Top 10+ Best CMMS Software & Tools In 2020

A Computerized Maintenance Management software (CMMS) is a bundle of applications used to manage the organization database regarding the maintenance operations. It is used to simplify maintenance operations. It helps maintenance teams to maintain the record of all assets and keep a historical record of processed work. It is also known as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. It provides a central storage location for the data and information of a company's assets. It manages and controls the company's work and materials management. It helps in tracking maintenance activity over the life cycle of the assets of a company. Are you planning on buying a CMMS software? With several Computerized Maintenance management software in the market, it is difficult to know and distinguish the best ones. SoftwareWorld brings you a list to choose from the top-rated CMMS software.

Best CMMS Software

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List of Best CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management) Software | Top CMMS System Reviews

1. Maintenance Connection – Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Our Score 97/100

About Maintenance Connection : Accredited by major software reviewing sites, Maintainance Connection is a world-class CMMS platform that excels in Facility management and Asset Management as well. There is a large scope for long-term business as this software provides a rank based solution using customer reviews and product information. Maintenance Connection has expertise in managing data transfers, projects, stakeholder’s interest, and timelines by implementing successful CMMS software. Maintenance Connection successfully connects with over 35 million maintenance professionals to improve facility operations and overall performances of the company.

Maintenance Connection CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Key & Lock Management, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“This CMMS has significantly lightened our work order load; One employee was getting well over 100 phone calls a day. Now, he’s getting a fifth of those a day. The reporting makes sure all of our inspections are done on time. We have rolled out Maintenance Connection to as many departments as possible.” – Josh Hazelton

Maintenance Connection Reviews

Maintenance Connection

United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



280+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

2. Fiix– Fiix is your fastest path to better maintenance.

Our Score 95/100

About Fiix : Businesses looking for easy to use software that generates skyrocketing productivity may find Fiix as the best CMMS software. Fiix is fast, secure and one of the best cloud best CMMS platform for maintenance and asset management. This software quickly organizes maintenance activities at one go. Fiix is specially built for businesses to simplify the complicated maintenance work and bring out the best from the employee’s team. The intricate features guarantee double efficiency among the working team.

Fiix CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Key & Lock Management, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“One of the main uses for Fiix in the company is to make a request for something to get fixed. I like the fact that you can find things [in the system] easily. The staff like that they can view just what they want, and are not bogged down by a bunch of information [that they don’t need]” – Dena Earich

Fiix Reviews



51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


250+ Reviews


05 Reviews

3. eMaint CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management Software

Our Score 94/100

About eMaint CMMS : eMaint CMMS software is a scalable, flexible, and configurable platform that allows the growth of the business by eliminating the constraints of the maintenance management system. eMaint offers a wide range of subscription packages which is designed for all types of business sizes. eMaint performs reporting, scheduling, task management, predictive maintenance, inventory management, mobile maintenance, asset management, and work management for a scalable growth of the business. the software is equipped with multi-tasker tools and helps the business to visualize interactive plans for the future.

eMaint CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Key & Lock Management, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“Overall we are very satisfied with all parts of the program and service. It’s nice to find a company still solely dedicated to customer service.” – Chris Miller

eMaint CMMS Reviews

Fluke Corporation

United States

51 – 200





270+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

4. IndySoft – On-premise & web-based calibration and asset management

Our Score 93/100

About IndySoft : A one-stop solution for all the CMMS system software, IndySoft is one of the best CMMS platforms for futuristic projects. The software has a robust set of asset management features, calibration management features and tooling management features. IndySoft understands the needs of business and provides a customizable platform in return. One can create customizable reports, clone stickers, or interactive flowcharts for a better understanding of the workflow. The software offers a granular security option with over 2500 checkpoints.

IndySoft CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“Record keeping. We run the whole lab on this software. From supplier control to Document control systems and corrective action. Huge benefit in being able to link all these systems together. You could adapt this software to anything.” – brad C.

IndySoft Reviews


United States

11 – 50





20+ Reviews


01 Reviews

5. EZOfficeInventory – Asset Tracking and Maintenance Software

Our Score 98/100

About EZOfficeInventory : Manage your business assets irrespective of location with EZOfficeInventory software. This tremendously useful CMMS equipment comes with a comprehensive log for each type of assets. This not only makes it easy for the business to track the complete asset lifecycle but streamline the workflow accordingly. EZ office software analyses report that favors in reducing overall costs and systematized allocation of resources. The software is available on iOS and Android mobile apps for easy on-site tracking.

EZOfficeInventory CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“We needed an easy solution to track our field assets, as items would be misplaced or forgotten about. We found EZOfficeInventory, did a 30-day demo, liked it, and ended up purchasing it. It has been very effective in eliminating our issues, as well as making reservations and possession of equipment transparent. Well worth the money.” – Carlos

EZOfficeInventory Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


780+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

6. UpKeep – Mobile computerized maintenance management software

Our Score 99/100

About UpKeep : The UpKeep CMMS mobile app is noteworthy of its easy to use features and enhancing more productivity. This top-ranked CMMS software eases the maintenance procedure and helps in creating a checklist to track work orders. UpKeep allows the management to schedule the orders on a runtime calendar for easy tracking. UpKeep provides insight reports that help in making data-driven decisions and generate financial audits. Businesses can maintain inventory, work requests, technicians, and service history management through this versatile mobile application.

UpKeep CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Key & Lock Management, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“It’s an easy app – you can really figure it out by yourself. Customer service support is really awesome.” – Jonathan Price

UpKeep Reviews

UpKeep Technologies

United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


1060+ Reviews


220+ Reviews

7. MicroMain – Maintenance management for data-driven operations

Our Score 92/100

About MicroMain : Since 1991, MicroMain has been a non-stoppable maintenance software for businesses irrespective of size. MicroMain is one of the best on-premise CMMS software that understands the need for customizable features for a growing business. whether it is asset management, calibration management, inventory management or maintenance management; MicroMain is one box for all! The software helps the business in staying complied with the performance audit reports and streamlined facilities.

MicroMain CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Key & Lock Management, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“MicroMain’s software is so easy to use I was able to understand the system almost instantly. Projects that used to take hours to do are now done in minutes.” – E’Lise Tozzi

MicroMain Reviews


United States

11 – 50





20+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

8. Tenna – Asset & inventory management for Construction Companies

Our Score 91/100

About Tenna : Tenna is one of the best CMMS software that accomplishes premium asset management facilities as well. For large business houses that are unable to keep a track of assets and thus face losses due to unproductivity may find Tenna highly convincible. This software helps in tracking scattered business asset along with inventory tracking. The software is easy to use, fast, scalable, flexible, and accessible on mobile for a better understanding of the business. track your assets history with the integrated GPRS asset tracking solution and maximize productivity.

Tenna CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Service History Tracking, Work Order Management

“We are very early in the implementation process — can’t comment on much except the implementation/training was well done – very helpful and open to future assistance. Implementation was well executed. Customer rep was very helpful. ” – Gene S.

Tenna Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


09 Reviews


01 Reviews

9. Maintenance Care CMMS – The Best CMMS Maintenance Management Software

Our Score 91/100

About Maintenance Care CMMS : Maintenance Care is one of the best CMMS software available on the marketplace today. It’s easy to use, fast to set-up, and allows you to access all your maintenance work easily in one convenient location. Our full-featured, comprehensive CMMS program which allows you to easily manage work orders, preventive maintenance and all the assets in your facility. Get started today by signing up for your free version and get instant access.

Maintenance Care CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“I found this app after searching for the right one. This app is user friendly and has alot to offer. I really enjoy using it everyday and so do my team. At first they were a bit intimidated because it was new to them. Now they really enjoy it. I recommend it and the team at Maintenance care has been extremely helpful from day one” – Jesse Badillo.

Maintenance Care CMMS Reviews

Maintenance Care


11 – 50





20+ Reviews


0 Reviews

10. Tofino – An integrated suite for cross-enterprise visibility

Our Score 90/100

About Tofino : Tofino is a single integrated cloud-based solution for the major issues faced by any business today. The software is one of the best CMMS software platforms for asset management, inventory management, maintenance management, and smart procurement of purchase and sales management. Tofino gives scalable access to the work team in understating the documentation and generating work orders without any disruption. You can now easily track asset history and utilize them for efficient productivity of the business.

Tofino CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Key & Lock Management, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Technician Management, Work Order Management

“There are many pros to the software. It is web based, mass data uploads, downloads, and updates are done easily. The search capabilities are fantastic. Data reporting is also very easy. Customer support is some of the best that I’ve seen.” – Owen Thurmond

Tofino Reviews

Tofino Software


11 – 50





10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

11. ManWinWin – Maintenance management software

Our Score 89/100

About ManWinWin : ManWinWin started off as a maintenance management software in 1981. Owned by Navaltik Management, this software is currently in its 5th generation and proving to be one of the best CMMS software for the businesses. ManWinWin is powered by ISO9001 certification and in partnership with Microsoft. The genius granular features like asset management, inventory management, and daily maintenance management make this software a powerful one. Now you can get integrated reports on asset history through various subscription packages.

ManWinWin CMMS Features : Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Purchasing, Scheduling, Service History Tracking, Work Order Management

“We have made our first approach to using a MMS for about a year and a half at one of our oil terminals. The primary objective was to ensure a tool for work management and to ensure the tracking of maintenance actions. Our first experience was with ManWinWin and with very positive results at the management level.” – Joao Alexandre

ManWinWin Reviews

ManWinWin Software


11 – 50





100+ Reviews


0 Reviews

12. Innomaint CMMS – Facility Maintenance Management Software

Our Score 89/100

About Innomaint CMMS : InnoMaint is a cloud-based maintenance management software that Monitor, Measure and Manage all your maintenance activities associated with facility equipment, service technicians, and execution of the workforce from anywhere, at anytime through web and mobile application. The software organizes, tracks and schedules your maintenance activities from anywhere, at any time through web and mobile applications.

Innomaint CMMS Features : Calibration Management, Inventory Control, Mobile Access, Preventive Maintenance, Service History Tracking, Technician Management

“The Software allowed us to manage all our maintenance activities in one place. Helps tackle costing/budget better and better maintenance scheduling” – Senthil

Innomaint CMMS Reviews

Vijay Global Services


50 – 100





02 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top CMMS Software

CMMS FeaturesEZOfficeInventoryUpKeepMaintenance ConnectionFiixeMaint CMMSIndySoftMicroMainTennaTofinoManWinWin
Price$29.99/ month$25.00/ month/userNot provided by vendor$35.00/ month/user$33.00/ month/user$99.00/ month/user$44.00/ month/userNot provided by vendor$175.00/ month$7,950.00/ one-time
Asset Tracking          
Calibration Management        
Inventory Control          
Key & Lock Management      
Mobile Access          
Preventive Maintenance          
Service History Tracking          
Technician Management        
Work Order Management          

CMMS Software Buyer's Guide

The CMMS system eliminates the need for spreadsheets and paper-based systems, saving your time and effort. This also drops human errors completely, that show up during the manual process. With the CMMS software, your job gets easier as it helps you cut down the overall maintenance costs, reduces equipment downtime, automates preventative maintenance scheduling, and extend asset life.

» What is CMMS Software?

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is designed to simplify maintenance management and offers clear as well as measurable returns on your investment. The software acts as a database with information about your business maintenance activities. The software helps your team do their work more efficiently and to make the right decisions.

» What are the Features of the CMMS Software?

The CMMS systems are powerful tools that help managers to execute an asset management strategy effectively. CMMS information is also used to confirm regulatory compliance. The CMMS software is loaded with powerful features that assist you in managing and optimizing your maintenance operations in a better way. Once you determine that you need a CMMS system in your organization, it is time to consider the key features that respond according to your needs:

› Cloud-based System:

With a cloud-based CMMS you can just open your browser, log in, and start working with ease. This feature enables even new users to use the software easily.

› Simplified Work Orders:

Look for the software that allows users to create, assign, and manage work orders easily on all devices. You should easily prioritize, understand, and complete all work orders. With simplified work instructions, you can eliminate guesswork.

› Integrations:

Your software should easily push and pull the information from other existing systems of your organization, which means you can connect your system with every machine that reads the information and other EAF programs.

› Asset Management:

With this feature, you can have all your asset history at your fingertips. You can quickly build asset hierarchy, add equipment, and intuitively organize assets with drag and drop function. You can also import existing assets from Excel to migrate easily from other systems.

› Preventive Maintenance:

This feature allows you to schedule the date and time-based triggers, alarm-based triggers, and meter reading triggers. With automated task lists, you can regulate practices and receive notification for upcoming maintenance.

› Total Customization:

The best CMMS software only takes a few minutes to transform into your customized workplace. This is possible with the drag and drop functionality, which makes it easy to add or transform custom fields.

› Mobile App:

If the software you chose is cloud-based, all your data will be backed up daily. You should be able to enter data, work offline, and access new work orders and requests on your mobile, tablets, or smartphones, from anywhere and anytime.

» What are the Benefits of the CMMS Software?

Before you chose a computerized maintenance management system, you should be aware of its benefits. The CMMS software offers more than just the basic tools for equipment and facility management. With the CMMS software, you can see and interact with its intuitive interface as well as the database application tracks and streamlines every aspect of your organization's maintenance activities. The benefits of CMMS in your organizations see are:

› Better Decision-Making:

CMMS software generates customized reports for data-driven planning and scheduling quickly. These reports help managers to make the right decisions at the right time.

› Faster Response Time:

With the CMMS software, everyone is connected in real-time, which is possible by email or text alerts employees receive instantly on their mobile devices. This cuts down the response time, increasing productivity.

› Reduce Downtime:

The data history in the CMMS systems helps in building a preventive maintenance schedule. You can avoid unexpected and costly repairs by preventing problems even before they take place.

› Improved Inventory Management:

The CMMS inventory management tool track parts with the help of personalized reorder thresholds, depending on the usage rate history and lead times at present.

› Increased Productivity:

Managers can easily track the differences between estimated and actual time in no time, allowing them to make informed decisions while allocating labor and resources.

› Better Reporting:

The software allows you to see a big picture of raw data, by making possible combinations of data points. You can also generate industry-specific and customizable reports with different data sets.

» What is the Cost of CMMS Software?

Enormous CMMS Software programs are existing in the market today. Pricing structures for these tools vary from each other, especially when you consider their general features, features you would prefer to customize, set up costs, and the support or training expenses add to the software cost. Most of these computerized maintenance management system software programs are pay-per-use ones, ranging from $35 and $150. If you choose a pay-per-module system, the price ranges from $60 to $100 annually.

If you are unsure about the functionality of the software program, it is recommended to start your search for the high ranking CMMS software by registering for the free trials. With free versions, you can test the features of each software for a limited period to learn if that software fits into your business. It is important to get all your concerns addressed before you invest in one. Most importantly, ask valuable questions regarding security and support.

If you cannot get adequate support from your vendor all your efforts, money, and time you spent on the software goes in vain. To avoid this, ask your vendor if they offer training and consulting services to assist your team on how to use the software properly, through what channels do they offer support, and what security procedures do they use to maintain confidentiality. By going through the reviews of the best CMMS software online, you can do a general comparison to find the best among the lot.

» Conclusion

Selecting the best CMMS software for your company can be overwhelming, as you have to choose from the sea of options. However, if you consider essential benchmarks such as features, transparency, privacy, security, service, and support, it will be easier for you to decide on the most suitable one for your organization. Your choice of the CMMS software should depend on your business size and needs, your industry, and the budget.

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