Top 10+ Best Knowledge Management Software In 2020

Knowledge Management Software is the key to the success of any organization as it gives it an edge over its peers. The knowledge is the foundation that helps in developing new concepts and innovations and each organization recruits people possessing the ability to put the knowledge to use. So, the knowledge base software assists the organization with a method to collect, manage, and share the vital information/knowledge to the rest of the organization. The knowledge management software (KM) offers huge benefits to any organization as it offers the employees also known as the knowledge workers a place to enhance their productivity and shine. The specialized software aids in giving importance to the knowledge and optimize it to benefit the organization. To succeed in the highly competitive market, any organization needs to keep track of the latest trends in software that will aid in better productivity. Below is the list of 10+ best softwares that are collected from the high-end websites such as GetApp, Capterra & G2Crowd based on their reviews and ratings. Get inspired and make your list of the top 10+ software that can offer positive effects.


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List of Best Knowledge Management Software | Top Knowledge Management System Reviews

1. Zendesk – Cloud customer service software

Our Score 98/100

About Zendesk : Zendesk is a knowledge management software that acts as a help desk, call centre, live chat solution and provides powerful, and flexible customer service relationships and engagement platforms that meet all kinds of business requirements. With multiple channel support like email, phone and social media, Zendesk creates one single interface establishing meaningful and personal relationships with customers and supports over 40 different languages in over 150 countries.

Zendesk Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Data Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“I like that Zendesk is pretty easy to understand and grasp. I also like all the reporting it provides, with a variance of statistics it calculates. The many different email/group/forwarding options are greatly beneficial when it comes to how tickets come in and are separated out.” – Carney Z.

Zendesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





2300+ Reviews


2730+ Reviews

2. Freshdesk – Online Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Solution

Our Score 97/100

About Freshdesk : Freshdesk is a cloud-based knowledge management software that focuses on cross-functional team collaboration, delivering exceptional customer support and service. It allows users to streamline conversations from multiple channels and integrates it into one platform for better understanding of the customer needs. It works for small and mid-sized business organizations to resolve customer support tickets when they appear on the interface.

Freshdesk Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Discussion Boards, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“I came across Freshdesk 3 years ago and have loved it ever since. My favorite feature of Freshdesk initially was the customization options for tickets. It allowed me to tailor the ticket template to exactly what worked for me.” – Daniel S.

Freshdesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





2010+ Reviews


2250+ Reviews

3. Zoho Desk – Industry’s first context-aware Helpdesk Software

Our Score 97/100

About Zoho Desk : Zoho Desk is a knowledge management system helping agents, manager s and customers in all. It allows agents to become more productive, managers more impactful and customers more empowered. It is a fully customizable application and is convenient to use. It allows business to focus on the customers and has industry’s first context-aware help-desk software. It provides support teams with multiple support channels, and task automation to deliver quick and responsive support.

Zoho Desk Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Data Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“Zoho Desk is the best tool that we rely on for the management of customer relationships. I like using this customer relationship management software because of its simplicity and ease of customization.” – Mzangila S.

Zoho Desk Reviews

Zoho Corporation







1590+ Reviews


1870+ Reviews

4. Confluence – Create, organize, and discuss work with your team

Our Score 96/100

About Confluence : Confluence, a knowledge management system that creates and manages all the works of marketing, HR, finance and project management. It is an open and collaborative shared workspace for the teams of a company to bring in a higher level of productivity and efficiency. Top features of this solution include discussion boards, FAQ, self-service portal, categorization, etc. It allows users to get all the essential information under a single roof.

Confluence Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“We you confluence to create wiki pages for our employees on software changes, how to’s, troubleshooting tips, and management of information as well. I really like the creation of wiki pages to be honest. It helps me share with my team tips and tricks as I learn them to share with my ‘group’. ” – Nicholas R.

Confluence Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





1460+ Reviews


2950+ Reviews

5. Freshservice – A complete IT service management (ITSM) tool for business

Our Score 96/100

About Freshservice : Freshservice is a cloud-based knowledge management software that helps organizations to focus on exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction. It is easy to use and has a simple UI with business functions such as HR, finance, marketing and facilities. It allows users to connect sudden incidents to common problems, examines the root cause and suggests valuable workarounds and keeps all the records in one place.

Freshservice Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Content Management, Data Management, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“Customizable to your business. Simple data entry panels for the customers. Easy to keep track of tickets with views so you can see just your tickets, or your groups tickets. Escalation process that is built in works great for getting approvals for spend in advance. Has streamlined our efforts tremendously.” – Bryan

Freshservice Reviews


United States

11 – 50





360+ Reviews


700+ Reviews

6. Litmos LMS – Mobile & Secure Learning Management System (LMS)

Our Score 95/100

About Litmos LMS : Litmos LMS is a knowledge management system built explicitly for mid-sized businesses and established organizations. It is an online training platform that helps in managing and delivering web and mobile training courses. It is fully extensible and has a robust API with specific connectors. Top features of this solution include blended learning, multiple language support, learner portal, synchronous learning, etc.

Litmos LMS Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“We’ve seen roughly a 50 percent increase in adoption rates of the videos we’ve been distributing since we’ve fully integrated Litmos into our CRM system.” – Dale Griffin

Litmos LMS Reviews


United States

501 – 1000


Not provided by vendor



230+ Reviews


330+ Reviews

7. Knowmax – Knowledge Management Software For Superior Experience

Our Score 95/100

About Knowmax : Knowmax is an Omni-Channel Customer Engagement & Experience Platform which helps enterprises & brands achieve their CX goals. Knowmax enables a consistent knowledge flow across your assisted channels such as contact center, field, retail as well as Digital Channels such as Website, Mobile App, Chatbots to ensure that your customers and support advisors are able to find the right information at the right time.

Knowmax Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging/Categorization, Content Management, Knowledge Base Management, Collaboration, Decision Tree, Full Text Search, Self Service Portal

“Working with Knowmax has been an easy and hassle free experience. We got the solution which catered to all our requirements and the implementation was very quick! Special thanks to the team for being available for query resolution and support whenever needed!!” – Manya Sharma

Knowmax Reviews



51 – 200





3 Reviews


0 Reviews

8. ClickHelp – We bring water to your documentation process!

Our Score 95/100

About ClickHelp : ClickHelp is a modern browser-based documentation tool used by software companies all over the world to create online user manuals, knowledge bases, help files, FAQs, tutorials and publish them instantly in their portal. ClickHelp is easy to set up and use – no installation, runs in a web browser and supports multiple platforms: Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. This makes it easy to author your documentation from any place in the world.

ClickHelp Knowledge Management Features : Content Management, Knowledge Base Management, Collaboration, Full Text Search, Self Service Portal

“ClickHelp Tech Support is one of the best user support teams I’ve worked with. The team’s responses are timely, professional, and very useful. My issues are usually resolved with a single email, but the team also always follows up when I need additional assistance. Many thanks for your quality service!” – Lauren Meyer

ClickHelp Reviews


Russian Federation

11 – 50





15+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

9. eXo Platform– Enterprise digital collaboration software

Our Score 94/100

About eXo Platform : eXo Platform is a digital workplace solution that allows businesses to connect, engage, empower and reward teams. eXo Platform is a holistic solution that combines social, collaborative, gamification and reward features to enhance the work experience, achieve higher engagement rates and boost overall productivity. With eXo Platform, employees can collaborate on their daily activities using a variety of features like collaborative spaces, instant messaging, file sharing and more.

eXo Platform Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Data Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, Full Text Search, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“Love the UI. Big number of add-ons and features. Very reliable. It was very easy to use once I got the hang of it. A little intimidating at first but doesn’t take long to get used to. Great way to interconnect. Very well put together. I am able to save time at work.” – Alex R.

eXo Platform Reviews



51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


100+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

10. livepro – Customer Experience Knowledge Management

Our Score 93/100

About livepro : livepro improves customer service through knowledge management and strengthens the brand and quality of customer experience. It is a knowledge management software with a focus on delivering answers in a simplified structure. With powerful features such as collaboration, document management, discussion boards, self-service portal, FAQ, full-text search, content management, etc., it allows the agents to turn into experts giving more staff confidence and providing with excellent customer service.

livepro Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Data Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal

“Ease of use. If you can use word you can use Livepro to quickly create and manage your content and make it easily accessible for your users. If you have a basic understanding of html and css you can make it go futher but this isn’t necessary. The ability to tailor access levels for different types of users is also great.” – Carita

livepro Reviews



11 – 50





120+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

11. Yonyx – Decision tree driven Interactive guides for customer service

Our Score 92/100

About Yonyx : One of the top-rated, powerful cloud-based platforms, Yonyx is known for creating decision tree and driven interactive guides used for interactive troubleshooting. Top features include HR processes, telemarketing, business process compliance, live chat system, feedback collection, community management, communication management, content syndication, feedback management, etc. It allows agents or users to have complete knowledge of troubleshooting guides before explaining and helping customers over customer support service.

Yonyx Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Data Management, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“I implemented one guide on our support page to test the functionality of the product. I found the creating process to be very simple. Once done & added to our support page I monitored & gathered data over a 10 week period. I was shocked at the metrics. I could see how many views it got, how many users traversed the guide.”- Edward

Yonyx Reviews


United Africa

02 – 10


Not provided by vendor



80+ Reviews


0 Reviews

12. EduBrite -LMS for businesses & training providers

Our Score 90/100

About EduBrite : EduBrite is a knowledge management system that offers a unique learning experience with open learning, enabling users to micro-learning, an integrated, engaging learner-centric solution. It provides a SaaS-based online learning platform and includes features such as mobile learning, learning management, social learning, course tracking, quizzes, bulk imports, etc. It provides end-to-end training and creates courses, surveys and is very simple to use with an online editor.

EduBrite Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“It complemented organization’s training efforts to reach out large number of employees in shortest possible time in a very simple way. Also in testing and administering of learning capabilities of employees through the reporting feature of LMS. Video tutorials are great help.” – Gaurav W.

EduBrite Reviews

EduBrite Systems

United States

11 – 50





40+ Reviews


0 Reviews

13. Zoho Connect – Enterprise private social network

Our Score 89/100

About Zoho Connect : Zoho Connect helps businesses by uniting users, resources and apps they need. It allows sharing of ideas, enables users to contact anyone in the network, create personalized apps, build their knowledge base, connect with their colleagues and disseminate information. Top features of this solution include comments, voting, discussion boards, brainstorming, synchronous editing, etc. It allows teammates to have faster communication with better collaboration, increasing productivity and efficiency of the team.

Zoho Connect Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, Full Text Search, Self-Learning

“Zoho Connect is one of the best way through which people can collaborate with their colleagues. It’s additional fascinating features that made it famous includes like, comment, share ideas, discussions etc. It is awesome help desk that works fantastically and really easy to use with no Hindrance. ” – Ashleigh C.

Zoho Connect Reviews



1001 – 5000





50+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

14. Flowlu – Online project management & collaboration suite

Our Score 88/100

About Flowlu : Flowlu is a knowledge management software and an all-in-one collaboration suite giving businesses a clear view of daily activities within the organization. With tools like task management, agile project management, online invoicing, knowledge management, project management, etc., It helps users to collaborate and convert ideas into the task immediately. Users can track every part of the activities, from time to overall costs and customer invoices.

Flowlu Knowledge Management Features : Cataloging / Categorization, Collaboration, Content Management, Data Management, Discussion Boards, Document Management, FAQ, Full Text Search, Guided Problem Solving, Self Service Portal, Self-Learning

“Flowlu is complete suite, it helped us to manage our projects, team, communication (via built in chat) and most importantly our customers to great extend. I am using consistently for more than 2 years and I am quite happy about it. It helped me to deliver my product efficiently.” – Sameer D.

Flowlu Reviews



11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



40+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management FeaturesZendeskZoho DeskFreshdeskConfluenceFreshserviceLitmos LMSeXo PlatformliveproYonyxEduBrite
Price$1.00/month/user$12.00/month$19.00/month/user$10.00/month/user$19.00/month/userNot provided by vendor$5.00/month$19.00/month/userNot provided by vendor$99.00/month
Cataloging / Categorization          
Content Management        
Data Management      
Discussion Boards        
Document Management         
Full Text Search          
Guided Problem Solving      
Self Service Portal          

Knowledge Management Software Buyer's Guide

Knowledge Management refers to a strategy that an organization approaches to create knowledge and focuses on storage, sharing, collaboration, usage, and managing information appropriately. Knowledge management aims to create value, leverage, and enhance the organization’s knowledge assets to meet organizational goals.

» What is Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management software helps people to use the knowledge to achieve tasks better. The software archives and retrieves knowledge experts to develop understanding, collaborating, process alignment, and to support decision making. The knowledge management software exists within the organization while focusing on the knowledge base for both end-users and customers.

» What are the Features of Knowledge Management Software?

The knowledge management system is the IT system used for an organization to share information internally and externally. The system includes a customer relationship system, a knowledge base, and a learning management system. There are several types of knowledge management systems, all with few common characteristics, which include: online tutorials, how-to-guides, training programs, FAQ content, webinars, and case studies.

Comprehensive knowledge management software focuses to simplify processes for internal and external customers as well as for managerial staff. All types of businesses must implement useful knowledge management software that incorporates applicable features.

› Search Tools:

This search technology feature in your chosen software should empower customers, employees, and agents with instant knowledge at their fingertips. You should be able to find answers to your questions with your wording which reduces your time taken to your searching.

› Taxonomy for Data Classification:

Managing your data should become easy with the software and allow your users to access the required information by following a logical taxonomy structure.

› Capture:

The software should allow your admin department to capture user feedback and customer experience with ease. It should also keep the company’s knowledge relevant and ensure the information provided to customers is accurate and up-to-date.

› Share:

The software’s automatic push notification feature helps organizations to reduce training duration and raises customer awareness regarding the latest information all from one portal. It should also track who is reading your content and edit the data with the latest information, ensuring complete quality control of content processes and user behavior.

› Report:

This feature should let you get a next-level overview while gaining insights into the key information in the knowledge management tools. You should be able to get fully customized reports for your needs.

› Easy To Use:

Your software should be simple and easy to implement, set up, and access. It should have simple operations to allow you to update your knowledge base with the latest information.

› Q&A Section:

Your chosen software should include this feature where you can give them direct answers to their questions. This is an important feature of the software one should look for, as its where you can engage with your customers and help them.

› Accessibility:

Your software shouldn’t limit you in any way. Anyone who wants to access the software should be able to do so from any platform, including mobile devices.

› Facility to Comment:

This feature lets your customers share their feedback and discuss important topics. This should also include a comment section to allow other readers to voice their opinions.

» What are the Benefits of Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management software provides enormous benefits to your organization but does not happen overnight. You can achieve these benefits step-by-step with the software. The knowledge management software will be a valuable asset for your organization, which benefits your departments and employees themselves. Some of the key benefits of knowledge management software include:

› Maintains Organizational Knowledge:

The software stores the business’s trade secrets and knowledge, allowing users to leverage this knowledge for the organization benefit. Having a well-maintained knowledge management software increases the organization competitive edge.

› Connects Knowledge: 

The software develops a mutually beneficial relationship among employees. They can connect, share and appreciate each other with their knowledge identification, which provides comprehensive and inclusive data that benefits the organization.

› Encourages Communication:

Interorganizational collaboration and networking builds strong and healthy relationships within the organization and promotes teamwork. Moreover, to find details on an issue or answer for a problem, users can communicate with the knowledge providers of the organization.

› Increases Productivity: 

The best knowledge management software allows its users to access information immediately, which improves the overall performance of the business. Moreover, the software enables employees to resolve their issues by themselves effectively and in time.

› Promotes Continuous Learning:

The software encourages your employees to search for the answers to all issues instead of referring them to the helpdesk. This induces an encouraging environment for continuous learning and develops creative and analytical thinking in employees.

› Provides Standardized Approaches:

An organization leverage the knowledge management software to impose a standard guide to follow by its employees. This guide eliminates misunderstandings, inconsistencies, and repetitive instructions in the workplace.

» What is the Cost of Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge management solutions at its best provide the organization with a single and unified platform for the information and knowledge to discover, access and update with ease. The software main goal is to make companies more efficient and profitable. There are several knowledge management solutions available in the market that helps your organization to gain and make the best use of the knowledge. However, each solution is excellent at one aspect with good functionality of other features. Therefore, it depends on your decision to choose the solution that fits your business needs and which can improve your business.

Most of the software providers offer a free trial, so your decision cannot turn bad if you want to try them first before investing. The price of some software solutions may be complicating and are customizable depending on your business needs. Most of the software providers offer various plans that fit your needs at affordable prices. The price varies based on your company’s size. The basic plan starts with $5/user/month for up to 5000 users. If you are a startup, it cost you approximately $50/project/month. However, you need to learn what features include in the plan you chose.

» Conclusion

It has become important for companies, especially for the IT, finance, and telecommunications industry to use the knowledge management software to sustain in this information economy era. All sizes of businesses can benefit from the software and promote business success as a whole. The software has the potential to streamline training processes for your company that faces troubles to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is knowledge management software?

You can easily organize company documentation, frequently asked questions, and other information through knowledge management software. With the help of this software, company employees and customers can easily access the information in an efficient manner as per their needs. You can manage PDF, docs, presentations, audio, video, spreadsheets, and many types of documents through this software. It provides the best option of self-service internally and externally.

What are the features of knowledge management software?

  • Content management
  • Full-text search
  • Collaboration
  • Self-service feature
  • Discussion boards
  • Access controls

What are the benefits of knowledge management software?

  • Accessible information
  • Quicker problem solving
  • Improved training feature
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost-effective and time saving

What is the best knowledge management software?

  • Zendesk
  • Freshdesk
  • Zoho Desk
  • Confluence
  • Freshservice
  • Litmos LMS
  • ClickHelp
  • eXo Platform
  • livepro
  • Yonyx
  • EduBrite
  • Zoho Connect
  • Flowlu

How much does knowledge management software cost?

The software can begin around $5.00/month to $99.00/month.


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