List of Top 10 OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

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» What is OKR Software? 

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results; this software is one of the essential tools for evaluating performance and ensuring efficient work progress in a business. It is used for tracking, communicating, setting, and measuring results and goals within a workplace. 

As mentioned, OKR Software serves the primary purpose of performance evaluation; it helps connect employees and align them for faster progress in jobs or projects. It increases engagement from both sides—employee and employer—and encourages a culture of high performance. OKR management tools provide frameworks that help implement plans that result in the business’s growth and help in goal achievement. 

» How to choose the Best OKR Software for Business?

OKR software is capable of helping a business achieve a myriad of goals which will help in the growth of your brand image and recognition. Major companies such as Adobe, Amazon, and Google use OKR software tools to further their business goals – but it is essential to consider just which software they are using. To obtain the true potential of OKR tools, it is necessary to understand which would be the best OKR software for your business. 

OKR Software companies will allow you to understand which factors of your business weigh into the results produced. You can determine this by acknowledging the features that would help you the most and aspects of your business. The size of your team, the need for OKR software in your work system, the problem that requires a solution from this software, and the budget set for spending on OKR software are some of the most critical points to evaluate and consider the best software for your company. 

» Top 10 OKR Software in 2023

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1: WorkBoard


To align long-term strategies with the carrying out of daily tasks and specific objectives, online OKR software is the best possible way to achieve this. WorkBoard helps businesses indulge in this efficiently by providing a common language and a solid goal-setting valuable framework for driving, defining, and aligning the outcomes desired by the business. This helps in staying updated about the progress of the work and having a clear outlook on the objectives – which in turn is beneficial to keep employees motivated in executing their job efficiently. 


  • Provides clarity in strategic objectives
  • Transparency across employees and teams
  • Localize business with enhanced insights 
  • Behavioural analysis of progress and learning
  • Long-term strategic alignment for job-specific objectives 
  • Reviewable processes with clear visibility.
  • Human capital resources for expertise 


  • It provides information on organically captured learning of ongoing employees and dictates how roadblocks were overcome.
  • It allows the OKR software to be localized into the linguistics of your business so that the framework falls in line with the goals set within the business.
  • It ensures that full accountability of all employees of every team is accessible across the platform to keep track of the contribution of everyone to the completion of work. 


You can request a demo for the Workboard OKR software. It is straightforward; contact the sales team, and request a demo. Consult them for a package that suits your requirements and fits your budget.



The best objectives and key results (OKR) software is provided by, which helps businesses keep up with the fast-paced market industry while maintaining motivation within the workplace. It encompasses easy-to-use goal setting that allows efficient team management and achieves objectives. Profit also helps through OKR software for startups by giving top priority to goals and engaging employees to act on them by executing strategies and saving time by eliminating redundancies. 


  • Strong optimization alignments 
  • Automated, aligning dashboards 
  • 400+ in-built and custom KPIs 
  • Built-in guides for OKR creation
  • Weekly reviews and check-ins


  • The Alignment dashboard allows everyone to keep track of their job specifications, goals, and progress to ensure that the work is done efficiently.
  • It allows you to keep a visual track of progress, problems, and how the employees tackled problems for future reference. 
  • It provides real-time tracking of all the OKRs across the company and ensures that the employees stay motivated with a clear view ability of the goals and tasks.

Pricing caters to all types of companies, from small to large and from startups to enterprises. The pricing starts from $7/month per user, billed annually for companies that require quick access for more than five users. If you are a startup, you can always try its free version, accessible for up to five users. If you are an enterprise intending to have an extensive package for multiple users, you can contact the sales team for a customized package that will be designed precisely per your requirements.

3: Weekdone


Weekdone avails myriad benefits, as you will acknowledge through OKR software reviews. It allows you to input company goals in the OKRs, and add the plan to be followed to achieve those goals. Tracking the progress of the work and the accomplishment done for the objectives to be completed allows employees to be punctual with their job and feel motivated by understanding how they are progressing. Weekdone provides a roadmap to the employees, leading to success, going one step at a time. 


  • 360o overview of company progress
  • Structured goals for aligned activities
  • Weekly check-ins on plans and tasks 
  • Automated dashboards for progress visualization
  • Interactive, real-time Newsfeed and feedback


  • It allows the business to increase employee morale and motivation via the Newsfeed, where work can be praised and feedback for a constructive change in the working pattern. 
  • The OKR coaching, where teams and leaders work with the coaches, allows the best OKR practices to be followed in the workplace, yielding the best possible results to achieve company goals. 
  • It is easy to use, understand, and monitor, allowing all the teams to connect efficiently and keep track of progress.


Weekdone provides free access to start with; it gives you a perfect trial option to ensure the software suits your needs with up to three-user free access. If you are a team of four or more, you can still enjoy a 14-day free trial offer with no obligations contract. Once you are done with your trial period, you can contact the sales team for a customized version that caters to your company’s needs.

4: Betterworks


With Betterworks, your organization can sort the top priorities of its workforce and provide transparency to see the business’s goals clearly and achieve them with full disclosure. Aligning the strategies allotted through innovative tools of OKR Software companies with that of the organization’s long-term plans allows all the teams to provide resourceful results for the success of their business. Adapting to changes in the workforce also becomes easy when you have OKR from Betterworks showing goals and tasks with clarity, along with the progress of those tasks, to everyone on the platform. 


  • Adequate outlining for strategic outlining of objectives
  • Adaptable, user-friendly for the workplace
  • Progress tracking for teams and 1-on-1 employees
  • Opportunity creation for key improvements 
  • Goal achieving management
  • Automated and interactive dashboard


  • The identification of strengths of the workforce and areas of improvement allows the business to indulge in proper means of initiating frameworks for assigned jobs. 
  • It helps track the progress of the OKRs, further recognizing the risk-taking and innovative behaviour for future reference. 
  • It helps enable a better work environment for the employees by encouraging a collective team spirit through shared goals and the ability to stay updated about the performance of all teams. 


Betterworks offers goal alignment and self-service packages for you to use immediately. Their pricing range between $8 and $10 per user per month. You can request a demo before availing of the package. Contact the sales team for more details, demos, and customized options for OKR software.

5: Wrike 


Wrike is one of the best objective and critical result software for businesses that wish to turn their ambitions and dreams into a reality through proper action and goal-setting frameworks. The easy-to-use OKR system from Wrike is ingenious for streamlining the means of tracking, planning, and reporting on the teams’ goals. It helps in changing the way employees work towards achieving their respective objectives. These OKR software tools also help create more resourceful ways for employees to approach an obstacle.


  • Single-click milestone visualization 
  • Automatic calendar updates and reminders 
  • Centralized operations for employee enhancement
  • Expenditure intimation for goal management
  • Time management for team projects
  • Quick and accurate insights and reports


  • It allows you to sync data from anywhere and from any device, which makes sharing the progress of team performances easier with executives. There are 400+ integrations Wrike avails for syncing data over different systems. 
  • The availability of weekly check-ins and reports allows management to keep track of improvement areas and strengths of all teams for constructive feedback. 
  • It provides helpful input on the time and cost expenditure of varying teams and goals to determine the resources required for goal achievement. 


You can enjoy a free trial by enrolling with Wrike; they also offer premium packages that can be customized per your requirements. Contact your sales team for more details and budget-friendly packages.

6: Gtmhub


This platform allows your business to execute tasks more resourcefully and provide better results with a more strategic approach. You are focusing on individual teams and OKRs for goal achievement yields more successful output from the organization. Gtmhub uses OKR management tools to bring all the employees on the same level with a shared mission and connect the organization’s data to understand and carry out specific tasks. To stay ahead in the competition, Gtmhub helps create operational insights where roadblocks are cleared more quickly. 


  • Hybrid work model for organizational implementation
  • Fully operational work-from-home system
  • Hyper-growth system for market dominance
  • Operational insights for goal progress
  • Enterprise management of profile
  • Anticipated disruption with strategic execution 


  • It avails several strategies that enhance your organization’s execution system to yield better results for the success of your business. 
  • It indulges in using diverse ideas in the workforce to its benefit by keeping track of the human capital as resources and individuals –leveraging the diverse skills and maintaining a healthy workplace environment. 
  • The anticipation of disruption is highly useful for ensuring that your organization does not go extinct or fall behind in the market.


OKR management software offered by Gtmhub offers four packages to choose from. The fourth (enterprise) software doesn’t have pricing listed as the brand believes in catering to customized solutions per the client’s requirements, norms, and budget. Let’s have a look at the self-service packages:

  • Start: $7/month per user
  • Scale: $15/month per user
  • Summit: $23/month per user

You will be charged annually if you choose any of the above packages.

7: Align Software 


For teams that stay connected to work towards goal achievement, Align software provides a flexible system of OKR software. The teams can have a streamlined, clear line of sight on the goals they need to complete, using the objective and critical results to the best of their potential. Articulated strategies with clear goals help employees work more efficiently and follow through on a well-communicated strategy vision. Align avails a step-by-step process of developing a long-term plan which is repeatable. 


  • Indication of leads with business health metrics 
  • Strategic objective recognition for building plans
  • 1:1 templates for reviews and check-ins 
  • Flexible tools for connected team communication
  • Exceptional team tracking ability


  • It helps your organization keep the teams connected by giving them the right objectives to achieve and providing the most resourceful means by creating OKRs. 
  • It improves the work culture within the workplace for your business by encompassing the transparency of clear goals and progress of all teams available through Align. 
  • The Align system of OKR software makes your organization capable of adapting to changes occurring due to growth in your success. 


Align software believes in listening to your requirements before providing you with a package or customized solutions; therefore, you must contact their sales team to get a consultation regarding your requirement and package. They will provide you with a tailor-made OKR software solution and a free demo.

8: Fitbots OKRs

Fitbots OKRs-best-okr-software

Carry our OKRs in your business with ease by focusing on strategic goals for your organization; increase the success of your business’s output. The intuitive alignment boards from Fitbots allow your organization to visualize and stay connected on shared outcomes. These shared outcomes are connected with the company’s goals and the strategies needed to be executed. Fitbots allows your teams to understand what they are working towards, making work more straightforward and precise. 


  • Accountable and transparent visualization
  • Seamless scaling and integration 
  • Workplace system integration for easy access
  • Regular check-in meetings 
  • CFR data for analyzing progress and performance
  • Team alignment tool for strategy execution


  • Building OKRs through Fitbots is easy, with its intuitive OKR builder – which helps teams connect through shared outcomes and indulge in accountability. 
  • The CFR data accumulated helps in indulging in resourceful regular check-ins for keeping track of progress, performance, and potential risks that can be tackled. 
  • It provides support and training concerning OKR software for its practical and ingenious use. 
  • It allows organizations to connect with all their tools and always watch wherever work is done. 


FitBots OKRs provides transparent and simple pricing; three packages are available on annual billing, which includes:

  • Surge: $5/month per user
  • Scale: $7/month per user
  • Rise: $10/month per user

There’s no credit card required to start using the services. The brand offers a trial package for free.

9: Synergita OKR 


To achieve critical results through engagement and tracking continually, Synergita OKRs help your organization to establish and build planning models. The goals and objectives are specific to the frame and time-bound, allowing your business to indulge in maximum growth. A simple action-oriented objective can help your organization to achieve goals that may have failed in light of complexities. The key metrics can be tracked at any time and at all times, allowing your teams to have transparency in their work and progress. 


  • Action-driven objective creation
  • Continuous key-matrix tracking
  • Dynamic outlining for intensified mobilization
  • Scalable, result-driven insights and reports
  • The minimalist system yet maximum output 


  • Synergita OKRs emphasize creating a higher level of working ground for all employees so that they can establish changes in the organization which are significant. 
  • It allows organizations to build objectives that are specific to frames and bound to time, so that maximum growth in the business can be achieved with optimal efficiency. 
  • It is easy to use and lacks the complexities which confuse employees and result in failure to carry out tasks properly. 


Synergita OKR software offers two packages; the starter package is free of cost, while the OKR growth is the premium version. You will be billed annually for this package. You will be charged $50/month per user to enjoy all features and tools associated with this OKR software.

10: Peoplebox


Of all online OKR software, Peoplebox can be considered one of the best for letting an organization align its strategies with your business’s priorities and keeps track of them. It integrates all the tools your organization already possesses and allows you to build new objectives and critical results for heightened execution of goal-achieving frameworks. It is easy to implement Peoplebox into the pre-existing work culture of your organization. 


  • Ideal for hyper-growth companies
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party apps
  • Precise alignment for 360o overview 
  • Real-time review results for enriched motivation
  • Up-to-date feedback system 
  • Effective execution trainer


  • It allows you to integrate other apps, such as Slack, with Peoplebox, to reduce the friction that may occur when using various tools to execute strategies and complete objectives. 
  • It updates the OKRs in real-time, and all progress can be checked on one page – this helps increase team accountability and transparency. 
  • The reviewing and tracking of objectives and key results are easy to navigate. 


Peoplebox has solutions for small and big-scale companies, starting at $7/month per user. It is billed annually. You must consult the sales team for a customized solution if you require an extensive option. They will provide you with tailor-made software that provides all the required features within your budget. 

» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the key advantages of using OKR software?

OKR software tools allow job persons to make informed and effective decisions for the better of the business. OKR software helps in increasing productivity in a workplace amongst employees and motivates them to focus on the goals set for the business. It is excellent for tracking the progress of achieving those goals and ensures no deviation.

2. Why is OKR software different from other management software?

OKR helps in motivating employees on an individual level; other mgt. systems focus on overall output. Other management software usually follows a goal-setting strategy with a traditional hierarchy of top to down. Whereas, OKR software comparison with others, is ingenious in building robust implementation processes, through which a goal-setting framework is set specific to the requirements of the business ideologies.

3. How does OKR software work?

OKR Software streamlines objectives and goals to cater to specific job descriptions; this allows employees to understand their work without wasting effort. It creates a dominant goal management framework that enhances motivation within employees for the successful execution of goal achievement.

4. What is the difference between the OKR spreadsheet and OKR software?

The main difference between the OKR spreadsheet and OKR software is the matter of manual data input. The software gives scheduled alerts on uploading the metrics and updating the work progress – whereas, through the OKR spreadsheet, one would have to do everything manually. Moreover, OKR software allows easy accessibility of the information to everyone on the team for viewing and editing.

5. What are the common mistakes that managers make when using OKR software?

OKR management software is an alignment tool and requires discussion with all teams involved in the work. Managers may use OKR as a task list, but it should be used to measure if the value is added, not for the deliverance of tasks. Setting one too many OKRs may result in an inability to follow through with all the objectives – since OKR software encompasses top priorities.

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