List of Top 10+ Best Landing Page Software In 2023 (Free & Paid)

The Landing Page Software is the lifeblood of a successful digital marketing campaign as it provides a good landing page. So, the visitors get an idea of what to do next while they visit a webpage. It results in the gathering precise information of a product/service, which in turn will result in sales. The landing page generator is the tool that simplifies the process of creating a landing page, which can otherwise take several weeks to complete. It also offers several features including the A/B testing to have a positive impact on the website efficiency. The landing page builder software can influence the visitors to sign up for more information or purchase the product/service. It supports the marketing campaign of an organization and helps capture the leads by spreading awareness to the targeted audience. Therefore, get an idea from the top 10+ list presented by accessing the rating and reviews from websites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd to get the right guidance. It will help you create a list of your own that will benefit the business/organization.

Top Landing Page Software


» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best Landing Page Software | Top Landing Page Builder 2023

1. HubSpot Marketing – All in one inbound marketing platform

Our Score 99/100

About HubSpot Marketing : HubSpot Marketing is a cloud-based all-in-one marketing and landing page software that brings all of the marketing efforts together and helps in growing traffic and increase conversions. It is scalable and covers a vast array of features and capabilities. From covering an enormous variety of features and capabilities to analyzing business metrics to ensure marketing campaigns are progressing in the right direction. It handles both B2B and B2C business.

HubSpot Marketing Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“The true value of HubSpot Marketing is the integration of every marketing platform. Blogs, email, landing pages, workflows and more can easily be created – and integrated – for an easy to use, all in one marketing portal. An integrated approach to deploy marketing materials and analyze performance.” – Taylor D.

HubSpot Marketing Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





3980+ Reviews


5640+ Reviews

2. Wix – Website builder & publishing platform

Our Score 98/100

About Wix : Wix helps in creating stunning, professional websites and is a cloud-based landing page generator software. It allows users to customize the site with their logo, branding, and also allows serverless coding to set up own database collections, build content websites and add custom forms. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, Wix Editor, & Wix Code are the ways through which users get to work on their sites.

Wix Landing Page Features : Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“There are not enough words to be able to affectingly describe how much I love wix and their website building platform. Being someone who is a designing and uses many Adobe design software, I feel very at home with Wix website editor. Everything is laid right there in front of you.” – Josh S.

Wix Reviews



1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



4470+ Reviews


1160+ Reviews

3. GetResponse – The world’s easiest e-mail marketing

Our Score 97/100

About GetResponse : GetResponse is one of the world’s best all-in-one online marketing platform and a landing page builder that allows small businesses, marketers, and brands to get the results online. It includes building landing pages, webinars and has numerous marketing automation. From email marketing and online campaign management to helping entrepreneurs make targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, etc., this solution makes the work easier for the users.

GetResponse Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, Templates

“Get Response gave me a very smooth and cohesive introduction to all the elements of email Marketing and Campaign Management. It simplified so many buzz words I have heard for years and is still doing amazing things for my clients too who are new to email marketing and campaign management. Ease of Use!” – Janice W.

GetResponse Reviews



201 – 500





210+ Reviews


560+ Reviews

4. ClickFunnels – Cloud based marketing automation software for SMBs

Our Score 96/100

About ClickFunnels : ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel and landing page creator that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online. It simplifies the process of marketing and makes it easier for the users to create specific marketing funnels to advertise, market and distribute products to the end-users. It is one of the best website marketing funnels that helps in designing and testing landing pages for your site.

ClickFunnels Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“The best part about clickfunnels is it is based on time tested sales principles. They have conversion improving features such as timers and even “conversion colors” that are proven to increase conversion rates. It is relatively easy to build the funnels out although each one does take quite a bit of thought. Clickfunnels is great” – McKay S.

ClickFunnels Reviews


United States

51 – 200





220+ Reviews


120+ Reviews

5. Optimizely – Website optimization platform with A/B & multivariate tests

Our Score 95/100

About Optimizely : Optimizely is a leading landing page software that helps in creating and personalizing business website, and streamline users’ experience to boost the excellent reputation and enable an organization to experiment deeply into the technology stack and broadly across the customer experience. With the ease of use and speed, it runs bold experiments and helps in bringing out data-driven decisions for businesses to grow and boost their productivity.

Optimizely Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Real Time Editing, Responsive, Templates

“Working with Optimizely Customer Success and their partners really allowed us to experience the full potential of testing and build a great case study for getting internal buy-in. The team we worked with was incredible—extremely knowledgeable, fast, responsive and patient.” – ANASTASIA GOODSTEIN

Optimizely Reviews


United States

201 – 500





80+ Reviews


100+ Reviews

6. Elementor– The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder

Our Score 94/100

About Elementor : Elementor is a page creator for WordPress and is one of the best and widely accepted landing page builder. It helps designers and developers create WordPress websites and pages without any coding. It allows users to make WebPages with drag and drop functionality and is one of the fastest page builder plugins. It also creates homepages, portfolios, and even creates custom post types for the WebPages.

Elementor Landing Page Features : Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“Elementor is simply the most progressive, future-facing page builder I’ve seen. I’ve literally tried every page builder out there, & there are many good ones. But the folks at Elementor have gotten it right. You get full control over the styling, including all the modern CSS tricks you would want, & a very robust set of modules.” – Brent

Elementor Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


230+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

7. Landingi – Landing page marketing platform

Our Score 93/100

About Landingi : Landingi is an easy to use landing page generator that creates high-converting landing pages with over 100 fully customizable templates in minutes. It allows the lead generation process and helps in saving time for marketers. It will enable thousands of marketers to focus on marketing campaigns. It outshines competitors with guaranteed landing page success rate as it works on Amazon Web Services (AWS) thereby ensuring encrypted accessibility and 24/7 uptime guarantee.

Landingi Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“The drag & drop editor is simple to use & easy to get up & running, no great learning time needed. It’s very easy to publish a landing page on your domain, this can be tricky with other software, I found it easy with Landingi. Loads of great templates, some of the best I have seen, so you can start with a template & easily modify it.” – Darren G.

Landingi Reviews



11 – 50





80+ Reviews


180+ Reviews

8. BigMarker Landing Pages – The platform for modern webinars and online events

Our Score 93/100

About BigMarker Landing Pages : BigMarker Landing Pages is a full-stack webinar hosting, marketing, and automation platform. It is also helpful in creating landing pages. Educational companies and universities use it to host live, on-demand and automated online presentations, training and events. It allows the creation of meaningful conversations with leads and customers and other stakeholders. From providing integrations to white label services, this solution enables users to integrate powerful and interactive video experiences.

BigMarker Landing Page Features : Analytics, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“The BigMarker team is incredibly responsive to customer needs and requests. They have a solid and attractive webinar platform to begin with, and they continue to push fast & hard on developing and launching new features and functionality. BigMarker’s platform gives you and more.” – Leonard C.

BigMarker Landing Pages Reviews


United States

11 – 50





120+ Reviews


90+ Reviews

9. ucraft – Free Landing Page Creator by Ucraft

Our Score 93/100

About ucraft : ucraft is an all-in-one advanced landing page builder that makes it possible for businesses and personal brands to create meaningful and stunning websites. From building a free website to showcasing ideas and products, it helps in driving organic traffic and generates more leads to users. Top features include drag and drop function, analytics, SEO management, templates, real-time editing, and responsive webpage creation.

ucraft Landing Page Features : Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“The price is very good and it offers many features. The available hosting and domain are great plus ( I haven’t used them until now). I use this software only for landing pages ( or one-page websites). This is not a minus for me, but still good to know. I can build my designs easily and no coding experience is necessary!” – Petya M.

ucraft Reviews



11 – 50





100+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

10. Simvoly – Building pages, sites and funnels with a few clicks

Our Score 91/100

About Simvoly : Simvoly helps in building WebPages and landing pages for businesses and personal users. It helps in converting and building customized WebPages for users. It is the first platform that combines websites and funnels to promote products and market them widely. With features such as A/B testing, analytics, bump offers, form creation, SEO management, real-time editing, etc., this solution offers businesses to curate their ideas into reality with the WebPages.

Simvoly Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“What a GREAT group at Simvoly. They work hard to help us and provide top quality products. We are building a great partnership and enjoy working with Simvoly. This is one of the best partners we could ever have. We did our research and not only do we love it so do our customers!” – Cathy T.

Simvoly Reviews



02 – 10





30+ Reviews


03 Reviews

11. SendX – Marketing automation and email marketing tool

Our Score 89/100

About SendX : SendX is an email marketing tool and it focuses on giving out the best feature-rich and affordable experience to business owners. Top features include A/B testing, SEO management, responsive layout, templates, drag and drop builder, etc. It is an all-in-one, cloud-based growth and marketing automation tool helpful for enabling marketers and business owners in creating unique marketing ideas, landing pages, onsite popups, etc.

SendX Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. I’m able to plan my launches. I’ve been able to generate more sales because of this. The team are also superb – helping me with my requests very quickly. I’m barely scratching the surface as far as using the software to its fullest extent.” – Jon Buchan

SendX Reviews


United States

02 – 10





20+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

12. Pagewiz – Landing Page Generator & Landing Page Templates

Our Score 88/100

About Pagewiz : Pagewiz is one of the innovative landing page builders that let you create, publish and test landing pages on the go. It uses top-notch technology and wizard-style interface to roll out landing pages within minutes. Top features of this solution include A/B testing, responsive layouts, drag and drop builder, etc. It helps marketing professionals and small business owners to launch a successful landing page campaign without having any trouble.

Pagewiz Landing Page Features : A/B Testing, Analytics, Drag & Drop, Form Creation, Real Time Editing, Responsive, SEO Management, Templates

“Pagewiz is an excellent platform, is very easy to use, is not necessary previous experience. It is very reliable product and easy to setup. It is an excellent platform for bussiness owner to design landing pages.” – Isabel M.

Pagewiz Reviews


United States

11 – 50





10+ Reviews


01 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Landing Page Software

Landing Page Features HubSpot Marketing Wix GetResponse ClickFunnels Optimizely Elementor Landingi BigMarker Landing Pages ucraft Simvoly
Price $200.00/month Not provided by vendor $15.00/month/user $97.00/month $50,000.00/year $49.00/year/user $29.00/month $79.00/month $8.00/month $9.00/month
A/B Testing            
Drag & Drop                  
Form Creation                  
Real Time Editing                    
SEO Management                

Landing Page Software Buyer’s Guide

Landing pages create the solid first impression that can either turn visitors into clients or increase the bounce rate. It’s a fact that businesses with forty or more post-click landing pages generate almost one hundred percent more leads than those having less than five. More or less, everyone knows how important are landing pages for generating business but very few get successful at creating such magnetic pages. It demands skilful implementation of colours, texts and other visual elements that can surely able to catch the attention of anyone. It used to be difficult back when you had no other options except brainstorming but now there is an easy way out – we are talking about the Landing Page Software.

» What is Landing Page Software?

A landing page software is a combination of various landing page tool and resources that enable you to quickly design a captivating landing page for your business. It is the first page that appears when someone clicks on your ads or any SEO-optimised search results. The page clearly describes about the product or service advertised in the ad. The landing page creator helps you to create two types of landing pages – Reference, Transactional. Reference pages are only for displaying marketing contents where are Transactional pages are for creating a pool of lead data by displaying forms that collect visitors name, phone number, email address, and other necessary information.

» How does Landing Page Software work?

The best landing page software does a lot of things to make a landing page worth staring at. For instance, it adds images of your choice to the landing page to make it more alive. Interestingly, it scales and masks the image automatically so that it will best fit to the screen. To collect lead data, it has pre-built customizable forms that can be added to your landing pages in minutes.

» Is it worth investing money in Landing Page Software?

The functionalities of landing page generator are not limited to designing only, it helps you to test landing pages against factors those cause higher bounce rates. That means you are going to save money by skipping designers and testers who charges per hour. Also, you will not need any coder or WordPress expert to integrate the landing page to any external email marketing, social or CRM tools. In this regard, it is worth investing money in a Landing Page builder Software that can generate more business for you.

» What are the Features of Landing Page Software?

The Landing Page Software helps in building and publishing of website pages with full customizations as required. Serving as a platform for users to conduct experiments on the capabilities of their landing pages, the software excels in providing various facilities and tools such as A/B Testing, parallax scrolling, and many more. But here the question may arise that how does the software manage to perform so many functions without much user interference? To understand the answer, let’s learn about some of the crucial features of the software which come together to serve its users.

› Building the Landing Page

Building a landing page using the landing page software creates many opportunities for the users due to the availability of a number of usages. This is because the software is coupled with in-built design templates and template editors which helps carve your dream landing page into reality. Starting from the lead generation to the thank you page, one can easily design every part of the landing page with utmost proficiency without the need for the hiring of professional designers.

› Heatmaps

The most recent feature added to the landing page software helps in giving insight about the way your users behave on your page, the time they spent on it and which product gathers the most click-through rates. This information is updated regularly or weekly, according to the preference set by the user. This can also help in detecting the poorly performing areas and any issues in the hyperlinks provided.

› Role-Access Controls

Nowadays, almost all landing page generator support collaborative tools to bring together teams from different groups, or partners and stakeholders from outside the organization. This allows them to access, edit, or comment on the working of the landing page. However, to prevent any manipulation, different roles are assigned to the members where they can only perform specific functions using it.

› Inclusion of Multimedia

This feature in the landing page generator helps in adding video and audio clips to make your landing page exciting and engaging for the customers. Short clips of video including introductory and promotional content on the product and service can be added which can help in luring more customers to the landing page.

› Confirmation Pages

Companies make profits from the confirmation pages which are provided mostly in the last panel of the landing page. The option helps the users to be subscribed to the product or service they want to hire from your company. Hence, one must ensure to use engaging content, web designs, and tools to get a better audience.

› Speed Page Loading

The most attractive feature of a landing page generator is the speed with which it is loaded. A slow page can confuse your readers, which can result in withdrawals or drop-outs from the subscription list.

› Multiple Platform Management

Almost all landing page creator nowadays enable their users to create a streamlined funnel which connects accounts from different platforms to a single page. No matter where the page is shared, the final page or just clicking on a specific option can take your customers to the landing page on your website. This helps in increasing the chances of subscribers of your product or service.

» What are the Usages of the Landing Page Software?

The popularity of the landing page creator has been witnessing a steep increase since its inception. This is due to the full range of facilities and tools which make up the software while helping the user to complete various assigned tasks within a single software. So, to have a better understanding of the software, let’s have an in-depth briefing on the multiple benefits provided by the software.

› Designing Personalised Landing Pages

Using the landing page creator, users can design the landing pages as they want which was previously discussed. The software lets the user use simple drag and drop methods to create customized landing page designs, by changing the text size, color, and font or other areas.

› Multi-Platform Accessibility

Some landing page builder allows their users to access their landing page through smartphones or other platforms. As the number of the smartphone using people is increasing day-by-day, having a landing page which can be accessed through mobiles can help enhance the number of visitors your company or business has. This also ultimately leads to increased conversion rates from visitors to leads.

› Parallax Scrolling

One of the advanced features the landing page builder has is the parallax scrolling which helps the operators add 3D designed backgrounds to the landing page. This helps in offering the web viewers a new interactive level of online viewing while going through the landing page. As the interest level of the customers’ increases, the brand name is exposed to a broader market.

› Centralized Storage

The landing page builder lets the users store sensitive information and data in centralized storage. This helps to retrieve data from massive bundles of data using easy search tools when required. Moreover, it also helps in providing a safe environment to the sensitive and confidential data of the companies and businesses from malicious attackers.

› Providing Market Insights

The landing page creation tools also helps the users to gain market insights by providing various reports on the updates trends in the market. The software can also be used to verify the performance of the landing page and detecting the lacking areas. Moreover, one can also find the trendiest solutions for solving the issue within the software itself.

» What are the Essential areas Worth-Remembering Before Choosing Landing Page Software?

Before choosing a landing page tool, one must consider the essential points to land with the best software for their company or business. Although hiring the software may seem to be an exciting idea for the company to flourish, the case is not same always. Subscribing to the landing page tool without proper consideration can have severe impacts on the company’s products and services as well as the traffic.

› Listing the Company’s Requirements

Each company has its own set of requirements when it comes to choosing the perfect landing page tools for the job. Hence, it is highly recommended to note down the requirements beforehand, to ensure that one does not leave out essential points while going through the massive list of landing page software.

› Estimating the number of Users

The landing page makers are categorized into different groups based on the number of users they allow their users to have onboard. While some allow a smaller group of participants, others enable more massive groups to operate the software. This can come in handy if the company behind the landing page is an established one as they usually have a large number of employees as compared to smaller organizations.

› Analyzing the Budget

Budget plays a significant role in the company matters as an expensive landing page maker can make a massive dent on the pocket. Hence, before choosing the software, estimating the final cost of the software can help one from future headaches while narrowing down the list to fewer perfect ones.

» How to Choose Good Landing Page Software?

The task of finding out the best landing page software among the myriad of other software is a tedious job which needs both persistence as well as proper concentration. However, the situation is not so easy for both beginners as well as professionals because almost all the software companies scream about providing the best landing page software as compared to others. Hence, to help you, we have created a hand-picked list consisting of the most crucial points which can help in choosing the best software for your company.

› Simple Interface

The best landing page software is also coupled with a user-friendly interface which lets anyone and everyone to work on the software. Hence, it tackles the need for hiring technical professionals for performing even the slightest works like creating and designing the landing pages. Moreover, the software is also provided with step-by-step guidelines which can be understood by anyone, hence, making the working experience both streamlined as well as enjoyable.

› Complying with the Existing Tools

With the advancement in the software, nowadays the landing page builder software comes with in-built support for the existing tools. This helps in eradicating the worries of the users to search for newer tools in case the landing page software rejects them. Instead, the employees can shift their focus to provide better landing page experience to their visitors.

› 24/7 Customer Support

No landing page builder software is good until and unless it allows for an instantaneous customer servicing network to its users in case they face any issues while operating the software. Moreover, to satisfy their customers, many software developers have devised solutions which let the customers directly interact with the customer team rather than waiting for prolonged hours over phone calls.

› Customer Comments

The comments or testimonials left by the old customers who have previously used the landing page creation tools also help in separating the poorly performing ones than the better ones. While going through the comments, proper care must be taken to check the frequency of the service requests as it also plays a beneficial role in understanding the service quality of the software.

» Pricing of Landing Page Software

The price of the lowest premium plan of the landing page creation tools starts from as low as $9/month which can reach an ultimate high of $499/month, depending upon the facilities and tools availed as well as the duration for which it has been hired. Apart from this, many landing page creation tools, also have a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ option which is availed after the buyer pays the premium fee. Afterward, they can install additional tools by paying the required price for the tool. However, studies state that the best option to choose the perfect software is to use the free basic version initially to detect any flaws of the software.

» Conclusion

Before spending money on any landing page builder it is important to know what you are going to need. Otherwise, the monthly fee will keep swelling up with add-on features. There is no point of investing heavily on added landing page creation tools if you are not going to use them frequently. Also, you should know that cancellation to the subscription will wipe out your landing pages from the web permanently. So, choose your vendor carefully with whom you are going to stick with for a very long time.

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