Top 10+ Team Communication Software In 2019

Communication is a need of every individual. In companies, a lot of individuals work and to work with ease team communication software is very necessary. It helps in multiplying the efficiency of the team and the company. It improves the process of communication and helps in collaboration among the team members of a company. A work communication app or tool can make the teams more productive. It increases team strength and facilitates remote teams communication more efficiently. From archiving to maintaining work history, teams take help of collaboration software. Thus the software helps the team members learn from past experiences. It also brings in a lot of personal connections within the team. Thus with better cohesion between teammates and increased overall productivity, the efficiency of the team increases. It enables the team members to express themselves. Using software for collaboration within teams brings benefits. Businesses evolve with better productivity, and team communication software helps in doing it. From improving the workflow, employees getting clear understanding processes to boosting people’s productivity, a collaboration software helps. Choosing the best team communication software is a very critical process. To ease the process SoftwareWorld brings you the list of best collaboration software available in the market.

Best Team Communication Software

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List of Best Team Communication Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Slack– A single place for team communication and workflows

Our Score 98/100

About Slack : Improve team collaboration with Slack; this software brings all your team communication together. Slack Communication happens in the channel; the user can create and organize the project, topic, team and many types of the channel as per their choice and project requirement. You can organize and search conversations with searchable history feature in Slack. It’s easy to integrate with the third-party platform. It’s great connecting team communication software for businesses.

Slack Team Communication Features : Activity / News Feed, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Task Management, Video Conferencing

“Slack is a communication king. It acts as a one tool for all and seamlessly allows multiple integrations with so many third party applications. All of its content are searchable, pinnable & configurable to your personal preference. Slack makes file sharing easy across all conversations.” – Mareen A.

Slack Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000



Yes, get a free trial


7169 Reviews


12706 Reviews

2. Samepage – Real-Time Collaboration & Task Management Software

Our Score 96/100

About Samepage : Get all the team communication done in a single app with a single click. Samepage is collaboration software offers team communication feature to the users. The award-winning team chat software includes direct messaging, group & team chat, page chat alongside real-time document collaboration, audio/video conferencing and much more features. Create the best workflow for your business with Samepage team communication software. It’s a secure platform for team users.

Samepage Team Communication Features : Activity / News Feed, Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback, Task Management, Video Conferencing

“I work with a non-profit, we have a number of projects, and different people who work on different projects, Samepage enables me to share information and message them on one platform as well as have a central place where i can work out of. Best Info Sharing Software I have ever used!” – Zenaida M.

Samepage Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


234 Reviews


88 Reviews

3. Highfive – Business Collaboration Simplified

Our Score 95/100

About Highfive : You can do more for your business with Highfive. It’s a cloud-based video conferencing software offers a great solution for team communication. Your team can simply collaborate and easily increase the business productivity level through HighFive. It’s award-winning video conferencing software without any limits. The user can directly access this software from the browser without any downloads and pin codes. The user can also collaborate with the team through audio conferencing.

Highfive Team Communication Features : Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Push Notifications, Video Conferencing

“With Highfive, our work environment had transformed: we’re now working in powerful and productive ways, while also putting an emphasis on creativity and collaboration.” – NAVED PESHIMAM

Highfive Reviews

Highfive Technologies

United States

51 – 200





110 Reviews


154 Reviews

4. Front – Email management software and shared inbox for teams

Our Score 95/100

About Front : The user can find all their emails, apps and teammates in one collaborative work place with Front. The software is the shared inbox for teams where the user can take control of work, track the work status, respond faster, and save time. The software offers a group email management feature, shared visibility feature, multi-channel inbox feature and much more to improve team collaboration. This team communication software allows the user to do internal discussion and it’s also the best option for work assignments and analyzes team performance.

Front Team Communication Features : Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search

“Front is mission critical to our customer communication strategy, and we couldn’t go back to life before Front. We experienced a lot of stress and uncertainty with Google Groups and struggled to deliver the customer experience we wanted.” – Lock Whitney

Front Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


78 Reviews


87 Reviews

5. Flock – Collaborative messaging app for teams

Our Score 93/100

About Flock : Work better with Flock; it’s a team messaging and online collaboration platform where the user can easily communicate with their team. This team communication software brings your team together with the team messenger. The user can find anything related to their project through this software and securely share with others. You can also conduct a virtual meeting for remote employees with video and audio calls. It’s easy to use team communication software which increases collaboration level.

Flock Team Communication Features : Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback, Task Management, Video Conferencing

“Its simple. Its easy. Its adaptable by people of any department. Its scalable. Overall, it makes the team/organization super productive, by reducing internal emails exchanged and providing easy access to the right tools to get the things done. Flock is a simple productivity tool for organization that ‘actually works’” – Pavan Agraj

Flock Reviews


United Arab Emirates

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


64 Reviews


36 Reviews

6. Mattermost – Open source workplace messaging for web, PCs & phones

Our Score 93/100

About Mattermost : Collaborate securely and privately with Matter most. The user can increase team collaboration with the messaging feature of this software. The user can reach to anyone, anywhere on any device through this software. You can simply integrate this software into the other software and improve organization workflow. It’s user-friendly team communication software under IT control. It’s an open-source team communication solution for the users.

Mattermost Team Communication Features : Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Video Conferencing

“Great open source option for team communication. I always prefer to use open source software where possible. Mattermost was a great option to have in the running with the likes of HipChat and Slack. The community was great and it was easy to contribute.” – Erik N.

Mattermost Reviews


United States

51 – 200





55 Reviews


69 Reviews

7. Jostle – The People Engagement® platform

Our Score 92/100

About Jostle : Build better communication with Jostle; it’s cloud-based Intranet software for team engagement. The user can connect all their employees from anywhere; it’s also available for iOS and Android users. The user can build culture & engage employees, enable communication at all levels, clearly understand who’s doing what, and make information easy to find & share through Jostle. You can comfortably improve the engagement level of your team employees through the software.

Jostle Team Communication Features : Activity / News Feed, Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback, Video Conferencing

“The Jostle platform’s simplicity enables natural communication allowing us to inspire people and transform organizations.” -Le Lu

Jostle Reviews

Jostle Corporation


51 – 200





37 Reviews


23 Reviews

8. Beekeeper – A mobile-first communication app for non-desktop employees

Our Score 90/100

About Beekeeper : The award-winning mobile communication platform for non-desk employees; it’s leading employee communication app; the user can reach to their entire workforce through Beekeeper. The software accelerates mobile collaboration for your entire organization. This software is easy to integrate with multiple operational systems and communication channels in one secure hub and this hub is accessible through desktop and mobile devices. You can communicate in real-time with this team communication software.

Beekeeper Team Communication Features : Activity / News Feed, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback

“I’d recommend Beekeeper. It has been good for us and our company. I think it’s especially useful to reach an employee base that we had previously struggled to reach. It’s a great tool to have and to display the company culture that you’re proud of.” – Beth Holz

Beekeeper Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



12 Reviews


33 Reviews

9. MangoApps – Digital Workplace Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Our Score 89/100

About MangoApps : Improve team communication, collaboration, engagement, and productivity with MangoApps; it’s modern workplace software for enterprises, small businesses, and nonprofits organizations. The software allows users to share project information and knowledge. The user can effortlessly increase business productivity through this software. The user can find more features like enterprise social network, employee engagement, modern Intranet, and much more features through MangoApps.

MangoApps Team Communication Features : Activity / News Feed, Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback, Task Management, Video Conferencing

“Incredible service! Incredible help! Easy to setup! User Friendly! Great features! The service we got from the first contact with Mango was really great! The service is fantastic and the features are convenient! Communication and collaborations with my team everyday!” – Julie D.

MangoApps Reviews


United States

51 – 200





44 Reviews


4 Reviews

10. Team App – App creation for sports teams, clubs, leagues & associations

Our Score 90/100

About Team App : Create a free app for your team with Team App. Team app is an application creation platform allows teams and social groups to create their own smartphone app. The user can design the app and choose a huge range of features to develop their own communicational app through Team App. You can easily build your own communication app through the software and improve team communication level. This is the communication hub for all your information.

Team App Team Communication Features : Activity / News Feed, Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback, Task Management

“Best app amongst its competitors! Easy to use, interface simplicity, details where necessary. The ability to do push notifications to users also allows prompt responses, especially in the case of last minute updates in a sports team scenario.” – Osman K.

Team App Reviews

Team App


11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



43 Reviews


5 Reviews

11. Zoho Cliq – Team communication software

Our Score 89/100

About Zoho Cliq : The cloud-based team communication and collaboration software offer the robust way to stay connected. The team can use team chat, audio & video calls, and file-sharing feature to improve the productivity level of business through Zoho Cliq. Software, Marketing, Operation, and Tech Support teams can easily collaborate and run their business strategies smoothly. The user can easily integrate this business productivity software with third-party platforms.

Zoho Cliq Team Communication Features : Calendar Management, Chat / Messaging, Discussion Threads, File Sharing, Push Notifications, Search, Surveys & Feedback, Task Management, Video Conferencing

“This is awesome, I can finally connect with my entire staff on the fly! I have 12 employees all selling and collaborating with my customers and I am out creating business, or on vacation, and I have full connection with my staff. Wow. Perfect app. Thanks Zoho.” – Jay Bernunzio

Zoho Cliq Reviews

Zoho Corporation

United States






32 Reviews


26 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Team Communication Software

Team Communication FeaturesSlackSamepageHighfiveFrontFlockMattermostJostleBeekeeperTeam AppMangoApps
Price$6.67/ month/user$7.00/ month/user$9.99/ month/user$15.00/ month/user$4.50/ month/user$3.25/ month/user$8.00/ month/userNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$3.00/ month/user
Activity / News Feed      
Calendar Management      
Chat / Messaging          
Discussion Threads         
File Sharing         
Push Notifications          
Surveys & Feedback      
Task Management     
Video Conferencing       

Team Communication Software Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays with the globalization of the work, employees of a team need not to belong to the same geographical area. Companies are hiring employees breaking geographical barriers. Though it benefits of employing the best brains in the world for your work, at the same time, it poses a problem for creating a collaborative communication channel amongst the employees. The same issue also surfaces in big companies having 1000+ employees working under the same roof on the same project. To streamlining the workflow and improving collaboration, the need for team communication software goes primary.

» What is Team Communication Software?

A team communication software is nothing but a virtual collaboration workplace that facilitates for better collaboration and higher productivity. It’s like a team communication app that enables employees to chat, share and learn ideas on a virtual workspace so that works get done easier. Team members can work across any time zone easily with a focus on completing the task at hand instead of hassling for keeping everyone in the loop. The workplace chat makes it easier to get information by bypassing traditional email rituals. Time-consuming meetings can be converted into spontaneous conversations with ease.

» How does Team Communication Software work?

It creates SSL secured chat space so that any conversation happened will remain private and out of the reach of data burglars. An ideal employee communication app gives you unlimited storage space so that you can share files of big size without worrying about running out of virtual space. Almost all business communication software are user-centric and offer multi-panel chat facility to the organizations. As they come in SaaS platforms, organizations feel more secure about the quality of service offered. Also, you can opt for either an on-premise solution or cloud solution, depending on your requirements, in order to achieve better coordination amongst the team beyond geographical barriers.

» Is it worth investing money in Team Communication Software?

The team messaging app comes extremely helpful when you are developing any agile software that demands the n-number of iterations throughout the development cycle. You can bring the review boards on to a common space where you can get your work analyzed by all of them on a real-time basis until it gets picture-perfect. This internal communication software also turns out to be bliss when you discuss your marketing strategies or upcoming campaigns on a single virtual space without going through crafting individual mail threads. It gets easier for you to turn individual ideas into a unified strategy through the use of effective team communication tools. Looking at the above-discussed case scenarios, you can easily decide whether to go for such a communication platform or not.

» What are the features of Team Communication Software?

Team Communication software plays an essential role in efficiently managing the day to day activities performed in a company or business. The software aids in establishing a proper communication channel connecting the employees, partners, and stakeholders in meetings or conferences in real time. Moreover, the unique speciality of the software is that it can also be used to communicate with the circle members from remote places in real time. Here the question may arise, that what are the features which enable the software to do so. To understand this, let's learn about the various elements which operate together to make the software a success.

› Cloud Compatibility

Nowadays a number of team communication software come with cloud compatibility which is crucial when it comes to establishing remote meetings or conferences. This is done by connecting the hub or workstation phones, as well as the employee's smartphones' via a cloud network. Afterwards, one can easily participate in an event, no matter how far they are.

› Automatic Recording

Understanding the need for keeping a full-record on the company's endorsements and contracts, numerous software companies have enabled automatic recording in the team communication software. This allows users or members to retrieve old files, documents, call recordings, video, and audio clips easily when desired. Moreover, the sales and marketing team can also use the feature to streamline the conversion of visitors to sales.

› In-built Receptionist

This feature tackles the need for hiring a receptionist specifically for answering calls as the team communication app itself has an in-built receptionist to perform the task. The receptionist automatically receives calls, sorts and then forwards it to the respective department. All these functions are done without the need of any user interference.

› Voicemail

Another added feature is the voicemail which acts just like the phone's voicemail. In case if any individual is not reachable in fact of an upcoming event, a customized voicemail can be sent to his/her cellphone which gets automatically delivered. A number of clicks and bingo, your work is done.

› Web Conferencing

The employee communication app also provides built-in systems for audio and video capturing as required in web seminars or conferences. As the facilities are readily available, the need for installing extra software can be avoided. Similarly, many employee communication apps also come with chat tools which help users to continue their seminars through the chat system when the network connectivity is poor.

» How is Team Communication Software beneficial for companies?

As the name itself describes the employee communication app's primary motive is to provide a standardized platform of communication among companies, businesses, and firms. Not only this, the software comes with a number of other uses as well. So, let's have a detailed study on the myriad of benefits provided by the software to understand how it is beneficial for completing the daily activities of companies and businesses.

› Helps in Working Remotely

A group can consist of team members from different areas which may pose as an issue when it comes to holding meetings or conferences. In such cases, business communication software can come to rescue. As previously discussed the software consists of various facilities and tools which help individuals connect via a cloud network.

› Enhances Productivity

The business communication software comes in handy when it comes to managing various tasks at a single time. This is because a number of functions such as assigning tasks, coordinating activities, and communicating instructions can be done all within a single software. Hence, the employees can focus on executing functions in real time rather than worrying about completing the tedious and time-taking jobs in the companies.

› Data Repository

Many business communication software automatically records data, messages, video calls, and many more as they are specially developed to do so. It helps the users to quickly retrieve old messages, customer queries, discussion points from the heap of many.

› Minimizes Costs

The team messaging app helps reduce costs by automating work procedures and eliminating the need for the hiring of additional staff to complete the processes. Similarly, the software also helps cut down the expenses as it effectively replaces other expensive PBX and landline expenses by providing both mobile and cloud access to the users.

» What are the points worth considering before choosing Team Communication Software?

In the market where the companies and businesses are trying to fight against each other to emerge as the leader, hiring a team messaging app may seem to be promising, but this may not always be the case. This is because there are some points worth considering when it comes before choosing a team messaging app for maintaining operational efficiency in the firms. Hence, we have hand-listed some of the most critical points which can help you to be on the safe side. So, let's have a look at them.

› Is the Software necessary for your company?

Many-a-times decisions are taken in haste, which may not be beneficial for the company when it comes to longer terms. Before choosing the internal communication software for your company, one must be sure that installing the software is needed. In the case of small companies or groups with a limited number of people, installing the software can prove to be a burden on them rather than being helpful.

› Analyzing the Requirements

When it comes to choosing an internal communication software, one must note down all the requirements needed from the software beforehand. This helps in cutting down the lengthy list bearing all the possible software, thus, increasing the chances of landing with the perfect software for your company or business. Moreover, it also helps in ensuring that an individual gets the software which he/she has betted for.

› How many users will be using the software?

As essential is choosing an internal communication software for your company, similar important is that one finalizes the number of users before going for the software. This is because while some software allows a limited number of users, many enable a larger group to operate or utilize the software. Hence, analyzing an estimated number of users can let one make a perfect choice when it comes to choosing the internal communication software for their company.

› Is it Budget-Friendly?

The most important step which helps companies save money is to choose a budget-friendly option when it comes to selecting the team communication tools. This is because the pricing of the software differs from one to another and keeping an estimated budget can help one to go with the perfect product. This also helps prevent a massive dent on the pockets of the companies and effectively cut down the expenditures.

» How to Choose a Good Team Communication Software?

With the myriad of options available in the market, both beginners, as well as professionals, can be intimidated when it comes to choosing the best team communication tools. Each software differs from one to another based on their facilities and appliances, hence selecting the perfect software is like searching for a needle in bundles of heaps. Thus, to help you out with your choices, we have prepared some essential points when it comes to choosing a good communication platform for the companies.

› Compatibility with Other Tools

Understanding the need for compatibility with other tools, many group communication app developers have developed an advanced communication platform which readily complies with other existing devices. Hence, users can rest assured without the need for churning their head for searching and installing extra business tools in case the software rejects the already used ones.

› User-Friendly Interface

A simple yet powerful communication platform is comparatively more useful rather than a complicated one. This is because the simplicity of the software encourages anyone and everyone to operate the software, while others require prior programming knowledge and coding skills.

› Mobile Accessibility

The best communication platform always come with cloud function which enables the software to link individuals together no matter where they are located. This is done by accessing the cloud network through their smartphones which lets them join remote meetings and conferences, all with just a few clicks.

› Security and Recovery

Every company has a set of confidential information which requires tight security to save them from exposure or preventing malicious attackers from hacking the contents. To resolve such situations, the group communication apps are coupled with two-factor authentication systems and an activated firewall which tackles forceful and unauthorized intrusion to the software. Similarly, robust backup systems are also enabled which can help automize backup processes so that they can come to rescue in case of dire circumstances.

› Reviews

Reviews are the comments re testimonials left by old customers of the software which comes in handy while choosing a good team communication software. One can easily find out the quality of the services offered by the software by merely reviewing the comments.

» Pricing of the Team Communication Software

The pricing structure of the software starts from as low as $9/month and can also reach a whopping high of $399/month depending upon the facilities and tools availed, the number of users, as well as the duration for which the software is being hired. Similarly, one can also avail the free basic version of the software as many come with this option for initially luring the customers. In case if the team communication app successfully manages to fulfill your expectations, then one can hire the premium plan of the software and move ahead in their journey.

» Conclusion

The current market is already flooded with group communication apps those are hard to touch unless your company has a huge turnover to raise eyebrows. An ideal team communication software is that which brings affordable solutions for a team of any size. So, instead of closing deal with any vendor in a hurry, look for the best applications available in the market, a little research may save your money from getting wasted on a not-so-good business communication software.

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