Top 10+ Vacation Rental Software in 2020

Vacation rental software is the best software for vacation property owners. Basically, it’s the combination of hotel and property management software. It’s quite cool featured software to increase vacation rental revenue. If you belong to vacation rental properties, so it would be a great deal for you where you can easily make your business more adorable. You can easily manage lots of things for your vacation rental business through this software. The best vacation rental software will help you to maintain contract management. You can also manage fee process and commission management through vacation rental management software. Guest and user can easily provide their valuable reviews and ratings to your business through this rental property software. If you would like to manage your leads, vacation rental software is the top-notch solution for you. You can double your business revenue with the same type of software. Even you can manage your housekeeping with reservation management with the software. It’s also a crucial feature for the vendor where you can manage all your vendors’ information and activities. If you are looking for the top-rated rental software for your business, here you can find an exclusive list of vacation rental management software by SoftwareWorld. Let’s take a look.

Best Vacation Rental Software

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List of Best Vacation Rental Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Kigo – The Trusted Global Platform for Vacation Rental Managers

Our Score 99/100

About Kigo : Designed to maximize revenue and streamline operations, Kigo allows vacation rental managers and owners to spend less time managing more properties. Kigo is a web-based, scalable solution that provides vacation rental managers all of the critical features they need in one, easy-to-use solution, including reservation management, distribution, marketing, revenue management, eSignature and websites.

Kigo Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“Good product. Even better people! – We have been using Kigo since the beginning of the year to manage our Bali villas and we cannot imagine going back. The customer support has been second to none in our case and we always have access to a Kigo team member if needed.” – Andrew Hendery

Kigo Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


130+ Reviews


05 Reviews

2. 365villas – Cloud based rental management software for short-stays

Our Score 98/100

About 365villas : 365Villas is a property management platform simplifies and streamlines your business, and at the same time, enhance your occupancy rates across your whole short-stay rental portfolio. The software does all of these by centralizing all the aspects and facets of your operations, enabling you to manage your entire business from a single location.

365villas Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“365 has helped us fix all our rental management issues, make our business more secure, and achieve huge administrative time savings. It has been a real route to optimisation and strengthening links with our guests.” – Yves & Christine Mercier

365villas Reviews

United Kingdom

11 – 50





120+ Reviews


01 Reviews

3. LiveRez – Cloud based vacation rental management software

Our Score 96/100

About LiveRez : LiveRez is a complete vacation rental software and services solution. Our solution includes a website, property management system, and online marketing services. We pride ourselves on taking a partnership approach with vacation rentals property managers to drive more bookings for their business.

LiveRez Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“You’ll know right away that they’re not just selling software. They really want to be partners in your success. In 30 years, I haven’t found that anywhere else.” – Valerie Hawkins

LiveRez Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



60+ Reviews


02 Reviews

4. Properly – Cleaning & operations management for short term rentals

Our Score 96/100

About Properly : Properly is the leading operations platform for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental property managers. Properly’s tools allow property managers to implement brand standards across their operations, instruct and manage their teams on how to perform perfect housekeeping and maintenance tasks, and provide real-time data from the field. Our Marketplace of thousands of high-quality cleaners and service providers all around the world provides hosts and PMs with the resources they need to manage and grow their business.

Properly Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Housekeeping Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“I am happy with how well it is working for us! Thanks for developing this, it seriously has made my life so much easier. I have everything scheduled for three months, it is all on autopilot, and I can enjoy my summer.” – SUSANNE YOUNG

Properly Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


40+ Reviews


01 Reviews

5. iGMS – Vacation rental software for professional hosts & companies

Our Score 96/100

About iGMS : iGMS is a vacation rental software that helps hosts to effectively handle day-to-day short-term rental management tasks. The software enables users to operate all Airbnb, HomeAway & Vrbo accounts via a single interface, with access to the same advanced functionality through the mobile app. There’s automated messaging for easier guest communication and reviews, templates, tools for team management and pricing management, and much more besides. iGMS is free for up to 4 property listings and a free 14-day trial is available (no credit card required) for hosts with 5+ properties.

iGMS Vacation Rental Features : Commission Management, Guest Communications, Housekeeping Management, Owner Statements, Reservations Management, Work Order Management, Contact Management, Guest Experience Management, Lead Management, Vendor Management

“I would not have been able to expand the way I did without this software. I was able to more than double in size (21 properties to 45) while reducing the amount of administration that was required.” – Julie V.

iGMS Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


140+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

6. Lodgify – Vacation Rental Software with a Website Builder

Our Score 96/100

About Lodgify : Lodgify is focused on building direct channel technology which empowers vacation rental owners and property managers to create a professional website and grow direct bookings, free from commissions. The company, which has twice featured in Wired’s 100 Hottest European startups list, has raised a total of $7.3 million in venture capital to date. We are an international team of more than 50 people and our HQ is based in Barcelona city center.

Lodgify Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“Support – first class. Reponsive, knowledgable and helpful. Template driven so easy to set up. Nice integration with and Airbnb so far. Good messaging system. I’m getting by with only the basic system right now but also know there is still more it can do so happy and not even using all the features.” – Simon B.

Lodgify Reviews



11 – 50





260+ Reviews


03 Reviews

7. Bookster – The software solution for your holiday rentals

Our Score 95/100

About Bookster : We believe that ‘Experiences Matter’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. Our Property Management Software for holiday rentals, Channel Manager, Template and Custom Websites are all designed to provide a great experience for your Owners, your Guests and your Business. We’ve got a whole host of tools to help you grow your business, and the best way to check them out is to register for free on our website, or ask us for a demo and we’d be delighted to talk you through them.

Bookster Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Reservations Management, Vendor Management

“I’ve worked with Bookster for 3 years now. Love the team. Love the software. The various management tools are a massive time saver.” – Emma

Bookster Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50





20+ Reviews


00 Reviews

8. Bookerville– Vacation rental software for 10 to thousands of properties

Our Score 94/100

About Bookerville : Bookerville was established to provide easy to use, customizable vacation rental management software and availability & booking calendars for multi-property vacation rental managers, do-it-yourself vacation rental owners, private vacation homeowners, bed and breakfast owners, and condo guest suite managers.

Bookerville Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found your booking platform! My business has doubled in the past year, and I know that Bookerville is a big part of that! AND you have, once again, outdone yourself with the new auto-reply email format that I was surprised with this morning! This is HUGE!” – Kelli Braxton

Bookerville Reviews


United States

02 – 10





190+ Reviews


01 Reviews

9. Vreasy– Vacation rental property & guest management

Our Score 92/100

About Vreasy : Vreasy develops a complete SaaS solution for the Vacation Rentals property managers to manage their business. The solution provides API connections to AirBnB,, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and custom websites; a Property Management System (PMS); and a Guest Management System (GMS). All the functionality a property manager needs to grow and run their business.

Vreasy Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“Vreasy has most functionalities required to manage the business of holidays rentals. The learning curve isn’t that steep, considered all the features that are packed into the service. One of the best experiences, over the software itself, for their customer support!” – luigi g.

Vreasy Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


0 Reviews

10. Uplisting – Short-term rental property management

Our Score 91/100

About Uplisting : Uplisting is a property management system for Vacation Rental owners, operators and managers. Uplisting automates lots of your daily tasks, saving you hours every day. Uplisting is a short-term rental property management software which supports property, channel and guest management with rates, bookings and availability syncing, centralized bookings, and a unified single inbox, plus linked listings, smart rates and more.

Uplisting Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Housekeeping Management, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management

“We’ve been relying on Uplisting since we started with just 5 properties, now growing to 30+ at AirManaged. We tried a number of similar products before settling on Uplisting. They listen to feedback and the user-friendly design gives us a hub to manage our properties. The team are great when we have a query. ” – Micheal from AirManaged

Uplisting Reviews


United Kingdom

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


30+ Reviews


0 Reviews

11. BookingPal – Vacation rental distribution platform for property managers

Our Score 91/100

About BookingPal : BookingPal is a cloud based travel technology company, providing a global distribution system and a centralized booking platform for short term rental properties. Short term rental property owners/managers can increase their online presence and number of bookings by distributing their inventory via BookingPal’s global distribution channels. Vacation rental properties, timeshare resorts, and corporate housing can use BookingPal’s guest generation capabilities to maximize profitability and increase efficiency of their online performance.

BookingPal Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Lead Management, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management

“BookingPal is our much needed portal to millions of people looking for vacation rentals. Our revenue has increased 20% since working with BookingPal. We recommend BookingPal to any management company that is looking to increase revenue and save time.” – Lori L. Berry

BookingPal Reviews


United States

201 – 500



Yes, get a free trial


07 Reviews


02 Reviews

12. Avantio – 360º vacation rental management system

Our Score 90/100

About Avantio : Avantio provides comprehensive vacation rental software, a channel manager with connections to 50+ vacation rental partner portals worldwide and state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly vacation rental websites for professional property management agencies.

Avantio Vacation Rental Features : Contact Management, Fee / Commission Management, Guest Reviews / Ratings, Housekeeping Management, Lead Management, Owner Statements, Payment Processing, Property Database, Reservations Management, Vendor Management, Work Order Management

“Avantio software has helped us grow our vacation rental business quickly, enabling us to manage over 60 properties as easily as the handful of properties we started out with. Thanks to this software, and the website prepared for us by Avantio, we can focus on continuing to expand our business.” – Massimo Michielan

Avantio Reviews



51 – 200





70+ Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Vacation Rental Software

Vacation Rental FeaturesKigo365villasLiveRezProperlyiGMSLodgifyBooksterBookervilleVreasyUplisting
Price$109.00/ month$29.00/ monthNot provided by vendor$5.40/ month/user$1.00/ month$27.00/ month£20.00/ month$42.00/ month$99.00/ month$50.00/ month
Contact Management          
Commission Management         
Guest Reviews / Ratings        
Housekeeping Management         
Lead Management       
Owner Statements        
Payment Processing        
Property Database        
Reservations Management         
Vendor Management         
Work Order Management        

Vacation Rental Software Buyer's Guide

Vacation rentals offer more flexibility with lodging when compared to hotels. There are more rooms available at an average in the apartments, houses, and villas worldwide than there are in hotels. This creates a big market opportunity for vacation rentals. However, vacation rental becomes difficult when it comes to booking availabilities, which you can do easily with the vacation rental software.

» What is Vacation Rental Software?

Vacation Rental software enables you to start your online website or app for online accommodation booking. You can customize the software for other businesses including home rental, apartment rental, hotels, villas, and lodges. The software helps property owners, bed and breakfast owners, vacation rental managers for automated booking, availability management, and increase their revenue.

» What are the Features of Vacation Rental Software?

Vacation rental software enables your vacation rental business to run and automate with ease. It allows property owners to create their marketplace for online room booking and reservations. The software eliminates the uneasiness of your routine vacation rental business life, with its built-in feature-rich tools.

Whether you are a startup or an established entrepreneur, you can take full advantage of the vacation rental property management software. However, you need to keep an eye out of key essential features of the software.

› Channel Manager

This feature is a must for any vacation rental software with multiple listings on multiple booking platforms. The integrated channel manager tools sync calendars across all the channels and when a booking is made, it reflects on other channels calenders eliminating the risk of double bookings.

› Centralized Calendar

This feature provides property managers the ability to view all reservations including the past, present, and upcoming, all in one location, regardless of how or where they happen.

› Unified Inbox Tools

The purpose of this feature is to make guest communication easy by centralizing all messages in one inbox. This also supports messages from other channels to your inbox.

› Automation Tools

This is one of the important features to look for in vacation rental management tools. The feature allows vacation rental managers to automate their routine operations like creating and scheduling tasks for personnel, adjusting prices as per rules, sending important information to guests regarding their journey, responding to inquiries, and activating payment methods.

› Reporting Tools

These tools help managers to organize data into clear and comprehensive reports with customizing options. You can share these reports later with relevant parties such as homeowners and staff members.

› Task Management Tools

This feature facilitates the generation, assignment, and monitoring tasks for staff that include maintenance, cleaning, reception, and more.

› Payment Processing

Your chosen software should be capable of securing the payment processing for reservations that come from outside online booking channels.

› Mobile App

A mobile app linked with the software should allow property managers to utilize most of the functionality of the software during on the go.

› Booking Site Builder

Your chosen software should build a branded website for your business, where you can independently process bookings from online travel agencies. The system should be able to pull all the client listings from its database and drives them to the direct booking site.

› Owners Portal

Home rental owners can view relevant information about their property on a separate dashboard. This feature also includes reservation schedules and bookings made on specific dates for them to use their properties.

» What are the Benefits of Vacation Rental Software?

When it comes to selecting, implementing vacation rental management software into your business, you need to consider the benefits against the costs. The software helps you grow your business by adding more properties and running reports to see how you are performing. Here are some of the key benefits of using quality vacation rental software:

› Generate More Bookings

You can integrate your bookings and availability calendars into your website to provide guests the ability to view and book with you immediately.

› Run How You Want

You can run your calendar either in manager-centric or guest-centric mode, allowing guests to send requests or book for themselves.

› Saves Admin Time

With several customizable options available, the software empowers you to view all the details and overall status of bookings. This saves your time and effort.

› Effortless Booking Process

With the vacation rental property management system, you can track and view the availability, send quotes, bookings, contracts, payments, check-ins and outs, returning deposits, asking for reviews, who owes you money, and which properties are ready or cleaning, all you can handle seamlessly.

› Manage Multiple Users

Your software provides your managers, staff, and agents with special logins to view certain information on designated properties to do their jobs with ease.

› Easy Communication

One of the best benefits of using the software is, you can use its professional email templates to provide guests the required information of when, where, and how much quickly and automatically. By setting reminders, you can send automated emails to guests, cleaners, owners, and vendors regarding check-in instructions, reviewing the property, driving directions, and other instructions.

» What is the Cost of Vacation Rental Software?

People prefer vacation rental for more comfortable accommodation within their budget. This has increased the rate of booing from various customers and online booking providers with different accommodation options at different price ranges. Sometimes this creates troubles in bookings and availability. However, you can put an end to these troubles with the vacation management software. With its features and many benefits, it is worth to use vacation rental software for your business.

You can use a free trial version for a limited period to use how the software works and to determine if it is beneficial for your business. The price of the vacation rental software varies from vendor to vendor and also depends on your business needs. By doing some research you can choose the best vacation rental software from the pool of software products available in the market. The cost of the software starts at $30/month/property and $90/month for multiple properties.

» Conclusion

The vacation management software is a great benefit for property owners and vacation managers, as it helps them to keep up with their routines of property management. With all the benefits this software offers, you can shop for one for your business needs. However, consider taking time to define your needs, budget, and software available in your place. There will be no value for your money, time, and effort if your chosen software cannot give you what you want.

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