8 Best HR Compliance Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

top HR Compliance Software

» What is HR Compliance Software?

Human resource compliance software is a specialized system designed to help HR managers, recruiters, and the entire human resource team monitor internal business operations to comply with compliance rules and regulations. The software automates the entire compliance process by keeping track of Federal and State regulations and sending reminders when there is a change in policies.

»  How To Choose The Best HR Compliance Software For Your Organization?

What do you look for when getting HR compliance software? Most organizations will only pay heed to the software’s features and functionality. But, these aren’t much help because most HR products are mature and do the same thing. Your organization needs killer compliance software to solve your deepest, most complicated, and messed-up issues. Another mistake many make is not taking feedback from people who will be using the software. If the HR team uses it, you first need to gather their pain points and see which software meets their needs. The next thing is to check whether the software has a function to help your organization comply with all the regulations in the industry. Then comes the cost, features, customizations, and ease of use. 

»  Top 7 HR Compliance Software in 2023!

best HR Compliance Software

#1. Namely


Namely is an HR compliance software geared specifically towards mid-sized organizations comprising 2500 employees. Top features include a compliance library, training, alerts, etc. 

If your HRs constantly find themselves in a bind, googling different local compliance laws, Namely is what you need to help save time and reduce risk. Operating in more than one state? Namely has got your back. HRs can remain up-to-date with compliance laws in different states through the in-app law alerts. Top companies leverage Namely are United Mississippi Bank, ExecOnline and The Channel Company, etc.

Namely Features

  • The Salary benchmarking library feature provides organizations with an impartial view of competitive salaries.
  • The OSHA Logs & Reporting feature allows managers and employees to report OSHA violations, accidents, and other data points.
  • Compliance and auditing tools help improve compliance, reduce risk exposure and increase business value.
  • With Anonymous Employee Reporting Solution, employees can submit an incident report confidentially and share real-time feedback on workplace harassment issues.
  • Training & Compliance Courses are designed to equip HR and the team with practical knowledge that is applicable immediately.

Namely Benefits

  • Namely eliminates dual entry and manual tasks and allows focusing on innovative someone’s strategies.
  • An integrated platform and a robust risk management solution ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • Namely, provide an HR Compliance Resource Library containing all the resources regarding multistate HR compliance and regulatory challenges.     
  • Set up user roles and permissions so only selected people can access sensitive business information. 
  • The Work calendar features allow employees to keep their work track and administrations to manage time off requests and view all out-of-office employees. 

Namely Pricing

Namely disclosed their pricing plans. However, you can request a demo from here.

#2. OnePoint HCM


OnePoint’s unified HR Compliance solution streamlines compliance through seamless data transfer and on-demand reporting. A centralized, easy-to-use dashboard allows the HR team to monitor and mitigate your organization’s wage and hour risks.

With the configurable compliance manager, HR can assign administrative and user rights to ensure employees populate the plan as needed. Get rid of the time-consuming process of maintaining multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems that expose your company to liability.

OnePoint HCM Features

  • The compliance reporting feature allows HR to track, manage, and streamline operations for more accurate and effective results.
  • With Leave Compliance, HR can support an employee’s planned or unplanned leave plans without affecting productivity or engagement.
  • Maintain organized, transparent employee records continuously with the Employee Records Management feature.
  • OnePoint HCM offers several ways to handle workplace health and safety with real-time data tracking and reporting.

OnePoint HCM Benefits

  • Various compliance management tools and services are available, including unemployment claims management and HR consulting.
  • An integrated database with helpful automated features eases compliance situations. The HCM also tracks compliance status at all times. Thus, enabling your HR team to respond to compliance requirements and follow up on outstanding tasks.
  • HR can create custom reports that simplify industry-specific or local compliance reporting with the help of a flexible reporting engine.
  • With the Accruals solution, HR can accurately track sick leave accruals, rollovers, and caps in compliance with local laws.
  • With single database architecture, HRs can quickly produce reports that simplify Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) compliance.

OnePoint HCM Pricing

OnePoint HCM provides custom pricing based on the organization’s requirements. You can request a demo from here.

#3. IntelliHR


IntelliHR is an online HR compliance software to automate, digitize, and simplify compliance management. Their compliance management system can transform your HR compliance and record-keeping processes. HR can keep employee records accurate, complete, and up-to-date with automated, self-managed audit protection and compliance management.

With real-time compliance reporting and analytics, HR can eliminate the need to spend hours in spreadsheet hell (and missing records). They can also check compliance status at any time to mitigate risks. Global corporations, including Sheldon, Fujitsu, Pizza Hut, Bellroy, etc., use IntelliHR HCM to manage compliance.

IntelliHR Features

  • Self-managed, 100% accurate compliance allows organizations to handle policies, certifications, and mandatory roles in an audit-ready manner.
  • Your task compliance, policy, and procedures (even case management) are also recorded and easily accessible for auditing.
  • Using IntelliHR’s easy-to-use workflows, you can automate and streamline employee experiences, engagements, performance, and compliance.

IntelliHR Benefits

  • IntelliHR claims that the platform is designed with proven people and performance science to make it easy to use. 
  • IntelliHR automatically captures training compliance through LMS integrations. It ensures that all your employee training complies with the law. 
  • The platform boasts state-of-the-art security to keep the organization’s data safe. 

IntelliHR Pricing

IntelliHR comes with four different plans. 

  • Employee Engagement: From $3.6/employee/month
  • Performance Enablement: From $6/employee/month
  • Strategic HR: From $9/employee/month

You can choose the Enterprise Solutions plan here, which is fully customized. 

#4. Zenefits


Zenefits is a leading HR compliance management system that automates the entire compliance process to simplify HR’s life. From state law summaries to productivity tools, the HR library provides quick access to critical information that would otherwise take hours to find through research.

Zenefits also offers easy compliance management for small businesses and ACA compliance without going through 20,000 pages of ACA policy. Its compliance assistant helps the HR team stay on top of compliance changes by tracking deadlines, providing built-in resources, and helping users manage compliance changes efficiently. 

Zenefits Features

  • Using Zenefits’ time management technology, admins and managers can process time off requests rapidly and efficiently.
  • Business payroll compliance allows companies to calculate and pay taxes automatically.
  • With Zenefits HR Compliance, overtime safeguards integrate into the system, and employees will get reminded to take breaks and lunches at the right time.
  • You can monitor your employees’ ACA compliance and create, review, and send 1095-C forms electronically for them to check-in.
  • Zenefits Compliance Assistant provides customers with information about deadlines for government compliance related to HR, Benefits, and Payroll.

Zenefits Benefits

  • Support relevant employees regarding FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) overtime pay regulations.
  • Zenefits automatically calculates COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) payments and sends mandatory notices.
  • With Zenefits, you can view detailed explanations of compliance deadlines that affect your organization.
  • Keep your calendar up-to-date with reminders that you never miss another deadline.
  • Sync reminders to your calendar to avoid missing deadlines.
  • HRs can leverage the Compliance Assistant dashboard to monitor your compliance status and learn more about compliance that affects the business. 

Zenefits Pricing

Zenefits provides three pricing plans:

  • Essentials: $8/month/employee
  • Growth: $14/month/employee
  • Zen: $21/month/employee

#5. ADP


ADP is an HR compliance management system that helps businesses simplify compliance complexity and thus save time on compliance-related activities. It helps you with your payroll system by reducing the time and cost of human capital management (HCM) compliance tasks.

As a result of ADP’s regulatory-specific capabilities, businesses can keep records, generate reports, manage third-party data, and more by using a single platform. You can easily integrate ADP’s Smart Compliance with most payroll and HR systems, ERPs, and financial systems and reduce compliance risks. 

ADP Features

  • With healthcare reform in full swing, Health Compliance can help your organization meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines.
  • With ADP SmartCompliance, you’ll get a team of experienced professionals, an industry-leading platform, and a perfectly tuned process to reduce your risks.
  • ADP integrates easily with most HR systems, making employment verification easy.
  • With ADP’s intelligent technology and deep ACA expertise, businesses can receive ACA compliance calculations and streamline their reporting processes.

ADP Benefits

  • With ADP SmartCompliance, the HR team can save time on your compliance activities.
  • A credentialed verifier can access employment and income verifications 24/7 in a secure environment.
  • Employers can easily file and send employment taxes using this software.

ADP Pricing

ADP hasn’t given out its pricing plans. However, you can request a demo from here.

#6. Justworks


Justworks is an HR compliance software designed to reduce busyness from the business and keep you up to date with compliance rules. From Federal, State taxes to unemployment insurance, sexual harassment training, Justworks provides compliance for all kinds of needs. 

Justworks Features

  • Justworks will ensure you have access to workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance.
  • With Justworks Hours, you can eliminate time-tracking inaccuracies and payroll headaches.
  • Keeping up with the regulations is easy with HR Co-pilot’s Help Center, Resource Center, and monthly newsletter.
  • The sexual harassment prevention training suite will keep you compliant with state and city regulations and help you foster a more inclusive workplace.

Justworks Benefits

  • The HR compliance software provides compliance support for W2-fillings, 1099 filings, employee payroll tax filings, worker compensation, unemployment insurance fillings, etc.
  • Justworks also helps small businesses with employment-related responsibilities such as payroll tax filings and compliance training.
  • The software provides continuous support through various mediums including Slack, email, phone, and SMS chat. So if you have issues, you can quickly get hold of the support team and resolve them.

Justworks Pricing

Justworks provides two pricing plans

  • Basic: $59/month per employee
  • Plus: $99/month per employee

#7. Arcoro


Arcoro is here to assist you with everything from basic HR compliance to complex compliance needs. Companies can create digital records to show compliance around promotions or terminations. Their compliance modules ensure that your work practices comply with key regulatory requirements such as VEVRAA, OSHO, Davis Bacon and FLSA. 

Its accurate time records results in less labor costs and reduces the risk of lawsuits. With their onboarding suite, HR can easily identify and confirm worker ID to eliminate I-9 and I-4 paperwork. Apart from that, it’s highly scalable and grows with your organization. 

Arcoro Features

  • With Arcoro ACA compliance, the software leverages existing employee data to analyze the benefits and compensations of employees. It also generates forms 1094 and 1095 to send to the IRS and employees.
  • Through Arcoro LMS, employees can access OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses. 
  • Arcoro’s forms library is constantly updated with the latest versions whenever federal and state onboarding paperwork changes.

Arcoro Benefits

  • Configurable tools, automated workflows, and advanced communication simplify benefits management for HR leaders and employees.
  • Simple automation maximizes time and resources, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic tasks with easy-to-use tools.
  • Make sure employees only see benefits they are eligible for using rules-based eligibility. 
  • Single login allows employees to access all crucial enrollment documentation, from brochures to plan links, videos, guides, and more.

Arcoro Pricing

Arcoro has customized pricing based on the company’s requirements. You can request a demo from here.

#8. Qandle


Qandle is a leading HR compliance system with over 5,50000 satisfied users worldwide. Qandle was created when the founders couldn’t find reliable HR software to meet their needs. The compliance system tracks and monitors all your statutory compliance, payroll, returns, and so much more. The HR compliance system is automated such that HRs don’t have to spend hours researching for new law updates! 

Qandle Features

  • Qandle’s leave management system allows employees to request leaves as appropriate quickly.
  • Qandle provides autoconfigured ESI computation and applicability rules according to salary structure for easy compliance.
  • The HCM calculates Labor Welfare Fund deductions per employee’s location.
  • It also has built-in state-specific tax regulations and automatic deductions to make the HR team’s job easy.
  • Qandle makes TDS filing effortless by keeping all the information in one place. So, HR doesn’t have to waste hours or weeks searching for the proper documents.

Qandle Benefits

  • Keep track of your employees’ working hours through this software. 
  • You can monitor employee break hours with Qandle’s HR compliance software’s attendance management system. 
  • Using the application, employees can also manage their medical insurance policies.
  • The personal information of employees gets entirely protected by this HR compliance software. In this way, all employees are rewarded fairly for their efforts.

Qandle Price

Qandle provides four pricing plans, and they are 

  • Regular: Base price $38/month plus  $4.5/month/employee. 
  • Plus: The base price is $38/month plus $8.1/month/employee 
  • Premium: Base price $38/month plus $10.4/month/employee 

The Enterprise plan is available for organizations with 1000 employees. Learn more about this plan here.

» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is HR compliance?

HR Compliance refers to a business's commitment to comply with employment law's working standards. In addition, this affects the documentation, policies, and systems. The employment contract also indicates that employees must be eligible to receive all their rights and benefits.

What are compliance systems?

A compliance management system (CMS) consists of documents, processes, tools, internal controls, and functions designed to simplify compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for organizations. In addition to minimizing harm to consumers, CMS also ensures compliance with the law.

What are the benefits of an HR compliance checklist?

For HR audits, human resource specialists use an HR compliance checklist. A yearly HR audit is required for government agencies, but it can also benefit businesses. The following are some of these benefits:

  • Implementing best practices for company policies.
  • Developing employee performance improvement manuals and assisting them in gaining superior performance.
  • Increasing the reputation of the company.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of business systems.
  • Maintaining compliance with employment laws.

Why does HR compliance matter?

The HR manager must understand several federal and state laws, regulations, and rules. Compliance with HR requirements helps organizations avoid penalties, fines, scandals, and more that harm their reputations and deteriorate consumer trust.

What Are Top HR Compliance Tools?

Top HR Compliance tools are as follows:

  • Zenefits
  • Qandle
  • Arcoro
  • ADP
  • IntelliHR
  • Onepoint HCM
  • Justworks
  • Namely

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