Top 10+ Customer Service Software In 2020

Customer service management software helps you to improve communication with customers. It also helps you to manage the complete database about a customer which includes the preference of a customer, queries/issues, products which they have already purchased. This information lets you deal with the customer easily and assist them with the required services. Customer service management software proves quite useful for small as well as large sized business. You can easily access this software on your desktop as well as on mobile apps. This software is quite easy to set up and provides an intuitive user interface. Customer support software provides features like automation (helps to achieve 24/7 support by automatically replying to customer emails received outside of business hours,) creating a strong knowledge base, interaction with social media, live chats with the customer and multichannel communication as well. This software is integrated into the cloud platform, your support staff and can access the real-time data and updates. Below is the list of the top 10+ customer service software coined by SoftwareWorld.

Customer Service Software

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List of Best Customer Service Software | Top Customer Support Software

1. Zoho Desk – Industry’s first context-aware Helpdesk Software

Our Score 99/100

About Zoho Desk : It is a help-desk software with a primary focus on customer support for of the business organization. Zoho Desk allows users to become productive and boost their efficiency in handling customers. It is a fully customized, convenient application with top features like ticketing system, call centre software, agent productivity, social support software, helpdesk essentials, knowledge forums, etc., making it one of the most preferred customer support software.

Zoho Desk Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automated Routing, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Contract Management, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Known Issue Management, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing

“They have a fully functional evaluation version that can be used for free, which allows you to explore all the options and features. It can be integrated with other Zoho applications such as CRM and Assist, allowing us to have high productivity in technical support tasks.” – Luis M.

Zoho Desk Reviews

Zoho Corporation







1590+ Reviews


1870+ Reviews

2. Salesforce Service Cloud – Deliver personalized service across any channel.

Our Score 98/100

About Salesforce Service Cloud : Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support, built on the company’s CRM software for sales professionals. Service Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of your customers enabling you to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service. Salesforce is the leader for CRM customer engagement. With Service Cloud, you can automate service processes, streamline workflows, and surface key articles, topics, and experts to transform the agent experience. Connecting one-to-one with every customer, across multiple channels and on any device, was never easier.

Salesforce Service Cloud Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Queue Management, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback

“Major help is that it helps to streamline workflows with customers and in turn helps us to deliver fast and efficiently. Service cloud helps us to automate the service process, streamline workflows and improve the sales rep experience. The best part is that it connects one-to-one with every customer and easily accessible by the mobile devices on the field or anywhere.” – Krishna Kashyap

Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews


United States






453 Reviews


1484 Reviews

3. Zendesk – Cloud customer service software

Our Score 98/100

About Zendesk : Zendesk is a customer service software built to enhance the customer relationship. It is a suite of supporting apps that converts customer service to tools for customer retention and lead source. Top features of this software include knowledge base management, multi-channel communication, email integration, IT asset management, network monitoring and others. It provides one of the best customer service platforms for small businesses to mid-sized and large ones.

Zendesk Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automated Routing, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Contract Management, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Known Issue Management, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing, Work Order Management

“I like that Zendesk is pretty easy to understand and grasp. I also like all the reporting it provides, with a variance of statistics it calculates. The many different email/group/forwarding options are greatly beneficial when it comes to how tickets come in and are separated out.” – Carney Z.

Zendesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





2300+ Reviews


2700+ Reviews

4. HubSpot Service Hub – Cloud-based customer service solution

Our Score 98/100

About HubSpot Service Hub : Build your ideal customer experience with HubSpot Service Hub; the leading customer service software in the industry. You can easily manage and connect your customers with Service Hub. You can create a frictionless customer experience and also build self-service solutions with the help of Service Hub. The software offers an effective way to deliver organized customer service. You can easily provide helpful solutions to your customers with HubSpot’s live chat feature; the software helps you answer customer questions in real-time.

Service Hub Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Email Management, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Performance Metrics, Queue Management, Surveys & Feedback, Workflow Management

“Service Hub is exactly what we’ve been looking for. When you add value for customers, you simultaneously grow your own business. Your customer succeeds, and so do you.” – Steven Loepfe

Service Hub Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





90+ Reviews


170+ Reviews

5. Freshdesk – Online Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Solution

Our Score 97/100

About Freshdesk : A cloud-based support software, Freshdesk delivers exceptional service to customers and allows business organizations to amplify their efficiency and productivity. It has all the necessary tools required for customer conversations across multiple channels and includes robust multichannel capability, integrated game mechanics to supercharge agent productivity, high customization, smart automation, etc. It gives support of 26 different languages making it one of the most suitable customer service software

Freshdesk Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Known Issue Management, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing, Work Order Management

“A ton of great integrations, easy to use web – based access & mobile app, knowledge base management built-in, and it’s very simple for everyone. Aside from all the great features we get, I have to say the service from support on their email and live chat are very helpful and I’m grateful to be using a product..” – Michael V.

Freshdesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





2010+ Reviews


2250+ Reviews

6. LiveChat – Premium Customer Service Software for Live Chat & Help Desk

Our Score 96/100

About LiveChat : One of the best real-time live-chat solution tools for e-commerce sales and support, LiveChat helps online retailers create new sales channel enabling users and their team to talk with clients and potential customers directly through the websites. Top features include ticketing, customer engagement, multiple branding, data security, geo-tagging, co-browsing, chat surveys, third-party integration, etc. With availability in over 150 countries, it presently has 25,000+ organizations as their customers.

LiveChat Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Automated Routing, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing, Work Order Management

“Adding LiveChat to our Magento store was easy! Customers can contact us quicker than by calling or sending emails. Plus, LiveChat support team – well-deserved called ‘Support Heroes’ – has helped us with every question we’d had, immediately.” – HENRY REITH

LiveChat Reviews

LiveChat Software

United States

51 – 200





970+ Reviews


660+ Reviews

7. Intercom– Customer messaging platform for sales, marketing and support

Our Score 94/100

About Intercom : A suite of messaging-first products for online businesses to accelerate their growth and productivity, Intercom is a customer support software that integrates engagement, support, acquisition and enhances the lifecycle of customer retention and lead generations. It has built-in tools like real-time metrics, chat, email campaign creation, bots, and personalised customer communications leading to capturing, qualifying, and nurturing leads to prospective customers.

Intercom Customer Service Features : Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Surveys & Feedback

“Intercom provides us with a tool to field any requests, spanning from support, marketing, sales, and technical advising. We’d be hard-pressed to find a system that supports the needs of multiple departments, and the multiple integrations allow us to serve our users at scale.” – Jesus Requena

Intercom Reviews


United States

201 – 500



Yes, get a free trial


670+ Reviews


880+ Reviews

8. Agile CRM – Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

Our Score 93/100

About Agile CRM : Agile CRM is a customer service software with fully integrated marketing, service and sales suite. It helps in generating leads for the business with top features such as contact management, email tracking, social suite, feedback management, 360-degree contact view, marketing automation, web analytics, two-way emails, etc. Trusted by more than 15,000 customers globally, it helps in increased productivity of the business.

Agile CRM Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automated Routing, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Contract Management, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Trouble Ticketing, Work Order Management

“I had a small issue with some stats, and as I needed them very urgently. Worte a mail to support, and they were very fast. Thank you guys for your outstanding attitude, and help. I recommend AgileCRM to everybody. Worth the money.” – Arpad Czimbalmos

Agile CRM Reviews

Agile CRM


51 – 200





340+ Reviews


260+ Reviews

9. Zingtree – Build your own question & answer style troubleshooters

Our Score 91/100

About Zingtree : It is a smart online platform that performs call centre scripting solutions for businesses having call centers for support services. Zingtree allows users to create, customize and deploy interactive processes. It empowers users to give quick, efficient troubleshooting answers to the queries of the customers. Top features include great analytics, process mapping, organizational charting, etc. It turns any project into a working code automatically increasing the response time to the customers.

Zingtree Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automated Routing, Customer Experience Management, Knowledge Base, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback

“For me, the ROI of Zingtree is immediate. Introducing standardized decision tree scripts for insurance has allowed the insurers in my network to really thrive. With scripts for guiding conversations, interactive trees to train new agents, and the reporting that comes along with it, agents are able to provide a better customer experience,” – Ted

Zingtree Reviews


United States

02 – 10





90+ Reviews


01 Reviews

10. Yonyx – Decision tree driven Interactive guides for customer service

Our Score 90/100

About Yonyx : Yonyx is one of the best customer service software available for users that look forward to having first call resolution and empowers customers to perform self-service. It is a pure cloud-based platform for creating decision driven tree with interactive troubleshooting guides for business process compliance. Top features of this solution include telemarketing, human resources processes, IT help-desk, embedded manuals into any website, analytics & management reports, etc.

Yonyx Customer Service Features : Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Trouble Ticketing

“Yonyx guided capabilities reduced our call volume and as an added bonus, provided our own call center agents with a tool to use while talking to members to help them troubleshoot more effectively and quickly.” – Chiang Ying Yi

Yonyx Reviews


United States

02 – 10


Not provided by vendor



80+ Reviews


01 Reviews

11. bpm’online CRM – Boost marketing, sales and service performance!

Our Score 89/100

About bpm’online CRM : It is an award-winning online CRM software that effortlessly accelerates marketing, sales and service and customer support. Top features of bpm’online CRM include 360- degree view of operations, better data packaged CRM strategies, optimised processes, streamlined and with efficient workflow, knowledge management online library, etc. It also allows collaboration tools, lead management feature and document flow automation feature are making it one of the most effortless and straightforward application.

bpm’online CRM Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Contract Management, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Known Issue Management, Live Chat, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing, Work Order Management

“Bpmonline is supported over a powerful bpm engine. It makes maximun flexibility on sales, marketing and support processes. Also it can be expanded with new applications from its marketplace. In a very short time, a company can be selling with a very productive way. Very easy to use and integrate teams on working them.” – Salvador A.

bpm’online CRM Reviews


United Kingdom

501 – 1000





70+ Reviews


160+ Reviews

12. Tidio – Communicator for businesses. live chat, messenger and email

Our Score 88/100

About Tidio : Tidio focuses on being a business communicator and has a live chat, messenger and email tools built into one integrated app. It enhances day-to-day customer experiences with real-time chat allowing users to communicate with customers within seconds. One of the top-rated application for e-commerce platforms, it is highly customizable and features tools such as geo-tagging, proactive chat, visitor tracking, various third-party integrations, etc.

Tidio Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Complaint Monitoring, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Live Chat

“Tidio Live Chat has been a huge success on our guitar lesson website because it allows students to ask questions real-time as they stream our guitar lesson videos. The tidio live chat application was so easy to installl and it is by far the most modern chat application for webiste.” – Devin Shawn

Tidio Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50





90+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

13. AzureDesk – Help desk software for SMBs

Our Score 87/100

About AzureDesk : It is a cloud-based help desk, ticketing management and customer service software that centralizes all customer problems and unifies support emails, tickets and questions. From providing customers of any business for searching and finding answers on their own to displaying trending topics and questions helping customers to find the answers they need, AzureDesk includes features such as data reporting, customer self-service, ticket assignment, private notes, inline image addition and email integrations.

AzureDesk Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Appointment Management, Automated Routing, Automatic Customer Notices, Complaint Monitoring, Contract Management, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Inbox / Queue Management, Knowledge Base, Known Issue Management, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing, Work Order Management

“Clients are able to submit tickets and communicate with the service technician assigned to their case. The software was easy to set up and now we have a better record of tickets so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients.” – Jenne J.

AzureDesk Reviews


United States

11 – 50





40+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

14. WalkMe – Transform the User Experience

Our Score 86/100

About WalkMe : WalkMe is a cloud-based, customer support software that simplifies user experiences with combined insights, engagements, guidance and automation. With integrated visual cues, highlights and other features, it walks the customers through a guided platform giving specific results as per their choices. It is highly customizable and includes look and feel features that adapt to any layout of the user’s website and devices.

WalkMe Customer Service Features : Alerts / Escalation, Automatic Customer Notices, Customer Database, Customer Experience Management, Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Self Service Portal, Surveys & Feedback, Trouble Ticketing

“Great, excellent work that I do WalkMe. It should be noted that their treatment and concern for the welfare of their customers is always in sight. Really excellent work!” – America C.

WalkMe Reviews


United States

501 – 1000


Not provided by vendor



40+ Reviews


60+ Reviews

Customer Service Software Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a small, medium, large scale company, a single mishap while handling a customer can lead to catastrophic results. With emerging competition and growing customer expectation, it’s crucial for every company to enforce everything within the power to retain their clients. Customer loyalty does not entirely depend upon the quality and services you provide but also relies upon the relationship you maintain with your customers. Addressing the queries and complaints of your clients requires critical procedures like queuing requests, resolving issues, and allotting inquiries. Manually handling such processes requires a significant amount of time. Customer service software through its specialized features eradicates the time consumption and generates results within a few clicks.

» What is Customer Service Software?

Customer service software simplifies the work of customer support by providing a platform where employees can manage, organize and track customer requests with ease. It helps in maintaining a meaningful relationship with your clients by improving your communications with them. The customer support tools help you meet your consumer expectations and optimize your relationship. The IT help desk software or service software comes with exclusive features like multi-channel communications, ticketing system, performance analytics, and customer management along with several ‘customer self-service’ tools, enabling your customers to take care of their issues without having to contact the customer support.

» How does Customer Service Software work?

A Customer support system accumulates all the issues of customers, segregate and classifies them accordingly. Then it associates these issues with customer records, helping your CRM and Sales department with valuable information. The primary feature ‘Ticketing System’ transforms all calls, emails, social media posts, chats of your clients and turns them into tickets. Then the tickets are routed to your agents for faster customer’s query resolution.

» Is it worth investing money in Customer Service Software?

The best help desk software facilitates a hassle-free way to take care of your essential customer support process. Apart from streamlining your customer support processes, the software helps in other crucial tasks like collecting data from customers, providing after-sales support, promptly replying to customers by linking the bridge between customers and service providers. Every customer appreciates immediate help desk support and a help desk software ensure you that. With Customer Support Software at disposal, you don’t have to worry about skipping your customer’s service request, switching one communication channels to another. Moreover, you can track the performance report of your employees efficiently.

» What are the features of Customer Service Software?

As discussed above, the primary service of the customer service software is to serve as a connecting link between companies and industries and their customers by providing customer-specific solutions. Imagine if an individual wants to purchase customer support software for improving the productivity of the work; however, he/she is unaware of the features of the software. Would not be a huge dilemma for him/her to choose from the myriad of choices available in the global market when it comes to selecting the right kind of software? Hence, let’s study the various features which come together to make the customer service software a reality.

› Multi-Channel Support

Customers can come with their complaints from any platform; hence, supporting various channels is an asset for any customer service software. Understanding this, the software developers have devised various software which can be used to provide customer services through different methods such as via phone calls, live chat, email services, and many more.

› Single Dashboard System

Managing so many customer service software platforms can pose to be very tiring as well as confusing; hence, many software nowadays come with single dashboard systems. Using the feature, managing process of the different channels becomes streamlined as one can perform any function from the single place itself.

› Centralized Storage

The plethora of customer service complaints and requests are saved in centralized storage only. This facilitates easy uploading, transfer, storage, and retrieval of customer details, frequently asked questions, and more information. Afterward, this data can be used to understand customer behavior and orientation for creating more customer-specific products.

› Automating Working Methods

There are many small tasks in the customer service sector which ends up taking lots of time as well as needs a considerable number of users to do that. However, with the advancement of customer service software, these small tasks are now being automated automatically without any user interference. This helps in saving time, thereby increasing employee productivity.

› Performance Monitoring Tools

To provide customers with top-notch products, the employee performance of the company and business should also be superior. Hence, the help desk software is loaded with performance monitoring tools which help operators do so. This is done by tracking employee activities, managing feedbacks, and many such events.

› Self-Service Features

Imagine a situation where your customer comes with their complaint at such an hour where the company is unable to provide any service. Won’t this be a negative point for the company as they may also lose the customer? Hence, to avoid such situations, many help desk software nowadays comes with self-service features, which helps customers to take the help of online forums, descriptive blogs, videos and more to get rid of the situation efficiently.

› Security Controls

The help desk software also provides high tech security protocols to keep your information safe. This is enabled by the use of two-factor authentication processes, single sign-in options, role-based permissions, user access controls, SSL encryption, password allowing, and more. These methods provide an efficient way of tackling persisting issues such as unauthorized entry or forceful intrusion.

» What are the benefits of the Customer Service Software?

The service desk software, in short, helps manage customers at all times even when the company is offline. Assisting in achieving a myriad of benefits, the software’s popularity is growing day-by-day. In other words, the software helps conquer both technical and product-related issues in a more natural way while making sure that the users get the solutions they wanted in real time. So, let’s study the various benefits the software provides its users to achieve a deeper insight into the software.

› Simplifies Customer Support Tasks

Imagine a robot which does all the small yet complicated tasks of a customer service sector efficiently with no or very less user interference, won’t it would be better that way? Although the service desk software is no robot, yet it helps in completing most of the tasks, such as picking up calls, sorting and forwarding them to the respective departments flawlessly. Hence, without wasting your employees’ time, a broader focus on other fields can be ensured.

› Improves Client-Company Relationship

The service desk software gathers and stores customer contact details along with their grievances. This helps the companies to analyze better ways for providing customer-specific solutions in real time, which thereby, helps in encouraging customer’s loyalty to the company or business in the long run.

› Boosts Team Collaboration

As the software uses real-time analytics and reporting tools, updating the status of the complaints or requests in real-time becomes easier. This data is then used by the approved circle members to hold discussions, comment, or edit the solution as desired to make it more powerful.

› Queuing Customer Requests

While completing the customer service requests, it is entirely possible that the company or an individual misses out on some of the customer complaints. In order to avoid this, many excellent IT help desk software come with ticketing facilities, call, and email routing, as well as social media management tools. These tools help prioritize the complaints based on their uploaded time or their complexity; hence, ensuring that one does not miss out any customer support call.

› Managing Customer Chats

This is mostly available in IT help desk software which offers chat customer services to their customers. This helps in storing the messages in centralized storage which can be accessed at any time and every time. Hence, the customer need not repeat him/her every time the chat is left in mid, as the agent will be able to access the customer’s grievance reported previously.

» Before you Choose Customer Service Software

Imagine that you have hired a customer service software to bring a myriad of benefits for your company, but till now you are not sure if that is the right decision or not. Aren’t there are huge chances that the software can cause a wide range of losses rather than enhancing productivity? One must always remember that there are some points which are worth considering when it comes to choosing the IT help desk software for your company. To help you with this, we have hand-listed some of the essential points which will let you make a wise judgment for your business. Check them out now.

› Necessity of the Software

Does your company need the software? Answering this question might not be comfortable, yet there are some factors which can help in deciding. The thing which first comes into mind is the size of the company. If your company is not big enough or does not have a decent sized employee list, then the answer would be a ‘No’. Similarly, the second thing to consider is the availability of products and services. If the company does not have a lot to offer, then installing the software will only be a waste of both time and financial resources.

› Estimating the Budget

Until and unless your company is a multi-national or earns huge bucks around the year, going for expensive service desk software can be an act of foolishness. Hence, it is highly recommended to estimate the size of the budget the company can sponsor before going for software. The software come at different prices, and carelessly going for anyone may tamper the financial stability of the company.

› Deciding the Requirements

Analyzing the company requirements from the software, makes the pain of head churning through the available software a little less. This is because it helps the hiring individuals get a rough idea of what characteristics they are looking for. Similarly, it also helps in cutting down the list from a massive pile to fewer ones.

» How to choose best Customer Service Software?

Choosing the best help desk software can be a tedious as well as a time-consuming task for both the beginners as well as the professionals. This is because each software is bestowed with its own set of strengths and weaknesses which makes it apart from the other. Hence, choosing them on behalf of a single feature may not always seem to work. To help you out we have created a list of the most crucial points which can help in getting the best deal. Be sure to check them out.

› Compatibility with Existing Tools

The best help desk software must provide support to the existing tools to reduce headaches of the company employees. This is because apart from the software’s features the company may also need other tools to help in marketing campaigns or day-to-day businesses. Hence, compatibility with the existing tools is a factor which should not be avoided while searching for the best help desk software.

› User-Friendly Interface

One of the essential features of the help desk software is its user-friendly interface which allows anyone and everyone to work on it. As the software tackles the need for hiring technical personnel to execute the tasks, it helps in saving both time and money for the users.

› Back-up Facilities

Before going for any software, one must first ensure that it provides exceptional back-up facilities. The risks involved in businesses are often higher and many-a-times prone to malicious attacks by nuisance hackers. Hence, the best help desk software must come pre-loaded with back up facilities allowing a large number of files, documents, and information to be stored securely. This information can then be retrieved back whenever desired.

› Instant Customer Support

No software is good without immediate customer support for the users which excel in providing prompt and customer-specific solutions. This helps by providing an additional layer enabling customer’s trust on the product or service.

» Pricing of the Customer Service Software

Similar to every software, the pricing structure of the IT help desk software also largely depends upon the facilities and tools availed in the software as well as various other factors such as the number of users, time duration, and many more. While the lowest rate of the software can start from $8/month, the expensive ones can reach up to $199/month. However, to ensure better chances of growth and survival, subscribing to the free basic version initially is often advised. Afterward, one can easily upgrade to the premium plan of the software if it successfully helps in achieving the desired results.

» Conclusion

The market scenario of today has significantly changed, where customers are treated like kings. Creating a convenient and efficient way for your customers to reach you, should be the prime focus of every company.

We hope this guide helps you shed clear limelight on the crucial aspects of a customer support software along with providing you enough guidance to choose the right software. Although a customer support app is not the only way to boost your workplace efficiency, it’s not something avoidable.

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