List of Top 10 Blog Software In 2019

Blog Software is a unique program, which is responsible for creating blogs. It is basically a service or a platform that is being used by the businesses for publishing relevant content on the internet in a blog form. It is considered to be a particular form of content management systems. A Free Blog Software is used by a number of businesses all over the world for blogging. This software is known to have a number of amazing benefits for almost each and every business. Blog software is responsible for the growth of a particular organization. Before you use blog software, you should be well aware of the unique benefits that it has. It helps in boosting Search Engine Optimization. The software is responsible for developing as well as strengthening relationships with the new customers and the ones who already exist. It helps you to establish the business as a leader in your industry, as it allows you to build trust. It is responsible for connecting more people to the brand. It increases brand value as well. To gather more information about the top 10 blog software, go through the list below that has been coined by SoftwareWorld.

Blog Software & Blogging Platforms

What are the Best Blog Software & Blogging Platforms in 2019?

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best Blog Software | Free Blogging Platforms of 2019

1. Wix – Website builder & publishing platform

Our Score 99/100

About Wix : Wix is the best blog software if you need to create your professional website or a blog. You might be a beginner or an expert, you can design your own code using this software and with the help of Wix Editor, you can enjoy the freedom to design your website in your style. You can get a more professional website with Wix Artificial design intelligence.

Wix Blog Features : Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“Great experience with Wix, I would use this, and have suggested it to many of my friends. The ease of use, for an intermediate website person like myself made it a no brainer. I was really happy with the support as well as the tutorial videos and step by steps that Wix provides in order to make your job easier are great.” – Scott U.

Wix Reviews



1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



764 Reviews


798 Reviews

2. Weebly – Website, blog & online store creation

Our Score 98/100

About Weebly : Weebly is the best software for business persons and customers. The businesspersons can create e-commerce websites using this software and the customers can have a lovely shopping experience with Weebly. Around 40 million entrepreneurs trust this software for creating a fabulous online presence. This blog software supports businessmen with integrated marketing features and advanced analytics. You can easily design a professional and mobile-friendly website and blogging platform with the help of this blogging software.

Weebly Blog Features : Analytics, Comment Moderation, File Sharing, Group Posting, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“I’ve always had fantastic customer service from them. They make sure we get weekly updates if new and improved features and definitely try help us create the best website possible. I love the fact that it’s a DIY drag-and-drop type of website creation with fantastic templates..” – Yadah K.

Weebly Reviews


United States

201 – 500





323 Reviews


328 Reviews

3. WordPress – Website creation and publishing platform

Our Score 98/100

About WordPress : WordPress is the best blogging platform that supports everyone to build a blogging site according to their needs in a professional and personalized manner. Using this software, you can share your product, story, or service for free. This software provides you the freedom that comes through opensource. You can edit text, moderate comments, and content using this software besides accessing the advantages of analytics and collaborative writing.

WordPress Blog Features : Analytics, Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“As one of the worlds most popular platforms for building a website, WordPress comes with an extremely vibrant and active support community.” – Luke C.

WordPress Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



2543 Reviews


5654 Reviews

4. HubSpot Marketing – All in one inbound marketing platform

Our Score 97/100

About HubSpot Marketing : Hubspot is the inbound marketing software that strives to bring control into the hands of the consumers ruling out the old school business tactics. This software supports content marketing, social media marketing and management, web analytics, and search engine optimization. This tool makes the web presence of business persons interesting and supports the best optimization of business websites. However, this software gives the highest priority for the security and satisfaction of consumers.

HubSpot Marketing Blog Features : Analytics, Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, File Sharing, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“Tracking all data from content to marketing automation within a single platform is extremely helpful for us. We’ve been able to align more in our inbound and outbound efforts and have the ability to create simple or sophisticated marketing plans with HubSpot. Easy-to-use but robust software that delivers value for any-sized copmany” – Josh G.

Hubspot Marketing Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





2480 Reviews


2686 Reviews


Our Score 96/100

About BlogIn :  This is mainly an internal company blog that improves communication between the team. This is easy to use and set up. This is the perfect replacement for your e-newsletter and helps to communicate the timely information within the team. This software assimilated the simplicity and beauty of WordPress and the communication will be better and more collaborative between the marketers using this platform.

BlogIn Blog Features : Analytics, Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, File Sharing, Group Posting, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“I like that the tool is very straightforward. It has the minimum feature set needed to help a team or small company collect and organize information. Team members are able to use posts to do long form communication that doesn’t fit in our chat (and shouldn’t be in email).” – Brian G.

BlogIn Reviews


United States

01 – 10





31 Reviews


0 Reviews

6. – The easiest way to blog.

Our Score 95/100

About : is the best blogging software for different niches. You can create blog posts directly from the note-taking application using this software. This is the easiest way of blogging. This is the blog publishing service that enables the users to create and maintain their own website with the help of extensive features provided in this platform. This is a cost-effective service that is available in both free and paid plans. The user can simply create the content and publish it in different blogging sites with just a click. Blog Features : Analytics, Collaborative Writing, Post Management

“I regularly use Evernote for almost everything. How good and easy it is to blog with!” – Maciding Dowson Reviews



02 – 10





2 Reviews


0 Reviews

7. Wordable – Save Time -Import posts & pages from GoogleDocs to WordPress

Our Score 94/100

About Wordable: This blogging software allows you to convert your blog into a document or WordPress blog with just one click. This is the best time-saving tool for bloggers, content marketers, and blog editors. This software supports you to export your posts to multiple WordPress sites at a time. This is the best blogging software for bloggers and writers. This software enables writers and bloggers to edit or omit the unwanted content with just a click.

Wordable Blog Features : Collaborative Writing, Group Posting, Post Management, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“This tool is the perfect example of what a single function tool should be. 100% recommend. Wordable allows me to fully utilize Google Docs and then transfer to WordPress with a single click. It works flawlessly. It’s dirt cheap. And it saves me hundreds of hours every year.” – Jacob M.

Wordable Reviews


United States

01 – 10





58 Reviews


0 Reviews

8. b2evolution – A complete engine for your website!

Our Score 93/100

About b2evolution : b2evolution is a Content Management System (CMS) aimed at making it easy to build and maintain websites for sharing information and collaborating with your community. From a simple homepage to a blog, a photo gallery or a newsletter..all the way up to a full-featured community site with forums, members directory and private messaging, b2evolution includes everything you need in a single integrated package (which saves you time on setup and upgrades). b2evolution is Free Open-Source software that you can download and run on the web-hosting service of your choice. b2evolution integrates all the popular features of a CMS, social CMS, blog, gallery, forums, email and marketing tools into a single, low maintenance, open-source package.

b2evolution Blog Features : Analytics, Collaborative Writing, Comment Moderation, File Sharing, Post Management, Search, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“It has everything you need for a professional website, even if you are a non-developer (like me), and you have definitely a better idea about what a website really means as compared to using WP or other CMS. Their data privacy and the fact that there are all features you need for a professional website. There is also great user community which is very helpful.” – Marian M.

b2evolution Reviews

Evo Factory


02 – 10


Not provided by vendor



04 Reviews


0 Reviews

9. Movable Type – Blog Software & Publishing Platform

Our Score 92/100

About Movable Type : Movable Type is Six Apart’s flagship blog software product, launched in 2001. Today, this robust social publishing platform powers some of the websites and blogs of the world’s largest media companies and Fortune 100 businesses, small and medium sized businesses, and power bloggers. Movable Type excels as a fully integrated, scalable, proven social publishing platform upon which to build highly interactive websites, blogs and social networks.

Movable Type Blog Features : Comment Moderation, File Sharing, Group Posting, Post Management, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“I used this as the CMS for my blog for several years. It allows for customization, and you can make your blog look more professional (and not like a “canned” template).” – Gabriela Z.

Movable Type Reviews

Six Apart


51 – 200





03 Reviews


02 Reviews

10. PublishNow – Publishing platform for growth.

Our Score 90/100

About PublishNow : Publishnow is a content publishing platform that helps writers and marketers build blogs and publications, and improve content engagement and reach. Enjoy the way you write your stories using our lightweight, flexible yet user-friendly editor. Forget WordPress like a bad dream. Engage your audience through rich media embeds like images, video, polls, slideshows, music, forms, gifs, infographics and more. More than 1900 services are supported. Track what’s going on with each story your team is working on with a customizable card-based view. Make it easy for every team member to see the status of each article in the pipeline.

PublishNow Blog Features : Analytics, Comment Moderation, Post Management, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“With Publishnow, it takes 3 minutes or less to create your account and start publishing your content on a beautiful publication. No code, no markup, no plugins. It’s amazing.” – Myk Pono

PublishNow Reviews


United States

02 – 10





0 Reviews


0 Reviews

11. VYPER – Grow your business with viral contests

Our Score 89/100

About VYPER : This is viral marketing software intended to support marketing and sales organizations. The independent business persons can create content, websites, and campaigns to enhance their client base and scope by using this software. You can send emails directly to the users using this platform and this software is provided with the best security from cheaters and intruders and the best email follow-up features. Bloggers and business persons from different niches can make their best using this platform.

VYPER Blog Features : File Sharing, Post Management, WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing

“I’m a huge fan of VYPER and would recommend it to anyone who is interested at maximizing their email list.” – Dannavir Sarria

VYPER Reviews


United States

02 – 10





41 Reviews


10 Reviews

12. Ghost – The professional publishing platform

Our Score 88/100

About Ghost : This is one of the platforms that lay focus on publishing and writing. This is one of the successful startups that gave scope for high-quality content management and marketing. This software intends to create tools that facilitate independent writers and journalists worldwide to share their thoughts for free and create a real and productive impact on web media.

Ghost Blog Features : Collaborative Writing

“Super easy to get started but still with so much room for tweaking and customizing. I built my side project entirely on Ghost and remained a happy customer for over two years, before I wanted more advanced features (integrated shop, forum, etc) that required me to look elsewhere. Probably the best blog host available today” – Tobias S.

Ghost Reviews



50 – 100





12 Reviews


1 Reviews

13. – Minimalist, privacy-focused, writing and publishing platform.

Our Score 87/100

About : is the best platform to put your thoughts in an innovative manner. This software is intended for bloggers and writers to express their creative thoughts at their own pace. This software will not show any predictive text and hence gives more space to pen down your thoughts in your own style. The writers can pen down their works without any distractions using this software. Blog Features : Analytics, Post Management

“I love the design and distraction free when writing in their editor. Minimalist design and features.” – Saurabh G. Reviews

United States

02 – 10





1 Reviews


5 Reviews

Blog Software Buyer's Guide

For bloggers, owning a website is commonly essential. With that being said, it demands many tasks to manage at a time such as building a website, choosing a right theme, deciding on backups, looking for hosting solutions, etc. Unless you run a software firm and have resources and manpower, managing all the above-said tasks would be a tiresome affair. In this regard, a Blog software application would enable you to manage the same independently without any problem.

» What is Blog software?

It is a platform for creating an online blog or publication. These are released as open source software and come with a fully managed PaaS (Platform as a service) system. Once published, the content can be easily distributed everywhere. A Blog software application also comes with integrated AMP support and inbuilt SEO optimization tools. The presence of customizable themes makes the overall presentation even more delightful.

» Is it worth investing in money?

› For the website:

Here the answer is definitely a big YES as the blog software provides a streamlined and feasible way of pouring thoughts and sharing them with the whole world. With little to zero requirements of coding skills and availability of pre-developed themes, plugins, and facilities, a beginner can also easily understand the basics of how to start a blog without any support. Moreover, various free blog sites also allow users to fully customize their websites or blogs as per their need or choices without any prior coding or technical knowledge. One can simply know the basics or do as suggested in guides or reviews and be successful in hosting his/her own free blog platforms.

› For the users:

Every new thing poses difficulties at the beginning. In this scenario, external assistance from a number of platforms, such as guides, reviews, YouTube videos, discussions over social media platforms like Reddit, and Quora seems to be fruitful for bloggers. In this regard, many blog software also provides 24/7 customer support to their users over emails, chat services, and phone calls to provide instant assistance to address their issues.

› For the company:

Top blog software applications also allow users to keep a regular track on new visitor acquisition, shows their behavior and interest with metrics for analyzing the proper designing of content. It enables users to have an idea on the fields which ups the interest of the customer that ultimately results in a healthy inflow of traffic to the website and maximize the profits.

» How does blogging software work?

A blog software platform makes your publication stable, secure and fast. It offers a flexible content management system coupled with the power of dynamic routine to give your site any shape you want. You can pull in dynamic blocks such as videos, images, embeds into your content to make your blog look attractive and audience puller.

Now, if you have decided to go for a Blogging software, it's time for you to know some important aspects.

» Before choosing any blogging software

Before jumping into a conclusion and investing in any of the best blog software let’s discuss the most important points which one should always keep in mind, to avoid any headache in the future.

› Understanding the target audience

One of the most important steps is to have a complete understanding of one’s target audience, such as the needs of the audience, your uniqueness, the offers which can keep the customers engaged and satisfied, and many more.

› Choosing the right plan

Blog software come with a variety of subscription packs which depend upon the factors like the number of individual assessors, type of content (Audio/Video/Articles) and many more. Moreover, a myriad of free blog platforms also allows its users to avail a limited number of facilities under a free basic plan.

› Exploring details of the product

Gathering details on the product can even save one from a lot of dilemma as this helps the individual to compare and find out the best blogging platform which successfully adheres to an individual or company’s need.

› Deciding the budget

Similarly pre-deciding the budget also helps cutting down a lot of friction. You can quickly determine which ones to keep and which ones to not from your final list.

» How to choose the best blog software?

The whole point of choosing the best blog software from a series of an existing platform is to achieve an individual goal within the planned time frame.

Here are some of the additional features you might want in your blog site:

1. Includes a WYSIWYG Editor

Let’s face it, not all blog writers are proficient in HTML code, and we can’t rely on HTML coders for every time we decide to post a blog. Therefore, its crucial to find a blog platform which comes with a WYSIWYG Editor feature.

Acronym to ‘why you see is what you get,’ the WYSIWYG provides an interface where developers can see the end- results while he/she is making the changes. With features like this, anyone with decent internet skills can write and update their blogs with captivating modifications. You might consider blogs like b2evolution, Blogo,, etc. if you consider WYSIWYG Editor a must-have feature.

2. Co-management

It’s vital for a company to permits the User to make some minor changes in blog posts to fit their reading criteria. If you have a staff who posts regular contents, then you must select a blogging platform that allows separate management permission to your team and users. Some Blog platforms offer individual permissions to users like changing blog names, personal categorization including minor changes to enhance their User Experience.

In the same way, your staff must have the administrative power to modify or remove a blog in extreme necessity. Managing the reviews and comments in social media platforms is a hard task, and without proper administrative control, things might get out of your hand before you even comprehend it.

3. Track your blog’s performance

Through tracking the performance of your uploaded blog, you can get a fair idea about your target audience, their choices, what attracts them, what turns them off. With proper analysis, you will grasp the concept behind running successful blog campaigns. You can know which blogs are most liked and which topics attract more audience footprints. You will know which blogs lead to sales and which blog drove customers away. The advantage of tracking the performance of a blog is unquantifiable, but with proper idea & planning, you can put concentration more on customer-oriented contents.

Not all free blog sites allow you to track the performance of your posts. Some platforms only offer a limited number of monitoring options. Sometimes, you have to add some special tools to enhance the performance tracking of the blog.

4. Customer Support

This is what even the most prominent blog post platforms fail to deliver. Comparing the external features of the blog post platform with internal support is something which you must never skip. It’s not smart to consider some platforms as best blog sites due to their extensive features. When you run a digital campaign, it’s essential to ensure the efficiency of the platform. Otherwise, you will found yourself in the middle of nowhere, when things go awry in the future.

It’s quite common to face technical issues while posting a blog. Prompt customer support that guides you throughout the process is what you need at such crucial hours.

» What are the features of blog software?

A blog Software allows you to upload your blog posts and make it available for the world to read it and express their viewpoints. However, to do that, you need a blog software which includes some basic features.

Here are the features of blog software:

1. Allowing to post blogs and embed videos

It's quite common to find a blog platform that will enable you with hassle-free uploads of texts and images. You will find plenty of platforms which allows you to upload audio files and video files as well. The problem arises when they won’t let you upload videos in a web-ready format. In such a situation, you may have to trim or use a separate video conversion process to make the video web-ready.

However, a platform which allows easy video embedding features can resolve your issue. You can upload your videos at youtube or Vimeo, and embed it at your blog platform. In this way, you will get viewers via the video sharing site as well as from the blog post.

2. Easy sharing option

Increasing the readership and driving traffic must remain your ultimate focus behind every blog post. This is only possible when you employ every available tool and start sharing and distributing your blog posts in all associated platforms. Sharing options are easily found on most free blog platforms. However, it also depends upon how easier the platform makes you share your blogs on different platforms.

Choosing the right blog posting platform will make it easier for you to distribute your blog in both internal and external platforms. Sharing must be as easy as clicking on one link and its done.

3. Interactive commenting features

User comments can build or destroy a blog. Either you will be poured with applause or devoured with backlashes. Sometimes, commentators also leave elicit reviews just for trolling purposes. However, choosing the best blogging platform with advanced comment control features can set your comments back on track without losing any traffic.

While choosing the best blogging platform, make sure it includes buttons for users to express their affirmation to the blog. You can add a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ button below the blog or ask the users to rate the article between one to five. The prime aim is to create an engagement page for users where they can share their thoughts. The more the buzz lasts, the more chance you will have to get the best out of it. Don’t forget to add the ‘captcha’ feature to your blogs, ensuring to keep spammers and trollers away from your blog. Adding a captcha will help in establishing a clean and tidy environment, promoting healthy discussions inside the platform.

4. Keep your users updated:

You might be a small company with an aim to post one blog per week. However, with your business’s expansion and increase in readers, you must look forward to increasing your blog post updates. As time passes by, your page will be swarming with hundreds of blogs, which might create confusion among regular visitors.

You must look for the best blogging platform which displays ‘recent post’ features to your Users. To keep your Users updated with your recent posts, you must look forward to a highly compliant blog that displays all the fresh posts, as soon as a User enters into the page. Besides, make sure it also pays credit to the contributors or authors of the blog posts.

» What are the benefits of blog software?

It is not just the coding hassle that you avoid; you get benefited in a number of ways with best blog software on your side such as:

› Improved SEO:

With a proper SEO built-in directory, you get constant advice on improving your content for rank better on search engine algorithms.

› Accelerated Mobile Pages:

As most blog software has inbuilt AMP support, your page will load fast on mobile thereby catering towards a big pull of audience.

› Detailed Structured data:

The pages appear beautifully on the page and give a structured appearance to the readers with rich Metadata.

› Default RSS feeds and email subscriptions:

The feature of RSS Feeds and auto Email-Subscription capture forms come by default with these software applications.


A blog software application is no doubt a boon for independent bloggers. It enables them to get started almost in a day which used to take a month a decade ago. However, with so many applications present in the market, it is essential to choose the best blog software through detailed analysis to get the best return on your investment.

Get Quick Comparison of Top Blog Software

Blog Features Wix Weebly WordPress HubSpot Ghost VYPER Wordable BlogIn
Price Not provided by vendor $4.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor $200.00/ month $79.00/month $25.00/month $200.00/ month $19.00/month $39.00/month $5.00/month
Collaborative Writing              
Comment Moderation          
File Sharing        
Group Posting      
Post Management                  
WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing              

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