Top 10+ Time Tracking Software in 2020

Time tracking software automates the process of calculating billable hours manually by enabling businesses and freelancers to plan project budgets effortlessly. The key feature of this software is to capture work hours and record them in a timesheet. The in-built versatile timesheets are like attendance reports that calculate exact employee work hours which in turn help to calculate bills, payrolls, holidays, time-offs, deadlines and hence eradicate time theft. A smart online invoicing feature auto-generates bills that are transparent and keeps company-client disputes at bay. The software easily integrates with several third-party software like project management and payroll systems which allow a streamlined workflow. Alerts features warn employers about pending tasks or remind employees to check-in/out, allowing systematic and disciplined business operations. Powerful reporting tools dice and slice vast data on a daily to monthly basis to carry out an in-depth analysis of available information, a feature that makes the software worth its salts. Keep a complete record of where and how you invest your time with the list of following top-rated time tracking software.

Best Time Tracking Software

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Best Employee Time Tracking Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Hubstaff – Time tracking with screenshots, for remote teams

Our Score 99/100

About Hubstaff : Increase team productivity with Hubstaff; a time tracking software offers effective features to improve business productivity where the user can find team management, project management, and time management features. It’s easy to use and effective tool to track work hours, payment to team members, client invoicing, in-depth reporting; all things are possible through Hubstaff dashboard. The software is available for desktop and mobile devices.

Hubstaff Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Timesheet Management, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“Absolutely LOVE this software! After using Hubstaff, our productivity has nearly tripled for my company. The majority of our team are virtual employees, so keeping track of their productivity levels is key to refining our team and collaborating faster on projects.” – MATT CALLEN

Hubstaff Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


1020+ Reviews


310+ Reviews

2. Calamari – Modern HR, online leave and attendance tracking

Our Score 98/100

About Calamari : Discover the easiest HR process with Calamari; it helps the HR department to manage business employees. The user can easily manage employees’ leaves and track their attendance through this software. You can find two modules of Calamari, first is “Clock In / Clock Out” and second is “Leave Management.” This is a cloud-based multilingual time tracking software. The user can also manage and track their employees from anywhere.

Calamari Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“It took me time to find tracking management system that would be the best solution for our company. With great and flexible costumer service we managed to implement 2 different policies for our 2 offices: US and Spanish. I would definitely recommend Calamari.” – Anna Grzywinska

Calamari Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


300+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

3. FreshBooks – Cloud Accounting Software for Small Business Owners

Our Score 97/100

About FreshBooks : Freshbooks, small businesses accounting and invoicing software offers time-tracking features where the user can easily increase their productivity. Every second matter and you can easily track how much time you have spent on clients and projects; after completing work you can easily generate an invoice through this software. The user can comfortably focus on their work and easily track their team timing from anywhere. Manage specific project and record time through Freshbooks.

FreshBooks Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates

“I’ve been using FreshBooks for 6 years and love how the design, functionality, and platform has grown with me.” – KATHLEEN SHANNON

FreshBooks Reviews



201 – 500



Yes, get a free trial


3120+ Reviews


290+ Reviews

4. Time Doctor – Accurate Time Tracking Software

Our Score 96/100

About Time Doctor : Recognize the superstar members through Time Doctor; it’s time tracking software for remote teams. Time doctor offers different features to track your remote employees where you can find time tracking, automated screenshots, chat monitoring feature, project tracking, detailed reporting feature and much more. It’s also easiest option to process payroll and create automatic billing. You can also integrate with all leading project management tools and can access all devices.

Time Doctor Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“TimeDoctor is straightforward and easy to use. I am able to maintain transparency with my clients at all times. TimeDoctor helps me track my hours and provide documented proof of work and give my clients a better view of how I complete my work/tasks.” – Dianne Mae P.

Time Doctor Reviews

Time Doctor

United States

51 – 200


$9.99/user per month

Yes, get a free trial


290+ Reviews


130+ Reviews

5. Wrike– Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

Our Score 95/100

About Wrike : Control over your tasks with Wrike; it’s online project management software that provides the ability to the user to manage projects with project management features like time tracking feature, project planning feature, project organization feature, an interactive timeline, online collaboration features, communication features and much more. The user can also find the employee database and mobile time tracking options with Wrike. It’s even useful for employee vacation/leave tracking.

Wrike Time Tracking Features : Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“Wrike takes things to another level. Keeping track of every detail and every task to ensure all elements are in place on launch day was a challenge; Wrike enables us to do it more accurately, thereby decreasing our costs.” – Meredith Selden

Wrike Reviews


United States

501 – 1000



Yes, get a free trial


1540+ Reviews


1080+ Reviews

6. WebHR – Social all-in-one cloud-based HR Software

Our Score 94/100

About WebHR : Manage your HR department with WebHR; it’s a Cloud-based Social HR Software popular among 197 countries. This software is multilingual software available in 30 languages. You can find many key features in WebHR like employees self-service, dynamic dashboard feature, time and attendance tracking feature, leave management, real-time chat feature, calendar feature, extensive reporting feature and much more. It’s easy to integrate with other software and platforms.

WebHR Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“This is one of the best applications that I have used, implemented or purchased in the past 9 years of my professional career. The company have been taking every feedback seriously and continues to deliver all the possible features at a very fast pace without taking much time.” – Mohammed K.

WebHR Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


480+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

7. My Hours – Track time on projects and tasks with your team.

Our Score 94/100

About My Hours : Cloud based time tracking software designed for small teams and freelancers. Track time on projects with tasks, generate insightful reports, set billing methods and send invoices to clients. Free iOS and Android mobile apps. “Easy to use time tracker” is the most frequent phrase customers describe My Hours since 2002. Start for Free and upgrade to PRO whenever you want at

My Hours Time Tracking Features : Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates

“I often work on projects that are paid by the hour and I use My Hours to time myself as I work. It’s so easy to customize to each project! With a virtual career, I often need to track my hours when working. I have been through several different types of time management software and only My Hours has worked for my needs.” – Stephanie L. W.

My Hours Reviews

Spica International d.o.o.


11 – 50


$6 user/month



580+ Reviews


04 Reviews

8. Ximble – Flexible employee scheduling with precise time tracking

Our Score 92/100

About Ximble : Catering to small and medium sized business, Ximble takes the guesswork out of staff time management. Scheduling takes seconds, and employees can easily swap shifts or request time off, on any device. Ximble offers multiple methods by which employees can clock in, from desktop and mobile device, to facial recognition and even Facebook. Integrating with many leading accounting, payroll, POS, and HR systems, Ximble offers low pricing and high levels of customer service.

Ximble Time Tracking Features : Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I use this software every day to schedule hundreds of employees over multiple sites. It works. Automated workflows related to scheduling, comparing time worked vs. time scheduled in an easy-to-use format, company-wide visibility of schedules, and superior customer service.” – Wade F.

Ximble Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


160+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

9. Accelo – Automation software for all Professional Service Businesses

Our Score 92/100

About Accelo : Just built for your service business; Accelo is the operations automation system manages all client work in one place. Accelo is cloud-based software helps user for project planning, project tracking and provides the key platform for collaboration. The user can comfortably assign the work to the team, track progress, see budgets, and profitability in real-time. It’s accessible through any device from anywhere.

Accelo Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“Accelo delivers more than promised by enabling us to manage our clients, projects, tasks and time with ease. Their responsiveness to questions and ideas puts them at the head of the pack when it comes to supporting their clients in getting the most out of their system.” – Dan Belhassen

Accelo Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


130+ Reviews


110+ Reviews

10. WebWork Time Tracker – Time Tracking Software with Screenshots

Our Score 91/100

About WebWork Time Tracker : WebWork Time Tracker is a time tracking and employee monitoring software. WebWork is also a screen monitoring software that includes a wide range of flexible screenshot monitoring modes, aimed to boost employee productivity at all levels. Tracking time spent on every single project, task and other webpages/applications…WebWork offers the most accurate reports on employee productivity! WebWork Time Tracker provides the easiest way to understand the productivity of work, calculate working time and time spent on each task. All this information automatically generated and transferred into accurate reports in the form of screenshots, statistical data, graphs or online reports in user’s web account.

WebWork Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management

“WebWork Time Tracker is an awesome tool. It has been 8 months since we are using WebWork Time Tracker in our team. And I can tell you just one thing: our company has increased the profitability by 25% since then. This is all you need to know how WebWork Time Tracker can affect your business.” – Michiel Broek

WebWork Time Tracker Reviews



11 – 50





70+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

11. DeskTrack – Time Tracking Software with Screenshots

Our Score 91/100

About DeskTrack: Automated Desktop Monitoring Tool which records the insight details of the team’s work with the time spent on URLs browsed, applications, and files opened, projects, and tasks are done. It identifies the actual work we did & distractions faced all through the day.

DeskTrack Time Tracking Features: Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Mobile Time Tracking, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“The biggest benefit has been the ability to clearly know my time by project. The SW has features that allow me to see where I am spending time. I helps from a billing perspective by allowing me to track the hours by contract.” – Anil K.

DeskTrack Reviews

Aryavrat Infotech

United States

11 – 50





4 Reviews


0 Reviews

12. PurelyTracking – Best Time Tracking Software for Everyone

Our Score 91/100

About PurelyTracking : PurelyTracking is Web and Mobile solution focusing on efficiently managing the entire workforce of the company. It is the most effective Time & Attendance tracking software with unique features such as Geolocation-locked Time Clock, Leave management system, face recognition time clock and Employee Leave Management. Businesses are using our Web, iPad and Mobile application to handle everything from Employee Time Clock to Payroll and Invoice Generation.

PurelyTracking Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“Simple UI, customizable features, easy to operate. Best part is fabulous customer support. I highly recommend PurelyTracking Application, which is suitable for almost all types of businesses. ” – Neil Shroff

PurelyTracking Reviews


United States

11 – 50





05 Reviews


01 Reviews

13. Jibble – Time & attendance tracking for teams

Our Score 90/100

About Jibble : Cloud-based time & attendance tracking software for payroll; Jibble will help the user to reduce the error and increase work productivity. The user can easily track reports and monitor teams’ productivity through this software. It’s accessible in all devices. It covers all the industry like digital agencies, construction, education, retail outlets, legal, hospitality, field services, entertainment, and much more industries. It’s easy to use software comes with the clean and improved interface.

Jibble Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Timesheet Management

“Excellent value – simple and easy to implement. Slack integration is key for our company, and allows for remote workers and field maintenance team members to track time from anywhere. Not having to hit the break room to look at their time card is the best.” – Jeremiah Nash

Jibble Reviews



02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


100+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

14. Livetecs – Timesheet & Expense with Billing

Our Score 89/100

About Livetecs : Manage Time, Expense and Billing with Livetecs. Its time tracking software offers expense tracking, time & expense billing and time off / leaves management solutions. It’s accessible through the mobile application. It’s an easy platform for the project managers to manage the projects effectively. The user can easily increase the business project strategies if he/she belongs to the software development industry.

Livetecs Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I am impresses with the improvement in the support portal of liveTecs. I have been using TimeLive for the past five years and can totally appreciate the improvements and options to the customers related to the support. Keep up the good work” – Ravi K.

Livetecs Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


20+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

15. Clockify – The only truly free time tracker for teams

Our Score 88/100

About Clockify : Clockify is a free time tracker and timesheet app for teams and freelancers. It lets you track your productivity, attendance, billable hours, and payroll across devices, as well as export your time tracking data as Summary, Detailed, or Weekly Reports. To add extra functionality to Clockify, you can subscribe to a monthly plan and get extra features that will further improve your time management and boost your productivity.

Clockify Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Mobile Time Tracking, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I own a software development company and we were spending $500 each month on a time tracking tool so all employees could log time. That’s too much money for a simple time tracker. So we created Clockify. It has everything teams and companies really need, without costing a fortune.” – Nenad Milanovic

Clockify Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


1220+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

16. Workpuls – Workforce Productivity and Analytics Platform

Our Score 87/100

About Workpuls: Workpuls is a workforce productivity and analytics software on a mission to help companies improve the benchmark performance, productivity, and efficiency of their employees. Thanks to real-time visibility and relevant insights that Workpuls provides, companies of all sizes – from small teams to large, enterprise organizations – can better optimize how their teams work, no matter where they are located.

Workpuls Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Multiple Billing Rates, Offline Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Timesheet Management

“Workpuls is great not only because it provides us with all the information we need, but because it does so in an unobtrusive way and represents a great fit for our company culture.” – Nebojsa Jankovic

Workpuls Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



30+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

17. Elorus – Cloud Invoicing & Time Tracking platform for SMBs

Our Score 85/100

About Elorus : Elorus, online invoicing and billing software; this software offers online time-tracking features along with billing and invoicing solutions. It’s usually useful for freelancers and SMBs. The user can easily monitor their business performance and increase collaboration through Elorus; the user can also share their timesheets with the clients. It’s accessible through all devices and you can get 24*7 support services. It’s also easy to integrate with third-party platforms.

Elorus Time Tracking Features : Automatic Time Capture, Billable & Non-Billable Hours, Billing & Invoicing, Employee Database, Multiple Billing Rates

“Elorus gives me all the tools to make invoicing as easy as possible. It has a dedicated team that provides excellent support and they keep working to give more features. The new time management module looks promising. Quick and easy invoicing that looks very professional.” – Alexios G.

Elorus Reviews



02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


30+ Reviews


02 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking FeaturesFreshBooksWrikeHubstaffCalamariTime DoctorWebHRXimbleAcceloJibbleLivetecs
Price$15.00/ month$9.80/ month/user$5.00/ month/user$1.00/ month/user$9.99/ user per month$2.00/ month/user$1.00/ month/user$16.00/ month/user$2.00/ month/user$1.00/ month/user
Automatic Time Capture        
Billable & Non-Billable Hours      
Billing & Invoicing       
Employee Database         
Mobile Time Tracking          
Multiple Billing Rates       
Offline Time Tracking      
Overtime Calculation      
Timesheet Management     
Vacation/Leave Tracking        

Time Tracking Software Buyer’s Guide

We certainly know how important it is to have a disciplined workforce to make steady progress. It takes a lot of hard effort to keep the manpower in control. Every individual has their own flaws to overcome, sometimes that directly put effect on your deliverables. For instance, if your certain employees can't help themselves from spending too much time on social media at the office, they would probably never going to turnaround before deadline ever, no matter in a however small task you put them into. But imagine, if someone can do this for you. Yes, that is certainly possible when you have an ideal Time Tracker Software by your side.

» What is Time Tracking Software?

It is a software program that can right fit into the system of all your employees and can watch their activities on a real-time basis. The major work involves keeping track of their activities such as check-in/check-out, the total number of hours worked, time spent on non-working kinds of stuff, projects completed, milestones achieved, and making a summary of all the above-such elements on a dashboard to have an overall look. In short, it will empower you to have an active control on your employees the way you want.

» How does Time Tracking Software work?

It tracks the working time of your employees by reading their biometric inputs at the check-in and check-out meter. The software tracks their screen to see if they are hanging on to any website too long to pretend to work and sends them push-notifications to get them back to work immediately. It integrates itself with other software of your office to work in synchronism. Moreover, it allows you to take screenshots of individuals while they are involved in any unpleasant activities to make your argument stronger during their interrogation.

» Is it worth investing money in Time Tracking Software?

It is no surprise why many companies put stress upon having a streamlined workforce to continue to grow in the future. It is certainly a well-known truth that your success comes from the individual efforts of your every team member. With that being said, it is also easy to acknowledge that taming a team of grown-ups the way you want is not easy. They will come up with a number of excuses to prove you wrong as a boss. Now with software, if you can make your arguments stronger they would be certainly no room for disobeyance at all. In this regard, irrespective of company size, the time tracker software seems to be an ideal investment to be made by every business owner.

» What are the features of Time Tracking Software?

The time tracking software can do a number of tasks for you apart from just keeping a tap on your employees. Here are some of the common features that you will find in almost every type of Time Tracking Software.

› Time Usage Report

One of the primary tasks of every employee time tracking software is to track the daily working timeline of your employees. It checks the individual working process, how much time they spent on work and leisure, which project costs more billable hours to the company etc. Thus, it will be easy for you to identify the inefficiencies easily before they cause your revenue cycle to slow down.

› Record Videos and Take Pictures

This feature enables you to make your arguments stronger while addressing the slow performers of your company. The time clock software can seamlessly get integrated with CCTV systems to record individual employee activity. You can record any particular action or can take the screenshot for future references. Easily identify time wasting, distractions, inefficiencies and address them with ease.

› Chat Monitoring

Apart from monitoring employee activity, the time keeping software can also help you see how much time is spent on chat, and video calls with different clients. If you can easily identify the unnecessary meetings that eat much of your productive time, you can definitely be cautious not to repeat the same next time.

› Powerful Dashboard

When you see your weekly or monthly progress broke down to crucial performance metric scores, you get an idea of where to improve. The employee tracking tool collects the data of your performance and breaks it down to groups such as hours worked; clients handled, tasks completed, etc. You get your own time usage statistics and thereby get cautious on controlling time-wasting behaviors.

› Calculates Payrolls

You can manage both client billing and employee payrolls from a single dashboard. It works beyond as employee time tracking system - it automatically calculates payrolls based on fixed salary or hours tracked in just minutes.

› Pop-up alerts

An employee time tracking software can send push notifications to employees sitting too much time idle in front of their pc to kill time. For instance, if someone has opened a website to fake working at a project, the software can sense that and will send a notification saying "Are you still working?". Thus, it can keep an eagles eye on your employees thereby letting you free from the same.

» What are the benefits of Time Tracking Software?

Helps to build transparency between you and client:
If you go for the best time tracking app, you will get help to make your client's access to the software white-labeled with your brand logo appearing above. Your client can have restricted access to project progress and timeline progress that will help to build a stronger relationship between two of you.

› Enables employees to self-correct their behaviors

There are times when employees spend too much time browsing social media websites or watching video on YouTube. One can certainly get weekly statistics of his/her online behavior through the software. On the other hand, you as an employer can order them to do the needful with proofs in your hand.

› Saves you time from paperwork

As already discussed under features, an employee attendance tracker software is well capable enough of auto calculating payrolls and client bills; you can save a lot of productive time for sure. Also with the process going automatic, there will be hardly any room for errors.

› Flexible configuration

As every company is different, so the user and time setting will also be altered. In this regard, having a time keeping software of configurable options allow you to adjust the settings even after the initial set-up is over. For example, you can set the required time for each team, edit min daily working hours, create/modify user accounts, many such things at your will.

› Private and Secure

The time tracking tool comes up with high-standard security protocols that keep your data secured and confident. Every data gets encrypted before reaching to servers, even the screenshots captured. It also gives user privacy protection that states none of your activities get tracked when you are on a break. That means the data will only be collected when you want them to be.

» Before selecting any Time Tracking Software

Just make this thing clear in your head that buying such great software is not a one-day process. Though technically in terms of purchasing and installation it is a quick affair, the focus here is on the selection part. No doubt, you will get a lot of offers from vendors against your need but don't get just biased to whatever they promise. Here are certain things that you need to ask yourself before even starting to look for any seller.

› Does my company actually need this software?

Of course, you wouldn't be reading till now unless you know you need it. The point here is to understand the need of the software in terms of its actual usability. Ask yourself what you are actually trying to accomplish with this software by your side. If you can find more reasons than to keep attendance of your employee or to set a virtual watchdog, you are going to make the right decision purchasing it.

› How many user access do I need?

It is a bitter truth that subscription charges of a time tracking tool increase with its number of users. Unless you have a particular figure in your mind, your budget can swell like anything with time.

› Do I need on-premise or off-premise?

Though most will agree to opt for cloud version, it has its limitations. For instance, a cloud server, if face any virus attack, may lose all valuable data thereby causing you major trouble. Let's say, both have their limitations at the place. So, you need to decide which option will better serve your purpose without getting you into significant trouble in the future.

› What should be my maximum budget?

You may think, you would have done this homework even if not advised but there is more to it than just having a figure in mind. You never know what extra the vendor has to offer for making the budget go above your level of expectation. You may find yourself in a state of complete confusion with the essentials that may add-up later. So, keep a margin of plus or minus 20% of your actual estimation.

» How to select the best Time Tracking Software?

Having the working knowledge of the software is not going to help you make a smart purchase. You must know the essential buyer requirements to ask for. If the vendor stands tall on most of the requirements, you can think of moving ahead. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money again. So, here are some essential points to remember to make your arguments stronger on the table.

› All device compatibility

It is necessary that the time tracking software must be all-device compatible to give you the flexibility of monitoring your employees from anywhere at any time. Go for the software that is compatible with Android, iPhones as well as desktops.

› Easy Integration with third-party apps

To make the most of out of your investment, select an employee time tracking software that can easily integrate itself with your other existing business software such as billing software, biometric software, meeting software, account software, etc. to produce powerful dashboard reports for your review.

› Off track reminders

Unless you ask for this feature, most vendors will not offer it as it is one of the best features to ask for. The software can track non-work related websites and can restrict the employee from using so unless you give them permission. Thus, make sure to ask for this feature to your vendor for sure.

› GPS tracking

There could be projects that may need your employees to frequently travel. Having a track on them does not necessarily require to spend money on another software when your existing time and attendance software can do that at the same price, all you need to do is to ask your vendor for the same feature to customize before purchasing.


The presence of user-friendly API allows you to manipulate your data inside the software application in almost any way you want. The read and write feature allows your time clock software to fetch data from the accounts and power you to edit them at your comfort.

› Easy Set-up

It's not just about you to get comfortable with the software rather anyone using it should feel the same way. The software must have an easy setup process that can be accomplished by any novice within a few minutes. You can easily feel that on your first time approach to the software, all by yourself.

› Top Tier Support

Does the vendor provide free training or charges extra? How frequently your employees need to get trained to understand any update in software? Can the vendor assign any dedicated team for you to get support anytime? A positive response to all these in written format would be necessary to clear any air of confusion before moving ahead with the purchase.

» Pricing of Time Tracking Software

Most companies offer a free trial period to test their software and upon receiving a green flag from your side, starts to charge monthly/yearly subscription fee. On average, the monthly subscription fee of the best time tracking app starts at $69/month/6 users. It allows you to store data online up to 50 GB. The price increases by $9 with the addition of another user. However, it is always better to opt for the unlimited plan that includes unlimited users and offers unlimited storage space against a monthly subscription fee of $199/month.

» Conclusion

This buyer’s guide is just to make you aware of the feature and capabilities of an ideal employee tracking system. You should still add more effort to it from your side to deep understand the new features that are constantly being added to the software by new market players on a daily basis. Keep your eyes open and take sufficient time before zeroing upon any particular time tracking software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a time tracking software?

Time tracking software is also known as employee time tracking software. Organization’s employees and freelancer employees can easily record spending time on tasks or projects through time tracking software. Employees can easily record and manage their hourly billing through the software. The software provides the best solution for client invoicing.

What are the key features of time tracking software?

  • Time tracking
  • Automatic time capture
  • Online timesheet
  • Project management
  • Online billing & invoicing
  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Overtime calculation
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Multiple billing rates
  • Vacation/Leave Tracking
  • Reporting and analytics

What are the benefits of time tracking software?

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved project scheduling
  • Improved transparency
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved tracking for remote workers
  • Enhanced payroll
  • Improved profitability

What is the best time tracking software?

  • Hubstaff
  • Calamari
  • FreshBooks
  • Time Doctor
  • Wrike
  • WebHR
  • My Hours
  • Ximble
  • Accelo
  • WebWork Time Tracker
  • PurelyTracking
  • Jibble
  • Livetecs
  • Clockify
  • WorkPuls
  • Elorus

How much does time tracking software cost?

The software can begin around $3.00/month/user to $16.00/month/user.


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