10 Best 360 Degree Feedback Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports.

» What is 360 Degree Feedback Software? 

360 degree feedback, popularly known as multi-rater feedback, is a performance evaluation system whereby employees receive anonymous or confidential feedback from their colleagues. It is a development tool utilized to gather performance reviews of a particular employee from managers, peers, co-employees, and customers. The feedback system focuses on evaluating character, teamwork, and leadership efficiency.

» How to Choose the Best 360 Degree Feedback Software?

360 degree feedback is a revolutionary tool that quantifies and reports a co-employee’s observations about a particular colleague. The performance management tool should be compiled of effective strategies to evaluate performances, as it may cost an employee’s reputation, behaviour, and co-worker’s perception towards them. The software should be simple, easy to use, and quick to implement. The feedback system must be flexible, customizable, and automated to deliver a seamless experience. Mobile friendliness, email compatibility, 24*7 support, adaptability, online availability, and affordability are additional features looked upon before integrating a 360-degree feedback system. Here is a list of top- rated 360 degree feedback software to help you choose the best for your business.

» Here is the List of Top 360 Degree Feedback Software

best 360 Degree Feedback Software

1. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is 360 degree feedback software that focuses on building a strong workplace with efficient employees. The software prominently builds an open culture by focusing extensively on improving employees and boosting them to achieve company goals. SurveySparrow emphasizes helping employees to receive both positive and negative criticism and evaluate their performances for company advancements.

› Features

    • Helps in creating customized and engaging feedback forms to collect actionable employee data.
    • Features like contact params, question piping, custom params, and smart surveys help in building diverse questioners.
    • Sets up an automated feedback loop with a Recurring feature. Configures time and date to record each feedback and generates the same when required.
    • The robust reporting module helps in analyzing employee feedback to gain in-depth insight into employee performance.
    • Exports reports in PDF format for offline viewing.
    • The audience management feature caters diverse requirements of each department. 


    • Advances self-awareness program for personal evaluation and self-development among employees.
    • Provides a balanced view of employee’s performance throughout the year or a particular project
    • Helps in uncovering blind spots and developing the overall performance of employees
    • Builds an open work culture wherein employees extensively work to achieve company goals by showcasing their best performance.
    • Helps in keeping employees happier, satisfied, and engaged, thus reducing employee turnover.
    • Directs companies in establishing efficient training programs for underperforming and dejected employees to motivate them.
    • Helps in building a cohesive and honest work culture.


SurveySparrow provides three types of pricing structures- Business, Enterprise, and Elite. While Elite is a customized package, the Business plan costs $99/month, and the Enterprise plan costs $499/month. All plans are available for a free trial period.

2. Qualtrics


High-performing team development enhances productivity, and employee engagement is a few features that make Qualitrics one of the best 360 degree review software. This automatic performance reviewing system empowers managers to undertake actionable conversations and focus on building an open work culture. Pre-built surveys and customized feedback forms are a few exclusive features that allow employees to assess themselves and focus on achieving company goals. Qualtrics is a multi-rater assessment survey system to boost productivity among employees and make them competent in grabbing opportunities for the company.


    • Delivers individualized reports, maintain anonymity with built-in confidentiality features
    • Expert-designed pre-built survey forms
    • Instant feedback system delivering direct reports to managers with real-time progress reports
    • Automated 360 degree performance report integrated API with HRIS to automatically send reports, manage time and assess feedback offline
    • Offers employee experience management, exit feedback surveys, training, course feedback surveys, and employee pulse surveys.


    • Offers connected insights throughout the employee lifecycle
    • Enhanced onboarding feedback surveys to derive high performance from the starting day of employee appointment.
    • Saves time on managing employee performance by automating the entire process.
    • The customizable built-in action plans allow managers to set due dates for upcoming tasks.
    • Enables each department to follow action plans set by the manager and process feedback surveys to appoint the best able employees.
    • It is affordable, fast, and easy to integrate.


Qualtrics is available for free trials. More information on pricing and plans can be availed on the Software website.

3. Trakstar


One of the leading 360 degree appraisal software, Trakstar is known for its competent features, talent development, and pivotal role in boosting employee development. The powerful talent development software aligns goals, leads pathways, and supercharges the workforce to understand what it feels like to be the best employee in the company. Equipped with an entire suite of tools, Trakstar is purpose-built performance software that delivers the best intuitive support system to companies. 


    • It is purpose-built management software that remains agile throughout the performance review and evaluation process.
    • Its Perform feature enables human resource managers to set expectations and monitor outcomes when hiring and onboarding new employees.
    • It develops a performance-oriented work culture by submitting detailed reviews and task reports. Initiates managers to set competitive goals, develop plans, and plan the hiring process accordingly.
    • Enhances employee engagement and reduces employees turnover costs
    • Aligns expectations across work culture to direct every employee to achieve a set goal
    • Generates 360 degree performance chart to generate a fuller picture


    • Sends out engagement surveys to check employee pulse to know their real-time feedback.
    • Quickly delivers status reports for real-time updates
    • Automatically sends notifications to employees and other essential members about the performance review process.
    • Collects information and reviews for multiple parties, including people who are not part of the company.
    • Aligns workforce with training, courses, and customizable reports to boost performances.
    • Helps in keeping employees happier and healthier by setting SMART goals for the employees to reach easily.


Trakstar performance management software offers multiple customizable plans. The pricing can be availed by requesting quotations on the website.

4. Engagedly


As the work-from-home culture is gaining popularity, employee feedback plays a pivotal role in improving company policy and traditions. Engagedly is equipped with the right 360 degree feedback tools to bridge the gap among team members. The feedback system is easy to use, performance-driven and promotes honesty. The software helps employees to share their views, increase self-awareness, uncover blind spots, and enhance team working. 


    • Improves work relationships and accountability by eliminating blind spots
    • Generates analytical reports like comparative reports, individual and group summaries, and aggregate reports.
    • Provides customization of feedback questionnaires
    • Allows external reviewers to contribute their views through personalized email
    • Performs leadership and competence assessments


    • Improves planning and implementation of career development programs
    • Enhances team working experience by considering individual reviews
    • Increases self-awareness through self-analysis
    • Allows sharing of peer feedback
    • Provides a better understanding of performance
    • Efficient, easy to use, and affordable


Engagedly is available in two plans- Basic and Professional. Each plan provides distinct features as per the user’s demand. Prices for the same can be availed by requesting a quote on the website.

5. PerformYard


PerformYard is a 360 degree review tool that provides a holistic view of how employees perform within the company. This performance appraisal system is easy to use and makes 360 degree feedback execution simple to integrate. The system offers flexibility to customize the design, choose who gets accessibility to view, edit and sign off, create multiple layers of feedback sessions and build their questioners. 


    • Allows flexibility to streamline peer nominations
    • Controls feedback, maintains anonymity, visibility, and sign offs
    • Allows creating multiple stages in the feedback process for a more segregated review
    • Integrates 360 feedback tools with the performance management system
    • Offers an entire suite of performance management systems that manage check-ins, business goals, feedback, reviews, and onboarding process


    • Increases self-awareness, transparency, and performance of organizations.
    • Accurately detects high-performing employees and helps the managers appoint them to achieve set goals.
    • Provides an easy-to-use interface where anyone with access to feedback forms can fill their reviews and submit them.
    • Increases communication and trust among employees.
    • Eliminates manual processes and automates complete feedback and performance appraisal structure to build a holistic work culture.
    • PerformYard is a simple, affordable, and transparent 360 feedback tool.


PerformYard is an affordable 360 feedback review tool with two plans-Professional and Enterprise. A professional plan is available with limited features, charged at $4-$8/ per employee. An enterprise plan is a custom package that can be availed by special requests on the website.

6. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is considered one of the best 360 feedback tools that help in team development, enhance productivity, and boost collaboration efforts. This performance appraisal system is known for its holistic approach to providing honest feedback on your employee’s strengths and weaknesses. SurveyMonkey is a powerful tool that helps the company grow by improving employees’ performance and enhancing productivity through positive feedback reviews. 


    • Develops customized questioners
    • Protects confidentiality and anonymity of participants involved in the feedback and reviewing process.
    • Provides provision to curate adequate training courses and orientations for onboarding employees
    • Helps in uploading survey forms on the website and provides elicit access to participants.
    • Analyses data faster
    • Develops and distributes results on time
    • Cloud-based 360 feedback survey system


    • Improved feedback from multiple sources to provide full scope for development to employees
    • Builds effective team, enhances productivity and helps in understanding individual weaknesses, strengths, and talents
    • Increases self-awareness and individual’s effort to contribute equally to the company
    • Helps in certain fine-tuning behaviour work culture and prioritizing areas of focus
    • Essential for career development
    • Reduces discrimination and bias tendencies


SurveyMonkey offers three distinctive plans- Team Advantage, Team Premier, and Enterprise.

Team Advantage is priced at Rs1550/user/month, and Team Premier is charged at Rs 3800/user/month Enterprise is a custom plan that includes powerful admin tools, integrations, and collaboration features. The plan rates can be availed on the website as per company requirements.

7. AssessTeam


AssessTeam is one of the best 360 degree feedback software for employee review. The feedback survey system is affordable and simple yet delivers exclusive features for executing effective team surveys within the company. The software helps in identifying weaknesses and enhances job efficiencies to achieve company goals. If your organization is goal-oriented but lacking behind due to insincerity, then AssessTeam is the right platform to gain honest reviews on co-employees, train them and make smart placements.


    • Uses a holistic approach to focus on competencies, behavioural traits, and team collaborations
    • Concept of wider participation to get input from staff members, peers, and HR managers
    • Configures evaluators using dedicated vaults
    • Customizes schedule for each level
    • Enhances effective comparison for holistic analysis
    • A powerful reporting system that focuses on the development process


    • Evaluation of employees through dedicated vaults- downward, upward, self-access, peer and customer satisfaction
    • Undertakes a fair approach where everyone gets a chance to be heard and provide opinions.
    • Holistic analysis of employee efficiencies, strengths, and weakness
    • Determines training schedule and design courses to strengthen weaker employees
    • Powerful reporting system to guide towards greater efficiency
    • Comprehensive, easy, and simple


AssessTeam offers three simple plans – Basic, Premium, and Enterprise, priced at Rs 216, Rs 288, and Rs 360 per month/ user, respectively. The plans are available for free demos also.

8. Click-360


Click-360 is developed by expert app designers and optimized to deliver highly flexible and productive 360 degree feedback surveys. This platform is interactive, mobile responsive, and integrated to improve leadership and management capabilities globally. Click-360 is determined to provide a hassle-free administrating setup to get the best leader for employees. The software highlights the strengths of each candidate, evaluates their weaknesses, and transforms work culture positively.


    • Customized questioners and feedback designs
    • Maintains confidentiality and anonymity of the participants involved in a survey
    • Generates analyzed report to find the best candidate
    • Unique simultaneous rating feature that provides accurate results and saves time
    • Generates feedback reports in digital format for mobile devices


    • End-to-end low-cost 360 degree feedback review tool
    • Offers pay-as-you-go services
    • Digital reports integrated with online workbooks and action planners for development suggestion
    • Provides feedback coaching if required
    • Digital reports and questioners are optimized for handheld devices like mobile and tablets
    • Personal information of participating employees is kept confidential and stored securely
    • Feedback coaching sessions are held one-to-one over private webinars as a part of the direct action plan


Click-360 is a pay-as-you-go service that personalizes its features depending on the company’s requirements. All information on rates and packages can be availed from the website on special requests.

9. Leapsome


A 360 degree survey tool, Leapsome is designed to improve employee performance and scale business growth. It provides insights into powerful people appointed in the organization and suggests the managers appoint them in the right place. Offering powerful analytics to measure employee performance across the work life, Leapsome defines an effective work culture in the organization. This feedback system is customizable, flexible, automated, and an affordable online 360 degree feedback tool.


    • It offers a review builder with the best template designs
    • Saves time with the automated review cycle
    • Uses employee data to automatically trigger decentralized review cycle and probation period
    • Measures employee performance and competencies to provide a roadmap for professional growth
    • Cycle dashboard for review status
    • Leverages the power of data in reviews
    • Measures employee pulse 
    • Tracks collaborate and align the company with the right team


    • Runs performance, project, and 360 degree feedback reviews
    • Gains insights on powerful employees and associates them with the best projects
    • Creates automated review templates and saves time
    • Tracks employee development, measures performance, and checks for competencies
    • Offers customized feedback templates and questioners
    • It is user-friendly, highly intuitive, and customizable
    • Maintains anonymity while conducting feedback reviews
    • Sends automated invitations, notifications, and reminders to ensure participants complete the review process successfully
    • Defines company wide team-specific skills for company development
    • Allocates budgeted training and hiring plans
    • Empowers managers to select a strong-performing team
    • Avoids biases and personal liking


Leapsome is an affordable feedback tool. Its package details can be availed by asking for a quote on the website.

10. PossibleWorks


PossibleWorks is a real-time, conversational feedback survey software that empowers an organization in building a strong performing team. The feedback survey platform enables both managers and employees to receive feedback from each other to build an effective work culture. This continuous feedback program is a modern human approach to monitor, measuring and improve overall performance to achieve considerate goals. PossibleWorks provides performance feedback through a combination of formal surveys, informal recognition, and constructive feedback forms.


    • It is a multi-rater feedback system that provides a holistic perspective on performance reviews
    • Conducts comprehensive F360 surveys
    • Measures behaviour and competencies
    • Snapshots feature to identify critical qualitative parameters of performance
    • Chat-based interface to enable effective communication between managers and employees
    • Incident diaries to maintain a record of employees’ performance for objective assessment
    • OKR-based powerful performance reviewing platform
    • Continuous feedback program
    • Visual dashboards for Self and Team management


    • Measures competencies and behaviour change and provides feedback on each employee
    • Chat-based initiative enables meaningful communication within the organization
    • Cost-effective, easy to use, and simple
    • Allows performance monitoring more objective
    • Drives employee engagement, employee development, and motivation
    • Provides a better understanding of human resource development tools


PossibleWorks offers two constructive plans- the Summit plan and the Peak plan. Summit offers limited features priced at Rs 900/quarter/user. Peak Plan offers all features included in the former plan along with custom features, priced at Rs 1350/quarter/user.

› FAQs

› What is 360 degree feedback software?

360 degree feedback software is a performance reviewing platform that provides features to monitor, measure, and improve employees’ overall work performance. It helps the HR manager in building an effective work culture by providing training courses and motivating and engaging employees.

How much does 360 degree software cost?

360 degree feedback software is available at various plans. Numerous performance appraisal systems provide custom plans to suit the company’s requirements. The cost may vary from $ 99/month/user to $500/month/user.

What are the four parts of 360 degree feedback?

The four parts of 360 degree feedback are;

    • Selecting a group of people to offer feedback. The participants may include managers, peers, co-workers, customers, or any outsider who is well-informed about the employee.
    • Reviewers are completing questionnaires. 360 degree feedback tools provide customization for feedback survey forms. Managers can send the forms through email and gather reviews.
    • Software analyses and produces a report
    • Performers and Appraisers meet over to discuss the reports

How is 360 degree feedback done?

360 degree feedback process includes three basic steps-

    • Designing a survey
    • Executing a survey
    • Analyzing the survey

What questions are asked in 360 degree feedback?

The questions asked on a 360 degree feedback survey can be either close-ended or open-ended. A few examples are;

    • What kind of role do employees take when working on a project?
    • Is the employee helpful in finishing the project?
    • What is one thing that an employee needs to change in his role?
    • How does an employee handle criticism and feedback on projects?
    • Is the employee open to communication?
    • How is the working relationship with employees, and what measures can be taken for improvement?
    • Is the employee transparent in their approach?
    • Does the complete employee work with high standards and great diligence?
    • Does the employee follow the company’s work culture?

› Conclusion

360 degree feedback is a performance analysis process that helps in monitoring and improving work culture within the company. There is a lot of work involved in getting 360 degree feedback software on the grounds. Hence, while choosing one for the company, you must go through all the impeccable features, objectivity, accuracy, development process, affordability, and simplicity.

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