10 Best Interview Scheduling Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is Interview Scheduling Software?

Interview Scheduling Software refers to an automated system that turns the process of scheduling candidate interviews simpler, faster, and more convenient. Using such software, you can end the cycle of innumerable phone calls and emails to confirm and schedule interviews. Besides, you get real-time access to the interview schedules in line, which, in turn, helps you plan your day effectively. The best part? The system can integrate with the HR’s and candidates’ calendars to schedule interviews at a mutually suitable time. Also widely known as recruiting scheduling software, it streamlines the hectic, error-prone, disparate interview scheduling procedure. All while offering a better experience to candidates.

» How to Choose the Best Interview Scheduling Software?

Every powerful interview scheduling software contains the right mix of specific components to let you make the most of the tool. To start with, such a system is easy-to-use and offers solid functionality and performance. The learning curve is short to get you up and running quickly. It includes automation to accelerate your routine tasks and customization to suit your current workflow. Moreover, there are tools for seamless communication between different stakeholders. At the same time, the system offers hassle-free integrations to facilitate working with other business tools you may be using, such as an applicant tracking system. Proactive after-sales support and services are also crucial. Any solution that packs in all these functions at a competitive price makes for a good choice. To make your search easier, here is a list of the top interview scheduling software:

» List of the Top 10 Interview Scheduling Software

best Interview Scheduling Software

1. Calendly


With Calendly, you can book more candidate interviews and broaden your talent pool in a few clicks. The software streamlines your recruitment process by automating your interview scheduling process. It has a self-serve tool for interview scheduling, boosting the entire hiring lifecycle while eliminating the endless back-and-forth of emails and calls. Candidates can also schedule the interviews, making it all the more convenient for them, which, in turn, elevates their entire experience. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Self-serve scheduling capability 
  • Automated scheduling  
  • A centralized booking page
  • The ability for candidates to select their availability
  • Instant interview booking
  • Interview booking on LinkedIn
  • Customizable workflows
  • Auto-reminders and updates 
  • Customizable to your distinct brand voice
  • Tailored questions
  • Reporting and analysis tools


  • It automates your manual duties, speeding up the process while saving time. 
  • It helps you avoid double booking. 
  • It reduces the scenarios of rescheduling interviews on both ends. 
  • It allows you to reduce time-to-hire significantly.
  • Its customizations enable you to maintain your brand voice and current workflow. 
  • It makes screening candidates an efficient and smoother process. 
  • It offers an improved experience to your talent pool. 


Calendly is available in the following pricing plans:

  • Basic is free forever
  • Essentials at $10/month per user (monthly billing)
  • Professional at $15/month per user (monthly billing)
  • Teams at $20/month per user (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise at custom plans

You can also go for a free 14-day product trial before purchasing a paid plan. 

2. HireVue


With HireVue, the hectic and time-consuming task of scheduling, as well as rescheduling, candidate interviews become smoother and hassle-free. This interview scheduling system automates the process for you, thus saving you time while being more efficient and accurate. The software can integrate well with your calendar service, ensuring there are no double bookings or missed meetings. The best part? You can invite qualified candidates for the next round automatically using the system.  


  • Simple interface that is easy to use 
  • Automation of the process of scheduling & rescheduling candidate interviews
  • Management of hiring logistics
  • Integration with calendar software
  • Reminders and interview invitations via text 
  • Invites through emails
  • Simplification of hiring an event management
  • Automated invites to qualified candidates
  • Self-scheduling capability for candidates


  • It saves considerable time through automation.
  • It streamlines the recruiting process. 
  • It reduces no-shows significantly.
  • It enables recruiters to concentrate on the candidates, not the scheduling activities. 
  • It simplifies managing multiple hiring events for your team.
  • It eliminates the back-and-forth of calendar sync and emails.  
  • It improves candidate experience with an effective self-serve portal. 
  • It helps you hire the most suitable candidates faster. 


The pricing of HireVue’s interview booking system is not available. You can connect with their team for details and request a demo of the product to see it in action. 

3. Yello


Yello is designed to relieve your interview scheduling burden. With Yello’s interview scheduling tools, you can not only brand but also easily automate all your communications. Moreover, there are design templates for you to use and tailor as per your distinct business needs. If that wasn’t all, the software comes in with self-scheduling capabilities to enable candidates to schedule interviews on their own. That, as a result, improves candidate experience, offers convenience, and speeds up your recruiting process. 


  • Simple to use interface
  • Real-time synchronization with both Outlook 365 and Google Calendar
  • Instant overview of the available time slots for everyone, irrespective of the timezone
  • Central dashboard for interview activity tracking
  • Support for all interview scenarios, be it a panel, 1:1, or sequential
  • Integration with CRM and ATS
  • Simplified interview rescheduling in 3 clicks
  • Automated process
  • Self-serve capability for candidates
  • Ready templates 
  • Robust security measures
  • Powerful analysis and reporting tools


  • It takes the hassles out of the complex interview scheduling process.
  • It saves time through automation & supports both in-person and virtual interview scheduling. 
  • It helps speed up an otherwise time-consuming hiring process. 
  • It reduces time-to-hire. 
  • It facilitates the management of interview slots for more than one recruiter on your team. 
  • It allows you to stay true to your unique business brand. 
  • It has powerful security mechanisms. 
  • It improves candidate experience by letting them self-schedule interviews.
  • It provides an accurate analysis, helping you make better decisions confidently. 


The pricing details of the Yello interview scheduling system are not known. You can reach out to their team for cost information and demo requests. 

4. Freshteam


One of the leading candidate interview scheduling software, Freshteam allows you to schedule your preferred number of interviews with every candidate. The system provides you with calendar sync capability so that there are zero clashes on both ends. What’s interesting is you can update the candidate about the interview schedule without leaving that screen with merely a click.  


  • Hassle-free interview scheduling capability
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate calendar syncing 
  • One-click notification to candidates about the final interview schedule
  • Online feedback collection from your hiring team
  • Uploading and generation of offer letters
  • Auto reminders to candidates and interviewers
  • Support for remote interview option
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems


  • It eliminates the back-and-forth of emails required to finalize an interview slot. 
  • It is simple to use for everyone on your team.
  • It streamlines the entire hiring process. 
  • It enables team members to schedule interviews based on everyone’s availability, avoiding interview no-shows altogether.
  • It works well with your ATS. 
  • It supports sending of pre-evaluation tests.  
  • It makes it easy to gather constructive feedback to make the process more efficient. 
  • It offers a single place to manage every interview-related information. 


The pricing information of the Freshteam interview scheduling platform is not available. Get in touch with their team to know more. 

5. GoHire


With the GoHire interview scheduling system, you can bid adieu to the never-ending stream of emails for finalizing interview timeslots. The software automates your interview process, saving you both time and money. Whether you want to organize interviews with one candidate or hundreds of them, you can do that with a click using this solution. What’s more? GoHire packs in a self-serve portal for candidates to schedule interviews based on their preferred times.   


  • An interface that is simple enough to move around
  • Ease of use
  • Automation of interview scheduling process
  • Interview scheduling with hundreds of candidates
  • Accurate calendar sync
  • Self-scheduling capabilities for candidates
  • Instant sync mechanism with one click
  • Interview scheduling & management on the go, no matter where you are


  • It helps you steer clear of a chain of emails to book an interview.
  • It brings automation, speeding up your processes while saving time and costs.
  • It makes scheduling interviews with any number of candidates a hassle-free task.
  • It lowers the overhead of management on your admin and team.
  • It provides accurate calendar syncing ability, eliminating schedule clashes.
  • It enhances the candidates’ experience with self-scheduling.
  • It improves transparency and offers full control to your team. 
  • It is accessible 24/7, regardless of wherever you are.  


GoHire is available in the following pricing packages:

  • Starter at $89 a month (monthly billing)
  • Growth at $150 a month (monthly billing)
  • Pro at $290 a month (monthly billing)

You can also opt for a free trial of 14-days to understand how the system works. 

6. Trakstar Hire

Trakstar Hire-best-interview-scheduling-software

Trakstar Hire offers your team a robust set of calendar and email integration tools to schedule candidate interviews with ease. Apart from that, the interview scheduling system makes it easier for your team to coordinate phone calls, emails, and busy schedules. You can sync your Google, Outlook, or other calendar tools while scheduling interviews to avoid time conflicts. It sends interview invites to candidates over emails, and upon acceptance, the same is reflected on the team calendar.   


  • Simple to use recruitment scheduling software
  • Coordination tools for your team
  • Calendar as well as email integration tools
  • Works well with ATS
  • Ability to sync with external calendar
  • Interview invitations via emails
  • Event reminders and postings on your team calendar
  • Appointment scheduling with team members
  • Centralized repository to store & access comments, feedback, and ratings on candidates


  • It streamlines all the aspects of your hiring process, including interview scheduling.
  • It empowers you to organize and manage meetings with both the candidates and your team.
  • It frees you from having to send and track a chain of emails, whether it is for scheduling interviews or gathering feedback from the team.
  • It makes finalizing an interview slot a faster process.
  • It eliminates time conflicts while scheduling with accurate calendar sync.
  • It provides candidates with a pleasant experience.   


The pricing information of the Trakstar Hire interview scheduling platform is not available. Get in touch with their team to know more. 

7. Setmore


As a free online interview scheduling software, Setmore simplifies the way you meet candidates. The software is capable of updating your calendar so that you can schedule more interviews without any time conflicts. In addition, it provides you with real-time access to your schedules, whether you are working from your tablet, desktop, or mobile phone. What’s more? There are multiple staff calendars, the ability to schedule & host online interviews, and tailored auto-reminders. The icing on the cake is its easy user interface. 


  • Online interview booking platform
  • Creation of your interview scheduling page
  • The ability for candidates to choose their preferred time
  • Easy availability sharing online
  • Support for virtual interviews through Zoom and Teleport
  • Automated email confirmations as well as reminders
  • Distinct booking pages for everyone on your recruitment team
  • Alignment with external calendars like Google & Office365
  • Real-time updates & schedule overview
  • Mobile access across devices
  • Simple customizations


  • It turns the chaotic task of scheduling and rescheduling interviews simpler.
  • It syncs with your calendar to avoid clashes.
  • It offers central storage for all the data. 
  • It keeps your hiring team on the same page, all the time.
  • It streamlines and boosts your hiring process. 
  • It offers flexibility and convenience to both recruiters and candidates. 
  • It lets you meet more people without the complex paperwork. 
  • It offers a better experience with unparalleled efficiency. 
  • It provides anytime, anywhere access across devices to help you stay on top of things.


Setmore’s interview scheduling software is available in the following pricing plans:

  • Free: It is a basic free plan for a maximum of 4 users
  • Premium: $12/month per user (monthly billing) (for up to two users)
  • Pro: $9/month per user (monthly billing) (for 3+ users)

8. Talview


Talview brings hassle-free automation to your standard, complex interview scheduling process. It helps you get rid of error-prone manual tasks, enabling you to focus on critical duties. The software is designed to sync with your calendar apps, offering greater transparency and visibility into your schedules. That, in turn, helps set up interviews at the most-convenient timeslots for all the stakeholders.  


  • Simple to learn interview scheduling software
  • Smart automation
  • Greater visibility into panel and candidate availability
  • Integrations with the leading calendar apps, such as Calendly, Google, and Outlook 
  • Support for different timezones
  • Automated interview reminders & notifications
  • Powerful security and compliance measures


  • It helps lower manual tasks and the potential errors associated with those tasks. 
  • It eliminates the back-and-forth of calls and emails for setting up an interview.
  • It provides precise information about the availability of your team and candidates.
  • It simplifies and centralizes the interview scheduling and hiring process.
  • It ensures you never miss an interview or double-book yourself.
  • It improves the overall user experience. 
  • It offers accurate calendar syncs according to the user’s timezone. 
  • It saves you precious time and resources. 


The pricing information of the Talview interview scheduling system is not available. Reach out to their team to know more. 

9. Pinpoint


With Pinpoint interview scheduling tools, it becomes hassle-free to set up interviews at a time which works for candidates & recruiters. It allows you to share a real-time slot availability view with candidates scanning, which the candidates can book interviews online on their own. From automating the interview scheduling tasks to getting rid of potential calendar conflicts, the system does much more. The best part? It works well with popular calendar applications, such as Google, iCloud, and Outlook. 


  • A robust  interview scheduling software
  • Automation of interview scheduling 
  • Synchronization with your team’s calendars
  • Simple calendar integrations
  • Overview of available slots in real-time
  • Quick bookings
  • Sending of interview invites & confirmation emails 
  • Candidate self-scheduling
  • Integrations with popular video-meeting tools, including Google Meet and Zoom


  • It takes the complexity out of the interview scheduling process. 
  • It frees you from those never-ending strings of emails to finalize a timeslot. 
  • It centralizes the entire hiring process.
  • It saves a lot of time and resources for your team.
  • It keeps everyone on the same page at every stage. 
  • It enables candidates to self-schedule interviews, enhancing their experience.
  • It boosts flexibility and convenience for every stakeholder. 


You can talk to the Pinpoint team to schedule a product demo or talk to their sales guys for a quote on their interview scheduling tools. 

10. Spark Hire

Spark Hire-best-interview-scheduling-software

Spark Hire’s interview scheduling software empowers you to turn your hectic, time-consuming scheduling process smoother and faster. Using the software, you can share your availability with candidates, and they can then book interviews accordingly. Moreover, the software also makes it possible to schedule interviews with candidates belonging to time zones other than yours. And your availability is displayed based on the candidate’s time zone, simplifying things further. 


  • User-friendly interface with an intuitive dashboard
  • Hassle-free sharing of calendar availability
  • Interview booking by candidates
  • Support for different time zones to set up a mutually agreeable time
  • Bulk appointment scheduling with one click
  • Tools to schedule meetings with your team, clients, and vendors
  • Integration with calendar apps, including Outlook, Google, iCloud, and Office 365
  • Customization options for landing page, scheduling page, email notifications, and more
  • Review of requested events


  • It takes the headache out of the otherwise complicated interview scheduling process.
  • It provides a single place to accept, cancel, review, and reschedule interview event invites with storage capability. 
  • It enables candidates to easily book interviews through visibility into your availability. 
  • It helps steer clear of the usual strings of calls and emails over scheduling. 
  • It simplifies bulk interview scheduling without any confusion or errors.
  • It is a comprehensive tool that also lets you schedule meetings with clients and teams, in addition to candidate interviews.
  • It is customizable and simple to use.  


Spark Hire’s interview scheduling software offers the following pricing plans:

  • Lite $149 per month, 3 users (monthly billing)
  • Pro $249 per month, 5 users (annual billing)
  • Team $599 per month, 6+ users (annual billing)
  • Enterprise at custom pricing (10+ users)

You can also try the product for free for up to 10 interviews. 

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What is Interview Scheduling Software?

Interview scheduling software is a system that simplifies and streamlines scheduling candidate interviews for your organization. It automates in part or full your manual tasks, saving you time and resources while making it convenient for you and your candidates. The software tends to integrate with your calendars to offer seamless interview bookings. 

2. What is the Purpose of Interview Scheduling Software?

The purpose of an interview scheduling system is to take the complexities and chaos out of your interview scheduling and rescheduling process. And make it seamless for you and the candidates, whether the interview is in-person or online. The aim is to boost your hiring process as a whole and enable you to meet more candidates without the usual back-and-forth of communications. 

3. What are the Key Features of an Interview Scheduling System?

While every interview scheduling platform comes with its own set of features and functions, there are some common characteristics. Such features include ease of use, intuitive dashboard, automated processes, notifications and reminders, auto-sync with multiple calendar apps, real-time review and sharing of availability, bulk interview bookings, customizations, support for different timezone, candidate self-scheduling options, hassle-free rescheduling tools, and flexibility and scalability to name a few. 

4. How Would an Interview Booking System Help My Organization?

Using an interview booking system brings in a host of benefits for your company. For starters, it can eliminate the to-and-fro of tedious emails confirming the timeslots, which, in turn, speeds up the scheduling process. It also helps keep everyone on the team and outside stakeholders on the same page regarding the schedules. Moreover, it increases the visibility and transparency of the entire hiring process. Lastly, it improves candidate experience tremendously.   

5. How much does an Interview Scheduling Tool Cost?

The pricing of an interview scheduling tool varies from vendor to vendor. You may find some tools easily available online for free, offering competitive functions. On the other hand, you may also come across software costing you about $10/month, $150 a month, or a whopping $600 a month. It all depends upon your requirements and the offerings of the particular product. 

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