List of Top 10 Employee Communication Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

top 10 Employee Communication software

» What is employee communication software?

This system enables small and large companies to quickly send and share data and employee information. These internal communication platforms for companies use various methods to pass messages to and from between employees and management. These are automated systems created to make operations convenient and facilitate the quick information-sharing process within enterprises.

» How to choose the best employee communication software?

When you are out there choosing the best internal communication software, there are a few criteria to consider. It would be best if you are looking for an intuitive user interface (UI) to ensure that every department level can access it on a customized basis. You should also check the usability and integration of the software that you are about to choose. It should be compatible with multi-lingual platforms, multiple devices, and operating systems and have a seamless 3rd party integration facility.

Employee communication software is made to make the communication process easy and swift; thereby, this software must be able to save your time, effort, and money. It should be able to offer you complete value for money. The system’s tools should be goal-oriented and objective-oriented to contribute toward employee satisfaction and the company’s growth. Before buying software, look for its unbiased reviews on social platforms and search engines: the more positive reviews, the better the software.

» Top 10 Employee Communication Software in 2023

best Employee Communication Software

1. SnapComms


SnapComms, as employee communication software, is a platform that enables workplaces to work most conveniently. It makes communicating with your employers, employees, and others you work with smoother and faster than any other platform. It is multi-platform software ensuring faster communication and guaranteeing that your messages will go through. With additional features like keeping your staff in the loop about all developments, keeping them engaged in work, and forming a more robust workforce, this platform is the best internal communication software.


  • Multi-channel communication software for efficiency
  • Real-time insights and reporting for an increase in performance 
  • Convenient platform for content creation 
  • Equipped with IT services and cyber security 
  • Automated dashboard and real-time updates


  • It can help keep your workplace engaged in other activities and help you build a more robust and driven workforce. 
  • It can help you instantly connect with your employees, in case of urgent work or other emergencies, without losing out on any time or resources. 
  • It can help ensure maximum and quick readership of messages and other work-related communication, making communication in the office much swifter. 
  • It can provide quick updates on work while ensuring maximum security of messages or other confidential information and checking other cybersecurity measures.


SnapComms offers two primary packages for its employee communication software, which are billed annually; these include:

  • Inform: $9/month per employee
  • Engage: $14/month per employee

This software is also used for personalized use; you must contact the sales team for more details, and they will be able to quote you with a budget-friendly, enterprise option.

2. HubEngage


HubEngage is one of the companies’ best and most recommended internal communication platforms. It stands up to its fame with its great features and guarantees. It helps companies to maintain internal communication, internal messaging boards & chats and increase social media engagement seamlessly without switching platforms minute to minute. It helps integrate work much more quickly and is the most secure platform your company can opt for, among other popular employee communication tools. Its fun and easily accessible platform makes it much more engaging for employees driving performance through the roof. 


  • Provides multi-language translations 
  • Analyzes and tracks data for better outcomes 
  • Repository documents and other communication 
  • Intuitive content calendars and real-time updates 
  • Multi-channel, multi-device platform 


  • It helps you track and analyze your employees’ sentiments and work habits which can help you change how things move to improve employee performance. 
  • It has multi-language translation features, helping you connect with your employees worldwide quickly and make work & other updates easily accessible. 
  • It provides an accurate word search that can help you locate content, documents, and other essential data from your chats if you’re in a hurry.


HubEngage believes in offering enterprises customized solutions so that managers and employees can enjoy useful features and seamless connectivity. It promises to offer full value for money; therefore, you must contact their sales team to request a consultation and quotation.

3. Blink


This platform connects frontline workers who are always on their toes to each other for all critical updates and other communication. It helps maintain and increase productivity levels and employee retention among frontline workers. Frontline workers can avail live updates regarding urgent work or other updates. It can also help companies gauge employee satisfaction and performance through surveys and other methods. This is possible by this employee communication app because it integrates the functions of all employee communication platforms by producing a one-size fits all approach. 


  • Streamlined communication tools
  • Secure exchange data platform
  • Multi-sector customized catering 
  • Employee satisfaction and performance forms 
  • Employee retention facility
  • Automated dashboard with real-time notifications


  • It provides an opportunity to create a seamless network, especially since frontline workers need quick and accurate updates on work. 
  • Other than frontline workers, it can help streamline communication between the HR, managers, and other staff that needs to be kept in the loop on one platform. 
  • It is very well integrated, eliminating the need to download the app on multiple devices or be available on multiple apps. 


Blink provides its communication software with variant packages; however, if you wish to look into the initial package, you must check out the Essential pack, which is priced at $3.40/month per user. It is billed annually. You must call the sales team for other enhanced packages for companies and large-scale enterprises. They offer a free consultation, a free personalized demo, and a quotation that suits your needs and budget.

4. Appspace


Appspace is the most effective tool for bringing together the execution of long-term strategy with the completion of day-to-day activities and particular goals. It facilitates this for organizations by giving them a shared vocabulary and a practical framework for creating and aligning their company goals. You can spread your messages far and wide, avoid starting from scratch, and maximize results by using pre-made material and themes, all while keeping track of what’s working through the same internal communications software tool.


  • Multi-chat message publishing 
  • Real-time company newsfeed 
  • Personalized communication and conversation 
  • Efficient communications within the organization
  • Intuitive dashboard with instant alerts
  • Multi-device availability and cross-platform compatibility


  • It can help you communicate with your colleagues safely without any threat of the messages being leaked or any other confidential information being used for other purposes. 
  • It has pre-existing message templates that help people communicate more efficiently, quicker, and through the correct medium. You can organize these messages in any way you prefer and communicate most efficiently. 
  • With the above-added benefit, the platform also allows you to customize and tailor conversations as per your wish, and set limits do not bind you. 


Appspace promises to offer customized solutions for small and big companies and enterprises with multi-level departments. They have variant packages such as Express and Enterprise packages; however, signing up for this software is free. You can have free access to two platforms, one device and two premium users, respectively. Don’t hesitate to contact the Appspace sales team for customized solutions, free consultation, budget-friendly packages, and prices.

5. Workvivo


Use this platform to keep your staff engaged in their work environment. It’s an excellent tool for keeping tabs on staff members and improving vacation scheduling. Workvivo’s two primary selling points—its simplicity and ease of use—are bolstered by its solution-oriented program, which has an intuitive design and a straightforward organizational structure. Workplace communication may be maintained by live-streaming, news article sharing, and other relevant content sharing. It is one of the most well-known employee communication tools software that comes highly recommended due to its unique features. 


  • Defining the company’s strategic plan and goals
  • Local level business focuses on efficient teamwork
  • Growth & instruction based behavior
  • Communication through integrated platforms 
  • Behavioral analysis for performance boost 
  • Personalized dashboard with real-time notifications


  • It makes it possible to see how much each team member contributed to a project’s completion and hold them accountable across the board.
  • It explains how problems were solved and detail the knowledge naturally gained by long-term workers.
  • Quick updates on progress may be provided, along with utmost protection of communications or other secret information and verification of other cybersecurity measures.


WorkVivo likes to offer tailor-made solutions to serve companies, their managers, and employees. They assure budget-friendly options with complete value for money. You can contact the sales team to book a free demo. Once you like the demo, they will help you with a free consultation and packages that suit your requirements.

6. Empuls


Empuls is widely regarded as a top choice among internal communication tools for businesses. Its high quality and reliability justify the claims made about it. It allows businesses to keep up with internal communication, message boards, and chats and boost social media engagement without constantly hopping between different platforms. It’s one of the most popular internal communication solutions since it facilitates seamless work integration and is the safest option for your company. Its colorful and user-friendly interface keeps workers actively engaged, boosting productivity.


  • Efficient, simplified communication 
  • Essential tools available for multiple uses
  • Spreads news and urgent information
  • Work and peer-to-peer trust 
  • Rewards employees for recognition
  • Personalized dashboard with real-time newsfeed


  • It may help you establish a better, more motivated team by keeping everyone in the office actively connected and involved in their job and other pursuits.
  • In a time-sensitive project or another emergency, you may quickly reach out to your staff and ensure no valuable time or resources are wasted.
  • It’s tightly integrated, so there’s no need to use it across several platforms.


Emplus provides monthly and annual packages; we recommend you always opt in for annual packages, which offer two months of free access. The packages are:

  • Starter: $800/annum per user
  • Proficient: $2400/annum per user

You can choose custom packages, too; contact the sales team for customized pricing depending on your usage.

7. Axero


All employees, no matter where they are or what they do, can be reached, engaged, and brought into alignment through a unified platform accessible from any device. Using Axero, you can maintain the lines of communication open at all levels and ensure everyone is on the same page. Using the same internal communications software, you may reach a large audience, save time, and get the most out of your efforts by recycling content and ideas that have already proven successful.


  • Maximum communication alignment 
  • High participation rates 
  • Transparent functioning 
  • Greater visibility and efficiency 
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Intuitive and interactive dashboard


    • With multi-channel interaction, the medium itself becomes the message. It comes with easy-to-navigate content channels that provide on-brand and consistent corporate messaging.
    • Through Axero, everyone is up-to-date on everyone else’s and the company’s happenings. You can reach everyone in the company, zero in on particular groups, and keep everyone in the know.
  • Take the employee experience to the next level with a customized employee engagement platform that motivates your whole team and shapes your company’s culture with features like rich profiles, a comprehensive personnel directory, and a dynamic org chart that puts faces to names.


Axero offers two packages. The business package is $2000/month and includes access for up to 200 employees. You should contact their sales team for package design, pricing, and demo if you want customized enterprise packages.

8. Interact


The capacity to interact with your staff, whether stationary or mobile, is crucial to the success of your business. The Interact program aims to include everyone in your business, no matter their position, device, or location. It’s one of the most popular internal communication software since it facilitates seamless work integration and is the safest option for your firm. Within the confines of your company’s intranet, you can use Interact to communicate with your various user groups by broadcasting and monitoring messages on several mobile and desktop channels.


  • Intranet-driven workspace
  • Seamless connectivity to all employees 
  • Participation in dynamic groups 
  • Greater transparency in the functioning 
  • Multiple choice company’s goals 
  • Real-time, multi-functionality dashboard


  • Since Interact is compatible with the most popular IM programs, employees may chat with one another in real-time without ever leaving the intranet.
  • Interact’s(@) mentioning feature makes it easy for users to include people in a conversation inside the platform. Facilitate internal communication between people and teams through the intranet.
  • With Interact’s adaptable intranet design and native mobile applications for iOS and Android, you can make it easy for your staff to stay in touch no matter where they are or what they’re using.


You can transform the workforce’s communication with the Interact employee communication software. Contact the sales team for a free consultation, a demo, and a customized package with budget-friendly deals.

9. Beezy


Beezy allows teams to communicate visually more effectively through storytelling and blogging features. Your company’s rules, procedures, and governance material may be transformed into interactive and shareable pages. This way, workers may quickly and easily communicate, exchange information, and provide feedback. This platform is the finest internal communication software since it lets you keep your employees informed, keeps them interested in their job, and ultimately creates a more powerful team.


  • Emphasis on collaboration
  • Connectivity through unified platforms
  • Intuitive dashboard for seamless performance
  • Strategic forms and objectives
  • Real-time notifications and updates
  • Analysis of behavior for performance improvement


  • With Beezy, you can provide your employees with a standardized method of communication and send targeted messages to different divisions on factory floors throughout the globe.
  • Beezy’s Communities and Department Sites serve as a central meeting place for teams; it allows for rapid two-way communication between remote and in-house workers. Giving everyone access to the same repository of announcements, papers, and events will boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 
  • Beezy’s wiki capabilities make it simple for teams to share expertise and information.


Beezy offers communication software options starting at $1/month per user. The company offers additional exclusive packages, including Beezy Digital Workplace and Beezy Employee Experience. You must contact the sales team for customized, budget-friendly solutions.

10. Connecteam


Connecteam makes it simple to set up an encrypted group and one-on-one conversations. You are free to remove the distraction of one-on-one chitchat and offer managers complete control over content and permissions. Connecteam is considered the best internal communication software option for corporate intranets. It saves companies time by consolidating disparate online communication methods, including email, message boards, chats, and social media. The excellent quality and dependability justify the promises made for it.


  • Company’s objectives and goals determination
  • Seamless communication within teams
  • Involvement in dynamic groupings
  • Unlimited operational transparency
  • Real-time newsfeed, updates, and alerts
  • Intuitive and personalized dashboard


  • With Connecteam, you can quickly transmit news and other important information to the appropriate groups and offices. Now, you can ensure that your workforce is always informed and on the same page, no matter where they may be. 
  • The outcomes of surveys, polls and other analytical tools can guide your decision-making on what kind of modifications and upgrades to implement.
  • You can set up a private group or one-on-one conversations with just a few clicks to help you get more done. By removing the temptation of private conversations and giving administrators complete control over the material, this platform is ideal for teams.


Connecteam offers four packages to ensure you have a seamless internal communication software tool. The initial package is free of cost and is good for start-ups that require access for up to 10 users only. The remaining three packages offer premium access and are billed annually. They include:

  • Basic: $29/month per user
  • Advanced: $49/month per user
  • Expert: $99/month per user

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of using employee communication software?

The primary purpose of using the employee communication tools software is to make communication within the organization swift and easy. The internal communication software helps exchange text messages, data files, audio and video conversations, and essential information between management, employees, and related systems. They can access all this information remotely, without hassle.

2. Why do companies require employee communication software?

Internal staff communication tools are used to make organizational communication swift and easy. They ease the entire process for employees and managers. They keep the employees from unwanted emails, fatigue caused due to irrelevant information; communication in complex language; untimely or delayed information; misleading information and rumors; remote communication with workers, and cultural barriers.

3. What are the benefits of using employee communication software?

You can enjoy many benefits once you implement an employee communication platform within your organization. You can reach your staff easily. You can connect your people with your business effectively. The entire information sharing process between manager and employee becomes convenient. When kept in the loop, the employees will feel connected and valued and respond faster.

4. Do you need employee communication software?

Internal employee communication tools are required within the organization at all levels. Senior management requires this tool, but it is also essential for trainees, team players, administrators, and junior management. Each employee within the setup can utilize this software to bring various teams together under one platform and create utmost transparency. Managers with this system can send an all-staff notification that they need to receive daily.

5. How can you relate the company’s future with this software?

In today’s time, employee communication tools are essential in bringing success to businesses. It helps you quickly communicate company changes and maintain continuity in passing advice and information. It allows the workforce to keep a check on work updates and working circumstances depending on the mandates of the local government. It also aids managers in communicating the well-being information and critical safety and health updates with their employees in-house and remotely.

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