List of 10 Best (CTMS) Clinical Trial Management Software Systems 2023 | (Free & Paid)

Conducting a clinical trial is a humongous and at times an overwhelming task. Advancements in technology especially medical sciences have made access to healthcare more affordable. With more and more number of people opting to get treated, clinical trials have started to become complex. A clinical trial involves thousands of people- patients, doctors, researchers etc., various clinical resource systems and a huge amount of data. Since the data that is generated is critical for ensuring the health and life of a patient, it is not advisable to leave any part of the process to chance. Manual management of these processes might result in errors leading to serious misinterpretation of data and negligence. This is where clinical trial management software comes in. To know about the best Clinical Trial Management Software that is currently ruling the market, consider the list of the top CTMS software mentioned below.

Best Clinical Trial Management Software

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List of Best Clinical Trial Management Software | Top CTMS Software Reviews

Clinical Conductor CTMS Logo

1. Clinical Conductor CTMS – Revolutionize the way you conduct your clinical research.

Our Rating 4.8/5

About Clinical Conductor CTMS : Clinical Conductor CTMS is the only clinical trial management software that accommodates regulatory compliances into your clinical trials. With a seamless ability to integrate with all types of research organizations, this software ensures that researches are conducted successfully, meeting their objectives.

Some of the benefits of Clinical Conductor CTMS are:

» Helps in financial management by tracking budgets and payments.
» Helps in setting up and managing multiple studies.
» Manages patient’s visits, upcoming appointments, payments, and other necessities proactively.
» Ensures better Level 3 and 4 NCI reporting.
» Centralized document management, tracking of status, and linkages with other trials.

BioClinica CTMS

2. BioClinica CTMS – Clinical Trial Management System

Our Rating 4.8/5

About BioClinica CTMS : BioClinica CTMS is an extremely efficient clinical trial management system that makes every study efficient, controlled, and qualified to make a difference to the health of patients. It is one of the few clinical trial software that is Microsoft integrative and let you access Microsoft suites.

Some of the benefits of BioClinica CTMS Software are:

» It manages multiple vendors and CROs efficiently by consolidating multiple levels of conversations, reports, and timelines into one centralized format.
» Helps your organization in scaling up by providing solutions tailor-made for your organization’s nature and size.
» Helps in lowering the overall research costs and deliver better and on time.


3. BSI CTMS – The next generation of clinical trial management

Our Rating 4.7/5

About BSI CTMS : BSI CTMS makes your clinical trial processes more streamlined, efficient, productive, and controlled. It can be used as a new extension into your systems or plug-in the essential but missing components, extensions, interfaces, and connections to your existing clinical trial management system.

Some benefits of installing BSI CTMS are:

» It is easy to learn and operate. The integration of this software requires minimal supervision.
» It helps in enterprise resource planning for the CROs (Contract research organizations).
» It helps in efficient financial planning by letting to create invoices and track them.
» This software has low training and integration costs.

RealTime CTMS

4. RealTime CTMS – Clinical Trial Management System

Our Rating 4.7/5

About RealTime CTMS : RealTime CTMS makes research processes more efficient and solves bottlenecks and helps you achieve your research goals more efficiently. It is one of the few software that integrates first-hand knowledge and experience from the actual customers.

Some benefits that Real-time brings to your research are:

» It efficiently tracks accounts, costs, and profitability and helps in controlling invoice management.
» It helps in running exhaustive searches into the database of patients and helps you in making sense of the data.
» Its calendar feature helps you in scheduling patient visits and appointments.
» Helps in automating reporting- financial, patient, and the research.

Ennov CTMS

5. Ennov CTMS – Clinical Trial Management Software

Our Rating 4.7/5

About Ennov CTMS : Ennov CTMS helps in end-to-end management of your clinical trial and making it more cost effective. It manages all the aspects of a clinical trial efficiently- investigators, researchers, patients, and operations.

Some of the main benefits of Ennov CTMS are:

» It centralizes the entire patient database.
» It makes the workflow more efficient and cost-effective.
» This software has intuitive user-interface.
» This software is completely web-based.
» It helps in financial management, reporting, and tracking.

DatStat CTMS

6. DatStat CTMS – Patient Centered, Outcomes Focused

Our Rating 4.6/5

About DatStat CTMS : DatStat is one of the few clinical trial management software that puts patients at the centre of the entire research and ensures that patient healthcare remains the core objective of clinical research.

Some of the benefits that DatStat brings to any clinical research are:

» It helps in the delivery of patient-specific data and information at the right time to the right people so as to make the research more effective.
» DatStat has the ability to capture data directly from the patients. This does away with the manual processes and the reduction in errors.
» DatStat clinical trial management software is based on 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliant cloud platform that are accessible from anywhere in the world. This helps you in accessing your trial from any system across the globe.

CoreValue CTMS

7. CoreValue CTMS – Accelerate productivity and innovation with advanced software solutions for Pharma

Our Rating 4.6/5

About CoreValue CTMS : CoreValue Clinical trial management software helps clinical research companies and operations executives in efficiently managing their research and achieving the core objectives of the research.

Some benefits that your research will accrue are:

» It improves processes involved in the research, improving the quality of the research, and reducing its costs.
» CoreValue helps in simplifying the tasks involved in a clinical research process and helps you in meeting timelines.
» It centralizes various data sources and helps different teams gaining access to this data and using it.
» CoreValue makes your clinical research more compliant with government and taxation regulations.

Intrinsic CTMS

8. Intrinsic CTMS– A truly a modern clinical trial management system, built for the way you work.

Our Rating 4.6/5

About Intrinsic CTMS : Intrinsic’s CTMS clinical trial solution provides a comprehensive, centralized end-to-end management solution for all clinical trials and includes all the needed applications for successful execution of CTMS clinical trial management.

Some benefits that your research will accrue are:

» Intrinsic® is the world’s first CTMS built with native integration with all Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI.
» Users can manage studies at the study, country, or site level, with minimal data entry and convenient dashboards, checklists, and reminders for more efficient clinical trial management.
» Unlike most other clinical trial management software, the Intrinsic CTMS allows users to configure personal views and ad-hoc reports as well.
» Intrinsic’s CTMS also allows users to track all site communications, manage issues, and store documents with a built-in investigator database to improve and target communications.

MasterControl CTMS Software

9. MasterControl CTMS Software – The Role of CTMS Software in Clinical Trial Management

Our Rating 4.5/5

About MasterControl CTMS Software : MasterControl CTMS Software is one of the best software to help you in managing the ever-changing dynamics of clinical research efficiently and effectively. It helps in bringing all the stakeholders of the research i.e. the patients and the researchers in the same collaborative space so as to enable seamless transfer and sharing of information.

The benefits of MasterControl CTMS software are:

» Patient study management across sites
» Management of the research process- milestones, deliverables, and taking corrective actions if required.
» Efficient vendor management.
» Seamless transfer of documents and information between donors, CROs, and patients.

LifeSphere CTMS

10. LifeSphere CTMS – Gain complete control over clinical trial process

Our Rating 4.5/5

About LifeSphere CTMS : LifeSphere CTMS is a fully configurable clinical trial management software that enables research organizations, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies to efficiently plan, manage, and close all clinical trials.

Some of the key benefits of LifeSphere CTMS are:

» It streamlines study conduct and lets the CROs manage and track the status of all site documents
» It helps track patient visits and scheduling future appointments.
» LifeSphere CTMS helps you have more control over the research process by providing you with real-time status tracking and monitoring.
» LifeSphere CTMS helps in conducting on-site audits and better management of workflows.

Clinical Studio CTMS

11. Clinical Studio CTMS – Shifting the EDC Paradigm in Clinical Research

Our Rating 4.4/5

About Clinical Studio CTMS : Clinical Studio clinical trial management software is one of the best software for clinical research companies, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies to conduct efficient researches and making them more organized.

Some of the best benefits of Clinical Studio clinical trial management software are:

» It helps in configuring your contracts and budget statements into your system and lets you keep a track of your payments and receivables in real-time.
» Helps in scheduling the visits of patients and managing their history.
» This software helps you in increasing engagement with your prospective patients.

Clinical Trial Management Software Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is Clinical Trial Management Software?

Clinical trial management software is primarily used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to automate the process of clinical trials and clinical researches. It is a centralised and web-based resource that supports clinical trial processes like planning, reporting, sharing information with the concerned teams, meeting research deadlines, and taking corrective actions as and when required.

Clinic trial management software has evolved over the years leading into a sea change in the features that once were and the ones that are available now. The current features of clinic trial management software have changed due to factors like changes in the number of patients willing to undergo treatment, cost of healthcare, availability, and accessibility of healthcare services, the emergence of new markets due to globalization, the partnership between various healthcare providers, mitigation of risk, etc.

» How to Choose the Best Clinical Trial Management Software?

› Integration of staffing details:

The software must be customisable as per the skill set level, languages spoken, number of years of experience, location of the staff members that are ultimately going to use the software. The software must also be able to integrate the history of the team, resources allocated to each team, deadlines, milestones, achievement of results vis-à-vis the actual assigned project are important factors to consider.

› Integration with payment gateways:

All the different site locations have their own payment gateways. The clinical trial management software must be able to accommodate payment splitting, taxes, the ratio of payments, and other payment capabilities.

› Integration with cloud hosting services:

In today’s times of increase in accessibility of healthcare and the rise in population levels, the data generated during clinical trials have also increased manifolds. Existing devices and data storage facilities cannot handle the amount of data that needs to be stored and used. The clinical trial management software should be able to integrate with cloud services to deploy, scale, and use the data.

› Mobile adaptability:

The clinical workforce has not only increased in numbers but has also increasingly become mobile i.e. they work from remote locations or work from home. The workforce uses an assortment of devices like smartphones, tablets, notepads, laptops, etc. to access clinical data and work. The clinical trial software that you intend to invest in should have capacities to integrate with digital devices across spectrums like the ones mentioned above for it to have seamless flexibility and efficient performance.

» What Are The Benefits Of Clinical Trial Management Software?

Clinical trial management software (CTMS software) centralises all the components of a clinical trial. These are some of the key benefits of CTMS software:

› Efficient management of data:

Data is the key to any clinical trial. Data, either historical or current, helps the clinic officials in understanding the precinct of the entire clinical trial. The data generated during such a trial is humongous and extremely critical for its success. Managing this data through multiple spreadsheets and data centres is not only cumbersome but also prone to errors, which might negatively impact the findings of the trial. Clinical trial management software offers a centralised location for the entire data. Not only is this data stored centrally, but it can also be accessed easily, shared, modified, and distributed amongst the teams working on the trial. This is even more beneficial when there are multiple studies going on at the same time.

› Security of the data:

The data generated during a clinical trial, especially that pertaining to the patients, is extremely sensitive and confidential. A clinical trial software ensures the security of this data by incorporating logins, user permissions, and assigning passwords to the files. This is cumbersome when one is managing multiple spreadsheets and data centres and leads to confusions and lack of communication.

› Managing the finances of the clinical trial:

CTMS software ensures that all the finances pertaining to a clinical trial whether the sponsorship amount or the payments and receivables are accurately managed. This is especially important when there are multiple sites involved in a particular clinical trial. The software creates a detailed and interactive schedule that breaks down the payments into logical subparts. This, in the long run, ensures better financial management and reducing any risks, which might occur making the trial more compliant to budgets and taxes.

› The overall efficiency of the trial:

The research staff involved in a clinical trial at times gets pulled into administrative tasks that take away their precious time allocated for the research. Clinical trial software ensures that all the processes are simplified, automated, and speeded up. The staff can focus more on patient care rather than being involved in the mundane administrative tasks.

» What factors must be considered for buying the best Software?

Investing in CTMS software is a huge financial decision for any clinical research organization. Installing a clinical trial management software means an overall overhaul of the processes as well. Therefore, these factors should be considered critically before investing in this software:

› Fulfilment of objectives:

For this, you need to define what are your actual objectives of investing in a CTMS software. Unless you are clear about your objectives you cannot invest in software optimised to fulfil those. You might be looking at objectives like simplifying the process, to reduce costs, securing your data etc. Lay these down before purchasing the software.

› Easy integration:

You need to assess if the software is easy to integrate into your existing systems, teams, and procedures. If your end user i.e. the teams are not able to use it, it is going to be a wasteful expenditure. Involve your teams in the purchase decision and let them experience a demo of the software. It will lead to fewer problems at a later stage.

› Service from the software provider:

Once you purchase and install the software does the real challenge start. For a smooth transition and adoption of the software, it is important to have after-sale support from the provider of the software along with training material and sessions to make your teams comfortable with the software.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Clinical Trial Management Software

1. Will your clinical trial management software help manage my compliance needs?
2. Is the system capable of managing site performance?
3. Will the solution help define protocols along with their management?
4. Does the system offer recruitment and monitoring of patients?
5. In what ways will the system simplify patient management?
6. Does the software provide scheduling functionality, for instance, scheduling of patient visits?
7. Does the product facilitate the import and export of data?
8. Is there a way to manage all the documents from a single place?
9. Does the software extend support to Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)?
10. Does it allow tracking of status in real-time?
11. What about EMR/EHR?
12. Will the software help manage workflows as well as the allocation of work?
13. What does your product offer when it comes to payment systems and contracts?
14. Does it offer on-site audits and audit trails?
15. Will the system send automated reminders and updates?
16. Does the software include any functionality to verify the source of data?
17. Will it aid in the planning and tracking of clinical training?
18. Can I plan tasks and project milestones through this system?
19. Is it easy enough to design trials?
20. Does the software provide EDC integration and third-party integrations?
21. What does your product have to offer in terms of risk identification, analysis, and monitoring?
22. What are the software’s analytics and report generation capabilities?
23. Can it help forecast budgets?
24. Is your software scalable?
25. Is it possible to customize your solution?
26. What measures do you take to ensure security?
27. Will you provide on-site, ongoing support? Is it included in the pricing plan?
28. How can I reach out for support?
29. How often do you launch new releases and upgrades?

» How Much Does Clinical Trial Management Software?

The cost of clinical trial software depends on many factors like its availability (trial based or user based), implementation costs, is training included in the package, support and maintenance levels, licensing, available updates etc. Broadly the cost ranges between &1,500 to $3,000 per user depending on the package and features.

» Conclusion

The clinical trial software has become essential for the success of any clinical research. We suggest you understand the kind of resources available in the market, compare their features, and make an informed investment decision for attaining maximum returns on your investment and enhancing patient care services.

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