List of Top 10 Cloud Management Software In 2023 (Free & Paid)

All the service providers are looking for new and innovative ways in order to monetize the infrastructure and the biggest opportunity is provided to them by cloud computing. A Cloud Management Software is uniquely designed for operating and monitoring the applications, services, and data that reside within the cloud. The software helps in managing the various elements that are associated with a cloud platform, which includes both the virtual as well as physical resources. The cloud service provider software is beneficial for organizations in several ways. Cloud management is capable of making instant deliveries, which helps in keeping your customers intact. If you are using cloud management software in a proper manner, it helps in saving a lot of money and introduces new streams of revenue. The software is capable of providing a competitive advantage to a particular organization with the help of self-service provisioning. To find out the top 10 cloud management software for your business, continue reading the list that has been coined by SoftwareWorld.

Best Cloud Management Software

What are the Best Cloud Management Software in 2023?

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List of Best Cloud Management Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Datadog – Monitoring Service for IT

Our Score 99/100

About Datadog : The user can see all things like servers, clouds, metrics, apps, and teams together in one place through Datadog; it’s best cloud management software where the user can find dashboard, infrastructure, collaboration, alerts, machine learning feature, APM features, logs management feature and much more. It’s a modern monitoring and analytics platform to see all metrics from apps, tools, and services in one place.

Datadog Cloud Management Features : Capacity Analytics, Demand Monitoring, Performance Analytics, SLA Management, Supply Monitoring

“Easy to get going and sorted and set up. Consistent and reliable software package. At the initial install of the trial I loved it. Its all we required in an app of this nature with a sys monitoring system and an API. Made life a lot simpler for the business needing this software I was advising.” – Tracey M.

Datadog Reviews


United States

501 – 1000





90+ Reviews


200+ Reviews

2. Skeddly – Automated cloud management for Amazon Web Services

Our Score 98/100

About Skeddly : Get scheduled automation for your cloud with Skeddly; it’s an automated cloud management software for Amazon web services. Skeddly is easy to use software offers an automatic backup feature to the businesses; it’s also helpful to automate IT tasks. It’s secure and reliable cloud server management software for easy scheduling and automatically managing work. The user can manage snapshots and reduce costs with Skeddly.

Skeddly Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Billing & Provisioning, Cost Management, Multi-Cloud Management, Performance Analytics, SLA Management

“Convenient, reliable, and very inexpensive. I’ve used Skeddly for years, in 4 companies so far, whenever I’ve used AWS. It makes best practices easy to implement, including backups, disaster recovery, and cost control. The feature list seems to expand every few months, so the value keeps expanding without programming or effort on my part.” – Ken N

Skeddly Reviews

Eleven41 Software


02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


50+ Reviews


02 Reviews

3. ParkMyCloud – Reduce cloud costs by 65%. Automate instance scheduling

Our Score 97/100

About ParkMyCloud :  Reduce cloud cost automatically with the best cloud management software; ParkMyCloud automatically schedule cloud resources; the software also helps the users to optimize cloud costs by identifying and eliminating wasted spend. The user can manage multiple public cloud accounts to increase scalability & control; he/she can also save time & development resources with automating schedule on/off feature for public cloud resources. This software is the best platform to gain visibility through a single view.

ParkMyCloud Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Capacity Analytics, Cost Management, Multi-Cloud Management, Performance Analytics

“Easy way to save dollars spent on cloud. The incredibly easy to use interface. Rather than spend time creating scripts and functions to start and stop our EC2 instances, we can open the ParkMyCloud application and set the schedule for the instance I only want running for a limited timeframe.” – Samantha H.

ParkMyCloud Reviews


United States

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


60+ Reviews


07 Reviews

4. Rubrik – All Your Apps. Instantly Available.

Our Score 95/100

About Rubrik : Protect, automate, and govern all applications across your hybrid cloud with Rubrik; the best cloud data management software is the best option for the digital transformation. Rubrik is a secure cloud platform for data management where the user can find a simpler & faster backup solution. The software offers the fastest recoveries for On-premise and cloud data management. It’s one of the best enterprise backup software for leading businesses.

Rubrik Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Billing & Provisioning, Capacity Analytics, Cost Management, Demand Monitoring, Multi-Cloud Management, Performance Analytics, SLA Management, Supply Monitoring, Workflow Approval

“Rubrik has allowed us to stop focusing on the minutiae of running a homegrown backup storage/orchestration product and focus on automation of the infrastructure/deployment instead. Rubrik has improved the performance of our backup jobs, allowing us to perform more backups with fewer resources overall.” – Jon H.

Rubrik Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



30+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

5. Torii – SaaS usage & cost tracking, optimization & control solution

Our Score 93/100

About Torii : Manage all SaaS apps in one single place with Torii; it’s SaaS management platform for the modern IT. The user can get full visibility into all SaaS applications; he/she can easily know that who is using which SaaS in the organization with the help of Torii. This software is also helpful to optimize SaaS utilization based on data analytics to reduce costs. The user can also get insight and alert feature through this cloud management software.

Torii Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Billing & Provisioning, Cost Management, Demand Monitoring, SLA Management, Supply Monitoring, Workflow Approval

“As a company with over 150 SaaS products, Torii helps us manage everything from a single hub. Right from the start, Torii unveiled a lot of SaaS tools that we just didn’t know our employees are using. The automatic discovery of applications works extremely well and the ability to manage everything from one place..” – Boaz K.

Torii Reviews

Torii Labs


11 – 50


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


07 Reviews


10+ Reviews

6. Netreo– Monitoring and Stability as a Service for Cloud Systems

Our Score 93/100

About Netreo: Discover the advanced cloud monitoring solution with the best cloud management software; Netreo is leading software to visualize all systems and resources in one place and the user can analyze those resources through the dashboard. The software also provides automate issue resolution feature and also helps to optimize cloud costs. The user can get the ability to manage multiple customers with a single place through Netreo.

Netreo Cloud Management Features : Capacity Analytics, Cost Management, Demand Monitoring, Multi-Cloud Management, Performance Analytics, SLA Management

“Great tool for monitoring and automation of cloud and on-premise resources. In my opinion the greatest benefit of Netreo is its ability not only to monitor and send alerts but also to execute automatic self-healing actions and auto-scale resources in real time. Really perfect data insight with the help of dashboards.” – Oleh M.

Netreo Reviews


United States

2 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


09 Reviews


03 Reviews

7. Bitnami – Packaged Applications for Any Platform

Our Score 92/100

About Bitnami : The software automatically packages, deploy and maintain applications; through Bitnami, the user can deploy 130+ ready-to-run applications from application categologe and also use Bitnami stacksmith to package and migrate custom in-house applications to the cloud. This is the best cloud management software for the small, mid-sized and enterprise level businesses. The user can easily take their cloud management to next level with Bitnami.

Bitnami Cloud Management Features : Multi-Cloud Management

“Allowed me to test a lot of software without buying a lot of equipment. In my company, we’re always exploring new software packages to see if it can be rolled out company wide. Server software/applications require specific settings to work properly, and I can’t spend an hour just to set it up. Bitnami makes it super easy to deploy.” – Rocky K.

Bitnami Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



0 Reviews


10+ Reviews

8. Virtana – Meet your objectives through ongoing capacity and cost optimization

Our Score 91/100

About Virtana: With Virtana Optimize, you can optimize your cloud capacity and cost in real time to achieve complete visibility into your multi-cloud expenses. Scale smarter through real-time data collection and analytics to ensure you stay on budget by proactively identifying wasted resources and expense, rightsizing instances to match capacity needs, and optimizing your programmatic discounts to capture long-term savings. Virtana Optimize is a module of the Virtana Platform.

Virtana Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Billing & Provisioning, Capacity Analytics, Cost Management, Multi-Cloud Management, Performance Analytics

“Great Product, a Better Team, and the Best Support. Flexibility and Support. Almost anything you can imagine stats wise can be done with Virtana and their support is amazing, I meant it. The support is so good that it makes you feel bad inside for not using the product more. The weekly reports are also amazing!” – Adam W.

Virtana Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$5.00/mo with annual contract



20+ Reviews


02 Reviews

9. Abiquo – Hybrid cloud management software

Our Score 91/100

About Abiquo : The user can quickly build and monetize cloud services through Abiquo; it’s a cloud management software to manage hybrid, private or public cloud infrastructure from an intuitive place. The user can easily visualize, manage, automate, burst, and scale workloads across any cloud through Abiquo. It’s the best option to create a control on internal and public cloud resources. The user can also automate their all cloud resources through Abiquo’s API.

Abiquo Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Billing & Provisioning, Capacity Analytics, Cost Management, Demand Monitoring, Multi-Cloud Management, Performance Analytics, Workflow Approval

“Abiquo’s support throughout our selection process has been outstanding. We tested Abiquo with a range of hypervisors, and in every case, it just worked! The support team have also been great to work with, and the features they offer will allow us to maintain a leading position in our market.” – David Feeley

Abiquo Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



06 Reviews


01 Reviews

10. Cloudcraft– Cloud architecture visualization

Our Score 90/100

About Cloudcraft : Create smart AWS diagrams and visualize your cloud architecture like a pro with Cloudcraft; the user can easily design professional architecture diagrams in a minute with the Cloudcraft visual designer, it’s optimized for AWS with smart components. The user can see the current configuration and cost by clicking on any component and add documents directly to their diagrams and AWS resources through Cloudcraft.

Cloudcraft Cloud Management Features : Access Control, Billing & Provisioning, Cost Management, Multi-Cloud Management

“Best visualizing software for Cloud Architecture. It’s a great tool for creating AWS online, User interface is very simple and clean. Importing AWS from account to cloudcraft is very easy. For beginner to create and design architectures It’s the best software. Connecting to cloud is amazing feature.” – Depp L.

Cloudcraft Reviews


United States

11 – 50





05 Reviews


01 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Cloud Management Software

Cloud Management Features Datadog Skeddly ParkMyCloud Rubrik Torii Netreo Bitnami Virtana Optimize Abiquo Cloudcraft
Price $15.00/ month $0.15/ month $2.00/ month Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor $5.00/month Not provided by vendor $5.00/ month Not provided by vendor $49.00/ month/user
Access Control              
Billing & Provisioning            
Capacity Analytics            
Cost Management                
Demand Monitoring            
Multi-Cloud Management                
Performance Analytics              
SLA Management          
Supply Monitoring      
Workflow Approval      

Cloud Management Software Buyer's Guide

Cloud management is a technology designed to manage and maintain the data, products, and services related to cloud computing residing in the cloud. Cloud management activities generally involve various tasks such as performance monitoring, security, compliance auditing, and disaster recovery and contingency plans.

The management of these data, applications, and services residing in the cloud is a challenging job. We have overcome these challenges of cloud computing with a variety of cloud management platforms and tools that includes native tools offered by public cloud providers and third-party tools designed to provide functionality uniformly across multiple cloud providers.

» What is Cloud management software?

Cloud management tools are helpful to monitor all types of cloud-related activities -- resource deployment, use tracking, data integration, and disaster recovery as well. In addition, cloud management tools enable to control the infrastructure, platforms, applications, and data.

Public cloud providers use highly specialized management software or tools for monitoring, cost management, and to maintain the data securely and for other services. But these public cloud management tools restrict their users to only perform limited tasks and reporting, without much insight into their infrastructure.

Third-party providers offer public cloud management platforms to supplement providers' native tools. Such tools can work across multiple public cloud provider platforms.

Some of the organizations use their in-house tools for private cloud management. Such tools are platform-specific management software that offers advanced software structures designed to manage complex private and hybrid cloud deployments.

» What are the features of Cloud management software?

Cloud server management software is actually deployed in the cloud environment as a virtual machine containing a database and a server. The server interacts with APIs for connecting the database with the virtual resources for it to collect performance-related information and data analysis been sent to cloud admin to analyze the cloud performance.

Cloud management platforms and tools must provide basic functionality that can be provided natively or through third-party integration to enable organizations to deploy, manage, maintain, monitor and control applications in a cost-effective way.

» Easy access to resources - With the self-service capabilities, users are allowed to access public and private cloud to review their present resources, who can also create, modify and delete resource allocations.

» Automation - With workflow automation, it enables cloud consumption and helps organizations meet their reporting and deployment services.

» Access-control - With cloud management software, it is easy to secure the data on the cloud environment. The cloud server management platform manages role-based access to cloud data and services and enforces security configurations.

» Service-provider - Cloud management tools provide a platform to collect the service request from the user and to fulfill the service to access and deploy cloud resources.

» Manage logs - The cloud management tool takes care of monitoring and logging of cloud-based activities by automating incident management and log aggregation.

» Cost-effective - Cost management and optimization are some of the most important features of cloud server management software. It enables users to track and optimize cloud spending, align capacity and performance to its demand.

» Data security, Backup, and Recovery - Along with the above-mentioned features, data protection, disaster recovery, and data mobility and data replication are also the most important features of the cloud management tools.

» Automated services - Organizations with cloud implementations on the bigger scale may need large cloud service management platform that may have to perform specific functionalities like managing multiple platforms from a single point of reference, automate processes like application lifecycle management, the ability to handle system failures automatically which can be done with self-monitoring, notifying explicitly, and self-healing capabilities.

» What are the benefits of Cloud management software?

With cloud management software managing the resources of a cloud platform has become a very easy job, be it physical and virtual resources. It automatically administers management tasks to help optimize your resource usage. Some of the main benefits of cloud management services are:

» Saves money - Organizations can save money using third-party providers by outsourcing cloud management. It typically reduces money spent on program maintenance, investment in maintaining staff, and their training. However, the maintenance of cloud-based resources and their security is challenging and at most priority. But outsourcing to one of the best cloud management service providers can solve the problem. This saves huge costs spent on paying salary to the maintenance staff, instead, you tend to pay nominal subscription fees for your data maintenance in the cloud. And this cloud maintenance and management service subscription rate is based on your needs.

» Data security and quick recovery - Effective cloud management practices strengthen and support high security and reduce the possibility of data loss or theft. The data is properly secured and their operational continuity is monitored and maintained, which includes regular data backups and managed services. One of the most important services is to keep backups at regular intervals. This is very helpful at times of major data disrupt to provide quick data recovery. During the time of any kind of disaster, your business and operations can continue without being interrupted with minimal downtime.

» Scalability - With the growth in the organization, the need for cloud usage may change. Cloud management services offer scalability for usage and growth by automatically allocating more resources that might be needed. Cloud service pricing can be adjusted according to usage.

» What can be the cost of Cloud management software?

Cloud cost management software has become one of the most essential platforms for companies to control their cloud services-related spending by monitoring the company’s resource usage and computing needs. This software is integrated with the cloud infrastructure offering to minimize the costs of their pay-as-you-go model. Cloud management software is beneficial for companies by alerting resources of lowered demand or automatically scaling usage to optimal rates. Organizations use cloud management tools to increase the efficiency of their cloud service usage. Best cloud management software also monitors and manages expenditure spent on cloud applications rather than cloud infrastructure.

There are many cloud management software available in the market at present. Few of them are open-source available for free. Other cloud management service providers charges can be based on monthly subscription, yearly subscription, or one-time license based.

» Conclusion

An effective cloud management services are beneficial for organizations to get rid of unwanted cloud expenses and efficiently optimize the cloud resources cost-effectively. The cloud management platform is a coalition of resources such as software, automation, policies, governance, determines how cloud computing services can be made available. The organizations benefit better by hiring third-party providers to manage your data on the cloud around the clock.

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