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From reordering supplies to tracking inventory items that are inching toward their expiry, the lab inventory management software helps you accomplish a lot of tasks. The software is meant to automate the traditional way of managing & controlling lab inventory, eliminating the errors arising out of human mistakes. Thanks to such a solution, you can not only evaluate inventory levels at any given time but also make rational, near-accurate inventory ...

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List of Best Lab Inventory Management Software

inFlow Inventory

Inventory Management Software System ...

inFlow Inventory is a dynamic inventory management software designed to streamline and optimize how businesses track and manage their stock. Its user-friendly interface simplifies complex inventory tasks, making it accessible even for beginners. Key features include real-time inventory tracking, which ensures accurate stock levels and helps in avoiding overstocking or stockouts. The software also ... Read More

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The Most Powerful All-In-One Accounting...

ZarMoney serves as a handy tool for small businesses to manage their finances. It simplifies tasks like creating invoices, tracking expenses, and handling payroll. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for users to navigate without confusion. Security is a priority, with encryption and regular backups ensuring data safety. The software generates customizable reports, offering valuable insights ... Read More



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GST Billing Software in India for Small ...

Vyapar is a user-friendly business accounting app tailored for small businesses. The application simplifies invoicing, expense tracking, and inventory management. With a clear and intuitive interface, Vyapar allows users to generate professional invoices effortlessly and keep track of business transactions. It caters specifically to the needs of businesses, supporting multiple languages and GST ... Read More

7 Days



Finale Inventory

Inventory Management Software for Your ...

Finale Inventory is a comprehensive, cloud-based inventory management software, well-suited for small to large businesses. Its core strength lies in its adaptability to a wide range of industries, thanks to its customizable features. The software excels in multi-channel inventory tracking, ensuring accurate stock levels across various sales platforms. This helps in preventing stockouts and over-... Read More


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Lab Inventory Management Software Buyer's Guide

Laboratories, scientific research institutions, and other places have no space for assumptions and human errors. As scientists, researchers, lab managers, and other professionals must deal with crucial lab equipment and materials daily, they must handle all those goods carefully. They must keep track of them to ensure seamless workflow processes.

In today’s tech-driven era, if you still practice the traditional way of managing lab inventory, you might open many doors to accidental hazardous situations. Using the best lab inventory management software for laboratory and research institutions may be the all-in-one solution you are looking for.

This complete guide will teach you many crucial elements of lab inventory management systems, like why they are essential. Their top features, benefits, and characteristics. Professionals who use the solutions. Steps to find the best solution and cost factor.

» What is Lab Inventory Management Software?

Managing the inventory of laboratory or scientific research institutions means keeping track of inventory levels throughout the facilities during all inventory processes and their different stages to ensure efficient consumables and materials.

Additionally, it helps prevent overstocking and understocking of inventory by accurately predicting demand for consumables and materials utilization.

Lab inventory management software is an online cloud-hosted solution. They allow users to streamline comprehensive inventory management processes, such as tracking, sorting, maintaining, forecasting, reordering, and automating.

Using the solutions may reduce costs and improve productivity for laboratory and research institutions. Many laboratory inventory management software is available in the market with various robust features. Users can leverage those features no matter how big their laboratories or institutions are.

» Why are Lab Inventory Management Systems Important?

Laboratory inventory management software is specially built tools dedicated to assisting laboratory or scientific research institution professionals in performing tasks like managing laboratory equipment, tracking, and controlling inventory.

The laboratory inventory management software has robust features like customization, centralized storage, real-time tracking, reorders, reports & notifications, analytical abilities, and workflow automation.

The system’s primary target is to manage lab inventory, like consumable material, components, samples, and equipment, efficiently and precisely.

Furthermore, the tools allow users to track and manage laboratory supplements and equipment in real-time for better visualization at every inventory level.

» Top Features of Lab Equipment Management Software

Nowadays, most laboratory inventory management software offers top-notch features to facilitate institutions in achieving higher goals. Some of the eye-catching features are as follows:

› Inventory Management 

It is the most crucial feature of any laboratory inventory management system. It enables users to add, edit, and manage the inventory data of the laboratory. It also helps users track and maintain consumables and materials in the laboratory to automate reordering as required.

› Centralized Data Storage

Lab equipment management solutions facilitate users with centralized data storage. Meaning the solutions store all the laboratory data in one place. It helps users to find crucial data in less time, along with other filter functionality.

› Scanning Barcode

Today, most lab inventory management solutions come with the technology of scanning barcode stickers. The solutions allow scanning barcode stickers and automatically storing crucial data in the system. The essential data includes product name, ID number, purchase order, vendor name, cost, and quantity.

› Equipment Tracking

This feature is very crucial when users urgently require specific equipment. The tools allow users to track particular equipment or products and display their exact storage locations. Moreover, users can prevent the loss, misplacement, or stealing of expensive equipment and tools using this feature.

›  Data Analysis & Reporting

Many lab inventory management solutions come with exceptional data analytical abilities. Using these abilities, users can generate crucial metrics that give them vital insights into materials consumption in the laboratory over time. Moreover, users can create reports based on insights that may reveal current trends and bottlenecks for inventory management.

›  Alerts & Notifications

Lab inventory management solutions provide users with alerts and notifications for crucial processes. Users can set a minimum quantity or level for certain equipment or materials. When that minimum quantity or level is reached, the solution gives you alerts and even sends notifications for that. It helps users prevent understock situations.

› Automation

Laboratory inventory management systems can automate many crucial processes. One of them is automated ordering. The solutions allow users to set minimum inventory levels for specific stocks. When those stocks meet that minimum level, an automated process of placing orders will start. It ensures efficient inventory levels to streamline the workflow.

› Access Management

Using the access control feature, lab inventory management systems can provide robust security to your necessary materials and data. This feature allows users to grant access to specific materials and data to particular users only. They can also set access levels to enhance security. It ensures that critical materials and data are not misused or stolen.

› Customization

Most lab inventory management software supports full customization for meeting specific requirements of laboratories and institutions. Suppose users want to set custom rules and regulations for specific processes. Or they want to configure reports and analysis.

› Integration

Many lab inventory management software supports native and third-party integrations. These integrations facilitate users with vital inventory management processes, like word processing, spreadsheet, database, project management, eCommerce platforms, barcode scanning, customer ERP system, ELN (Electronic lab notebook), and LIMS (Laboratory information management system).

» Characteristics of Lab Inventory Management Software

While there are lots of laboratory inventory management systems available in the market with first-class features, several systems’ characteristics should make a difference for laboratories and institutions. Let’s have a look at some of them. They are as mentioned below:

› Cloud Hosted

Lab inventory management systems are cloud-based SaaS tools. All users have to do is pay for the solutions, and they are ready to use. Furthermore, they require less maintenance than traditional on-premises tools and are accessible remotely regardless of location.

› RFID Tags

Some lab inventory management software supports radio frequency identification (RFID) tags technology for tracking expensive and sensitive equipment and materials. Real-time tracking of these smart tags ensures the safety of sensitive equipment and materials.

› User Management

Lab inventory management solutions enable admins to create a number of users, grant them different access levels, and specify their roles and responsibilities in managing lab inventory. Admins can track users’ activity anytime from a centralized dashboard. It allows admins to see a bigger picture with a better visualization.

» What are The Benefits of Using Lab Inventory Management Software?

Users can leverage magnificent benefits from using above mentioned top-level features and characteristics of the best chemical inventory management software. Some of the benefits that might catch your eye are as mentioned below:

› Less Human Errors

Lab inventory management software offers top-notch features to prevent human errors. For example, automation of the ordering processes rather than manual ordering ensures timely orders of essential materials and tools required for crucial laboratory processes.

› 24×7 Mobile Accessibility

Many lab inventory management solutions have mobile app versions. Users with credentials and active internet mobile devices can access the inventory data through mobile apps. It provides full mobile accessibility 24×7 to track lab inventory and get important alerts and notifications in real-time.

› Multi-device Responsiveness

Laboratory inventory management systems are becoming more and more responsive. They support operating over devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. No matter which device users may use, the tools give the best performance to improve user experience and greater flexibility.

› Greater Scalability

Nowadays, many lab inventory management solutions come with scalability. Users can tailor them as per requirements. For instance, small laboratories can implement essential lab inventory management solutions. As the laboratories grow bigger, users can scale the solutions as well.

› Robust Security

As the solutions are cloud-hosted and store the comprehensive lab inventory data in a centralized place, the security of the data has become a more concerning factor for software providers. The tools provide encrypted API protocols to ensure data safety all the time.

› Improves Efficiency and Productivity

Using the automation feature of lab inventory management solutions, users can automate many time-consuming inventory management processes and save time for other crucial tasks. I.e., tracking stock levels and reordering stocks when stock levels are down to a minimum. The automation process improves users’ efficiency and productivity.

› Advanced-Data Analysis

Lab inventory management software allows users to analyze the lab inventory data and better visualize inventory usage rates and order history. It provides actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and optimizes resources.

› Smooth Workflow Process

Many lab inventory management software offers features, like barcode scanning and equipment tracking, that enable users to smoothly update inventory information in the database and streamline the inventory management workflow process.

› Ensures Safety and Security

Many lab inventory management software includes features like RFID tags, real-time equipment tracking, and alerts & notifications. Using these features, users can effectively track and manage sensitive materials and equipment and ensure they are labeled and stored correctly. Moreover, users ensure they are safe and secure from getting into the hands of unauthorized users.

» Lab Inventory Management Software Users

The following is a list of the individuals and professionals who might require lab inventory management software:

  • Laboratory Manager: One who monitors the comprehensive processes of laboratories. The processes include procurement of inventory and materials.
  • Scientific Institution Researcher: One who uses a lab inventory management tool to manage and maintain inventory crucial for research, such as chemicals and materials.
  • Research Scientist: A professional whose work is related to scientific research and whose work depends on accurate and efficient resource management.
  • Quality and Safety Assurance Professional: One responsible for ensuring safety and maintaining quality while managing inventory for laboratory and scientific research institutions.
  • Facility Manager: This individual is responsible for optimizing and managing the physical location of a laboratory to store and maintain supplements and equipment.
  • Medical Professional: Doctor, nurse, or other medical and healthcare professional uses medical laboratory inventory management software for accurate management of samples and supplies in the inventory of the medical laboratory.
  • Instructor: A professional in the education industry requires a lab inventory management solution for instantly accessing equipment and supplies for teaching purposes.
  • Lab Technician: One who assists medical professionals in completing day-to-day tasks of the laboratory, including inventory management.
  • Pharmacist: One who works in a pharmacy station and tracks and maintains drug inventory for patient requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer: Professional responsible for ensuring the laboratory meets industry standards. He/She must monitor the supplies and ensure they are utilized within laboratory boundaries.

» 5 Simple Steps to Find The Best Lab Inventory Management Software (Don’t Forget the Last Step)

If you have tried exploring different lab inventory management software by yourself, you would know how hard it can be to choose the right system for your laboratory. No worries! By following these five simple steps, you may be able to pick the right one. They are as below:

  • Step 1 Define Requirements
  • Step 2 Set Budget Limit
  • Step 3 Research and Compare
  • Step 4 Try a Demo
  • Step 5 Reliable Customer Support and Maintenance
Step 1 Define Requirements

Not only for choosing lab inventory management solutions, but this step 1 may apply to choosing any software for any industry. In step 1, users must define their laboratory or scientific research institution requirements. They must identify their facilities’ scale, such as small, medium, or large. They must also signify how many users may operate the software.

Many software come with different levels of scalability, and the above-mentioned factors may help you in further process.

Step 2 Set Budget Limit

After defining the facilities’ requirements, the next step is to set a budget limit. Newly established facilities might have a limited budget. Hence, they must set a budget limit to ensure the right amount of money may be spent on the right tool.

Step 3 Research and Compare

In this step, users must research on the internet and list some lab inventory management solutions for comparison. Ensure that the solutions they list out may fulfill their defined requirements and don’t exceed their budget limit.

When the listicle is complete, users should cross-check different factors, such as easy-to-use UI, maximum essential features included, top-notch security, and lower price.

Step 4 Try a Demo

Many lab inventory management software offers free trials of their solutions with premium functionality for a certain number of days. It is the chance that users can use the solution to its fullest and check its performance.

Furthermore, users can check which features they need to run the facility effectively and efficiently.

Step 5 Reliable Customer Support and Maintenance

It is the final step of choosing the best lab inventory management software. It is very crucial. However, many might not feel the same.

When users choose any lab inventory management solution, they are bound to use their customer support and maintenance services now and then for many reasons. They might need customer support to implement the solution in the facility. Or they might need help understanding how advanced features work.

Timely system updation and maintenance are also needed for updating new features and bug fixes to the solutions. Hence, users must ensure the software is reliable and provides the best customer support and maintenance.

» How Much Does Lab Inventory Management Software Cost?

Lab inventory management software comes with different cost structures depending on various factors, such as their scalability, features accessibility, capabilities, and the number of users. The average cost for the solution starts from $30 and may go higher than $800+ per month.

Many solutions offer yearly subscription cycles for convenience. The average annual subscriptions start from around $35 to $40.

Furthermore, some software offers one-time payment and a lifetime license to use for a couple of thousand dollars.

Some lab inventory management solutions are free to use. These solutions are helpful for small-scale laboratories and research institutions. However, when these facilities scale, they must consider paid lab inventory management software for better efficiency and seamless workflow in inventory management.

» Conclusion

In this technology-driven era, you can find the best lab inventory management software for laboratories and research institutions over the market. However, going through the process of choosing the right solution that may justify your requirements can be daunting.

With some dedication and following the five simple steps provided above, you may be able to make the right decision. The only question is, are you ready to use lab equipment management software?