List of Top 10 HR Case Management Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is HR case management software? 

This software supports HR personnel and organizations to file, administer and resolve requests and cases related to employee relations confidentially and effectively. This system is also known as employee relations case management software. This tool automates and standardizes HR processes previously done manually; they include cases related to disciplinary compliances, employee grievances, sick leaves for the long term, and more. 

» How to choose the best HR case management software?

Before buying the best HR case management software for your company, you should consider a few aspects. First, you should gather requirements like RFI and RFP for the software. You should be clear enough to analyze features that are the most useful and those that aren’t required in your company. Next, you should compare different systems available in the market by taking demos and free trials. 

The following step is to choose a panel expert to check HR case management software per your company’s requirements, norms, and budget. Negotiation is also an essential part of the purchase process – your selection team should be able to do this job so that you get all the required HR case management features within your budget. 

Lastly, once you have short-listed the software, you should check the customer ratings and unbiased reviews on social media platforms and search engines. All these aspects shall help you in making a perfect decision. If you are looking for the top software, here you can find the list of popular software. Please check.

» Top 10 HR Case Management Software in 2023

best HR case management software

1. HR Acuity


HR Acuity can help equip you with all the best HR management tools in the market. It has a way of managing problems that arise and help you prioritize problems by severity so you can handle each one the same way. It is also the finest in managing important details like parties, problems, interim actions, and investigative team members. It is well-known for delving deeply into cutting-edge research on employee relations to assist you in determining where and how quickly your business may expand. Using HR Acuity, you can assess how well your company does in employee relations and discover new ways to improve these interactions.


  • Prioritizes employee relations 
  • Extensively process-oriented
  • Adequate investigation and documentation 
  • Detailed analytics and reports 
  • Reviewable processes 
  • Clear visibility and flexibility 


  • It provides you with a comprehensive system and process that you can use to get to the root of any issues your company may face starting from general behavior falls to unacceptable behavior like harassment.
  • It provides you with the best tools for documentation and investigative practices in the market to tackle employee-related problems. 
  • It can help you understand all confidentiality and security measures you must maintain in case of any issues. 


HR Acuity offers customized packages upon request; therefore, you must contact their sales department for more details on pricing and package options.

2. Workpro HR


Workpro HR is a simple tool for managing problems from the bottom up. It can help you deal with any problem, from complaints to discipline issues. You can also benefit from accurate recording, careful handling, and fair, consistent management. As HR case management software, Workpro can access the information you need from your standard systems, such as employee names and details. However, it takes HR and personnel management & case management to a new level of competence. It can help you automate processes, keep track of time frames at a glance, and make reports. All these things give you the control and consistency you need to treat employees fairly every time.


  • Unbiased and consistent 
  • Complete oversight of management 
  • Standard reports and analysis 
  • Flags issues before they’re tangible problems 
  • Heavily customizable and expendable 


  • It is easy to understand and very simple to use. If there are any problems, it even comes with training.
  • It works with all systems, such as social media, platforms for communication, and other business platforms. So, you can work on different parts of the same problem without having to leave this interface.
  • It’s also open to changes; if clients think the service needs to improve, they can give feedback.


Workpro HR provides exclusive features in the HR case management software; therefore, if you want to subscribe, please get in touch with their sales department. They will provide a free consultation and demo to ensure you receive a tailor-made package per your requirements and budget.

3. Dovetail Software

Dovetail Software-best-hr-case-management-software

Dovetail Software is regarded as the most convenient automated HR case management software. It comes with the HR Home Console or Dashboard, which shows the HR team how much work they have to do. On the screen for making a Dovetail Case, an HR team member can also see if an existing case exists. This helps them because the HR team member can get results immediately and see all the HCM core data for the employee. So, Dovetail can help you make HR more responsive and improve relations between HR and employees.


  • Detailed case tracking and escalation 
  • Solid audit timelines
  • Streamlines process for employee issues 
  • Personalized dashboards and systems 
  • Automatic knowledge search with keywords 


  • It will help you streamline processes as this software increases HR responsiveness, leading to better employee response and satisfaction. 
  • It lets you keep an eye on, track, and solve cases. During the lifecycle of a case, there may be times when a senior HR team member or team leader needs to be brought in, and Dovetail does it most efficiently. 
  • It makes the workplace move faster because you can quickly access emails and notes that have already been written. This saves your HR team time and gives your employees the same answer every time.


Dovetail Software offers the best-in-class solutions when it comes to HR case management software. If you want to buy a customized package for your enterprise, please get in touch with their sales department. They will provide a free consultation and demo to ensure you receive a tailor-made package per your requirements and budget.

4. LaborSoft


LaborSoft is an all-around case management software for human resources. It’s a one-login solution that lets you keep track of employees, incidents, and cases no matter where they are. LaborSoft gives you all of the tools you need in one place to make managing employees and labor relations more accessible and more efficient. They have a firm policy and system for protecting data, and data is backed up in several secure databases in different places. It also works with the HR databases you already have and puts all your employees in one place.


  • Robust data protection system 
  • Compatible with existing systems and software 
  • Incident and Discipline oversight 
  • Powerful analytics for timely results 
  • Precision and accuracy in results


  • It can help you easily and quickly check the records of employees or run reports on the whole staff based on any criteria you need. You can pin down big problems or find a worker ready for a promotion.
  • It would keep employees from getting off scot-free if they did something wrong. It checks all punishments and reports, including when they were done and if there were any more violations.
  • They have a module for EEO that has all the necessary documents and filings and keeps track of any active claims or complaints. This makes it more accurate and up-to-date.


LaborSoft offers feature-rich HR software, especially HR case management tools. They provide a free consultation and live demo upon request that fits your company norms, budget, and team requirements. Contact their customer support or sales team for the best-customized options. 

5. Zoho People

Zoho People-best-hr-case-management-software

As an HR case management system, Zoho People is both efficient and trendy and the most cost-effective. It can help you sort and organize questions, keep track of their status, and quickly answer them from a central location with a knowledge base that is easy to find if you want to avoid the chaos of back-and-forth emails, phone calls, or missed questions. Zoho People makes it easy for employees to get in touch with HR no matter where they are. It makes communication much more manageable and more accessible to check employees’ progress.


  • Attendance and shift management records 
  • Precise analytics and reports 
  • Timely feedback process for better results 
  • Quick access to organizational knowledge tools 
  • Standard interaction platform 


  • It can significantly help you streamline case management, as it is a valuable tool that makes it easy to handle questions and lets employees get in touch with the right expert.
  • It helps you build a direct line of communication between HR and the employees, making the process easier and avoiding confusion.
  • It also provides tasks for additional help in case you require it after installing the case management software. 


Zoho People offers variant packages for HR case management software. All packages are designed for monthly and yearly subscriptions; however, we recommend you choose yearly packages as they are cost-effective. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

  • Essential HR: $48/month per user
  • Professional: $96/month per user
  • Premium: $144/month per user
  • Enterprise: $192/month per user
  • People Plus: $350/month per user

You should contact their sales department for more details if you want a more customized solution.

6. Ciphr


The case management features in Ciphr HR are very effective. With Ciphr HR, your HR staff can record, manage, and monitor cases safely and effectively, allowing you to deliver a consistent, timely level of service while lowering the risk of non-compliance. It can help you keep a safe, accurate record of the history of each case and give you accurate reports on case data. As an HR case management system, Ciphr is known for how well it analyzes trends and makes work more efficient.


  • Defined workflow for each case
  • Efficient query management and resolution 
  • 100% compliance with GDPR 
  • Policy aligning priorities and outcomes 
  • Safe storage of correspondence records 


  • It can help you resolve cases quickly through its features like defined workflow, automatic reminders, and templates making the work easier and helping you stay on track. 
  • It can help you control your HR team by setting case owners and distributors and deciding who works on what aspect. 
  • It creates an auditable trail, keeping you out of trouble as it stores correspondence and supporting documents for each case. 


Ciphr provides automated HR case management software customized per the client’s requirements and norms. They will design a feature-rich package that suits your needs within your set budget. Don’t hesitate to contact their sales team or customer support for a free demo and consultation.

7. ServiceNow


ServiceNow is one of the best HR case management solutions. It provides a centralized area to manage queries, monitor their progress, and provide answers from an easily accessible knowledge source. You can avoid the confusion of repeated communications such as emails, phone calls, and unanswered queries. Through ServiceNow, workers can easily communicate with HR from any location. It streamlines interactions and allows for more straightforward monitoring of staff performance.


  • Centralized HR workspace 
  • Modern, intuitive dashboards 
  • Secure employee data 
  • Detailed analysis reports 
  • Improved self-service 


  • It’s an excellent tool for quickly and easily writing out FAQs and other commonly asked questions for your knowledge base.
  • It increases protection for documents and information in employee relations cases and improves confidentiality.
  • It can provide insight into employee questions and requests’ frequency and nature.


ServiceNow offers personalized solutions for human resources case management software; they design it per the client’s needs and requests. You must contact their sales team or customer support with your needs and terms to ensure they design a package within your budget and offer you a free demo and consultation. 

8. Infor HCM

Infor HCM-best-hr-case-management-software

It is cutting-edge software among the best HR case management tools.  Infor HR Service helps businesses of any size get more done with less work. In the age of digital human resources, this cutting-edge, multi-tiered service platform lets workers handle over 70% of their everyday transactions and questions independently. It helps save both the business and HR time and money. If employees have more freedom and the HR self-service system is updated, HR will have more time to work on strategic projects.


  • Robust case routing 
  • Strengthened reports of the analytics 
  • Service-level agreement tracking 
  • Professional surveys 
  • Service delivery knowledge base integration 


  • It is incredibly accessible as it has an integrated user platform that can be used anywhere from any place with basic controls and safety measures in place.
  • It might help you enhance your case management procedures by gathering helpful comments from your staff once a case has been resolved. This will be very useful in the future.
  • It avoids delays and tackles cases as efficiently as possible by allowing agents and managers access to monitor and resolve cases quickly. 


Infor HCM offers a see our software feature that allows you to check the end-to-end capabilities of their HR case management software. Contact their customer service or sales team for a quote and free consultation. Discuss your requirements with them, and they will offer you a customized package that is feature-rich, useful to your company, and perfectly fits your budget.

9. Neocase HR

Neocase HR-best-hr-case-management-software

As a human resources case management system, Neocase enables agents to efficiently manage and respond to all incoming inquiries, reducing costs and boosting morale. It is the software for you if you want to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks to focus on producing more value for your colleagues and superiors. HR administrative tasks may be completed more quickly with the help of process automation technologies, and as a result, your employees can have a more personalized experience. 


  • Effective Business Process Management 
  • Attractive Real-Time Dashboards 
  • Efficient Self-Service portal 
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Business Intelligence


  • It makes the work easier and more accessible as it stores all your data in one place while maintaining all safety measures for protecting sensitive or confidential data. 
  • It gives agents enough power to handle effectively and address any requests that are received by the service center, leading to a reduction in operating expenses and an increase in employee satisfaction.
  • It makes work more organized because it keeps track of the progress of each task within a case and automatically sends cases to the correct agents to keep the workload even.


NeoCase HR provides a fully customized package per your needs, terms, and budget. It offers you an end-to-end capacity of HR services. You must contact the sales team for a quote and free consultation. Discuss your requirements with them, and they will offer you a customized package that is feature-rich, useful to your company, and perfectly fits your budget.

10. Sunrise HRCM

Sunrise HRCM-best-hr-case-management-software

Sunrise HRCM is the best way to handle HR Service Delivery and Shared Services. With this software, HR teams will not only use single platform accessibility for multiple employee interactions, but they will also be able to automate and manage key HR processes. They will also be able to spot trends over time and ensure that problem-solving and advice are consistent and correct. This software also has a lot of experience managing and automating workflow, tasks, and processes. It is one of the top HR case management software.


  • Complete visibility of HR data 
  • Improved employee relations
  • Quickly up-skilled staff
  • Consistency of service to the organization
  • Complete Control


  • It gives you the best way to manage your employees and easy access to the latest and most accurate information about them when needed.
  • It has a lot of easy-to-use reporting options that will give you the information you need when you need it.
  • It comes with an HRCM service desk that gives you a central place to keep track of all your questions and cases.


Sunrise HRCM provides HR case management systems customized per the client’s requirements and norms. They will design a feature-rich package that suits your needs within your set budget. Please get in touch with their sales team or customer support for a free demo and consultation.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What are the main benefits of HR case management software? 

HR case management software is a system that is easy to use and streamlines your most important HR tasks. This software automates all HR processes becoming a highly time-saving option. Employee management is extraordinarily manageable and helps the HR department stay more organized. It helps prioritize HR processes and allows you to track the status of requests and raised issues. It improves collaboration with workflow automation.

2. Which HR software system is right for me?

HR case management system that is feature-rich and useful to your company’s requirements is the right one for you. The features that should be included are dashboards, a knowledge base, reporting and personalization, case management tools, SLA management, business process management, survey analytics, email management, and confidential collaboration. This is the right option if these features are part of your software subscription.

3. How easy is it to set up automated HR case management software?

Setting up the system is pretty easy, and the basic setup and “going live” can be done quickly. No matter what software tool you choose, it will take longer to set up a complete account with all documents in the system. This depends on how quickly the documents are available online.

4. What kind of data security measures are in place? 

Data security measures differ based on which software company you choose; most are protected and locate their data on multiple sites to protect it. 

5. Will you be locked into a contract after you install the software? 

The terms and conditions, packages, and subscriptions vary depending on the client’s operations. Monthly and annual packages are available; your contract locking period ultimately depends on your membership. Also, you can always opt-in for an extension.

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