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Scheduling is the primary condition to get something done. From our works to industrial projects, planning is an integral part of every project management.

But drafting the whole planning and scheduling in our head is difficult. And when you put your thoughts on paper, it may become messy or hard to adjust according to the latest development. It is also difficult to let your teammates know about the planning. This is why using project scheduling software is the recent craze for industry personas.

It gives you the perfect approach so you can have accurate real-time data and use that accordingly. The flexible plans of the project scheduling software for planning offer you to choose only as per your requirement. It also can support your long-term and complex projects.

This project scheduling software is generally equipped with a vast number of tools like Gantt chart, bars, Kanban boards, task lists that let you visualize and collaborate effectively. The AI-enabled features also keep you up to date with the nitty-gritty of the business analysis part.

With these project scheduling tools and techniques, you can easily plan your projects, breakdown tasks, and appoint your team members to those tasks so you can maximize your productivity. From the initial planning to completing the final deliverables, this software can assist you in every step of your project scheduling work.

Here is a Project Scheduling Software List For You


With its efficient project scheduling tools, is catering to an impressive bucket of 152,000 clients across the globe. Whether it is project planning or executing, the system provides complete clarity at each stage of your project lifecycle. What’s more? You can schedule all of your projects regardless of the scope and size from a single interface.

This project scheduling software is helpful to enterprises, mid-size organizations, small businesses, and individual professionals working across industry verticals.

› Features

It helps you plan your projects and processes.
It allows you to allocate and schedule tasks.
It comes in with a custom dashboard for you to have a bird’s eye view of all your projects, tasks, and resources.
It streamlines your projects with its automation functionality.
It offers real-time collaboration tools between various stakeholders.
It provides effective tracking and analysis capabilities to evaluate performance.

› Benefits

It turns planning projects more strategic.
It saves you precious time, money, and resources with its automation and scheduling functions.
It ensures you never miss out on any deadlines with its reminders and updates.
It makes teamwork a smoother process.
It enhances your business decisions with its insightful reports.

› Price project scheduling software is available in multiple pricing plans. Select the one that suits your business size and requirements. Here is the list:

Individual Projects - free forever (up to 2 seats)

Basic Projects - $9 per seat per month

Standard Projects - $12 per seat per month

Pro Projects - $20 per seat per month

Enterprise Projects - custom pricing

#2) Smartsheet

Smartsheet is your first choice if you want a quick but easy solution for your project planning. It has a simple outlook and user interface that leads you to plan and organize your project without any hassle. You can keep a tab of your works, assign them, and execute each part successfully.

› Features

It perfectly fits all your requirements for all the sizes.
You can collaborate and outsource your works effectively as it gives you the real-time status of a project.
It is really easy to use and you can export your planning from any of your existing software like Excel, Google spreadsheets, and Trello
It has varieties of top-notch tools like Gantt chart, grid, calendar, and card- so you can easily get a visual representation of your whole plan
The accurate and up-to-date data help you to plan in the most effective way
It gives you automatic notifications about all the upcoming works
The interactive dashboard provides you all the options and tools that you might need
Reporting gets easier as the authority can quickly check how the employees are working and what the current project status is

› Benefits

You can plan your projects effectively
You can deliver the works with proper quality in the scheduled time
With Smartsheet you can maintain the estimated budget and other resources too
It can streamline your works without any extra effort from your side
To check whether your project is on track, you only have to toggle on the critical path
The Gantt chart provides a holistic visual approach to set the timeline without exhausting your resources

› Price

For individual work, it will cost you $14 per month. And for your team requirement, you have to opt for the business plan that is for $25 for every user a month. If you have some specific and advanced needs for your works, you can go for the Enterprise plan. The premium plan has additional features on top of that Smartsheet offered in the enterprise plan. You have to contact the website for the pricing of these two.


The provides you a very simple but useful purpose when it comes to project planning. This project management software has 4 levels of plans that suit all your needs and the budget-friendly options give you the ease to work without worrying about the overall budget. You can opt for this platform no matter the type of project you are working on and the size of your team.

› Features

The timeline feature equips you with the necessary information you need in every step of the project
The stakeholders can get regular updates with just a few clicks
You can work on both long term projects and sprints
You get to schedule the projects online, so your team gets complete visibility all the time
It provides the Gantt chart facility that lets you visualize your whole schedule at a glance and define your next step accordingly
Collaboration with your team becomes easy with this project planning software
It provides tools like boards and lists to track and categorize all the works effectively

› Benefits

You can create a detailed project plan using this software
Schedule all the upcoming tasks accordingly
View your work schedule in the calendar format
You can finish your project on time
The project quality is ensured within the proper budget
You can balance all the resources and avoid any last-minute bottleneck situation
You can distribute your workload effectively, and even get proper help when you have to rearrange your resources urgently

› Price

The personal plan of this Project management software is $15 per month that comes with the basic feature. Its team plan starts with 10users and will cost you monthly $20 for a user. The most popular plan of the is the business plan. You can get unlimited projects and features with just $25 per user per month there. The offers a 30 day trial period for all types of plans. And for your advanced needs, contact the website to get details about the enterprise model.

#4) GanttPRO

With more than 500k customers worldwide, GanttPRO is one of the most popular project scheduling platforms out there. It has so many popular companies as its clients like Salesforce, Nasa, Vodafone, Sony, and Hubspot. The simplistic approach lets you plan effectively even as a total beginner. The best part is, you can start working for free, and when you feel like it, you can upgrade the plan to a premium version.

› Features

You can schedule all our assignment, deadline, milestones, and dependencies in one place
You can divide the tasks into multiple subtasks
The app comes with the auto-scheduling function that makes the necessary changes when you alter a schedule
It gives you a broad view of the project tasks to check out any missing parts at a glance
You can track progress regularly with this software
It comes with free Gantt chart templates so you can start planning on the go

› Benefits

It helps you simplify the planning process
You can collaborate in real-time
You can control every aspect of the project from one point
You can keep the clients updated and include then in the whole process to know more about the feedback
It helps you manage the personal and the teamwork with proper prioritization
You can even manage your resources using this software

› Price

The individual plan will cost you $15 per month when your bill annually. But when you are opting for a plan for a team for up to 40 people, the cost will be $6.50 per month per user- if you pay annually. If you have 100+ employees working on your project, you have to go for the enterprise plan. As the team subscription plan is creeper than an individual plan, it is helpful and budget-friendly, especially for a team project. You can access a free trial for all three kinds of plans.

#5) ProofHub

Easy-to-use, intuitive, and high on features, ProofHub allows you to plan and schedule your projects to ensure you complete and deliver them on time. Advanced features like Gantt charts and Kanban boards let you plan and track the progress of your projects while identifying any potential bottlenecks. The scheduling calendar helps you stay on top of your schedule as you can organize all your events, tasks, and milestones in one place and arrange them as per their priority.

› Features

The Gantt chart software helps teams easily plan projects, modify schedules, and visualize tasks in a timeline view
The Board view lets you check the current stage of every task and identify potential bottlenecks
The Table view gives you a neat, list view of all your to-dos, so you can categorize all your tasks
The Task management tool allows you to create, assign, and track all tasks to ensure your project progresses as planned
The Time tracking tool lets you set time estimates and set start and due dates for tasks
The scheduling calendar brings all your calendar data at one place and merges with ones you already use

› Benefits

Lets you track tasks, projects, and collaborate with others from any location, on any device
Automatic reminders make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important
All tools under one virtual roof make it easy to manage all your scheduling without switching various applications
Fixed pricing plans allow unlimited number of users to your ProofHub account
You can view all the tasks that are in-progress, completed, or due to your team members across all projects
Track the progress of all projects in one place and how tasks are moving forward

› Price

ProofHub offers two flat-rate pricing plans to users. The Essential plan offering all the CORE features is priced at $45 per month when billed annually. The Ultimate Control plan, featuring CORE + Premium features is priced at $89 per month when billed annually. Both plans allow users to add an unlimited number of users. You can also start your free 14-day trial or book demo to have a good idea of how it’s like to use the tool.

#6) Forecast

This intelligent automation software lets you plan your project, and execute it with proper timing and quality. It also tracks the progress of all the steps. It is an all-in-one software that guides you throughout the project lifecycle. With its AI-enabled estimation and instant applications, it provides the best solution to you. You can also book a demo to understand the working process thoroughly. It received the award of the leader of 2020, high performer, and the most user-friendly software from various organizations.

› Features

The AI feature estimates the task duration
Auto-schedule feature can turn your rough divisions into a full-fledged plan in no time
It reduces your administrative work to let you focus more on the important stuff
It looks into your portfolio and determined whether you can take up any new project
You can manage all type of projects with this software
It has the power and flexibility to support you in all your needs

› Benefits

It lets you manage the project with limited resources, time, and cost
You can get the breakdown of your cash flow easily with this software
It can do both retainers and traditional fixed prices
It analyzes and reports how you can improve the works
The AI automation feature lessens human involvement and gives space for the more main parts
It conducts live webinars and support sessions for your tasks

› Price

The Lite version works with only ten seats and costs $29 per month per user, whereas the Pro version is for $49 monthly per user and provides more fine-tuned solutions. The Enterprise version unlocks its full potential- so you can work with maximum efficiency. All the plans come with a free trial period.

#7) Kantata, formerly Mavenlink

Kantata is a must-have software for every successful business. It received the Leader award in the professional services automation, project and portfolio management, project management, resource management, and the work management categories. It also offers customized solutions for all your unique needs specific to your organization.

› Features

It gives you a complete view of your portfolio
It gives you the necessary client and project insights to work on better decisions
You can plan all the tasks with their subtasks and milestones at once
The business analyzer feature gives you key data for reference
It also predicts any future obstacles so you can plan accordingly
You can distribute the workload equally so the team can show consistent outputs

› Benefits

You can have a clear idea of the status of individual tasks and resources at once
You can save your successful projects as templates to work on them in a similar project in future
The project pulse feature gives you a real-time update of the health of a particular project to let you know which part needs your attention right now
You can change and modify your plan consistently to make the perfect plan for your project and the company
You can integrate all your existing accounts and tools using Kantata
You also can assign tasks to your members and set deadlines using this project management scheduling software free of any hassle

› Price

Kantata offers four plans for your company- Teams, professional, Premium, and Enterprise. All these plans have different specialties of the parameters like resource management, project management, team collaboration, project accounting, and business intelligence.

#8) Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project provides a simple yet powerful tool to manage your project with all the requirements. The project scheduling software Microsoft app is easy to use. And it makes you empowered as you can take all the decisions of your project.

› Features

It can manage projects of all schedules and timelines
It is easy to start as a beginner, and too simple to keep using
You can break down and manage even the most complex projects easily
The business analyzer gives you valuable insights to move your project forward
The interactive dashboard presents all the details at once to you
It is secure and safely protects all your crucial data

› Benefits

You can stay organized and in charge of your schedule always.
You can get the assistance of Microsoft teams where you can chat and share files seamlessly
It lets you keep in touch with your team members no matter where you are
The dynamic scheduling feature changes and adjusts the timeline for you whenever needed
It comes with both the desktop site and mobile app version so you can keep a tab on the project no matter where you are
It is flexible and easily creates automated workflows

› Price

Microsoft has three project plans, namely project plans 1, 3, and 5. Project plan 1 comes with $10 per user in a month, and it has the basic features. Project plan 3 is $30 per month per employee, and it covers features like resource management and desktop clients. Project plan 5 provides demand management and portfolio optimization. It is $55 per month for a user.

#9) Wrike

With a vast user base and clients like Google, Airbnb, Siemens, Dell, snowflake- Wrike is a favorite choice for all the users. It has an interactive dashboard and contains all the tools that you might need.

› Features

It offers a thoroughly streamlined intake process
It creates campaigns with a few clicks that have a lasting impression on your project
It lets you get rid of the spreadsheets and use the full potential of the marketing
Wrike is the best platform for collaboration as all your team members feel heard and they can work effectively in their domain
You can customize the workflow and dashboards to the most useful way according to the project
It provides team-specific automation

› Benefits

It is versatile and supports all kinds of projects
As you can have all the information on a single platform, you can manage tasks effectively
Working and sharing information in real-time speeds up your project execution process
The holistic view that Wrike offers keeps you ready for all kind of obstacles in the future
It is secure, and you can entrust your valuable data here
It increases your productivity by narrowing down the focus on only the important stuff

› Price

The free Project management software plan is for five users at most and provides primary services. The professional plan for 5-20 workers comes at $9.80 per month per user, while the business plan is for $24.80 per month for a user. The business plan can afford 5-200 workers at a time. And the enterprise plan customizes for the specific needs of your company and can afford an unlimited number of workers. You can always ask for a demo or avail of a free trial period before investing here.

#10) Asana

Asana is the most user-friendly and clean project management scheduling software that most entrepreneurs and freelancers swear by. Asana has a trusted user base that includes Nasa, Spotify, Deloitte. This app has changed the lives of millions of project managers through its holistic approach.

› Features

Integrates your spreadsheets, email, and other necessary tools in one place
It tracks every aspect of the project till the finishing
It plans content calendars and manages campaigns
Tracks progress and create reports in sprints
Manages onboard accounts and sales funnels to boost your revenue
It even takes care of the interview process to make sure the company hires only the people who are the best fit for them

› Benefits

It acts as a collaboration tool that connects all your team members swiftly
You get a complete view of the work so you can make quick and right decisions
You can stay on schedule and complete all the tasks on time
It also creates reports easily for you to crack
It works wonders with Agile and Scrum methodologies
The kanban boards are an effective way to manage all the tasks and milestones

› Price

If you are a one-man army, the basic plan might be the best for you. This project scheduling software free plan can equip you with all the tools you need to get started. The premium plan comes with $10.99 per month, and the business plan is for $24.99 per month. These amounts are for a user and if you pay once a year. If you bill monthly, the per-user cost of the premium plan will be $13.99 and the business plan will be $30.49. For your specific needs, visit the website to know more about the enterprise plan.


From the plenty of project management system options available in the market, we have handpicked the top 8 for you. Compare their pros and cons carefully and tally them with your needs. And if you are still in doubt after the project management scheduling software comparison, always ask for a demo or take up the free trial to ensure this is the best investment you did for your business.

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