List of Top 10 Absence Management Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is Absence Management Software?

Absence management is significantly more difficult and strategic than documenting employee leave or day offs. Absence management software is a digital monitoring system that stores employees’ information, tracks their time off, vacations, and personal leaves. In a large-scale enterprise, it is difficult to monitor the leave period and designate tasks. The attendance management system is primarily a solution that empowers HR managers to ensure the smooth operation of the business while keeping the employees happy and satisfied. Leave management software automatically records leave periods, tracks holidays to ensure task completion and calculates payroll.

» How to Choose Absence Management Software?

Absence management software is a digital application that ensures the smooth operation of corporate activities. As a result, the software must include both automated and compliance elements to enable clear and honest communication between the HR team and the workforce. The system should be designed to decrease absenteeism while increasing productivity. Top performing organizations choose leave management software that covers various types of absence policies, automatically generates tasks, keeps a constant check on bad performers, and sets solutions to improve employee retention. The leave management software must also offer an employee self-service program that documents information, paid vacation days, and other pertinent data. The main objective of effective leave management software must be to minimize absenteeism with strategic policies and procedures.

» Top 10 Absence Management Software in 2023

best Absence Management Software

1. Workday


Workday is intuitive absence management software that is seamless, agile, and simple to use. The platform compares absence metrics to measure time offs, average working hours, and accruals to enhance the company’s benchmark. This leave management solution is adaptable, automated and a cloud-based platform benefiting both employees and managers. It assists employers in implementing strategies to meet corporate objectives and provides a holistic view of employees’ involvement in the company.


  • Provides a comprehensive view into employees’ absence plans
  • Automates error-prone process 
  • Uses benchmarks to compare absence metrics
  • Check PTO balances via Workday Assistant
  • Seamless integration with Human resource management tools
  • Integrates with payroll management software
  • Global policy and leave plan diaries
  • Delivers comprehensive reports on absence management


  • An automated absence management software
  • Cloud-based platform that effectively runs on multiple devices
  • Enables managers and employers to keep a check on absence management plans
  • Provides holistic report with a single click
  • Entirely configurable and flexible to adapt to changing policies and company legislation
  • Compares important metrics, time-offs, and accruals
  • Automatically calculates workers’ payrolls and absence records


Workday offers a variety of plans. Prices of each plan are available by requesting a quotation on the website.

2. Replicon


Replicon is one-of-a-kind, versatile and powerful attendance management software. The program streamlines time-off policy applications while maximizing staff availability for your multi-location business. This absent management platform controls workforce productivity, compliance, and time-off liabilities proactively. It automates vacations, sick leaves, and regional holidays in accordance with company policies and gives a detailed insight into employee participation throughout the year.


  • Approval workflows for leave policies
  • Mobile absence management solution 
  • Real-time visibility and configurable reporting
  • Enables businesses to undertake proactive decisions
  • Tracking and managing absenteeism management system
  • Integrated with payroll, HR, and ERP software
  • Turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrated system


  • Leverages prebuilt rules to manage sick leave requirements
  • Automates time-offs, vacations, and sick leave as per business requirements
  • Sets accrual rules, carryovers, resets, and overdraw limits
  • Allows employee self-services and offers various benefits to them 
  • Provides complete insight into year-end balances, and leave summaries
  • Enables employees to book leaves from their mobile from any location
  • Allows managing absence management for the multi-location business
  • Supervisors get mobile notifications for reviewable and approval
  • Real-time dashboard and reports for leave analysis
  • Easiest method of tracking and absenteeism
  • Helps in putting together policies strategies, procedures, and business processes for accurate payroll processing


Replicon offers various plans to suit different types of business. The plans may range from $6 to $30 /per user/per month, offering various versatile features for every business type.

3. Freshteam


Freshteam is employee absence management software that tracks absenteeism and boosts employee productivity in all possible ways. This system easily aligns with business time-off policies and integrates with existing tools. Freshteam system maintains compliance across multiple geographical locations, maps your employees’ time-off patterns, enables employee self-service, and generates strong reports for payroll management.


  • Handles company’s leave management policies
  • Suitable to manage time-off policies for companies having global business 
  • Employee self-service allows employees to manage their absent records and plan vacations accordingly
  • Time off approval workflows enable managers to figure out absenteeism trends and manage leave records
  • Provides inbuilt work leave records and holiday calendars including regional holidays as well.
  • Maintains team calendars and staff availability
  • Reporting and analytics come with inbuilt charts, parameters with dragging and dropping widgets
  • Integrates easily with payroll and Human resource tools
  • Runs efficiently on mobile applications, hence accessible from multiple locations


  • Helps in figuring out underlying issues and fixing them to make employees happy and satisfied
  • Increases employee retention rates
  • Opens up and improves employee communication and maintains transparency in work culture
  • Helps in motivating employees and boosts productivity
  • Develops win-win scenarios for the company as happy employees will keep customers happier and lead to more revenue generation


Freshteam is available for a 21 days trial period. Additionally, it offers multiple plans ranging from $1.20/month/employee to Rs. $4.80/month/per employee. Freshteam is free absence management software for small businesses with less than 50 employees. 

4. LeaveBoard


LeaveBoard is one of the best absence management software suitable for small and medium-scale businesses. Employee leave results in low productivity, higher production cost, and impacts business continuity to a large extent. LeaveBoard empowers employers and managers with effective tools that track leave records and help in keeping operational records under control. This absence tracker system allows employees to schedule, concierge, and register their leave trends to plan future holidays accordingly.


  • Provides detailed reports that deliver visibility, boost productivity, and initiate employer’s control on leave management policies
  • Supplies insightful reports to spot real-time issues and fix them with actionable solutions
  • Empowers employee to self-manage sick leaves, administer holidays, register vacations
  • Monitors staff absence automatically and reduces human error 
  • Provides complete access to employee information, employee leave data, and finds essential HR data effortlessly


  • Increases administration efficiency
  • Empowers employees to register and manage their vacations that improve productivity, reduces frustration, and increases employee engagement
  • Automates HR and payroll process
  • Reduces errors, saves money and cost incurred in maintaining leave records
  • Delivers accurate absent records and empowers employers to take real-time actionable decisions for leave reduction
  • Centralizes and focuses on maintaining employee data effortlessly


LeaveBoard offers a free package for smaller employees with less than nine employees. It also provides an advance package @$1.35/month/per employee for medium-scale businesses

5. AbsenceSoft


AbsenceSoft is the top absence management software that controls the leave management system, empowers employees in managing their leave records, and boosts productivity. This platform is purpose-built to solve the complexity of handling leave management systems. The software is flexible, intuitive, experienced, modern, and well-architected. AbsenceSoft helps in increasing employee retention by delivering a friendly, simplified platform to manage absenteeism. 


  • Compliance management system that stays up to date with state and federal laws.
  • Purpose-built for HR and employees
  • Streamlines leave processes and automate leave calculations, eligibility, communication, and tasks.
  • Complete audit trail and comprehensive view on leave history to eliminate errors during lawsuits or audit
  • Allows employees to check their absenteeism records and return to work faster.
  • Provides insightful record on cost fluctuations during excessive leave
  • Provides superior employee experience with employee self-service system
  • Super supportive and experienced customer support


  • Stays compliant with the Labor department by housing all leave-related data under one file
  • Ensures that leave managers are focusing on solving critical cases raised due to employee absenteeism
  • Manages increased absence process in an automated and uniform manner
  • Reduces risk, and manages employee compliance
  • Saves money and time incurred due to lack of employee presence at the workstation


AbsenceSoft has unique pricing plans suitable for each business type. Pricing quotes are available through special requests on the website.

6. TeamSense

TeamSense-Absence Management Software

TeamSense is an all-in-one employee absence management system. The software meets your employees where they are – their mobile phones. Employees just send a text or call the automated IVR, and TeamSense takes it from there. Over 30,000+ employees, managers, and admins rely on TeamSense already because managing employee time and absence with text is easier. No tech barriers to overcome. No privacy concerns. No inclusivity issues. No app to download. No company email. Just a simple text workflow that gets the job done. Take the burden of keeping up with absence tracking software, spreadsheets, and apps off your team. Make it easy and handle it all over text.


  • Text a keyword like “Absent” to report an absence
  • Keyword-triggered workflow
  • Employees only see the questions they need to answer for their absence type
  • 19 language options for your diverse team
  • Round-the-clock access through text
  • Fast self-service access to request time off, the employee handbook, policies, and forms
  • No company email or absence management app needed
  • Sync data seamlessly
  • Check absences, points, and time off balances
  • No more manual data entry and errors
  • Solid documentation
  • Encrypted data


  • Most people have phones with text access
  • 99% of text messages are read—90% are seen in the first three minutes 
  • No absence management software updates to push
  • No more technology gaps and language barriers
  • No fancy phone tech needed
  • HR saves up to 2 hours per week absence tracking
  • Access detailed reports and absence trends
  • See employees who’ve been absent the most days
  • Sort absence tracking data by type, date, manager, location, or division
  • Spot absenteeism trends that impact your bottom line and output


TeamSense offers various plans to suit different types of business. The plans range from $3 to $8 /per user/per month, offering various versatile features for every business type.


Absenceio-best-absence-management-software is one of the best employee leave management software that is free and available internationally. The software offers time tracking, leave management, and personal digital file for each employee that provides a holistic view of employee engagement records. This system is a simple, user-friendly, structural, well-integrated, and automated platform that effectively manages employee absence records and boosts productivity. Additionally, it is well-integrated with direct API connections and other HR apps.


  • Integrated with direct API connections, Slack integration, Google and Office 365
  • Available in 7 international languages including French, English German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Turkish
  • Provides 30 days free trial with automated structure 
  • Provides free setup service
  • Vacation and absence management, employee leave management according to team calendar and personal calendar
  • Maps individual work schedule
  • Dashboard overview and reporting 
  • Maintains personal information of each employee for further scrutiny, payroll management, and company pension plans
  • Daily data backups to keep the company updated


  • Highly secured leave management software that with SSL encryption
  • Free trial period of 30 days with the full version
  • Available in seven international languages thus helping the companies to appoint global manpower
  • Provides an accurate comparison of the workday and leaves history
  • Simple system to map off days, holidays, vacations, and mandatory leaves
  • Easy to manage via mobile applications from remote locations

Pricing is available for 30 days free trial period with the full version. Further, its plans are categorized per user preferences such as Digital personal files, Time Tracking, and Time tracking with a terminal app. Each feature is available at 2.00 € in addition to Basic plans that costs €2 /per user/per month.

8. FINEOS Absence

FINEOS Absence-best-absence-management-software

FINEOS Absence is one of the best leave management software that simplifies complex processing tools and automates payroll management. This software complies with federal and state regulations, integrates seamlessly with HRIS and third-party systems. FINEOS is regularly modifying its policies and features to accommodate changing requirements, with a motive to keep employees satisfied and happy. Providing self-service facilities, managing complaints and recording leave data are some of the major advantages offered by this incredible leave management system.


  • Integrated absence management  task that automates payroll calculations
  • Provides access for both employers and managers to employee data, documents, workflow, and tasks.
  • Automates tasks, workflows, and team calendars as per mandatory leaves, vacations, and company holidays
  • Automates spreadsheet provides unified data and reduces error with centralized features
  • Absence compliance covers federal laws such as FMLA and other state equivalent laws


  • Simplifies complex leave management system and automates the whole process
  • Calculates both paid and unpaid absences with an easy-to-use leave management solution
  • Integrates well with third-party HR and payroll systems
  • Helps in automating workflow, navigating employee shifting, and taking care of their mental and financial benefits
  • Provides self-service facilities to employees for documentation, absence record tracking, and understanding unified payment stream
  • Promotes work efficiency by regulating compliance management tools
  • Eliminates manual calculations and reduces error 


FINEOS Absence offers a variety of features and services. There are various plans to suit each business type. Hence, the pricing can be availed on the website by asking for quotations.

9. Workforce Software

Workforce Software-best-absence-management-software

Workforce Software is attendance management software that includes appropriate leave management tools to streamline all the aspects of employee absence profile. This software optimizes employee leave records, accommodation policies, and absence history while accommodating changing compliance regulations. This software is an automation process that delivers unmatched accrual accuracy, including probation and terminations.


  • Manages absence, leave, and accommodation policies by simplifying compliance and accommodating state and federal regulations
  • Provides accrual accuracy on probation, carry forwards, terminations
  • Complete leave case management system to determine configurable workflow, leave type, and eligibility
  • Mitigates the risk of non-compliance with the union, legislative, and company policies
  • Improves communication with self-service tools


  • Provides transparency on accommodation policies, company time-offs, and leave
  • Prevents approvals and requests that don’t meet predefined criteria
  • Covers all leaves, including concurrent eligibility, intermittent leaves, and accommodations
  • Projects future balances accurately
  • Notifies of new requests or entries for time-offs and leaves
  • Compliances with legislative and non-legislative regulations


Workforce Software is a complete coverage system for companies. It provides various plans and packages. [Pricing details can be availed by asking for quotations on the website.

10. Unum


Unum Total Leave is a leave of absence management solution that delivers a digital experience and makes leave management easier. This modern, digital absent management software simplifies attendance management for employees and the HR team by automating complex scenarios. It seamlessly integrates with payroll management, digital payment partners, and other third-party applications. Unum offers easy access to real-time information, tracks leave records, and takes care of urgent tasks.


  • API enabled integration and real-time connections with the HCM platform
  • Checks leave status, keeps  a record, and uploads information for future reference
  • Provides a holistic view of absence record trends across the organization
  • Provides real-time access to short-term leave disability claims
  • Digital payment features to fulfill near-instant benefits
  • Impeccable live support and quick answers to the query
  • Employee self-service leave center
  • AI optimized modern  digital process


  • Simplifies leave management for HR and employees.
  • Makes it easy to tackle leave requests and navigate claims
  • Digital solution to solve corporate, federal, and state leave
  • Helps employees to plan their vacations smoothly without hampering work
  • Helps in crafting relevant leave strategies


Details on pricing and plans can be availed by contacting UNUM through their official website.

11. Breathe


Employee leave policies are critical to handle as it directly impacts the company’s goal achievement plans. BreatheHr is a breather, and one of the best employee leave management systems that provides a deeper understanding of employee absence and improves productivity effectively. The software helps in maintaining leave records to scrutinize employees’ prevailing issues, identify absence problems and set relevant solutions. It provides instant access to the HR team regarding holiday entitlement and company policies.


  • It acts as a staff holiday planner and booking system
  • Provides team visibility on their holiday allowances and the remaining day off
  • Provides bird’s eye view on team calendars to focus on important work completion
  • Automatically task and email generation
  • Centralized employee data
  • Employee self-service
  • Breathe Rota time and attendance planner for a holistic view of available employees
  • Holiday management, sickness management, absence management, and employee holiday tracker


  • Provides a deeper understanding of employee absence pattern and boost productivity
  • Helps in solving employee leave issues 
  • Provides accurate data and avoids misunderstanding between HR and employees
  • Frees up time by providing insight on how much time is left and plan how to utilize them
  • Provides employee information in one place
  • Simple and easy to use


Breathe is a customizable absence management solution. It offers various modules ranging from £5 to £20 per user. Per month. The software offers customization on websites for all types of business.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What is absence management?

Absence management is a crucial aspect of a company that largely affects the company’s productivity and its goal achievement plans. It is a strategy to explore employee absenteeism due to various factors, such as vacation, sickness, lack of concentration, injury at work, or unreasonable trouble among employees.

2. How to choose absence management software?

Earlier absence management was manually handled by the HR team. However, that was prone to human errors as not everyone is skilled enough to maintain these crucial records. Hence, opting for attendance management software is a smart decision. Here are the tips to choose the best software;

  • Proper support team and quick customer service
  • Pricing and Licensing fees
  • Has to be scalable and flexible
  • Cloud management system
  • Types of reports, and absence
  • Integrations with third-party applications
  • Number of employees and access to recruitment module

3. What features to look for in Absence management software?

  • Employee tracking management
  • Automation
  • FMLA tracking
  • Approval and leave process control
  • Employee scheduling and program monitoring
  • Employee self-service and auto-documentation
  • Automated leave entitlement calculations
  • In-depth absence reporting, analytics, and histories

4. What is the cost of leave management software?

Leave management software offers various plans for all business types. They charge according to features, business type, number of employees, and absence tracking. The cost of the software may range from $2 to $500 per employee, per month, depending on the benefits offered.

5. What are the benefits of albescence management software?

  • Streamlines leave requests with just a single click without sending any emails or paper documentation
  • Reduces leave processing time
  • Automates paid time off calculations
  • Reduces human error and saves costs 
  • Smart vacation planning for employees
  • Smart workflow planning for HR by providing bird’s eye view of the team calenderer

» Conclusion

An attendance management system is a smart way to automate scheduling, leave granting, and calculating paid time offs without indulging in tedious paperwork. These solutions are affordable, customizable, and easy to use. Companies can now save time and costs incurred in processing eave records and focusing more on important stuff to achieve their goals.

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