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Knowledge Management Software is the key to the success of any organization as it gives it an edge over its peers. Knowledge is the foundation that helps develop new concepts and innovations, and each organization recruits people who possess the ability to put the knowledge to use. So, the knowledge base software assists the organization with a method to collect, manage, and share vital information/knowledge with the rest of the organization. Knowledge management software (KM) offers huge benefits to any organization as it offers the employees, also known as the knowledge workers, a place to enhance their productivity and shine. This specialized software aids in giving importance to the knowledge and optimizing it to benefit the organization. To succeed in the highly competitive market, any organization needs to keep track of the latest trends in software that will aid in better productivity. Below is the list of best software that are aggregated based on various factors like reviews, ratings, and market presence. Compare them and find the best tool that suits your requirements.

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List of Best Knowledge Management Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Simple sharing and seamless collaboration software

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform widely used for efficient teamwork within organizations. It helps people share and manage content, knowledge, and applications for seamless collaboration. With features like document storage, version control, and easy access, SharePoint simplifies file management. It enables teams to create, edit, and share documents in real-time, fostering ... read more about Microsoft SharePoint

30 Days

$5 Per month

United States

HubSpot Service Hub

Customer Service Software for Small to Enterprise Businesses

HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service software designed to improve client interactions. It offers features like ticketing, which organizes customer issues into a manageable flow. The tool includes a knowledge base that helps customers find answers themselves, reducing support load. Live chat and conversational bots are available for real-time assistance. The feedback system gathers customer ... read more about HubSpot Service Hub

7 Days

$800 Per month

United States

Zendesk Suite

Customer Service Software to Create a Great Experience

Zendesk Suite is a customer service software that streamlines interactions between businesses and their customers. It offers a unified interface for managing customer support across multiple channels like email, chat, phone, and social media. The suite includes ticketing system features for efficient issue tracking and resolution. Key functionalities also encompass a knowledge base for self-... read more about Zendesk Suite


$55 Per month

United States

Salesforce Service Cloud

Top Customer Service & Support Software Solutions

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service application that combines various support features into one platform. It offers a comprehensive ticketing system that handles customer inquiries from multiple channels, like email, phone, and social media. The platform includes a knowledge base for self-service support, allowing customers to find answers quickly. Live agent chat and AI-powered ... read more about Salesforce Service Cloud

30 Days

$25 Per month

United States

Jira Service Management

A new take on ITSM software

Jira Service Management is a versatile tool designed for IT service management and customer support. It streamlines incident, problem, and change management, enabling teams to respond to and resolve issues efficiently. This platform integrates easily with other Jira products, fostering collaboration among development and operational teams. Key features include a customizable service desk, ... read more about Jira Service Management

30 Days

$17.65 Per month



Your Remote-Friendly Team Workspace

Confluence is a collaborative workspace that helps teams organize and share information efficiently. It's a central hub where you can create, store, and manage documents and notes. The platform allows easy creation of pages and blogs, useful for team updates or project plans. Confluence integrates with Jira, a plus for tracking project progress. It supports real-time editing, making team ... read more about Confluence

14 Days

$4.89 Per month


Zoho Desk

Top Rated Customer Service Help Desk Software

Zoho Desk is a customer service software designed to help businesses manage customer support activities efficiently. It offers a range of features including a ticketing system, which organizes customer inquiries from various channels into a single interface for easier tracking and response. The software also includes a help center, allowing customers to find answers on their own through knowledge ... read more about Zoho Desk

15 Days

$14 Per month

British Indian Ocean Territory


Your connected workspace for wiki, docs & projects

Notion is like a digital workspace where you can jot down notes, plan your tasks, and keep everything organized in one spot. It's great for both solo projects and team collaborations. You can set up pages however you like - kind of like a digital notebook with superpowers. There's a bunch of templates to help you get started, whether you're planning a trip or managing a big project. Plus, you can ... read more about Notion


$8 Per month

United States

SolarWinds Service Desk

A cloud-based and AI-powered IT service management (ITSM) platform.

SolarWinds Service Desk is an advanced, user-friendly software solution designed for efficient IT service management. Its comprehensive features allow seamless tracking and resolving of IT issues, making it ideal for businesses seeking streamlined IT workflows. Key features include automated ticketing, which simplifies incident reporting and resolution. The asset management tool tracks and manages... read more about SolarWinds Service Desk

30 Days

Contact Vendor

United States

ServiceNow Customer Service Management is a dynamic software designed to revolutionize how businesses handle customer service. Ideal for companies of all sizes, it centralizes customer requests and inquiries from various channels into a single, easy-to-navigate platform. This feature ensures quick and effective responses, boosting customer satisfaction. The software excels in automating routine ... read more about ServiceNow Customer Service Management

7 Days

Contact Vendor

United States


Delight your customers with omnichannel support solutions that drive meaningful conversations across channels.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software offering a suite of tools to streamline support processes. It features a multi-channel ticketing system, allowing teams to manage conversations from email, chat, phone, and social media in one place. The software includes automation tools to assign tickets to the right agents and prioritize urgent issues. Freshdesk's self-service options, like ... read more about Freshdesk

14 Days

$15 Per month

United States


Knowledge management for technical teams

GitBook is a modern knowledge management platform that uniquely combines ease of use with powerful version control capabilities. It's particularly favored by software teams for creating and maintaining technical documentation, user manuals, and API references. GitBook's integration with GitHub allows for seamless synchronization and collaboration, ensuring that documentation evolves alongside code... read more about GitBook


$6.70 Per user


Help Scout

Shared Inbox, Help Center, & Live Chat Software

Help Scout is a customer service software designed to provide an efficient and organized way for businesses to handle customer support. It's primarily known for its shared inbox feature, which allows support teams to manage all customer emails in one place. This helps ensure that no customer query is missed or overlooked. Help Scout also offers a knowledge base platform, enabling companies to ... read more about Help Scout


$20 Per month

United States

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Design, automate, deliver, and manage critical IT and business services

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a robust IT service management tool designed to simplify and enhance your support processes. It can efficiently handle diverse IT issues and allow quick resolutions through its user-friendly interface. The software provides customizable reports that offer valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making. Automation capabilities streamline routine tasks, ... read more about ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


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United States


All-in-one free platform to manage your team and run your sales

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform designed to streamline tasks and boost team collaboration. It serves as a centralized hub, integrating tools for communication, project management, and customer relationship management. With features like file sharing, automation, calendars, and task tracking, Bitrix24 simplifies daily operations for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly ... read more about Bitrix24

15 Days

$49 Per month

United States


One app to replace them all

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that caters to diverse team requirements. Its user-friendly interface simplifies task organization and collaboration. It also offers customizable views to adapt to different workflows. With features like Docs, Goals, and Time Tracking, ClickUp centralizes tools and eliminates the need for multiple applications. The platform fosters transparency ... read more about ClickUp

14 Days

$7 Per month

United States


Quip is real-time collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and chat embedded inside Salesforce to transform any business process.

Quip is a collaborative productivity software that combines documents, spreadsheets, and communication tools in one seamless interface. It facilitates teamwork, allowing users to create and edit documents and spreadsheets collaboratively in real-time. A key feature is its integrated chat functionality, enabling team members to communicate directly within documents, ensuring context-rich ... read more about Quip


$100 Per month

United States

Stack Overflow for Teams

Trusted Knowledge Sharing Platform for Technologists

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure home for your team’s questions and answers. Perfect for teams of all sizes, it offers a familiar Q&A format that’s intuitive to use. Members can ask questions and receive answers from colleagues, facilitating knowledge sharing and problem-solving within the organization. A standout feature is the integration with the larger Stack Overflow community... read more about Stack Overflow for Teams


$6.50 Per month

United States

eGain Knowledge Hub

knowledge management software

eGain Knowledge Hub is a state-of-the-art knowledge management solution developed to revolutionize customer service and support. Its core strength lies in its AI and machine learning capabilities, which enable highly accurate, context-driven information delivery. This feature significantly enhances both customer self-service and agent-assisted interactions. The platform offers a seamless ... read more about eGain Knowledge Hub


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United States


The leading digital presence platform for multi-location brands to deliver consistent, accurate, and engaging experiences.

Yext is a superb software solution designed to help businesses manage and control their online information across diverse platforms. It ensures accurate and consistent details about a business, such as location, hours, and contact information, across online directories, search engines, and social media. Yext's key features include location data management, enabling businesses to update information... read more about Yext


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United States

Upland Panviva

Make every agent an expert. Make every moment matter.

Upland Panviva is a cloud-based knowledge management system developed to streamline information access and support. It stands out for its user-friendly interface, allowing employees to easily find precise answers to complex questions. Key features include a robust search function, customizable content organization, and real-time updates, ensuring that users always have the most current information... read more about Upland Panviva


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United States


AI-Based Knowledge Management Software System

Bloomfire is a knowledge engagement platform that centralizes and democratizes organizational information. It's designed to make company knowledge easily accessible, fostering a culture of collaboration and informed decision-making. The software features a powerful search engine, quickly surfacing relevant information from a variety of content types. Bloomfire supports diverse media formats, ... read more about Bloomfire

30 Days

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United States


Omnichannel KM Platform For Customer Experience

Knowmax is an innovative knowledge management solution that empowers customer service teams with easy access to vital information. Its standout feature is the decision tree functionality, which guides agents through complex customer queries, ensuring accurate and consistent responses. Knowmax also excels in creating, organizing, and sharing knowledge through an intuitive interface, making it user-... read more about Knowmax


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World's 1st Gmail-based Helpdesk

Hiver is a unique email management software designed primarily for Google Workspace users, focusing on streamlining Gmail for teams. It transforms Gmail into a collaborative hub, enabling teams to manage shared inboxes like support@ or sales@ without leaving their email interface. Hiver allows for efficient email delegation, status tracking, and seamless internal team communication, all within the... read more about Hiver

7 Days

$19 Per month

United States


Simple Customer Support Software for Teams

LiveAgent is a comprehensive customer support software designed to enhance customer service experiences. It offers a multi-channel helpdesk solution, integrating emails, live chat, social media, and phone calls into a single platform. Key features include ticket management, which organizes customer inquiries from various channels into a unified inbox. Live chat support allows real-time interaction... read more about LiveAgent

30 Days

$9 Per month


Knowledge Management Software Buyer's Guide

Knowledge Management refers to a strategy that an organization approaches to create knowledge and focuses on storage, sharing, collaboration, usage, and managing information appropriately. Knowledge management aims to create value, leverage, and enhance the organization’s knowledge assets to meet organizational goals.

» What is Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management software helps people to use the knowledge to achieve tasks better. The software archives and retrieves knowledge experts to develop understanding, collaborating, process alignment, and to support decision making. The knowledge management software exists within the organization while focusing on the knowledge base for both end-users and customers.

» What are the Features of Knowledge Management Software?

The knowledge management system is the IT system used for an organization to share information internally and externally. The system includes a customer relationship system, a knowledge base, and a learning management system. There are several types of knowledge management systems, all with few common characteristics, which include: online tutorials, how-to-guides, training programs, FAQ content, webinars, and case studies.

Comprehensive knowledge management software focuses to simplify processes for internal and external customers as well as for managerial staff. All types of businesses must implement useful knowledge management software that incorporates applicable features.


This search technology feature in your chosen software should empower customers, employees, and agents with instant knowledge at their fingertips. You should be able to find answers to your questions with your wording which reduces your time taken to your searching.


Managing your data should become easy with the software and allow your users to access the required information by following a logical taxonomy structure.


The software should allow your admin department to capture user feedback and customer experience with ease. It should also keep the company’s knowledge relevant and ensure the information provided to customers is accurate and up-to-date.


The software’s automatic push notification feature helps organizations to reduce training duration and raises customer awareness regarding the latest information all from one portal. It should also track who is reading your content and edit the data with the latest information, ensuring complete quality control of content processes and user behavior.


This feature should let you get a next-level overview while gaining insights into the key information in the knowledge management tools. You should be able to get fully customized reports for your needs.


Your software should be simple and easy to implement, set up, and access. It should have simple operations to allow you to update your knowledge base with the latest information.


Your chosen software should include this feature where you can give them direct answers to their questions. This is an important feature of the software one should look for, as its where you can engage with your customers and help them.


Your software shouldn’t limit you in any way. Anyone who wants to access the software should be able to do so from any platform, including mobile devices.


This feature lets your customers share their feedback and discuss important topics. This should also include a comment section to allow other readers to voice their opinions.

» What are the Benefits of Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management software provides enormous benefits to your organization but does not happen overnight. You can achieve these benefits step-by-step with the software. The knowledge management software will be a valuable asset for your organization, which benefits your departments and employees themselves. Some of the key benefits of knowledge management software include:


The software stores the business’s trade secrets and knowledge, allowing users to leverage this knowledge for the organization benefit. Having a well-maintained knowledge management software increases the organization competitive edge.


The software develops a mutually beneficial relationship among employees. They can connect, share and appreciate each other with their knowledge identification, which provides comprehensive and inclusive data that benefits the organization.


Interorganizational collaboration and networking builds strong and healthy relationships within the organization and promotes teamwork. Moreover, to find details on an issue or answer for a problem, users can communicate with the knowledge providers of the organization.


The best knowledge management software allows its users to access information immediately, which improves the overall performance of the business. Moreover, the software enables employees to resolve their issues by themselves effectively and in time.


The software encourages your employees to search for the answers to all issues instead of referring them to the helpdesk. This induces an encouraging environment for continuous learning and develops creative and analytical thinking in employees.


An organization leverage the knowledge management software to impose a standard guide to follow by its employees. This guide eliminates misunderstandings, inconsistencies, and repetitive instructions in the workplace.

» What is the Cost of Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management solutions at its best provide the organization with a single and unified platform for the information and knowledge to discover, access and update with ease. The software main goal is to make companies more efficient and profitable. There are several knowledge management solutions available in the market that helps your organization to gain and make the best use of the knowledge. However, each solution is excellent at one aspect with good functionality of other features. Therefore, it depends on your decision to choose the solution that fits your business needs and which can improve your business.

Most of the software providers offer a free trial, so your decision cannot turn bad if you want to try them first before investing. The price of some software solutions may be complicating and are customizable depending on your business needs. Most of the software providers offer various plans that fit your needs at affordable prices. The price varies based on your company’s size. The basic plan starts with $5/user/month for up to 5000 users. If you are a startup, it cost you approximately $50/project/month. However, you need to learn what features include in the plan you chose.

» Conclusion

It has become important for companies, especially for the IT, finance, and telecommunications industry to use the knowledge management software to sustain in this information economy era. All sizes of businesses can benefit from the software and promote business success as a whole. The software has the potential to streamline training processes for your company that faces troubles to grow.