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Registration software allows companies to automate the registration process for events, meetings, and conferences. It also streamlines the payment collection processes. Among all other things, this online registration management system helps organizations with ticketing, online or on-site registration, badge management, membership management, and self-check-ins. With the help of this software, organizations can even conduct surveys and administer polls to gather attendees' feedback and keep their audience engaged. Online registration software lets your registrants go through the ...

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Webex Events (formerly Socio)

Host engaging virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

Webex Events is a comprehensive solution for hosting virtual and hybrid events. It's designed to offer an interactive and engaging experience for attendees, regardless of their location. The platform supports a range of event types, from webinars to large conferences. It features high-quality video and audio streaming, ensuring a seamless presentation. Webex Events offers robust audience ... read more about Webex Events (formerly Socio)

7 Days

$950 Per month

United States


Online Registration and Payment Management Software

Regpack is an intuitive software solution designed for streamlined event and course registration. Its standout feature is the flexibility in creating custom forms, allowing users to tailor registration processes to their specific needs. The platform supports online payment processing, making it easy to manage fees and financials. Another key aspect is its ability to generate real-time reports, ... read more about Regpack

7 Days

$125 Per month

United States


Host highly customizable virtual and hybrid events to deliver immersive and interactive experiences to your audience

Airmeet is a versatile event platform specifically designed for virtual and hybrid events, offering a highly interactive and engaging experience. Its standout feature is the virtual 'social lounge', which mimics a real networking environment, encouraging participant interaction. Airmeet excels in hosting various event formats, from webinars to large conferences, with seamless live streaming ... read more about Airmeet

7 Days

$167 Per month

United States

Neon CRM

The Best Software For Nonprofits

Neon CRM stands out as an all-in-one software solution for nonprofit organizations, emphasizing donor and relationship management. It streamlines the process of tracking donor information, contributions, and engagement, offering a clear, comprehensive view of each supporter. The software features powerful tools for event planning, membership management, and targeted email campaigns, all aimed at ... read more about Neon CRM

7 Days

$99 Per month

United States


Best Kids Activity Registration & Management Software

Sawyer is a specialized software designed for kids' activity registration and management, streamlining the organization of educational and recreational programs. It's incredibly user-friendly, catering to the needs of both parents and program providers. The software allows easy browsing and enrollment in a wide range of children's activities, making it convenient for parents. For providers, Sawyer... read more about Sawyer

7 Days

$109 Per month

United States


Powerful cloud software to help you automate and simplify membership tasks.

WildApricot is a versatile software solution primarily designed for non-profits, associations, clubs, and membership-based organizations. It excels in streamlining membership management, event planning, and fundraising activities. Key features include an intuitive member database, automated membership renewals, and easy event registration processes. WildApricot also offers a customizable website ... read more about WildApricot

More than 30 days

$54 Per month



Club and Association Management Software

ClubExpress is an all-encompassing management software designed specifically for clubs and associations. It offers a broad range of features, including membership management, website creation, event registration, and financial tracking. A notable aspect of ClubExpress is its integrated communication tools, which enable organizations to connect with members efficiently through newsletters, emails, ... read more about ClubExpress


$42 Per month

United States


The Event Management Software That Makes Running Your Events Easy

EventMobi is a versatile event management software designed to enhance attendee engagement and streamline event planning. Its standout feature is a customizable event app that allows for real-time interaction, including features like live polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions. EventMobi simplifies registration and ticketing, making attendee management efficient and user-friendly. The platform offers ... read more about EventMobi


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United States


Event Platform for In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events & Webinars

Cvent is a globally recognized event management software offering comprehensive tools for every stage of event planning and execution. It streamlines event organization with features like automated registration, customizable event websites, and efficient attendee management. Cvent's robust venue sourcing tool simplifies finding and booking venues with negotiation and contracting capabilities. The ... read more about Cvent


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United States

Stova (Formerly Meetingplay & Aventri)

Discover your next event technology partner

Stova, formerly known as Meetingplay & Aventri, is an innovative event management software tailored for creating engaging and successful events. This platform stands out with its robust registration system, offering a streamlined process for attendees. It features a highly customizable event app, enhancing attendee engagement with interactive elements like live polling, networking, and ... read more about Stova (Formerly Meetingplay & Aventri)


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United States


The No. 1 event software for B2B conferences

Bizzabo is a comprehensive event management platform designed to empower organizers to create exceptional experiences. It's user-friendly, offering seamless event creation and management. Key features include customizable event websites, integrated email marketing, and a robust registration system, ensuring efficient attendee management. Its networking tools enhance participant engagement, ... read more about Bizzabo

7 Days

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United States


Discover the only enterprise-grade event management platform that is easy to use.

Accelevents is an all-in-one event management software tailored for both virtual and in-person events. Its strength lies in easy-to-use event setup, allowing organizers to create engaging experiences. The platform offers robust ticketing and registration features, with customizable options to suit diverse event types. For virtual events, Accelevents excels with interactive tools like live ... read more about Accelevents

7 Days

$5000 Per month

United States

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is a simple, free event ticketing solution for events of all shapes and sizes.

Ticket Tailor is a user-friendly ticketing platform ideal for events of all sizes. It stands out with its low fees and customizable ticketing options, allowing organizers to personalize their event pages. This software simplifies ticket sales with easy setup, online payment processing, and instant ticket delivery. Its flexible features cater to various event types, from concerts to conferences. ... read more about Ticket Tailor



United Kingdom


Simple, modern and affordable online event management platform.

Eventleaf is a versatile event management software, ideal for both in-person and virtual events. Its intuitive design makes event creation and management straightforward. Key features include customizable registration forms, enabling organizers to gather essential attendee information easily. Eventleaf offers robust ticketing options, supporting various pricing structures and secure online ... read more about Eventleaf



United States


Best Event Management Platform Software in Asia

EventX is an innovative event management software, specializing in virtual and hybrid event experiences. Its easy-to-navigate interface allows for quick event setup and customization. The platform shines with its robust virtual event features, including high-quality live streaming, interactive webinars, and virtual exhibition booths, creating immersive experiences. EventX's networking tools, like ... read more about EventX


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Hong Kong S.A.R.


The Event Management Platform for in-person, hybrid and virtual events

Eventboost is an all-in-one event management platform designed to streamline the organization of various event types, from corporate meetings to large-scale conferences. Its key strength is in simplified event registration, offering customizable forms for effective attendee data collection. The platform provides a sophisticated email invitation system, enhancing guest management and engagement. ... read more about Eventboost


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The modern event platform, built for event people.

Splash is a dynamic event marketing platform, perfect for creating and managing branded events. It stands out with its powerful design tools, enabling users to craft visually stunning, branded event pages and invitations effortlessly. Splash excels in streamlining the RSVP process, enhancing attendee management. The platform's integrated email marketing tools aid in effective communication and ... read more about Splash



United States


Discover the Best Local Events & Things to Do

Eventbrite is a widely recognized event management and ticketing platform renowned for its versatility and user-friendly interface. It simplifies the process of creating and promoting events, from small workshops to large concerts. Eventbrite's robust ticketing system offers customizable options, accommodating various event types and pricing strategies. The platform excels in attendee management, ... read more about Eventbrite



United States


All-in-one Event Management Software for In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Events

Whova is an award-winning event management software highly acclaimed for enhancing attendee engagement and networking in both virtual and in-person events. Its standout feature is the interactive event app, which facilitates attendee interaction, personal agenda creation, and access to event information. Whova excels in offering an engaging platform for virtual events, including features like live... read more about Whova

7 Days

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United States


Create a beautiful event website, sell tickets, and promote your event online.

EventCreate is a versatile event management platform designed to make event planning simple and effective for organizers of all types. Its standout feature is the user-friendly website builder, enabling the creation of beautiful, custom event pages without needing technical skills. The platform excels in registration and ticketing, offering flexible options to suit a range of events, from seminars... read more about EventCreate

7 Days

$6 Per month

United States

GoTo Webinar

Hassle-free Webinar Software & Virtual Conference Platform

GoTo Webinar is a prominent webinar hosting platform designed to facilitate smooth and professional virtual events. It stands out for its ease of use, allowing organizers to set up and host webinars with just a few clicks. The platform supports various webinar formats, from interactive Q&A sessions to large-scale presentations. GoTo Webinar's reliable streaming quality ensures a seamless viewing ... read more about GoTo Webinar

7 Days

$49 Per month

United States


Powerful event management software

RSVPify is a specialized event management tool focused on streamlining the RSVP process for a variety of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings. Its standout feature is the customizable RSVP form, allowing organizers to gather detailed attendee information with ease. RSVPify excels in guest list management, offering tools like seating charts and secondary event invitations. The platform ... read more about RSVPify

7 Days

$19 Per month

United States


A customizable event management platform made for event profs who plan in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

Swoogo is an innovative event management software, known for its powerful yet user-friendly features, especially suited for corporate and business events. Its standout capability is the intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, enabling organizers to create custom, engaging event sites effortlessly. Swoogo excels in seamless registration processes, offering flexible form builders and dynamic ... read more about Swoogo

7 Days

$11,800 Per year

United States


#1 Online Event Registration Software

RegFox is an event registration software praised for its customization capabilities. It allows event organizers to create fully branded registration pages with a simple, user-friendly interface. RegFox stands out with its unique pricing model, offering a low per-registration fee, making it an economical choice for various event types. The platform includes powerful features like conditional logic ... read more about RegFox

7 Days

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United States


Hybrid, In-Person & Virtual Event Platform

vFairs is a leading virtual event platform renowned for creating immersive and interactive virtual event experiences. It's especially adept at hosting virtual fairs, expos, and conferences, offering lifelike 3D environments. vFairs stands out with its customizable virtual booths and engaging lobby designs, mimicking the feel of in-person events. The platform supports live webinars and on-demand ... read more about vFairs

7 Days

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United States

Registration Software Buyer's Guide

Event registration is the main reason for any successful event. Regardless of the industry or topic, any event aims to bring people together. Therefore, event registration is the top priority for event marketers. Increasing the conversion rate from a prospective customer to a registered attendee is an important KPI for event success.

» What is Registration Software?

Event registration software is a set of business solutions that address different aspects of event management, from planning to post-event stages. These end-to-end solutions offer tools for the entire event life cycle and focus on specific processes of event organizing that includes registration, ticketing, analytics, floor planning, surveys, and schedulers.

» What are the Features of Registration Software?

The goal of event registration is to make it look simple from the attendee's point of view. Therefore, it is important to invest in the best registration software, which is the key element in building a strong registration flow. The software helps in getting more people to the event and increase event revenue.

With lots of event registration software out there, comparing to shop one for your needs can be overwhelming. You will be on the right track by clarifying on must-have and nice to have features. Some top features of an event registration software should have been:


Event planners can create a customizable website for an event, launch push messaging, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and generate promotional codes.


This feature enables owners to sell the event tickets and handles the registration process for conferences through both online and offline channels. The software you choose should enable you to set ticket prices, types, and quantity limits.


You can enhance the attendee experience with the event registration tool for customized registration, guest list management, assigned seating arrangements, assigning staff to escort attendees, using customer feedback to improve future events, and conducting real-time survey's through Q&A’s and polling system for the better engagement. Some platforms even manage travel facilities for attendees.


This feature allows you to manage activities at the venue that includes the registration on the spot, printing name badges for attendees, check-in with barcode scanners, and easy check-ins by integrating with self-service kiosks.


This feature helps users to accept or decline registrations for seminars, conferences, along with events. Some membership registration software allows you to book venues, rooms, and tables for attendees.


You can create and track content for speakers, sponsors, and event exhibitors. Your chosen software should allow you to create event agendas and measure attendee interest for each event or session by generating customizable reports.


With the help of software, you can identify potential venues and develop a floor plan to allocate booth to exhibitors. You can also manage resources, event logistics, and catering services with the software.

» What are the Benefits of Registration Software?

Event registration software is an intuitive and user-friendly solution, used by the event marketer and attendee. The best registration software integrates with the ticketing system to maximize the success of your events. There are more benefits to using event registration software in your event business.


Ticket sales gets the top priority in the registration process. The software helps you to follow up who bought your tickets, did any target groups fall behind, and the number of tickets sold out.


You can easily track who bought, registered, and canceled a ticket for your event. Sending emails and notifications for the targeted audience gets simple with membership management software. The software allows you to send emails that direct the audience to your event website for more details on the present and upcoming events.


After purchasing tickets for your event, your audiences get confirmation about the ticket through automatic emails. You can also send e-tickets to your guests that include a logo and necessary event information. You can even generate a company invoice for your attendees and send them along with the automatic confirmation email.


You can easily measure your event ROI with the event registration and ticketing software, by considering how many tickets sold per day, show and no-show percentages, and ticket turnover per ticket category.

» What is the Cost of Registration Software?

There are loads of event registration software tools available in the market, which your time and keeps you organized. Your choice of a registration software for events selection is important since the platform affects all parts of the event planning process. Though software features and its function are important considerations to look in for, the price of it is also undeniably a key factor before making a final decision. You can outline your specifications list and target a few different solutions before deciding how much to invest in software. This will help you test and find out if the solution fits your specification list.

The price also varies based on your audience size and event. The basic price of the software may range from $100/month or $75/month if billed annually, while some provide a customized quote based on your requirements. We recommend you to consider the reviews of that software before you try it. You can go for free trial event registration software before you invest in one. However, choosing premium providers helps your event business if you want to provide a customized and branded experience for your audience. It is important to find out if the software is user-friendly to avoid any inconvenience and the one that meets your requirements at a competitive price.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Registration Software

1. What level of automation will your registration software bring to the table?
2. How does the process of event registrations work in your solution? Is it complex?
3. Does your system offer the means to manage contacts and calendar?
4. How does the solution help in the badge management needs?
5. Does your solution offer ready templates?
6. Can I customize the built-in forms?
7. Will the registration forms appear properly on different screen sizes?
8. Is the software’s class registration function easy to use?
9. Is it possible to track and manage attendees through the solution?
10. Does the software provide any means to simplify the process of group registration?
11. Does the product include marketing automation tools?
12. Will the software provide hassle-free online registrations? Will it work across devices?
13. Does the product come in with on-site registration capabilities?
14. Can your software offer self check-ins and check-outs?
15. Is there a mechanism to tackle refund management?
16. Will your system save time on my administrative tasks?
17. What kind of payment processing does your software contain? How safe is it?
18. Will the software allow the creation and distribution of surveys and feedback?
19. Does your product work offline and remotely?
20. Can I use the system on any of my devices and platforms?
21. Where does your product stand in terms of analytics and reporting?
22. Is the software extensible to meet my future requirements?
23. Which features of your software can I customize?
24. Is it possible to integrate this product with my existing applications?
25. What is its standard implementation process?
26. How do you offer training?
27. Do you provide 24/7 support? How can I ask for help?
28. Is there any hidden cost?
29. Is your software an ideal fit for my business?

» Conclusion

The event registration software helps you to sell out an event with the right audience, rather than selling out an event. The software helps you to create a website for an event, which is crucial to get the attention of the targeted audience. You can provide as much as information necessary for audiences to register for the event, which includes different ticket types and special discounts. You can experiment and measure your event promotion campaigns and keep tabs on what’s working and what’s not. The software increases business profitability in the long run and is more rewarding for your audience.