Top 10+ Automated Testing Software In 2019

Automated Testing Software is capable of executing test cases and comparing its actual outcome with predicted outcomes. It is a misconception that automation testing involves high cost. At first, it might seem cost prohibitive, but in the long term it pays out successfully by executing your repeated testing tasks in no time and minimal human intervention. Automation Testing is quite useful in the projects where a large number of test cases need to be executed repetitively. Automated testing is more reliable as compared to manual testing and the error rate is highly reduced. The major advantage of automation software is that it increases test efficiency and at the same time increases your software value. This software can be used in all phases of software testing whether it's unit, functional, regression, performance or load testing. Automation software developed these days’ supports multiple system environments and browsers, so you don’t need to worry about the compatibility. Looking for the best software, here is a list of top 10 Automated Software Testing Tools. These software are listed by ratings given by their users.

Automated Testing Software


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List of Best Automated Testing Software | Top Automated Testing Tools Reviews

1. TeamCity – The Hassle-Free CI and CD Server

Our Score 98/100

About TeamCity : TeamCity is a cloud-based automated testing tool allowing Java and .Net development teams to seamlessly integrate code and bring changes to code base at a continuous pace. It is an all-in-one pre-integrated solution for Continuous Deployment of applications. Including many productivity plugins for IntelliJ IDEA, Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, it improves team collaboration and coordination. TeamCity frequently runs distributed builds and tests, improves the code quality and make the process an efficient one.

TeamCity Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Supports Parallel Execution, Unicode Compliance

“Every enterprise business uses this tool for maintaining their services enabled and establish the best business flow. All the services that are being build via Mule can be available via team city to be deployed.Its features include build history, user management and system maintenance. Really the best tool” – shaik a.

TeamCity Reviews


Czech Republic

501 – 1000





22 Reviews


50 Reviews

2. Sauce Labs– Cross Browser Testing, Selenium Testing, and Mobile Testing

Our Score 98/100

About Sauce Labs : Offers the world’s largest continuous testing cloud for mobile and web applications, Sauce Labs is automated testing software and is one of the most popular cloud-based application testing platforms. It offers both manual and automatic application testing for web and mobile application over 800+ browser platforms. From improving the quality of apps to delivering faster, it helps organizations to provide instant access to test coverage, scalability and analytics for a flawless digital experience.

Sauce Labs Automated Testing Features : Move & Copy, Requirements-Based Testing, Supports Parallel Execution

“We have definitely increased our test coverage through the cross-browser capabilities in Sauce Labs. Testing on all possible operating systems and browsers gives us another way of ensuring the quality of our software.” – MANOJ PAHUJA

Sauce Labs Reviews

Sauce Labs

United States

201 – 500



Yes, get a free trial


25 Reviews


109 Reviews

3. UiPath Robotic Process Automation

Our Score 97/100

About UiPath : UiPath is automated testing software, rich in features and has robotic automation platform. It helps business analysts and administrators to automate business processes within their organizations. It automates all the repetitive operations of the business and gives the advantage of enterprise-wide automation for business organizations such as call centres, healthcare companies, financial organizations, etc. It boosts business productivity and enhances customer experience.

UiPath Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Parameterized Testing, Supports Parallel Execution

“UiPath is really intuitive. It is easy for everybody to see the immediate benefits that RPA has to offer. We could scale up rapidly from a single person to team to department. That is quite amazing in my opinion for technology like this. And that’s exactly what I like about the product. It’s technology made easy.” – Anthony v.

UiPath Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





30 Reviews


235 Reviews

4. BlazeMeter – Load Testing as a Service – 100% Compatible with JMeter

Our Score 96/100

About BlazeMeter : BlazeMeter, a leading automation testing tool, delivers high-performance software with DevOps enabled teams that quickly runs open-source based performance tests on any mobile, website and API. With a massive scale to validate performance at each step of the software delivery, this software has a vast user base of more than 100,000 developers and organizations. Global brands such as Walmart and Adobe, etc., are its customers.

BlazeMeter Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Parameterized Testing, Requirements-Based Testing, Security Testing, Test Script Reviews

“BlazeMeter was our indispensable ally as our team evolved from focusing primarily on B2B application testing to including B2C apps and more frequent build and test cycles.” – Alex Emmermann

BlazeMeter Reviews


United States

51 – 200





8 Reviews


2 Reviews

5. Ranorex Studio – Test Automation for GUI Testing

Our Score 96/100

About Ranorex Studio : Ranorex is an automated testing tool that helps in the innovation of test automation for more than 10,000 users worldwide. It is an all-in-one automation tool that provides usability across all devices like desktop, mobile, etc. It also offers cloud-based services making it accessible remotely. Top features include methodologies to accomplish test automation goals, powerful automation API, codeless test creation to grow automation skills, etc.

Ranorex Studio Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Parameterized Testing, Requirements-Based Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews

“Its flexible and allows for end to end cross platform automation solutions. I really like that I can use my own code to automate features that I need more control over. So far, whenever I have hit a problem the support team has worked with me to resolve the issue. My overall experience has been great.” – Martin J.

Ranorex Studio Reviews



51 – 200





103 Reviews


152 Reviews

6. LambdaTest – Cross browser software testing tool

Our Score 95/100

About LambdaTest : LambdaTest is web-based testing software that helps in bringing all application testing to the cloud infrastructure. It is automated testing software that allows developers to seamlessly test their websites or web applications across 1,400 browsers and their different versions on various operating systems in varying screen resolutions. Top benefits of this software include live bug logging, well-equipped use, accelerated development roadmap, constant support, scalable solution, etc.

LambdaTest Automated Testing Features : Move & Copy, Requirements-Based Testing, Supports Parallel Execution

“Especially since we are new in the market, our product is a bit unstable and that raises pressure on me for logging bug. Screenshots come in handy but i am not a fan of in-built snipping tool. LambdaTest Screenshots by providing a full-page screenshot made my life easy.” – S M.

LambdaTest Reviews

Lambda Computing

United States

11 – 50





27 Reviews


52 Reviews

7. Zephyr – Software Test Management Solution

Our Score 95/100

About Zephyr : The leading DevOps and Continuous Testing Agility solution, Zephyr is an automated testing tool powering more than 18,000 customers and 5 million users. With widely-adopted advanced quality management, automation and analytical tools, it drives product and IT teams of the finance, healthcare, media sectors. It is one of the widely accepted software for automation purpose. It enhances the quality and approach to the automation process, making the organizations work more efficiently.

Zephyr Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Requirements-Based Testing, Security Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews

“I worked mostly with Jira Plugin and it’s pretty easy, obvious software, although Zephyr Teams & Enterprise more powerful. Easy to monitor testing process, schedule testing and making adjustments.” – Ilya P.

Zephyr Reviews

D Software

United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



8 Reviews


20 Reviews

8. Kualitee – Test Management Tool

Our Score 95/100

About Kualitee : Kualitee is one of the best could-based test management solutions that support both manual and automated testing. Its integration with Jira, Selenium, Bitbucket, and Jenkins allows you to perform your tests effectively and efficiently. Other than this, it provides a user-friendly interface, email-notifications, enhanced security, multiple test cycles, formats, and access mediums, flexible user control, laser focus visibility, mobile app test management, automated testing, defect management, test case management, requirement planning, and a powerful dashboard. As a consequence, it reduces the stress level of the project and saves you from hassle.

Kualitee Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Requirements-Based Testing, Test Script Reviews

“We have been using Kualitee as defect and test management tool in my organization for the last three years. Its user-friendliness, interactive interface and reusability of test cases are the highlights of the tool and make it super easy to manage work. Highly recommended to use it as test management tool.” – Anam Khurem

Kualitee Reviews


United States

11 – 50





20 Reviews


01 Reviews

9. Katalon Studio – Simplify API, Web, Mobile Automation Tests

Our Score 94/100

About Katalon Studio : A free automation solution for API, Web and Mobile testing, Katalan Studio is automated testing software for automation enthusiasts. It is comprehensive in nature and a straightforward automation solution that meets all automation needs of users and organizations — featuring a set for complete test automation process by covering multiple platforms and testing types required by users. With top features including setting up new projects, maintaining a standard report for each test, it offers enhanced efficiency of the users.

Katalon Studio Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Parameterized Testing, Requirements-Based Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews

“Katalon Studio is a fairly simple, straightforward automation testing tool that you don’t have to have great programming knowledge to write automation test cases. There is also a scripting mode for advanced users and test cases.” – Bojan Ognjenovic

Katalon Studio Reviews

KMS Technology

Viet Nam

501 – 1000


Not provided by vendor



10 Reviews


7 Reviews

10. AppLoader– Test your entire business process

Our Score 94/100

About AppLoader : Leading automation testing software, AppLoader allows users to test any application by restructuring their user experience from all access points. It examines the business flow without adding any plugins or writing a single line of code and replicates the user interactions with the application to get the most valued metrics of the user experience. The top features include human replication interaction with requests from all access points including fat, thin clients, and web portals.

AppLoader Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Parameterized Testing, Security Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews, Unicode Compliance

“Easy to use performance testing tool, Scripting was straight forward, Reports and metrics were very useful, Support was very good, We used Apploader for testing applications using Critix. It worked without any problems. Really best performance testing tool” – Steve S.

AppLoader Reviews


United States

51 – 200





15 Reviews


0 Reviews

11. CloudQA – Web test automation tool

Our Score 93/100

About CloudQA : CloudQA is a unique cloud-based software platform that gives a fresh approach to testing and making an enterprise web application. It is an automated testing tool that is a better, faster and cheaper application to build and test applications. It works with every modern web technologies and workflows. A low maintenance tool that performs rapid test case discovery and codeless testing, this solution helps users to test end-to-end enterprise web solutions.

CloudQA Automated Testing Features : Parameterized Testing, Requirements-Based Testing, Security Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews

“Ease of use, test coverage, pricing, scheduling. Probably the easiest and most comprehensive testing tool for web applications in the market. It has a record and playback feature which not only allows easy test creation, but also flexibility in case you need to change a few things in your testing script.” – Rach M.

CloudQA Reviews


United States

11 – 50





11 Reviews


2 Reviews

12. LEAPWORK – Test Automation and RPA Reimagined

Our Score 92/100

About LEAPWORK : With simple test and automation, it processes automation work in minutes and enhances the efficiency of the organization. LEAPWORK is an automated testing software platform that improves the workforce by implementing fast, efficient and robust automation. It is a bundle of productivity tool for automating and repetitive processes, starting from product testing to the end of business verification. The top features of this software include automation tests, building test cases visually, Salesforce and SAP, Live Dashboards, Extensive support via documentation, online learning centre, etc.

LEAPWORK Automated Testing Features : Hierarchical View, Move & Copy, Parameterized Testing, Requirements-Based Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews, Unicode Compliance

“The amount of regression testing required just grew tremendously. We just couldn’t keep up. Now, I think we could automate the testing of all our core business applications by spending two dedicated months.” – Johan Stolk




11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



32 Reviews


0 Reviews

13. Endtest – Codeless Automated Testing, Built for Testers

Our Score 92/100

About Endtest : A cloud-based automated testing tool where users easily create, manage and run tests on cloud infrastructure, Endtest provides codeless technology, cross border cloud infrastructure, self-healing tests and is powered by machine learning. Top features of this solution include screenshot comparison, unlimited video recordings, screens API, support for IFrames, support for multiple tabs, etc. It saves a lot of time of the users and maintains the test and coding of it.

Endtest Automated Testing Features : Parameterized Testing, Supports Parallel Execution, Test Script Reviews

“Very easy to use, much easier than writing the tests yourself. We actually trained someone with no programming experience how to create functional tests which saved our developers a lot of time. The service works predictably every time. Support is fast, helpful, and experienced. The platform is easy to use and predictable.” – Emylee S.

Endtest Reviews


United States

11 – 50





23 Reviews


7 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Automated Testing Software

Automated Testing FeaturesUiPathRanorexSauce LabsTeamCityLambdaTestEndtestLEAPWORKCloudQAKatalon StudioZephyr
Price$3,990.00/year/user$2,990.00/year$19.00/month/user$299.00/year$19.00/month$1,650.00/yearNot provided by vendor$119.00/monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor
Hierarchical View      
Move & Copy        
Parameterized Testing      
Requirements-Based Testing       
Security Testing  
Supports Parallel Execution          
Test Script Reviews      
Unicode Compliance  

Automated Testing Software Buyer's Guide

Automated testing software is any platform, application, or a framework that automatically tests an application behavior. Several large organizations consider automation testing software for their software development process. It is cost-effective and saves time to test software products with long maintenance cycles.

» What is Automated Testing Software?

Automation testing software refers to the usage of an automation tool to execute a set of test cases to deliver the product on time with the best quality. The software enters test data into the system under test as well as compares expected and actual results by generating detailed test reports.

» What are the Features of Automated Testing Software?

Automation testing software allows an organization to automate, execute, and manage their project’s test cases with ease and effectiveness. You have to understand different types of testing tools available, how they support the objectives of quality assurance, and factors to consider before you start evaluating your options.

If you are wondering which automation tool is suitable the best for your testing requirements among the plethora of tools available in the market, consider the following features.

› Integration of Files:

This feature allows you to easily automate routine processes of files using PDFs and Excel commands. This includes read, write, edit, update and compare data in PDF and Excel.

› Export Reports:

This feature in automated testing solutions allows you to select the test case status as well as export PDF report depending on this selected status. This feature also offers the facility to save the test case report in PDF format.

› Dynamic Test Data Support:

Your software allows you to generate thousands of test data automatically in a few seconds. This will reduces maintenance, improves test coverage, and allows using dynamic input values across various environments and scenarios.

› Centralized Repository:

The best automated testing software should support automation suites with a centralized object repository, as the reusability of objects becomes easy across all the users and test cases differentiate the collaborative development practice.

› Multiple Browser Support:

Your chosen software should support various web browsers and mobile browsers while helping you execute test cases on the cloud.

› Reports and Logs:

Automation tools should have this feature to give precise information regarding a particular test case, with complete details of test script execution with visual logs. It should allow you to capture screens that come handy during defect logging to a bug tracking software.

› Internationalization:

This feature helps you to translate scripts, reports in multiple languages, and test cases. This will be a great feature for users who performs testing in their regional languages.

› Scheduled Tasks:

The tool schedules and run test cases at a pre-defined date, week, time, and set expectations. This feature defines frequencies of test runs while allowing you to email reports.

» What are the Benefits of Automated Testing Software?

Though automation testing is a challenge for several organizations, it offers excellent benefits. You can get several benefits from the tool when you choose the right automation tool. Here are some of the top benefits of automation testing software:

› Early Bug Detection:

While performing software testing through automation software tools, it is easy to find bugs at an early stage, saving a lot of time and efforts of SDLC. The software also performs testing 24X7 with accurate results, eliminating failures that can occur from manual testing.

› Easy Reporting:

The software tracks the execution of each test scripts visible on visual logs. These reports display the number of test cases scheduled, executed, bugs reported, and how are they fixed.

› Saves Time:

The automated testing tools eliminate the need to write long test scripts to perform testing, which takes a lot of time for testers to deliver the bug-free application. With the automation tools, no delays in product delivery.

› Checks Quality:

You can apply automation testing procedures once you finish your manual testing procedures. This helps you to cross-check the test results and improve the manual test script's quality.

› Reusability:

With automation testing software, your test scripts are ready to save for future requirements. So, you can use them repeatedly anytime.

› Distributed Test Execution:

Automation testing software should have this feature, with which you can easily execute your test cases on more than one computer on a shared server. This eliminates the need for more tools.

› Improves Test Coverage:

Writing thousands of test cases becomes easy with automation tools. Moreover, this ensures in and out of various applications and work according to the requirements. This improves the overall test coverage.

› Improves ROI:

This is one of the important benefits of using automation software tools for your business. With these tools, you are going to test fast, accurately, efficiently, and easily and delivers a bug-free application on time.

» What is the Cost of Automated Testing Software?

Selecting the right automation tool for your business can be tricky. Vendors compete vigorously to meet their product for your business. However, you need to understand your team capabilities before you invest in one. Considering some criteria such as environment support, scripting language, support for various test types and multiple frameworks, and more, help you select the best tool for your needs.

Firstly, you have to filter out some software’s from the list of available software depending on your budget. If your budget permits, then choosing a commercial tool will be a good option due to its ease of use and maintenance. Then you have to decide on the license cost you pay, which depends on the time frame for which you need to use the software.

Many automation tools come with customized license plans, where you have to pay according to the features and the duration of the usage. You can try their free versions before you invest in a particular software to understand how the product suits your business. If you feel comfortable using it, you can buy it with confidence.

» Conclusion

Tool selection is the biggest challenge for any business before moving on to automation. We have several automation testing tools available that aim at different types of testing. However, some of these tools are available for free, and some are available as licensed. The choice of the tool always depends upon your business requirements. The only thing is you need to identify your requirements, set expectations from the tool, explore various other tools and its functionalities, and go for a proof of concept.

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