coding, and communication skills.
  • 1000, 000+ pre-built questions to choose from.
  • Advanced assessment features like case study simulators.
  • AI based video, audio, and image proctoring with recording and reviewing features.
  • No software download required easy navigation, and device friendly- hassle-free test-taker experience.
  • Real-time interactive reports with graphs and charts.
  • Can conduct large volume proctored assessments in a day.
  • Entrance exams, semester exams certification, and training, distance learning examinations- AI-enabled solutions for all kinds of exams.
  •  Three-point Student authentication technology.
  • Seamless integrations with an applicant tracking system including Greenhouse.


Pricing plans can be customized with Mettl as per the needs.

8. Vervoe


Vervoe is an employee skill assessment software that evaluates people based on their mastery of job-related tasks rather than a background check or resume. From custom assessment to data-driven reporting. Vervoe’s AI-powered skill testing combines job-ready skills and soft skills for maximum outcomes. It gives attention to detail and predicts future top performers of your company. 


  • Customized assessment builder.
  • Question templates and types.
  • In-app messaging, updates, and notifications.
  • Full branding and white labeling.
  • AI-driven algorithms for evaluation.
  • Personalized grading and shortlisting.
  • Auto candidate rejection/progression.
  • Automatic grading and ranking.
  • Detailed insights and analytics.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Hiring solutions and creation of talent pool.
  • Advanced anti-cheating features.
  • Vervoe API.
  • Integrations with Comeet, Workday, SmartRecruiters, Zapier, PageUp, and many more.
  • Priority customer and candidate support.


  • Over 300 templates are available in the assessment library.
  • 300K+ customizable questions.
  • Custom question types- audio, video, spreadsheet, and code.
  • Question randomization.
  • Presentation, File Upload, Document.
  • Brand logo and personalized colors.
  • Three different models of AI machine learning for measuring and performance- The how model, the model, and the Performance model that captures candidate interaction, benchmark responses, and predict probability.
  • Tools for training the AI in your values of grading.
  • Badges and trophies for top performers.
  • Easily shareable candidate reports keeping the hiring group collaborative.
  • Updates on assessment completion, reviewing and tracking the status of assessments from time to time, and tweaking it as per needs.
  • Timed questions and tests.


Vervoe pricing includes three types of packages with different sets of services-

  • Pay & Go- $19/month
  • Growth – $250/month
  • Enterprise- custom pricing 

9. Skillrobo


Skillrobo is an HR assessment software built specifically for pre-employment assessments to run quickly in an efficient way. Using Skillrobo’s pre-hire assessment tools, companies can evaluate a large range of candidates in a short period of time with maximum accuracy and shortlist the best performers. Their tests can be customized to fit every individual’s role, requirement, and industry type. Screening hundreds of candidate profiles is now easy with Skillrobo.


  • Customizable creation of different types of tests.
  • Question library with pre-built questions.
  • Different Question patterns and skill levels. 
  • Instantly available results.
  • Invitation with links or emails.
  • Retailed analysis and results.
  • Cheating prevention tool.
  • Shareable results.
  • Full branding and white labeling.
  • Interviewing software.
  • Workflow management.
  • Integrations with third-party apps.
  • Recruitment software.


  • Custom skill library with 50+key skills.
  • Wide question types like fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice questions, or even challenging ones.
  • AI-powered face recognition software, tracking of browser activities during tests and randomized questions.
  • Customizable logos, landing pages, and queries can be redirected to the official ID.
  • Categorized reports with section-wise scoring, and candidate database.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Captures interests, personality tests, and cognitive abilities of candidates.
  • Immediately available reports 
  • Seamless enterprise integration.


Along with regular packages Skillrobo offers special pricing for education, Startups, and Nonprofits. The pricing type includes-

  • Happy: Billed Annually-$20 per month
  • Joy: Billed Annually-$50 per month
  • Nirvana: billed one time- $40

10. ExactHire


ExactHire helps HR teams to keep themselves up to date with the job market changes and get a fulfilled employee onboarding experience. Along with an array of services ExactHire’s employee assessment software facilitates taking smart hiring decisions based on a customizable suit of effective tools. It’s perfect for a large number of hourly job openings in industries like retail, restaurant, healthcare, manufacturing, and nonprofit.


  • Customized assessment creation.
  • 360-degree evaluation.
  • Auto scheduling
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Self-service portal.
  • Leadership and team management.
  • Theft-preventing software.
  • Automated scoring and reporting.
  • Job skills tests.
  • Immediately available reports.
  • Real-time Reporting and tracking software.
  • Email notifications and updates.
  • Interviewing software.
  • Employee onboarding software.
  • Social media integration, third-party integration, and calendar sync.
  • Applicant tracking system.


  • Industry-specific assessment creation.
  • Job matching algorithms evaluating compatibility in a role.
  • Specific skill tests to examine skills in specific areas.
  • Reviews by peers, managers, and self-reviews.
  • Cognitive, behavioral, and skill-based evaluations.
  • Screening filters on questions.
  • Pre-employment screening packages.
  • Completely digitized paperwork.
  • Question guides for employers.
  • Secure digital storage
  • Google map integration
  • In application text messaging.
  • Auto population of employee profiles using existing data.
  • Easy implementation and free ongoing support.


ExactHire employee onboarding software services start at 130$ per month. Pricing depends on the number of hires and company size. For more information on pricing their website has to be visited.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What is an online assessment?

Online assessment is the process of carrying out tests in online mode to evaluate a candidate’s skills, expertise, capabilities, and mastery over a particular subject. It can include different types of questions in different formats hosted by modern web-based technologies under a remotely proctored environment. Online assessments are also used to assess psychometric abilities, communication skills, and behavioral and technical skills.

2. What are the key features of assessment software?

The key features an ideal assessment software should possess are-

  • Assessment templates and pre-built questions to choose from
  • Automated scoring and sharing 
  • Customized reporting with detailed information on candidates’ overall performance.
  • Specific skills testing.
  • Proctoring tools with features like ID verification, browser activity, and candidate behavior monitoring.
  • Any device accessibility.
  • Communication and collaboration tools for stakeholders.

Most assessment software comes with many other advanced features like full branding and white labeling, calendar and third-party integrations, automated updates, and learning management systems. 

3. Who uses assessment software?

Assessment software is used in-

  • Academic examinations in the education sector.
  • Employee selection/promotion exams in the corporate sector or government organizations.

4. What are the benefits of using assessment software?

Assessment software is nowadays an inevitable part of the recruitment process. There are huge benefits of replacing slow and cumbersome traditional assessments with online assessments and some of them are-

  • Saves a significant amount of time, resources, and administrative burden.
  • Easily accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time and automatic grading 
  • 100% accuracy with insightful reports and analytics.
  • Measurable underlying capabilities that lead to taking data-driven decisions and better candidate hiring.
  • Extensive artificial intelligence-powered security.
  • Collaborative authoring gives every stakeholder a clear view of the assessment status.
  • Can accommodate a large number of candidates in a short period of time.

And many more.

5. How much does an assessment software cost?

The pricing of assessment software varies greatly depending upon the services and features. In the educational arena, some companies charge per student ranging from $1 to $9 a month. Basic HR assessment software pricing starts from $120 /$150 a year per user, up to $1800 a year. Companies offering more sophisticated and advanced features might charge way more. 

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