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Time tracking software automates the process of calculating billable hours manually by enabling businesses and freelancers to plan project budgets effortlessly. The key feature of this software is that it captures work hours and records them in a timesheet. The in-built versatile timesheets are like attendance reports that calculate exact employee work hours, which in turn help to calculate bills, payrolls, holidays, time-offs, and deadlines and hence eradicate time theft. A smart online invoicing feature auto-generates transparent bills and keeps company-client disputes at bay. The software easily integrates with several third-party software like project management and payroll systems, allowing for a streamlined workflow. Alert features warn employers about pending tasks or remind employees to check in/out, allowing systematic and disciplined business operations. Powerful reporting tools dice and slice vast data on a daily to monthly basis to carry out an in-depth analysis of available information, a feature that makes the software worth its salts. Keep a complete record of where and how you invest your time with the list of the following top-rated time-tracking software.

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List of Best Time Tracking Software

QuickBooks Time

Top Employee Time Tracking Software

QuickBooks Time is a user-friendly time tracking solution designed to streamline workforce management. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, it simplifies the tracking of employee hours and project timelines. The platform offers real-time insights into work hours, facilitating accurate payroll processing. With its mobile app, team members can clock in/out from anywhere, ensuring flexibility. QuickBoo... Read more about QuickBooks Time

7 Days

$15 Per month

United States

The Work Management Software To Maximize Business Efficiency is a versatile work operating system designed to streamline collaboration and project management. Its colorful and intuitive interface simplifies complex workflows, offering customizable boards to fit various team needs. From task tracking to project timelines, adapts to your unique processes. Team members can easily communicate, share files, and update progress in real-time,... Read more about

7 Days

$9 Per month



Fully Automated Time Tracking Software

RescueTime is a personal productivity and time management software that automatically tracks how you spend time on your digital devices. It runs quietly in the background on your computer and mobile devices, monitoring the applications and websites you use. RescueTime provides detailed reports showing how much time you spend on different activities, like social media, email, or specific work tasks... Read more about RescueTime

7 Days

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United States

Toggl Track

Frictionless time tracking software for teams

Toggl Track is a user-friendly, versatile time-tracking software, perfect for freelancers and teams looking to boost productivity and efficiency. Its standout feature is its one-click time tracking mechanism, which makes it effortless to start, pause, and stop tracking work hours across various tasks. Toggl Track offers detailed reporting, providing valuable insights into how time is allocated, he... Read more about Toggl Track


$9 Per month

United States


One app to replace them all

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that caters to diverse team requirements. Its user-friendly interface simplifies task organization and collaboration. It also offers customizable views to adapt to different workflows. With features like Docs, Goals, and Time Tracking, ClickUp centralizes tools and eliminates the need for multiple applications. The platform fosters transparency ... Read more about ClickUp

14 Days

$7 Per month

United States


Time Tracking and Productivity Monitoring Tool

Hubstaff is a comprehensive time tracking and productivity management tool designed for businesses and remote teams. It simplifies employee monitoring and project management with its intuitive features. Users can easily track time, monitor work activity, and generate insightful reports for efficient payroll processing. The platform's screenshot and activity tracking capabilities provide transparen... Read more about Hubstaff

14 Days

$4.99 Per month

United States


Time Tracking Software With Invoicing

Harvest is a time-tracking and invoicing software designed to help freelancers and businesses efficiently manage their work hours and billing processes. It's user-friendly, allowing users to track time spent on specific tasks or projects with a simple start-stop timer or manual entry. Harvest integrates with various project management tools, enhancing workflow and productivity. It offers detailed ... Read more about Harvest


$10.80 Per month

United States

Time Doctor

Employee-friendly workforce analytics platform

Time Doctor is an efficient time-tracking and productivity management tool developed for remote teams. It empowers businesses to monitor and optimize how employees spend their work hours. With features like task tracking, website & app monitoring, and real-time analytics, Time Doctor provides insights into work habits. It helps boost productivity by identifying time-wasting activities and promotin... Read more about Time Doctor

14 Days

$5.9 Per month

United States


A Time Tracker App For Businesses & Freelancers

DeskTime is a top-level time tracking and productivity tool that empowers individuals and businesses to optimize their work routines. It offers a user-friendly experience, allowing effortless tracking of work hours and activities. With real-time insights, DeskTime helps users identify peak productivity periods and areas for improvement. This tool goes beyond timekeeping, offering project categoriz... Read more about DeskTime

14 Days

$400 Per month



AI-Powered Time Tracking Software

Timely is an AI-powered time tracking software designed to automate the tedious task of logging hours, revolutionizing the way professionals and teams manage their time. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Timely captures work activities in real-time, ensuring accurate and effortless time records without manual entry. This innovative approach not only enhances productivity but also provides dee... Read more about Timely

14 Days

$9 Per month



The most popular free time tracker for teams

Clockify is a versatile time-tracking tool that simplifies tracking attendance and work hours of your employees. It's user-friendly and caters to both individuals and teams. With its easy-to-use interface, users can easily log their processes and projects. Clockify provides detailed reports, aiding in productivity analysis. The free version offers essential features, while the premium plan unlocks... Read more about Clockify

7 Days

$3.99 Per month

United States


Boost Workplace Efficiency and Productivity

Insightful, formerly known as Workpuls, is an innovative workforce productivity and analytics platform. It offers intuitive features like time tracking, employee monitoring, and productivity analysis tailored for businesses of all sizes. Employers can effortlessly track work hours, monitor app and website usage, and generate insightful reports using its user-friendly interface. Insightful empowers... Read more about Insightful

7 Days

$6.40 Per month

United States


Project Time Tracking & Timesheet Software

Replicon is a versatile time tracking and workforce management platform designed to enhance productivity. It simplifies time and attendance management, enabling businesses to track and optimize employee work hours accurately. Replicon's user-friendly interface facilitates easy project tracking, expense management, and client billing. The platform is cloud-based, providing accessibility from anywhe... Read more about Replicon

14 Days

$12 Per month

United States


Best Time Tracking Software

TimeCamp is a versatile time tracking and productivity management solution catering to businesses and freelancers alike. It simplifies the process of tracking work hours and project timelines. With its user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly monitor tasks and generate detailed reports for precise invoicing and payroll. TimeCamp's automatic time-tracking feature ensures accuracy, reducing m... Read more about TimeCamp

7 Days

$2.99 Per month

United States


PEO & Payroll Solutions for Small Businesses

Justworks is an outstanding software solution aimed at simplifying HR and benefits administration for businesses. Geared toward small and medium-sized businesses, it provides a centralized platform for payroll, benefits enrollment, and compliance management. Justworks streamlines the employee onboarding process, making it easy to set up new hires with access to essential information. The platform ... Read more about Justworks

7 Days

$$8 Per month

United States


Frictionless time tracking for project-driven teams

ClickTime is a user-friendly time tracking and project management software developed to simplify workflow and enhance productivity. It stands out for its intuitive interface, making it easy for users to log hours, monitor project progress, and manage budgets. The software offers real-time insights, enabling managers to make informed decisions based on current data. A notable feature is its customi... Read more about ClickTime

14 Days

$12 Per month

United States


Time Tracking Software for Cost-Effective Projects

actiTIME is a versatile time-tracking software designed for businesses seeking efficient management of work hours and project progress. It's user-friendly, offering intuitive interfaces that simplify time entry and reporting. Key features include flexible time-tracking options, customizable reports, and project management tools. With actiTIME, users can easily log hours, manage tasks, and analyze ... Read more about actiTIME


$7 Per month



Free Time Tracking App & Software

TMetric is a time-tracking software developed for individuals and teams focusing on improving productivity and project management. It offers a simple and intuitive interface for tracking work hours across different tasks and projects. Users can start and stop the timer with a single click or enter time manually. TMetric also includes features for budgeting, creating detailed reports, and calculati... Read more about TMetric

7 Days

$7 Per month



Time Tracker for Budgeting, Client Invoicing & Painless Payroll

Everhour is a dynamic time-tracking tool that can transform how businesses manage time and projects. It allows seamless time tracking, enabling precise invoicing and streamlined payroll processes. Everhour can be integrated effortlessly with popular project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira, providing a cohesive project management experience. This platform offers the flexibility to set... Read more about Everhour

7 Days

$8.50 Per month

United States


Time Tracking Software for Field Service and Construction

ClockShark is a robust time tracking and scheduling software specifically designed for construction and field service industries. Its standout feature is GPS time tracking, which allows for precise monitoring of employees' work locations, enhancing accountability and productivity. ClockShark simplifies scheduling with an easy-to-use interface, enabling efficient assignment and management of jobs a... Read more about ClockShark

14 Days

$40 Per month

United States


Automatic Time Tracking for Productive Teams

TrackingTime is a collaborative time-tracking tool that caters to businesses and freelancers aiming to improve productivity and project management. It allows users to track work hours across various tasks and projects, providing a clear picture of how time is spent. With its user-friendly interface, TrackingTime makes it easy to start and stop timers or log hours manually. The software includes fe... Read more about TrackingTime



United States


Intelligent, Stress-free Time Management Software

Beebole is a smart time tracking tool that can streamline your work efficiency. It allows teams to easily monitor and record their working hours, offering a transparent way to manage projects. Beebole provides a user-friendly interface, making it simple for individuals to log their time and for managers to oversee progress. The platform enables users to generate insightful reports, offering valuab... Read more about Beebole

7 Days

$6.99 Per month


My Hours

Project time tracking software for teams

My Hours is a cloud-based time-tracking software primarily developed for small teams and freelancers. It allows users to track time spent on various tasks and projects, making it easier to manage workloads and meet deadlines. The software enables the creation of projects, assigning specific tasks to each, and then tracking the time spent on these tasks with a simple click. My Hours offers customiz... Read more about My Hours


$8 Per month

United States

Keka HR

Smart HR to outsmart the changing world

Keka HR is a dynamic human resources management platform offering a range of tools to streamline HR processes. Designed with user simplicity in mind, Keka HR helps businesses manage attendance, payroll, and employee performance seamlessly. Its intuitive interface allows easy navigation, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. Keka HR's automation features save ti... Read more about Keka HR

7 Days

$60 Per month



Straightforward time tracking software to help your team run more profitable projects.

Tick is a straightforward time-tracking software developed to help teams and individuals stay on top of their projects. With Tick, users can easily track the time spent on each task within a project. The software integrates seamlessly with project management tools, enabling users to enter time directly from the tasks they're working on. A standout feature of Tick is its budget tracking: it monitor... Read more about Tick


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Time Tracking Software Buyer's Guide

We certainly know how important it is to have a disciplined workforce to make steady progress. It takes a lot of hard effort to keep the manpower in control. Every individual has their own flaws to overcome, sometimes that directly puts an effect on your deliverables. For instance, if your certain employees can't help themselves from spending too much time on social media at the office, they would probably never turn around before the deadline ever, no matter how small a task you put them into. But imagine, if someone can do this for you. Yes, that is certainly possible when you have an ideal Time Tracker Software by your side.

» What is The Meaning of Real-Time Tracking?

Time tracking means to track and record the time every employee in your organization spends working. It helps you determine how many hours your workforce puts into their roles every single day, which, in turn, helps compensate them accurately. Time tracking is also crucial to effectively manage projects and bill clients.

» What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software is a top-notch solution that can fit right into the systems of all your employees and watch their activities on a real-time basis. The major work involves keeping track of their activities such as check-in/check-out, the total number of hours worked, time spent on non-working kinds of stuff, projects completed, milestones achieved, and making a summary of all the above-such elements on a dashboard to have an overall look. In short, it will empower you to have active control of your employees the way you want.

» How does Time Tracking Software Work?

It tracks the working time of your employees by reading their biometric inputs at the check-in and check-out meter. The software tracks their screen to see if they are hanging on to any website too long to pretend to work and sends them push notifications to get them back to work immediately. It integrates itself with other software of your office to work in synchronism. Moreover, it allows you to take screenshots of individuals while they are involved in any unpleasant activities to make your argument stronger during their interrogation.

» Is it Worth Investing Money in Time Tracking Software?

It is no surprise why many companies put stress upon having a streamlined workforce to continue to grow in the future. It is certainly a well-known truth that your success comes from the individual efforts of every team member. With that being said, it is also easy to acknowledge that taming a team of grown-ups the way you want is not easy. They will come up with a number of excuses to prove you wrong as a boss. Now with software, if you can make your arguments stronger there would certainly be no room for disobedience at all. In this regard, irrespective of company size, the time tracker software seems to be an ideal investment to be made by every business owner.

» What are The Features of Time Tracking Software?

The time tracking software can do a number of tasks for you apart from just keeping a tap on your employees. Here are some of the common features that you will find in almost every type of Time Tracking Software.

› Time Usage Report

One of the primary tasks of every employee time tracking software is to track the daily working timeline of your employees. It checks the individual working process, how much time they spent on work and leisure, which project costs more billable hours to the company etc. Thus, it will be easy for you to identify the inefficiencies easily before they cause your revenue cycle to slow down.

› Record Videos and Take Pictures

This feature enables you to make your arguments stronger while addressing the slow performers of your company. The time clock software can seamlessly get integrated with CCTV systems to record individual employee activity. You can record any particular action or can take the screenshot for future references. Easily identify time wasting, distractions, inefficiencies and address them with ease.

› Chat Monitoring

Apart from monitoring employee activity, the time keeping software can also help you see how much time is spent on chat, and video calls with different clients. If you can easily identify the unnecessary meetings that eat much of your productive time, you can definitely be cautious not to repeat the same next time.

› Powerful Dashboard

When you see your weekly or monthly progress broken down to crucial performance metric scores, you get an idea of where to improve. The employee tracking tool collects the data of your performance and breaks it down to groups such as hours worked; clients handled, tasks completed, etc. You get your own time usage statistics and thereby get cautious on controlling time-wasting behaviors.

› Calculates Payrolls

You can manage both client billing and employee payrolls from a single dashboard. It works beyond as an employee time tracking system - it automatically calculates payrolls based on fixed salary or hours tracked in just minutes.

› Pop-up alerts

An employee time tracking software can send push notifications to employees sitting too much time idle in front of their pc to kill time. For instance, if someone has opened a website to fake working on a project, the software can sense that and will send a notification saying "Are you still working?". Thus, it can keep an eagle's eye on your employees thereby letting you free from the same.

» What are The Benefits of Time Tracking Software?

Helps to build transparency between you and client:
If you go for the best time tracking app, you will get help to make your client's access to the software white-labeled with your brand logo appearing above. Your client can have restricted access to project progress and timeline progress that will help to build a stronger relationship between two of you.

› Enables employees to self-correct their behaviors

There are times when employees spend too much time browsing social media websites or watching videos on YouTube. One can certainly get weekly statistics of his/her online behavior through the software. On the other hand, you as an employer can order them to do the needful with proofs in your hand.

› Saves you time from paperwork

As already discussed under features, an employee attendance tracker software is well capable enough of auto calculating payrolls and client bills; you can save a lot of productive time for sure. Also with the process going automatic, there will be hardly any room for errors.

› Flexible configuration

As every company is different, so the user and time setting will also be altered. In this regard, having a time keeping software of configurable options allows you to adjust the settings even after the initial set-up is over. For example, you can set the required time for each team, edit min daily working hours, create/modify user accounts, many such things at your will.

› Private and Secure

The time tracking tool comes up with high-standard security protocols that keep your data secure and confident. Every data gets encrypted before reaching to servers, even the screenshots captured. It also gives user privacy protection that states none of your activities get tracked when you are on a break. That means the data will only be collected when you want them to be.

» Before Selecting Any Time Tracking Software

Just make this thing clear in your head that buying such great software is not a one-day process. Though technically in terms of purchasing and installation it is a quick affair, the focus here is on the selection part. No doubt, you will get a lot of offers from vendors against your need but don't get just biased to whatever they promise. Here are certain things that you need to ask yourself before even starting to look for any seller.

› Does My Company Actually Need This Software?

Of course, you wouldn't be reading till now unless you know you need it. The point here is to understand the need for the software in terms of its actual usability. Ask yourself what you are actually trying to accomplish with this software on your end. If you can find more reasons than to keep the attendance of your employees or to set a virtual watchdog, you are going to make the right decision purchasing it.

› How Many User Access Do I Need?

It is a bitter truth that subscription charges of a time tracking tool increase with its number of users. Unless you have a particular figure in your mind, your budget can swell like anything with time.

› Do I Need On-{remise or Off-Premise?

Though most will agree to opt for the cloud version, it has its limitations. For instance, a cloud server, if faced with any virus attack, may lose all valuable data, thereby causing you major trouble. Let's say, both have their limitations at the place. So, you need to decide which option will better serve your purpose without getting you into significant trouble in the future.

› What Should be My Maximum Budget?

You may think you would have done this homework even if not advised, but there is more to it than just having a figure in mind. You never know what extra the vendor has to offer to make the budget go above your level of expectation. You may find yourself in a state of complete confusion with the essentials that may add up later. So, keep a margin of plus or minus 20% of your actual estimation.

» How to Select The Best Time Tracking Software?

Having the working knowledge of the software is not going to help you make a smart purchase. You must know the essential buyer requirements to ask for. If the vendor stands tall on most of the requirements, you can think of moving ahead. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money again. So, here are some essential points to remember to make your arguments stronger on the table.

› All device compatibility

It is necessary that the time tracking software must be all-device compatible to give you the flexibility of monitoring your employees from anywhere at any time. Go for the software that is compatible with Android, iPhones as well as desktops.

› Easy Integration with third-party apps

To make the most out of your investment, select an employee time tracking software that can easily integrate itself with your other existing business software, such as billing software, biometric software, meeting software, account software, etc., to produce powerful dashboard reports for your review.

› Off-track reminders

Unless you ask for this feature, most vendors will not offer it as it is one of the best features to ask for. The software can track non-work related websites and can restrict employees from using it unless you give them permission. Thus, make sure to ask your vendor for this feature.

› GPS tracking

There could be projects that may need your employees to travel frequently. Having a track on them does not necessarily require spending money on another software when your existing time and attendance software can do that at the same price, all you need to do is to ask your vendor for the same feature to customize before purchasing.


The presence of a user-friendly API allows you to manipulate your data inside the software application in almost any way you want. The read and write feature allows your time clock software to fetch data from the accounts and power you to edit them at your comfort.

› Easy Set-up

It's not just about you getting comfortable with the software, rather anyone using it should feel the same way. The software must have an easy setup process that can be accomplished by any novice within a few minutes. You can easily feel that on your first time approach to the software, all by yourself.

› Top Tier Support

Does the vendor provide free training or charges extra? How frequently do your employees need to get trained to understand any update in software? Can the vendor assign any dedicated team for you to get support anytime? A positive response to all these in written format would be necessary to clear any air of confusion before moving ahead with the purchase.

» Questions to Ask a Vendor When Buying The Best Time Tracking Software

1. Would the time tracking software remove the manual tracking of hours altogether?
2. How would the system reduce the administrative burden?
3. Would the software track time for individual members as well as teams?
4. Can the software track time for my full-time, contractual, remote and hourly employees accurately?
5. Does the system include the time-off requesting mechanism?
6. Is the solution capable of calculating overtime and leaves with complete accuracy?
7. Can I export the data into excel or pdfs?
8. Do I need additional hardware to work with the software?
9. What is the product’s learning curve?
10. How do you protect our data? What level of security do you employ?
11. Would the software be accessible on mobile devices like smartphones and tabs?
12. Does it work offline? How long would it take to sync the records?
13. Will it be on-premise or on-cloud?
14. Does the software provide custom views for individual users?
15. Are there user roles and access control in the system?
16. Is software customization available? What all features can we customize?
17. Does the system offer reminders, alerts, and real-time updates?
18. Does the solution offer integration with other software and apps, such as payroll, accounting and project management?
19. Is the system capable of fulfilling our future needs?
20. How often do you update your software?
21. Does the software include reporting tools?
22. Is the software cost inclusive of technical support?

» Pricing of Time Tracking Software

Most companies offer a free trial period to test their software and upon receiving a green flag from your side, starts to charge a monthly/yearly subscription fee. On average, the monthly subscription fee of the best time tracking app starts at $69/month/6 users. It allows you to store data online up to 50 GB. The price increases by $9 with the addition of another user. However, it is always better to opt for the unlimited plan that includes unlimited users and offers unlimited storage space against a monthly subscription fee of $199/month.

» Conclusion

This buyer’s guide is just to make you aware of the features and capabilities of an ideal employee tracking system. You should still add more effort to it from your side to deeply understand the new features that are constantly being added to the software by new market players on a daily basis. Keep your eyes open and take sufficient time before zeroing upon any particular time tracking software.