Top 10 Salon and Spa Software in UK – Complete Guide for 2023

list of top Salon and Spa Software in UK

Salon and Spa Software is a single web application that allows online interaction with the end-users through an application or website. You can also call Salon and Spa Software, a beauty software that enables your whole business's smooth running.

Are you residing in the UK, searching for Salon and Spa Software in the UK? If yes, you can come across many such vendors that deal with Salon Software UK. Salon and Spa Software's purpose is to let the users book an appointment to avail the services you require to enhance their looks. If you live in the UK looking for the salon software only for hair, Hair Salon Software is the most recommended app.

» Top 10 Salon and Spa Management Software in 2023

Gone are those days of a personal visit to salons or taking an appointment through the telephone! Many innovative salons and spa software have emerged in the digitization market where the users can choose the service and the industry, depending on their budget. Today, you can find many Beauty Softwares in the market. The salon and spa software presents you with the value of your advanced salon. The modern POS has almost replaced the receptionist. However, not all Softwares can do that. It's only the best Salon and Spa Software in the UK that can be a brand and a marketing hub for your business. Here are some of the best salon and spa software in the UK that vary from one user to another. Please take a look...

1. iSalon software


Are you searching for salon booking software in the UK that helps complete salon management and online booking? If yes, iSalon software enables you to render comprehensive services for hair and beauty salons, barbers, spas, and colleges under a single roof. It's the best opportunity for you to grab the option to choose the best-suited industry according to their needs.

› iSalon Software Features:

Adaptability, scalability, and personalization to meet your requirements.
It provides you with an appointment book that enables you to record the date, time, and venue.
It helps in the efficient maintaining of client records.
It provides you with Till Facility.
It helps you to control stock.
Access to multiple salons.

› iSalon Software Advantages:

It offers you 100% customer support.
It helps the entrepreneurs to run a slicker, efficient, and profitable business.
It enables you to generate revenue without compromising with social distance.

› iSalon Software Pricing:

iSalon software comes to you with the most flexible plans best-suited for your business. You can opt for the following methods depending on your budget.

• Basic – Looking for a perfect setup with a limited budget? iSalon software helps you to achieve the desired configuration for your business!
• Professional – Are you dissatisfied with the limited features in Basic Plan? Or unable to afford the Ultimate Plan? Well, in both cases, you may opt for the Professional Plan designed just for you!
• Ultimate – Are you finding Professional Plan insufficient for your requirement and do not mind paying more to get unlimited access? iSalon's ultimate package would be the right option for you! Avail salon booking software and remote salon management to explore the app's feature for your business!

2. SalonLite by Premier Software


Are you looking for a free salon appointment scheduling software for the hair and beauty industry? SalonLite by Premier Software comes with a fantastic offer with one and only first salon booking application. It's a wholly optimized cloud-based solution that bestows you with an efficient and secure scheduling solution for the salons worldwide. SalonLite is also a quick and functional system that allows a quick and easy setup.

› Features of SalonLite by Premier Software:

Provides you with high compatibility with iPad, PC, or Mac during internet connectivity, enabling you to run your business freely.
SalonLite's web app, if installed on your smartphone, would enable you to view your diary, make bookings, and add new customer details to your system.
It comprises export features in a Dropbox that would facilitate data saving of all your SalonLite data to the account, integrated With Dropbox.

› Benefits of SalonLite by Premier Software:

It makes your scheduling simple by setting up individual staff with ease.
It makes your stock management systematic so you can track and sell your salon's items.
It facilitates online booking.
Abundant Business Intelligence
The interlinked appointment includes processing times for technical services.
It comprises of in-built SMS and Email.
SalonLite on any internet-enabled device helps complete the optimization of devices like Apple, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.
Excellent customer support

› Pricing of SalonLite by Premier Software:

SalonLite Software also offers you free premium features for 60 days, after which you would have to pay £10 per month if you wish to continue with the premium features. Else, you can have an option to avail of free featured services. SalonLite comes to you with plans like:

SalonLite Basic offers you 16+ features that include a feature-rich scheduling system, a glimpse of dashboard reporting, and data access via mobile devices across the globe. You can use the basic Plan free of cost.
Pricing: You can use the basic Plan free of cost.
For SMS, the pricing is £10 per 100

SalonLite Pro provides you with 25+ additional features that include the features that you get from the Basic Plan.
Pricing: £10 per month
Both these plans come for single users.

SalonLite Premium offers you 26+ features for which you would have to pay £20 per month. If you are running a firm with up to five users, then the Plan would work for you in a better way.

SalonLite Unlimited provides you with 100 free SMS monthly. It offers you 27+ features other than the leeway that you get from other plans.
Pricing: £30 per month.

3. Phorest


Are you trying for the Best Salon Software or beauty software that can fetch you an intuitive appointment and more bookings? Phorest provides you with a calendar that enables you to manage your client and schedule your salon staff. It's a new virtual reality spa software that helps you to provide video consultations with clients. Apart from that, you can also schedule pre and post consultations with the customers online, spending less time over the phone! Go for Phorest to get more bookings even after the closing hours now!

› Features of Phorest:

Assistance in managing your clients.
Enables effective salon management
Effective marketing of your brand.
It helps you to get more bookings.
It comprises a cloud-based system that helps you manage and maintain the salon's staff, stock, POS, and client information.
Provides you with the marketing tools that allow you to own your brand.

› Benefits of Phorest:

There's a high scope for growing your engagement rate and clientele.
It promotes efficient management of staff and location.
It helps in the smooth running of your salon.
It allows for easy migration.
Provides you with the training without having to pay anything.
Excellent customer support
It fills up appointment slots.
Enhances customer loyalty

› Pricing of Phorest:

Phorest comes to you with one of the fabulous pricing plans that include unlimited devices and staff at affordable rates.

• Starter Plan: Are you new to business or have s shoe-string budget? No problem, the Starter Plan would be perfect for you at the initial stages of your salon careers or business!

• Grow Plan: Is your saloon at the growing phase? Grow Plan is the one that would provide you with excellent features best-suited for your salon.

• Ultimate Plan: The ultimate Plan would go well with large salons.

The starter plan provides you with the basic features, while the grow Plan offers you the services with something more than a starter scheme. If you are looking forward to accessing all the features, the Ultimate package will suit your business. However, it depends on your budget and the return-on-investment that you earn during the marketing campaigns.

4. Kitomba


Are you unable to afford the infrastructure that you need for running your salon? Exclusively designed for hair and beauty, Kitomba is a hair and beauty salon software that provides you the required infrastructure for running your salon business. It's one of that equips your salon software with a spa or clinic in the UK. Kitomba has advanced the industry-specific features that offer unbeatable support to all types of salons. Kitomba Software has been assisting salons, spas, and clinics all over the UK in achieving their milestones.

› Features of Kitomba:

It helps in appointment booking in any location.
Global access.
Online booking of an appointment.
Client cards.
Photos and documents.
Marketing and Loyalty Program

› Benefits of Kitomba:

The Kitomba Software got designed exclusively for users.
It helps to get everything that you need under a single roof.
They are committed to your successful functioning.
It provides you with a centralized grip for various geographical locations.
Expert support and guidance to run your business.

› Pricing of Kitomba:

It comprises of single and multiple locations. In a single place, Kitomba offers you the most suitable packages. The single location plans are:

• Gold – It presents you with everything required for running a business.
• Platinum – In addition to gold features, you will also get access to cloud features.
• Diamond – It comprises gold and platinum with online booking.

Kitomba also helps you with the features you require to operate your business in more than one geographical location at different pricing.

5. Fresha


Are you looking for a complete solution to manage and improve your business free of cost? Fresha is the free salon software in the UK. All you need to do is to download it to your cell phone and start booking appointments to obtain the platform for running a hassle-free business! Book now to avail of services like hair care, nail strengthening, waxing, beauty, barbershop, massage spa, shaping your eyebrows and therapy, and more!

› Fresha Features:

Scheduling client appointments
Point of Sale
Stock and product management
Optimizes your business with insights with live performance dashboards
Processing the payment
Boosts your sales via marketing promotions
Provides a complete business solution for business management and growth

› Fresha Benefits:

It enables you to draw the attention of the prospective buyers.
It allows self-booking online.
It helps you to gain customer ratings and reviews.
Get a grip over your calendar via remote charging and automatic payouts connected to the bank account.
Minimal processing fees
In-store card terminals
Online Pay-by-app processing

› Fresha Pricing:

Fresha is the only application that provides you with a subscription-free booking platform to run your salon and spa. Avail the best opportunity to get free and unlimited access to calendar booking, team inspiration, manage multiple locations, track the client history, and much more than you can ever imagine!

6. Versum Software


Do you have a hectic schedule that makes it difficult for you to manage your staff and clients? Versum is a beauty software that simplifies handling your salon, staff, and the stock without your physical presence. Over 50,000 beauty professionals use Versum for expanding their business during pandemic situations. If you are trying to catch up with your competitors, you would have to opt for Versum Software to build a self-motivated and efficient team and keep track of all accounts, products, and equipment. Stop wasting time and act immediately! Go for Versum Software to exercise control irrespective of your location and gain online access to manage your employees and monitor the stock without your physical presence!

› Features of Versum Software:

Get in-depth detail on customer records and their appointment history.
It's a simple and intuitive appointment book that contains a modern online calendar.
It generates real-time and precise reports and statistics.
It assists in managing the staff with excellent efficiency.

› Benefits of Versum Software:

It makes your business growth unstoppable.
It helps in managing the salon without any stress.
It saves you time and energy.
It helps you to attract more customers.
It allows online booking even outside business hours.
It makes your text and email campaigns fruitful.

› Pricing of Versum Software:

Versum offers 14-day free salon software in the UK without a credit card. It would allow you to try whether it works out for your business. After the end of the free trial, Versum comes to you with the following schemes.

• Solo – It comprises one employee. Pricing: £18.50 every month.
• Necessary – The essential Plan's minimum requirement is two employees, with six employees being the maximum. Pricing: £28.89 per month.
• Medium – If you have hired 7-12 employees in your firm, the Medium Plan is the right option. Pricing: £51.12 in a month.
• Pro – It is a plan in which you can have any number of employees in your organization. Pricing: £80.75

7. Shortcuts Software


Are you managing a salon, spa, or barbershop in the UK? Shortcuts Software is a Salon and Spa Software in the UK that provides you with an easy-to-use technology that enhances your business, profits and enables you to reclaim your work and personal life. Its features allow you to choose the stream that targets Kids, Barber, Clinic, Spa, Beauty, and other multiple audiences.

› Features of Shortcuts Software:

Shortcuts software helps you explore the following features

Appointment booking
24/7 or round-the-clock support
Remote Feature Access
Customer loyalty
Information on the online client information cards
Online marketing
Mobile Guest Applications

› Benefits of Shortcuts Software:

It helps in the systematic recording of client appointments
Track your company and the employees’ progress.
It helps in SWOT analysis wherein you can overcome your weakness.
It helps you to resolve the customer and technical issues.
It helps you to gain a memorable guest experience through Mobile Guest App.

› Pricing of Shortcuts Software:

Shortcuts Software comes to you with different packages like Essentials, Elevate, and Evolve, depending on your business requirements and budget. The price varies from one Plan to another.

8. Salon Tracker


Are you searching for salon and spa software in the UK to access multiple sites? Salon Insights and Salon HQ are some of the features that give excellent insights and allows you to access various sites. It is feature-rich software that gives you a cutting edge. Your customers who do the following compliments and safeguard your business skyrockets your return-on-investment. Salon Tracker provides the users and entrepreneurs with intelligent marketing tools with an inbuilt client card and stock management, saving an organization's time and resources.

› Features of Salon Tracker:

Feature-rich and insightful
It gives complete access to salons having multiple sites, staff marketing, reports, and management.
You can go for online booking anytime.
The salon software system allows for easy management and modification of bookings.
Helps the clients to make contactless payments

› Benefits of Salon Tracker:

Rich insights
It helps you win customers, increase profits,and maximizes security.
It enables you to keep track of the staff regarding login and logout time via biometric fingerprints.
It provides you with sophisticated marketing tools that help in intelligent marketing.
It enables you to generate advanced reports and find out clear and concise information.

› Pricing of Salon Tracker:

Salon Tracker Software offers you the free trial and demo salon and spa software with free specialist support, with three subscriptions depending on your needs and budget.

• Standard Subscription: £30 per month inclusive of VAT.
Validity: 12 months

• Professional Subscription: £60 per month plus VAT
Validity: 12 months

• Enterprise Subscription: £90 per month that includes VAT
Validity: 12 months

9. SalonIQ


Are you thinking of different ways of finding multisite software? SalonIQ is a spa and salon software in the UK that makes it possible. The developers have exclusively built and designed beauty software for business enterprises. Furthermore, it helps in team motivation for enhancing their performance, which would keep them in the top position. Salon IQ meets that criteria and ensures that you watch your salon picking up in its business.

› Features of SalonIQ

It contains an ideal platform to maximize the retail potential of your salon.
It enables 24/7 online booking, deposits, client intake and payments, and others.
Simplified salon management

› Benefits of SalonIQ

It provides you with an advanced technology that delivers more excellent value.
It gives constant updates on software that delivers the salons with the best return-on-investment.
It comes to you with an intuitive application that helps you focus on customer delight through improvised services.
Offers a pleasant working environment for the employees, so they respect one another and the clients.
It helps in managing and controlling the staff.

› Pricing of SalonIQ

SalonIQ comprises the packages. They are:

• Online setup: It comes to you with the pricing of £599.00 +VAT
• Offline setup: The availability of the package has a pricing of £1099.00 +VAT

10. Salon Iris Software


Are you looking for hair salon software designed for treating hair problems? Salon Iris Software got awarded as the best Salon Booking Software and Salon Scheduling Software. It's a hair salon software designed for treating hair problems with smart solutions. Salon Iris Software would suit self-employed individuals, small salons, and large salons from the business perspective. A self-employed user is a sole person who runs the show single-handedly.

The small salon limits to five employees, while large salons can have unlimited employees. Salon Iris Software suits the business of all sizes and meets the individual requirements.

› Features of Salon Iris Software:

Allows installation on two computers
Two computers at two geographical locations
Unlimited employee and customer support
Compatibility with online booking
It helps you to get detailed reports.

› Benefits of Salon Iris Software:

Suitable for individuals, start-ups, medium and large salons.
It allows you to work anywhere without limits using devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers.
It allows Facebook booking either through the website or its application.
It provides you with a formula tracking system to track the clients.
It helps in website integration with your existing site.

› Pricing of Salon Iris Software:

Salon Iris Software offers you the following pricing packages like:

• Solo – Comes to you with a monthly payment of £49
• Standard – Available to you at £89 per month
Professional – You can get a professional package for £119 per month.

The Beauty Software mentioned above also helps you integrate via email and social media marketing. Email marketing is a tool that enables you to send promotional messages to many users and attract them towards your brand. Social media marketing improves the brand visibility of your salon. It helps you collect the audiences' contact details like email addresses, telephone numbers, and postal addresses to use different strategies to retain the customers and attract new clients. The Salon and Spa Software also provide tight security to your data that keeps you away from digital threats and potential hackers.


Salon and Spa Software's list in the UK market finds many such applications in the market, having pricing and packages.

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