Top 10 Best Webinar Software in 2020

You can easily conduct and execute a web-based (online) seminar through the best webinar software. The webinar software is a helpful technology to create an educational or instructive session with attendees where speakers and attendees can easily communicate through audio and visual communication. The software offers an interactive feature where users can give, receive, and discuss information in real-time. You can also get other lots of features like multi hosts, polls/voting features, live chat, question & answers, screen sharing, and many other features to make your webinar more interactive. Webinars use visual communication to portray classroom feeling and are the internet's method of bringing making people more attentive. Webinar software helps companies in conducting seminars, meetings, and virtual conferences. Webinars help to generate leads and build a potential client. It is used to conduct online classroom teaching, online summit, train employees from a remote location, etc. Webinar software is a vital tool for B2B businesses. A lot of consumer brands are also using the webinar platform for B2C marketing efforts. Webinars give the business the chance to build a more personal relationship with the clients as well as the customers. To find out the best webinar software, look into the list below by SoftwareWorld's research team.

Best Webinar Software

Our Score98/100
  • GoToWebinar
  • United States
  • $89.00/month/user
  • Yes, get a free trial

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Our Score98/100
  • Zoom
  • United States
  • $12.49/month/user
  • Yes, get a free trial

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Our Score98/100
  • Genesis Digital
  • United States
  • $39.99/month
  • Yes, get a free trial

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List of Best Webinar Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. GoToWebinar– ‘Do-it-yourself’ webinars and audio conferencing

Our Score 98/100

About GoToWebinar : Connect with anyone from anywhere on any device through GoToWebinar. It’s self-service webinar software where you can find video conferencing and web conferencing feature for your business. The user can comfortably host large-scale events and share their webcam with HDfaces feature. The user can schedule the meeting from any place and collaborate with business colleagues and employees. This software is available for Desktop and mobile users.

GoToWebinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“I like the landing pages they provide. They tend to get better registrations than the ones I create on my own. The reports are very informative too. They help the sales team a lot. It pretty much takes care of all the little things like emails, surveys, recordings and it is very easy to use.” – Jordan C.

GoToWebinar Reviews


United States

51 – 200





1030+ Reviews


510+ Reviews

2. Zoom – Video conferencing & web conferencing for teams of all sizes

Our Score 98/100

About Zoom : Discover the best Web conferencing feature at Zoom; the software offers video conferencing, webinar feature, screen sharing feature, cross-platform messaging, file-sharing feature, audio feature and much more to the user where business people can easily collaborate with each other. It’s the renowned online meetings and training software with effective technical support. This software is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Zoom room conference system, and H.323/SIP room systems.

Zoom Webinar Features : Customizable Branding, Live Chat, Multi hosts, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Screen Sharing

“Zoom was one of the easiest pieces of software we ever deployed. It has a great UX that looks perfect on our platform and our customers rave about it when using our integration. It has the added benefit of being one of our favorite internal tools. And it’s the primary way we communicate with customers.” – Ted Blosser

Zoom Reviews

Zoom Video Communications

United States

1001 – 5000





3770+ Reviews


20170+ Reviews

3. WebinarJam – Webinar hosting software

Our Score 97/100

About WebinarJam : Get the universal compatibility with WebinarJam; it’s effective webinar software for webinar broadcasting solutions. This software is integrated with the YouTube platform. It also offers Pay-Per-View feature to the users. Even it’s also a useful platform where you can find file-sharing feature, automatic recording feature, social media integration, SMS and voice messaging feature, and much more at WebinarJam. It’s the best platform for creating, hosting and marketing webinar.

WebinarJam Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“One of the best business decisions you will make I love WebinarJam. It makes creating, marketing, and hosting webinars really simple. I tell everyone about how great it is. And, support is fast and very helpful. This is one of my favorite tools.” – Gina Carr

WebinarJam Reviews

Genesis Digital

United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


120+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

4. Livestorm – Smarter Webinar Software

Our Score 97/100

About Livestorm : Train your customers, enhance your product demo and develop the best content strategy with Livestorm. It’s browser-based webinar software for users. It’s accessible through any browser, mobile, and desktop. The user can even create effective landing pages with Livestorm. The user can comfortably share their screen, webcam, and media inside their webinar session. It’s also a great solution to accelerate your marketing automation. It’s also an authentic source for internal communication and online courses.

Livestorm Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“The elegance of Livestorm’s UI and its simplicity for creating beautiful landing pages made a big positive impact on the way we communicate with customers at scale.” – Stan Massueras

Livestorm Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


90+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

5. Business Hangouts – Web conferencing and webinars for Google Apps

Our Score 95/100

About Business Hangouts : Find an affordable webinar solution with Business Hangouts. This software provides the online meeting and webcasting solutions to the users. It’s basically web-conferencing software for Google Apps. The user can record an event; customize event pages and emails through Business Hangouts. You can find both webinars and web conferencing features in one place. It’s useful webinar software for Enterprises, School & Universities, Government Agencies, Marketers, and Religious Organizations.

Business Hangouts Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“The new release of Business-Hangouts is a game changer. It is as far ahead of the original BHO release as that release was ahead of regular Hangouts. It is an order of magnitude ahead of anything in its field.” – Andrew Hatchett

Business Hangouts Reviews

Business Hangouts

United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


60+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

6. ClickMeeting– Webinar Your Way

Our Score 93/100

About ClickMeeting : Check out the best webinar software as an e-learning tool. ClickMeeting is browser-based software for hosting webinars and training sessions. The user can demonstrate their expertise to the audience with ClickMeeting. It’s a perfect enterprise solution for training and e-learning. It’s accessible through any device and it doesn’t require any software installation. The user interface has all required tools to make your webinars more engaging for attendees.

ClickMeeting Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“We’ve used several different platforms to deliver online training and webinars until we tried ClickMeeting. It’s an easy, problem free, and yet powerful solution to host online meetings. I really like the branding possibility and new test/evaluation feature. Support is responsive and effective.” – Michael Karski

ClickMeeting Reviews



51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


30+ Reviews


100+ Reviews

7. BigMarker – The platform for modern webinars and online events

Our Score 92/100

About BigMarker : Inspire more people and grow business with Webinars and videos; BigMarker is no-download webinar software offers automated webinar solutions where the user can find webinar hosting, webinar marketing and meeting space for product demos and sales meeting. The user can also get public and private chat feature, Q&A feature with Upvoting, Answering and Publishing, Polling & Survey features, Google Forms & Handouts, Call to action pop-ups, raise hand & invite on stage feature and much more in Bigmarker software.

BigMarker Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“Very easy to use, reasonably priced in market.It’s affordable for the small business looking to start with Webinars. Simple and straightforward set up and great to use for invites.” – James C.

BigMarker Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


120+ Reviews


90+ Reviews

8. MyOwnConference – Webinar and web conferencing software

Our Score 91/100

About MyOwnConference : The premium-quality platform for the webinars, web conferencing, and online training; MyOwnConference doesn’t require any software installation; the user can view their webinar program in the browser. You can also find Video Conferencing, Chat feature, webinar recording feature and much more through MyOwnConference. It’s easy to use and reliable option to demonstrate your presentation. The software supports 16 languages. It’s useful webinar software for education, sales, business, marketing, and HR department.

MyOwnConference Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“I’ve worked with some webinar platform and can say Myownconference is the best. Lots of useful features, easy to use, reliable. Highly recommend.” – David Watson

MyOwnConference Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


10+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

9. Webinato – Interactive webinar platform

Our Score 90/100

About Webinato :  Boost webinar automation with Webinato; it’s an interactive webinar software for engaging training and marketing. The user can find autopilot capability, interactive design as per brand needs, whiteboard feature, in-room survey feature, exit landing page feature and much more through Webinato. The user can comfortably reach a higher conversion rate with the help of the sales & marketing webinar of Webinato. The user can also get 24*7 supports as per their query.

Webinato Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“The Webinato AutoPilot allows us to use the content we already have to deliver interactive, on-demand webinars around the clock.” – Victoria Poor

Webinato Reviews


United States

02 – 10





10+ Reviews


03 Reviews

10. BrightTALK Channel – Online webinar platform

Our Score 89/100

About BrightTALK Channel : Professionals and businesses can easily learn and grow together with BrightTalk Channel. The software offers the valuable thought of leaders and shares their ideas which one is helpful for the business growth. The user can find many educational webinars for their business through this software. The user can find best webinar software features in BrightTalk Channel like live chat, multi hosts, screen-sharing, social media promotion and much more.

BrightTALK Channel Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“We use BrightTALK to access their large built-in HR audience. When we post a webinar, the tool promotes it to like-interest subscribers. It is like owning a YouTube channel for webinars. It is easy to use and allows you to build a channel of recorded webinars that can be promoted indefinitely.” – Charles R.

BrightTALK Channel Reviews


United States

51 – 200





03 Reviews


20+ Reviews

11. LiveWebinar – Most Advanced Webinar Software

Our Score 87/100

About LiveWebinar : A cloud-based webinar solution which helps small to large sized businesses with screen sharing, live video streaming and recording. The application lets presenters invite participants through a shareable link, assign roles to team members and share content. Hosts can use the whiteboard module’s drawing and grid tools to illustrate ideas and take notes. The system enables teams to measure campaign performance through surveys, tests and polls.

LiveWebinar Webinar Features : Alerts/Notifications, Customizable Branding, Event Management, Live Chat, Multi hosts, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Reporting/Analytics, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion

“It’s really great to be able to stream in unbuffered HD quality and deliver high resolution video in any modern browser without the need to download additional software, even for those who have slow connections. The interface is easy to use and, if we ever get stuck, the support is fast and very useful.” – Alice H

LiveWebinar Reviews



11 – 50





05 Reviews


01 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Webinar Software

Webinar FeaturesZoomGoToWebinarLivestormWebinarJamBusiness HangoutsClickMeetingBigMarkerMyOwnConferenceWebinatoBrightTALK
Price$12.49/ month/user$89.00/ month/user$89.00/ month$39.99/ month$29.00/ month/user$30.00/ month$49.00/ month$25.00/ month$99.00/ month$199.00/ month
Customizable Branding         
Event Management         
Live Chat          
Multi hosts          
On-Demand Webinars         
Q & A          
Screen Sharing          
Social Media Promotion         

Webinar Software Buyer's Guide

Hosting a webinar is the perfect step towards generating qualified leads, holding customers back and representing brand values correctly. If you are good at creating an ideal end-to-end webinar solution, your business can save a lot of money and time, also help you engage an audience and identify potential leads better. However, it’s difficult to host a hassle-free webinar when it involves live Q&As, online workshops, and simultaneous video broadcast on multiple social media platforms. That’s where the need for webinar software comes into the picture. In order to select the best webinar software, one must have the knowledge on how to run a background check for the same.

» What is Webinar Software?

It is a software application that helps you to transform your online meetings into engaging experiences bring fruitful results both for you and your attendees. You no need to hassle for carrying out the pre-webinar set-ups as the software will do that for you through various webinar tools. All you have to do is to select a date and time, and the software will walk you through the rest formalities with ease.

» How does Webinar Software work?

Webinar app guides you for hosting an online event with various tools and third-party applications. It comes with webinar templates with adjustable settings. The custom webinar invitation templates ease your tasks of inviting attendees by creating registration pages and running follow-ups through automated email reminders. You can easily add your brand colors, logos and images in order to make the invitation page appealing to the recipients. Also, all most all best webinar platforms power you to keep your participants engaged during the whole time through various polls and surveys.

» Is it worth investing money in Webinar Software?

Unless you have a dedicated media team of your own, each time you host a webinar, you pay freelancers to do the needful for you. That costs unnecessary cash flow. With that being said, you can imagine the level of hassle you are avoiding by not depending on any coder or designer for creating check-in pages for you that actually costs money and time. On a rough estimate, you can save up to 30%-40% of the total money spent on freelancers. It clears the air whether or not business having multiple weekly webinar needs should go for such a software application or not.

» What are the features of the Webinar Software?

Webinar software comes with many features to make your digital meetings worth your time and effort. Let’s have a look at them in a bit detail.

› Easy Customization Tools

A Webinar Software allows users to design webinars according to their preferences through its easy-to-use tools. It helps in changing theme colors, adding brand logos, customizing invitation and setting reminder emails, etc. Therefore the overall professional image of your webinar gets a huge impression by adding a unique, charismatic feel to the presentation.

› Uploading Handouts

Handouts serve as a free promotional teaser of a product or service to be launched. It intrigues excitement among users, thereby creating a perfect hype for the product way ahead of its arrival into the market. Webinar software can upload that during meetings so that your audience can have a look at what you have to offer on the table. Nowadays many companies are also attaching special rewards along with the handouts in the Webinar Software to ensure that the customers show up at the right hour.

› Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys outsmart almost all options when it comes to gathering useful data for better formulating marketing strategies. By the software, you can conduct a poll or survey to quickly gain insight about your products or services from the participants. They can be used for further service/product improvements.

› Centralized Storage

In a bid to tackle theft or mutilation, all Webinar platforms store gathered data and reports in a single server. Moreover, it allows employees to easily retrieve files as desired without any performance or lag issues. It also offers better protection against forceful intrusion into company servers.

› Recording Facilities

This is one of the most recent features that has found its place in webinar platforms especially for participants who miss out the meeting. The software automatically records every information shared on the webinar; both audio and video and stores them for future use. In case a person wants to go through the webinar details, then they can be easily accessed through a channel of permission from the administration.

› Screen Sharing Facilities

Recent webinar platforms are provided with screen sharing facilities. It enables the webinar spokesperson to share their screen with the participants simultaneously during the presentation. It helps in enhancing customer participation and their engagement as they get a better hold on the subject.

» What are the benefits of the Webinar Software?

Subscribing a Webinar app for your company or business will indeed be the right decision as it helps in cementing the relationship between you and your potential customers for sure. Here are some of the standard features that you will find in any webinar software.

› Helps in branding

Hosting a webinar can help you to showcase your business potential, technical knowledge, expertise on products and services to clients with ease. Apart from providing information to the audience, it also helps in expanding the company’s reach by enhancing the brand value in the global market. Moreover, it also allows other companies to understand your potential which may also result in acquiring new business deals, partnerships, and more.

› Easily detects customers Pain Points

Understanding the pain points of customers helps in developing better products. The software tracks customer orientation and behaviour, also tracks the total time spent on product pages and examines the purchase history. Hence, through the webinar app, you can effectively target your audience group by working on the loopholes efficiently.

› Make Webinars re-accessible

You can record every minute of details through webinar app so that absent participants will not even feel to be left out. As previously described, it automatically records and stores data in the company server for future reference. These data can then be used to publish Ebooks, blog post series, or can be shared as video clips on platforms like YouTube or DailyMotion for the audience to gain knowledge.

› Helps in Collecting Lead data

As the webinar app requires participants to log in or sign up using their essentials such as name, address, or contact details you get information which can then be used for future marketing. From a regular visitor to a potential lead, the data can travel from your server to your sales department.

› Does Not Add to Expenses

The complete course of action takes place online, a great deal of money gets saved unlike in case of face-to-face interviews or physical presentations at client premises. Similarly, one does not have to pay for the travel expenses or audience charges to participate in the webinar. Hence, it effectively tackles financial demands for both the clients as well as the participants.

› Increase the Traffic Inflow

Apart from executing the regular tasks, the software is also capable of attracting a major audience from various social media platforms. The companies can post their webinar stories or attach links of their webinars in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit to enhance the number of visitors and attendees.

» Key factors to consider before choosing Webinar Software

Until you have not used any software, it will seem wonderful from a marketing point of view of the vendor. You only come to know about the flaws and loopholes once you start using it, but in case you are a quick buyer, it becomes an unbearable pain till the tenure of subscription period gets over. However, there are some crucial points worth considering before zeroing upon any webinar software to save your money from getting wasted to a not-so-good one. Hence, to help you out with choosing the right software, we have hand-listed some of the necessary points which will aid in your decision-making process.

› The Necessity of the Software

Imagine that you have subscribed to a high-in-class webinar tool, but you don’t know how to best utilize it for creating successful webinars. This will indeed be a troublesome situation. Also, many just go with the flow and subscribe to webinar software without even acknowledging actually whether or not they need it. As a result, it only adds to their expenses rather than helping their business grow.

› Budget Estimation

Different webinar tools have different pricing structure as per their features. Some come with an affordable subscription fee charged every 6 months while some charge the same hefty amount every month. Therefore, unless you have a definite budget that your company wants to spend monthly or annually, you may end up subscribing to a package by losing yourself to the vendor’s marketing gimmick.

› Analyzing the Requirements

Some need webinar software which excels in offering proactive sessions while some prefer the ones providing real-time analytics and reporting features. The point is that requirements vary from company to company, and so are the price models. So, keep your lists of elements ready before initiating the talk with any vendor. It helps in narrowing down the vast list to fewer ones which thereby reduces the time and pain for head churning.

» How to choose a good Webinar Software?

The global market comprises of too many self-claiming best webinar software providing vendors. However, there are very few amongst them who claim the truth. But, you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. To help you out, we have configured a list judging criteria to be used while choosing the best webinar software. So, let’s check them out.

› Easy-to-use Interface

The best webinar platforms provide their customers with a seamless experience when it comes to create a webinar on a frequent basis. Being user-friendly they eradicate the picture of hiring technical people to do the daily chores. Hence, anyone and everyone can work on the software regardless of their educational qualification and technical understanding.

› Integration with Existing Tools

Another feature which should be present in the best webinar platforms is their easy compatibility with existing business tools. This is because a company may have other business tools for marketing those may be required to be integrated with the webinar software to create wonders. Make sure to ask about the same to your vendor beforehand.

› Safety against Attackers

Every business has its own set of confidential information which is required to be kept aloof from potential attackers, theft or mutilation. Hence, numerous webinar tools have enabled two-factor authentication processes, activated firewall systems, single sign-in options, and many more to make the software immune to unethical hacking attempts. Apart from protecting the information, the feature also helps in avoiding forceful intrusions as well as unauthorized entries.

› Secure backup to lost files

In case of an unavoidable circumstance, an efficient back-up system can help in recovering essential documents, audio, and video clips. Thus, it is always advised to look for software which provides the best back-up facilities.

› Customer satisfaction

Though it is an old school trick it works every time. The reviews left by the existing and past customers on various review websites can help you know how much the software scores on actual service quality and customer satisfaction metrics.

» How much does Webinar Software cost?

The pricing of best webinar platforms differs from each other based on facilities and tools they provide, the total number of users assigned, and the period of subscription, amongst others. While the lowest pricing structure starts from $8/month, the highest one can reach up to $199/month. However, it is wise to subscribe to the free basic version initially. Using the opportunity one can find out if the software successfully stands out on its promises or not. Moreover, it also helps in understanding the facilities more profoundly and enables you to decide whether to go with it in the future or not.

» Conclusion

Now that you have fully understood about webinar software, choosing an ideal one would be easy. However, it is recommended not to judge the quality from price, instead try and acknowledge the potential. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost in the spam of not-so-good of webinar platforms for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Webinar Software?

In short, webinar software is helpful and flexible technology to manage web-based seminars. You can easily conduct your online seminar like presentations, lectures, events, online training, product promotion, and many types of online meetings through webinar software. The software provides the best features where you can easily interact and engage with your audience.

What are the main features of the Webinar software?

  • Live Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording
  • Question & Answer
  • Branding
  • Audience Management
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Event Management

What are the benefits of webinar software?

  • Cost-effective communication
  • Accessible to a global audience
  • Improved audience engagement
  • Improved brand value
  • Improved trust factor

Which webinar software is the best?

  • GoToWebinar
  • Zoom
  • WebinarJam
  • Livestorm
  • Business Hangouts
  • ClickMeeting
  • BigMarker
  • MyOwnConference
  • Webinato
  • BrightTALK Channel
  • LiveWebinar

How much does a webinar software cost?

The software can begin around $12.49/month to $99.00/month.


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