List of Top 10 Best Time Clock Software 2023 (Free & Paid)


Do you still manually log, monitor, and calculate your employees’ work hours? Well then, it’s time to replace this old, tedious process with the advanced employee time clock software. What it is, what are its types, benefits, and features; we will find out all that, and more in this research.

Whether you are a small business or a big corporate with a team of hundreds of professionals, your need to keep an accurate record of your employees’ working hours remains unchanged. Using registers and spreadsheets to fulfill this purpose is a traditional technique which is neither error-free nor cost-effective. Fortunately, you now have the option to go digital in the form of time clock software, all thanks to technological evolution.

What is Time Clock Software?

In the simplest terms, a time clock software is a system that logs your employees’ punch-in and punch-out time and creates an immaculate record of the hours they work. The data is stored automatically in the database which, you can easily export when required.

The system often comes in with easy integration with payroll software to simplify and accelerate the payroll process. At the same time, it eliminates the chances of buddy punching or manipulated entries of work hours.

Since the time clocking is carried out through the automated system, you get increased accuracy and streamlined data, aligning with your organization’s time, attendance, and payroll policies.

What’s more is, the market has a plethora of time clock software for small business as well as mid-sized and big entities. Different vendors offer different features which we’d explore later in this article.

Recording employees’ in and out time in a register while entering and leaving the office has now become a thing of the past. With technological evolution, you have software and systems that make your life easier and work efficient. One such type of system is the Time Clock Software.

A Time clock software is a system which records your employees’ in and out time and provides the record of the total working hours with utmost precision. It preserves the data which you can turn into insightful reports for better project planning, time and attendance overview, task scheduling, as well as payroll processing. In fact, a majority of the time clock systems offer integration with the other necessary organization software, such as Payroll and Project Management.

The system comes in several different types, letting you pick the one that suits your company’s policies and requirements. For instance, you can opt for a biometric time clock with fingerprints or face scanners or go for the web-based or app variant. It also eliminates the incidences of buddy punching or altered time clocking.

Since there are many such solutions present in the market, we’ve compiled the list of the 10 best time clock software here to save your precious time.

The Top 10 Time Clock Software

1. Virtual TimeClock


Virtual TimeClock® is recognized as a cost-effective and easy platform to record your employees’ punch-in and punch-out time. It also tracks their working hours and totals the same, including the daily, weekly, and monthly overtime hours. Moreover, you can print the timecards whenever you need them.

The solution works well on the macOS, Windows computers, and tablets no matter the size and scale of your business. You can deploy the software onto a single system, at the entry point, or on every employee’s computer. The convenience it offers stays the same irrespective of the machine you install it on.

› Features

It offers accurate time tracking, including breaks, lunches, and overtime.
It provides integration with your payroll system and supports different payment cycles, from weekly and biweekly to monthly and semi-monthly.
It renders all-inclusive reports, along with the updated timecard details, with a few clicks.
It saves and totals the working hours electronically.
With its easy accessibility, you or your managers can view, approve, and print the timecards before proceeding with the payroll process.

› Benefits

The accuracy in automated time clocking saves a lot of your time, resources, and efforts.
The integration with payroll speeds up the entire process, eliminating data redundancy which, in turn, leads to correct payments and compensations.
The system is easy to set up and run. Its clean, simple interface makes it easy to use for everyone.
As it is a one-time purchase solution, it saves your costs considerably, compared to systems with monthly plans.

› Pricing

There are three editions of the Virtual TimeClock® - Basic, Pro, and Network. The Basic license version costs you $99. The Pro edition has a base licensing fee of $195 + support charges (based on your choice of support plans). The Network version cost depends upon the number of client computers and the kind of support plan you choose.

You can also opt for a free trial before making your purchase.

2. ClockIt


ClockIt is an online employee time clock software that simplifies clocking the in and out time for your employees. The system packs in GPS functionality for added accuracy and reliability in the records of actual working hours.

Counted as a top-rated time clock solution, ClockIt caters to the needs of both the small and big-size corporations, across industries.

What sets this system apart is its offering of a range of optional features, such as custom reporting, Slack integration, and mobile apps, to name a few. You can choose what you think fits the best as per your individual requirements and company policies.

› Features

It can run on any web browser. Besides, you can utilize the ClockIt app and Kiosk, available for both Android and iOS.
It records and calculates work hours, lunch breaks, break time, as well as overtime precisely in real-time with machine learning and AI technologies.
It comes in with Geo-Fencing and GPS support to ensure your staff reports to work from where they should.
It offers shift planning and scheduling in addition to tracking your employees’ leaves, vacation, and PTO.
It includes dynamic, custom reporting tool, notifications, and integrations with software like Asana, Quickbooks, and Xero.

› Benefits

The automated calculation of working hours saves your time while protecting you against time theft and buddy punching.
The in-depth timesheet reports, exportable to Excel and CSV, make for a hassle-free payroll process.
Multi-device accessibility with synced data increases the convenience without compromising on accuracy.
It takes hardly a few minutes for account set-up, and you're all set to start.

› Pricing

ClockIt is available in five different plans:

Free: Free for life with limited features
XS: $29 a month, $290 a year
S: $49 a month, $490 a year
M: $99 a month, $990 a year
L: $199 a month, $1990 a year

The charges are for teams, not on per user basis. You can try ClockIt for free for 14 days.

3. OnTheClock


A renowned web-based time clock software, OnTheClock takes care of clocking your employees’ time as well as compliance with laws. Its powerful functionality is packed in with a simple, user-friendly design.

With OnTheClock, you can manage and track your employees working hours whether they are in-office or working remotely. In fact, you can also track their personal, sick, and holiday leaves.

The solution works on the computer, tablet, and mobile phones, both Android and iOS platforms, with equal efficiency. There are phone apps and fingerprint punch-ins as well. Apart from that, it enables employees to enter time card notes, tips, and more.

› Features

It offers GPS support and geo-fencing to hold employees accountable for their clocked in/out hours.
It supports integration with other required systems, including project reporting and payroll.
It lets you authorize devices from where employees can clock in/out.
It allows you to allot PTOs and accruals. Plus, you can approve/deny requested time offs by your employees.
It provides on-the-go access.
It facilitates detailed time card reporting.

› Benefits

With GPS support, you always know where your employees are.
The accuracy of worked hours, leaves, and PTOs results in error-free salary distribution.
Easy integration lets you seamlessly use your existing payroll systems, including ADP, Xero, and QuickBooks.
With remote access and multi-device support, managing employees is no more a headache.
Since it’s an online solution, there are no troubles with installation.

› Pricing

OnTheClock costs about $72 for 30 employees per month. If you’ve 1-2 employees, it’s free. The pricing varies with the number of employees. You can try 30-day free trial too.

4. When I Work


Not yet ready to invest a sum into a time clock software solution? Then, When I Work is for you. It is a free time clock system so that you can say goodbye to your paper timesheet and enjoy zero data inaccuracy.

When I Work can track your employees working hours, time off, and breaks with ease. Its suitability for all team sizes makes it even more popular across business niches. At the same time, it gives you the freedom to turn your choice of a device into your staff’s time clock. That said, it doesn’t compromise data security.

› Features

Its online time clock platform comes in with GPS Clock in.
It simplifies attendance management with real-time visibility and total control.
It lets you set up unpaid and paid breaks.
It supports clock in from mobile devices.
Its timesheet records can be easily exported and integrated with payroll solutions.
It allows you to integrate work schedules to prevent early clock in/out.

› Benefits

Accurate records of timesheet help control labor costs while saving your precious time.
Easy data exports and payroll integration makes the payroll process uncomplicated.
Digital timesheets are accessible anytime, anywhere.
With its any device usage, you and your team get added convenience.

› Pricing

The solution is free for a single location or team with a maximum of 75 users. The Basic plan of When I Work costs $1.50 per user whereas, the Pro edition costs $2.25 per user. There is an enterprise version too with advanced features.

5. Buddy Punch


Buddy Punch makes your life easier as you no longer need to fuss about whether your employees’ time clocking is accurate. It is a web-based time clock software for employees, accessible from any device with a browser and an internet connection. It is also available as a mobile app, compatible with both the iOS and Android platform, taking convenience a notch higher.

With this solution, your employees can easily punch in/out, submit their timesheets, and take a look at their leaves. On the other hand, it becomes a breather for you when it comes to making changes, reviewing, or approving timesheets.

› Features

It has built-in notifications for employees, managers, and admins.
It offers various punch in/out options, including QR codes, Single Sign-On, Kiosks, and texting.
It packs in alerts for overtime and also allows you to set up a weekly work hour threshold.
It provides integrations with major solutions, such as SurePayroll, QuickBooks, and Paychex.
It includes customizable reports that you can export in your choice of format.

› Benefits

The notifications and alerts help you ensure things are running as per your schedule.
Easy access from mobiles, desktops, or tabs renders flexibility without any scope for inaccuracy.
Payroll integrations accelerate the otherwise time-consuming payroll process.
Customizable reports and their easy exports let you seamlessly maintain your organization’s distinct standards.

› Pricing

For a staff of 1-4, Buddy Punch costs $25 a month. The pricing changes with the number of employees and added features. It also offers a free 30 days trial.

6. Tsheets


A simple time clock software, TSheets caters to a diverse set of businesses around the globe, including landscaping companies, construction firms, small businesses, and big entities. It has robust functionality, though it is easy to understand and use.

An offering by QuickBooks, TSheets offers web-based time-clocking, TSheets Kiosks with face recognition, as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS. So, you practically have the freedom to access it from your choice of device, no matter where you are. The system also consists of push notifications for the clock in/out reminders and time card approvals.

› Features

It offers an easy one-click clock in and out.
It facilitates scheduling based on shifts or jobs which you can easily share, publish, and edit.
It provides integrations with a number of payroll and accounting software.
It leverages geofencing technology and project management tools.
It includes a real-time reporting function.

› Benefits

Online and app-based time clock increases convenience and data accuracy.
Scheduling and geofencing empower you to manage your team more effectively.
Seamless integrations streamline payroll with automatic data sync for efficient processes and faster invoicing.
Interactive, real-time reports let you make time predictions for jobs, plan payroll, and control costs.
Unlimited live support ensures faster resolutions to issues if any.

› Pricing

The Premium plan of TSheets has a $20 monthly base fee + $8 per user, per month. Its Elite plan comes at a price of $40 as a monthly base fee + $10 per user, each month. Both these plans are available as a free trial for 14 days.

7. Clockify


Clockify is one of the powerful time clock systems, available for free, for businesses of all sizes and niches. It is an online time clock solution that provides you and your employees with desktop, web, and mobile access. In fact, you can turn any device with internet-connectivity as your time clock through this app.

With Clockify, you no longer have to rely on paper time cards or expensive hardware. You can track staff attendance, time off, and unpaid/paid breaks through its clutter-free interface. You can also see which employee is working on what and when.

It works perfectly well for both your in-office and remote workers.

› Features

It provides a one-click start to the timer. Also, there is an option of automatic clock-ins/outs as employees start and shut the computer.
It supports offline functionality.
It includes tracking of project progress, budget, employee productivity, and work hours per project.
It offers a weekly overview of the time logs and automatic alerts.
It integrates with 50+ applications.
It calculates payroll and billable hours automatically and generates exportable reports.
It includes a timesheet locking mechanism to disable edits or while approvals.

› Benefits

It is free without any limits on the number of users.
With both online and offline access, time tracking becomes painless.
It lets you generate online reports and break down data as you require.
It simplifies payroll, project management, team management, and accounting activities.

› Pricing

Clockify is completely free time clock software. You only need to sign up and invite and your team.

8. TrackSmart Timeclock


With TrackSmart Timeclock, any computer or smartphone can be the time clock of your employees. It is an online time clock software for small businesses that frees you from the troubles of installations, set-ups, and training.

Since it is cloud-based, you can track your employees’ hours from anywhere, anytime; whether they work from the office or remotely in a different timezone. Additionally, you can override and approve their reported hours.

The solution also includes the functionality to run your payroll reports, giving you an accurate idea of the amount payable.

› Features

It facilitates 24/7 time tracking and accessibility.
It provides easy schedule creation and monitoring.
It includes an employee self-service feature, letting them request time-off, check their schedules, and swap shifts.
It offers schedule and payroll reporting.
It comes in with a labor cost calculator for labor budget maintenance.
It deducts minutes of unpaid breaks automatically from the scheduled total.

› Benefits

You get automated, precise totaled hours, after consideration of unpaid breaks.
It makes way for enhanced schedule management. In addition, you can view the employee time data anytime you want.
With the self-serve feature, employees become more accountable while the system’s transparency increases their trust in the process.
Your payroll process becomes simplified, more accurate, and quicker.
The labor cost calculator helps manage the budget in a more tactful manner.

› Pricing

The TrackSmart Timeclock system is available in four different plans with varying user limits.

The Basic plan costs $22 a month for annual billing or $24, billed monthly.
The Plus plan is priced at $44/month with an annual bill or $49 on a monthly bill.
The Premium plan charges are $64 per month, billed annually, or $69 for monthly billing.
The Enterprise plan is available for $89 each month with annual billing or $99 per month.

9. ClockInEasy


ClockInEasy is one of the top time clock software that is the right blend of easy usability and robust features. It takes recording, viewing and managing employee timesheets digitally, helping you get rid of flawed data and save your precious time.

The fact that it runs on any device, be it computers, smartphones, or tablets, renders you the required flexibility and convenience. It is compatible with a range of browsers, letting your geographically diverse team clock in their hours without any difficulty. If that was not all, this online time tracking system meets the unique needs of all kinds of businesses, right from construction and retail to healthcare, staffing, and logistics.

› Features

It is accessible through mobiles, web, and tabs (Team Clock kiosks).
It has a live-map dashboard and cloud-based timesheets.
It offers face recognition, labor law compliance, and DCAA compliant auditing.
It provides one-click payroll report generation in CSV and PDF.
It simplifies the tracking, analysis, and prediction of job/project costs.

› Benefits

You can manage your in-office and remote workforce better through any device time-clocking.
The GPS support, coupled with optional face recognition, makes the timesheet logs more reliable and accurate. It also prevents buddy punching and time theft.
The hassle-free exports of payroll reports speed up the payroll process.
It helps you plan and control labor/job/project costs.

› Pricing

ClockInEasy is free for single-user accounts, such as self-employed, freelancers, and small businesses. Its fully featured Professional plan costs $4 each month, per user. It also has an Enterprise plan for larger teams. There’s a 14-day free trial as well.

10. TimeClick


TimeClick removes the struggles out of recording and tracking employees’ working hours. With its automated time-clocking, you can bid adieu to the traditional paper timesheets with increased accuracy and efficiency.

The one-stop time clock solution doesn’t only track time but also makes reporting trouble-free. It improves departmental management with its range of administrative features. Moreover, it has provisions for accurate recording of overtime, leaves, PTOs, and night shifts.

Whether you are a small business, a franchise, or a mid-size organization, TimeClick caters to your individual time clocking needs with ease. It has a simple set up which takes hardly 10 minutes to get you up and running.

› Features

It supports night shifts and different pay periods for different employees.
It prevents clocking in/out before the set schedules.
It comes in with the messaging system, job tracking, automatic lunch deduction, custom time actions, and much more.
It supports payroll integrations and the generation of a variety of reports, including punctuality, hours, summary, and employee profile.

› Benefits

There is no monthly/annual fee. You only have to purchase a one-time license, making it a cost-effective option.
Auto time-clocking, tracking, and calculation save your money and time while preventing time theft.
Mobile punch ins/outs provide added flexibility, particularly to the on-field and remote employees.
Employees become more accountable due to fair scheduling and time tracking.
Its comprehensive reports provide the necessary insights, making the payroll process painless.

› Pricing

TimeClick is available in four different plans, namely Prime, Premium, Pro, and Unlimited. The Prime costs $199, Premium for $499, Pro at $999, and the last one has a pricing of $1499. All four are a one-time purchase and include one year support. There is a fully functional free trial too for 14 days.

Now that you have so many choices, which time clock software are you going to go with?

Pro Tip: Compare features of different systems, try the free version against your requirements, and then hit the purchase button.

» What are the Types of Time Clock Software?

Whether paid or free, the time clock software comes in various types to meet the unique demands of businesses. Let’s have a look at its five primary kinds so that it is easier for you to pick one.

1. Biometric Time Clock:

The biometric time clocks facilitate clocking time through employees’ biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, and palm-prints. Thus, there is no need to remember any password. Also, it practically becomes impossible for an employee to clock in work hours for their absent colleagues.

A majority of organizations prefer biometric time clocks, often placed at the office entry point, due to their increased security along with the ease of set-up and operation.

2. Web-based Time Clock:

In web-based time clock systems, employees can enter their working hours (their start and end time) by checking in online from their laptop or desktop machines. The login credentials are unique to every employee.

As these systems are cloud-based, it becomes possible for companies to manage their remote and contractual employees more efficiently. Furthermore, the software offers centralized data so you can access it whenever you want, no matter where you are.

3. Proximity Time Clock:

The proximity time clocks for employees bring in the use of swipe cards or key FOBs.

Each employee receives their own swipe card (without magnetic strips) or key FOB which they utilize to punch-in and punch-out into a reader to record their working hours.

Such systems are easy to install and highly secure. In fact, you can set up these clocks at multiple locations and still have centralized data access.

4. Keycode Time Clock:

The keycode time clock requires each employee to enter their individual PIN number while they punch-in and punch-out. The system is not only easy to operate but also convenient as there’s no need to carry swipe cards.

However, there are possibilities of employees forgetting their PIN number. In such a case, you need to contact tech support to assign a fresh PIN, which may take some time.

5. App-based Time Clock:

The app-based time clocks enable your employees to clock their working hours online from anywhere, through any device. This kind of time clocks, more often than not, integrates GPS technologies, preventing buddy punching. That offer greater convenience and accessibility to both your remote and in-office teams. Moreover, you can easily track your employees’ locations and authorize time cards.

» What are the Features of Time Clock Software?

When it comes to time clock software features, you will find a great amount of diversity. However, there are certain critical characteristics you can’t ignore. What are they? Let’s find out.

Top 8 Features of Time Clock Software

1. Attendance and Time Management:

A good time clock software packs in the ability to track the total hours worked as well as the attendance of your entire workforce. The system captures this data with unparalleled accuracy and presents it in an easy-to-comprehend manner.

2. Employee Absence Tracking:

Whether it is sick leaves or vacation leaves, the time clock software solution ensures you are up-to-date on your employees’ time-off all round the year. A fine system lets you take a quick scan of the past leaves and even plan off-days for employees well in advance.

3. Employee Scheduling:

Moving beyond the clock-in and clock-out time, many time clock systems enable you to create employee schedules depending upon the project priorities. You can make changes to their shifts and sync the same with their preferred calendar; without any discrepancies in the time tracking accuracy.

4. Easy User Interface:

Just because it is software that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. That’s the reason why a majority of time clock software for PC or app stresses a clutter-free interface. A simple design is easy to understand and navigate for employees, facilitating a smooth transition. Furthermore, it cuts down the training time significantly.

5. Notifications:

An effective time clock software notifies you with important updates and alerts. For instance, it can be about the prolonged break time, check-in or check-out time other than the designated shifts, or even a reminder to clock-in.

6. Ability of Integration:

Accurate calculation of employees’ working hours is essential for flawless payroll. In addition to that, the recording of clock-in and clock-out time also assists in project management. Therefore, it is fruitful to get a time clock system that offers easy integration with your existing organizational software.

For instance, it should work well with your payroll software, accounting, and project management system.

7. Reporting and Analysis:

If you don’t have the means to analyze the data, there’s no point in collecting and storing it. Hence, most of the employee time clock software comes in with comprehensive, customizable reporting and analysis tools. Such tools not only give you insights into the information gathered but also foster decision-making.

8. Accessibility:

Having uninterrupted accessibility for clocking time from anywhere, across a range of devices, is crucial for businesses. Especially the ones with geographically dispersed teams. That’s why an increasing number of time clock systems are going online or becoming cloud-based.

What’s more, a lot of such systems allow you to set permissions or restrict access depending upon the IP address or authorized devices. Thus, it is always you who is in control of who can access which data.

In addition to that, it is important to note that a lot of vendors offer systems with personalizable features based on your budget and requirements. All you have to do is, identify your needs and talk it out.

» What are the Benefits of Time Clock Software?

In a fast-growing entity, having a manual process of clocking time can be a great hassle. It can affect the business in more ways than one. However, all of that can be avoided by switching to a modern, automated system. Plus, you get a host of benefits of using the Time Clock Software, outlined in the following list.

10 Advantages of Time Clock Software

1. It Saves Time:

With a single system clocking in employees’ working hours and offering hassle-free integration with other software, such as payroll, relieves you from entering the same data multiple times. It also eliminates the need for you to double-check the data as the software is programmed to be precise. As a result, you (or your HR team) get a lot of time on hand to tackle other critical matters.

2. It Brings in Mobility:

By switching to a time clock software solution, your employees will be able to fill their timesheets and clock-in their start and end time online through the web or mobile apps, irrespective of where they are. In fact, many solutions are GPS-compliant, making it easier to record the actual duty hours. Similarly, you will have seamless monitoring and access to this data.

That translates into significant mobility in business operations, particularly for service-based firms who are always on the go as well as MNCs.

3. It Boosts Productivity:

Automated time clocking means no need to spend time correcting, arguing, cross-checking, and making manual entries of the hours worked. That leads to a boost in overall organizational productivity as everyone can focus on their real roles and responsibilities.

4. It Simplifies Schedule Management:

One of the best benefits of implementing time clock software is the ease with which you can schedule and track different shifts. You get increased flexibility with timekeeping for your in-office, hourly, and remote workers. You can monitor their hours; modify the schedules and even assign hours for specific tasks. Something that was a headache to manage with a traditional timekeeping technique.

5. It Helps Render Faster ROI:

Using a time clock software helps achieve increased productivity while saving time and resources. As a result, it becomes possible for the management to not only manage costs more effectively but also generate more returns on investments (ROI).

6. It Helps Prevent Time Theft:

Time clock systems rely on the latest technologies, including biometric data, unique PIN, card, web or app-based logins, for time clocking. Some even have built-in GPS. Thus, it empowers you to put an end to incidents of buddy punching, stealing the time, or incorrect recording of work hours by employees.

7. It Enhances Payroll Process Efficiency:

As the technology is at the forefront in the time clock solutions, you get reliable data on the factual working hours of employees, stored centrally. The data includes everything, right from their attendance and shifts to overtime and leaves. Payroll software, through integration with time clock software, can easily access this data which ultimately, speeds up the payroll process while boosting its efficiency.

8. It Ensures Security:

The time clock software systems tend to have central data storage with greater security features to ensure zero data breach and information modifications. Moreover, the systems also facilitate permission settings to safeguard against unauthorized access. So, no more worries about lost registers and compromised paper timesheets.

9. It Increases Transparency:

With the time recording going digital, the organizational processes become more transparent. There is not only increased accuracy but also trust between the management and the employees regarding time clocking. On top of it, the data is accessible in real-time. That offers a transparent view on how the time is being spent and how you can optimize it through better scheduling.

10. It Raises Employee Accountability:

Whether it is a biometric time clock system or a web-based one, it is the employees who are responsible for the right investment of their time. Unlike the conventional time recording method, they can’t blame others for registering an incorrect check-in/ check-out or miscalculation of working hours. That automatically helps them become more accountable when it comes to punctuality and productivity.

Apart from the above pros, the time clock system will assist in the distribution of fair rewards, which, in turn, help retain the employees.

» How to Choose the Best Time Clock Software?

Using the time clock software, whether you are an SME or a big entity, promises multiple benefits only if you choose the right solution. Now you will ask, how can you know if the system is the right choice for your business? Simple. All you have to do is, look for some parameters which we've listed below while zeroing in on one system.

5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Time Clock Software

1. Features:

The features of employee time clock software vary with the vendors. Hence, it makes sense to analyze and compare them against your own requirements. Check if the system offers ease of use and is high on user-friendly quotient. Ensure it is simple to integrate with other software you already use, such as payroll and accounting. Also, ascertain the security standards and the kind of employee authentication it offers.

2. Comprehensive Reports:

The time clock solution you will choose has to provide you with data insights and comprehensive reports in an easy-to-understand manner. It can be an attendance report or monthly summary of overtime hours of one of your teams. That helps in payroll processing as well as project/team management.

3. User Interface:

The time tracking software should be free of clutter and unnecessary design elements. It should facilitate smooth flow and navigation so that it doesn’t come across as yet another task for employees to use the system.

4. Work Environment:

Since each business is unique, there is no one time clock solution that fits all. What may work for a food delivery business may not work for a mid-size entity. Hence, make sure that the system you’re choosing will fit in with your work environment.

5. Budget:

How much money are you willing to invest in a good time clock app or software? Cost is a significant factor for any business, at the end of the day. So, it is wise to determine if the system you’ve chosen fits your budget or is worth the price for what it puts on the table.

Additionally, you must note that adding more features or customization may raise your cost and so would flexibility to future requirements. That makes it even more important to analyze the pricing thoroughly before settling for one solution.

» How Much does Time Clock Software Cost?

The cost of the time clock software primarily depends on a number of factors: its characteristics, vendor, support, security, and scalability to name a few. That’s the reason why you will find a considerable difference in the time clock software pricing in the market.

For example, an average time clock solution for smaller businesses may cost about $25 to $50 a month. On the other hand, a system with broader features may fall in the range close to or above $100 per month. A lot of the vendors even go a step ahead and offer customized packages based on your individual requirements.

The good thing is, there are many software vendors who offer a trial version to let you get the hang of things. If things seem to work for you, you can go ahead and upgrade to the paid version.


A time clock software is an essential inclusion for growing businesses. With the ever-advancing technologies, the system is much more than just a record of employee timesheets. It not only increases the precision of data but also generates understandable insights and reports.

The fact that most of the solutions are compatible with payroll, accounting, project management, or other organizational software makes them click instantly with businesses across niches. The key is to select the right type of system fitting in with your unique needs.

How do you record your employees’ in and out time? Do you use time clock software yet? If yes, then which one and if no, then will you switch to one given the benefits? Tell us in the comments below.

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