Top 10+ Survey Software In 2019

Best survey software takes you to the place where it has gathered data. You can easily paste the same wherever you want and help you to reach your targeted respondents. These tools have many appearance options, and you can choose the one that suits you well. The best feature that attracts most of the business entrepreneurs is that it can record voice messages too. Best Survey Tools collects the data in one dashboard so that you can easily find it whenever you want. These applications work like a professional and save the answers as soon as the client’s response to it. Best Online Survey Tools aids you to convert your demographics into a questionnaire. This will present the results in the form of graphs, tables or charts. It will make easy for you to analyze the actual position of your product on the market. If you lack for a ready pool of respondents, this service is a great way to jump-start your survey, mainly via online. Best Survey Tools are ranked according to the needs for desktop applications to complex web system. Below, are the 20 best Online Survey software, which is famous for their services and advantages.

Top Survey Software

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best Survey Software | Top Online Survey Tools Reviews

1. SurveyMonkey – Free online survey tool

Our Score 99/100

About SurveyMonkey : Most of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Survey Monkey as it empowers them with smartest and secured survey platform. Survey Monkey believes in ultimate customer satisfaction, thus it enforces stronger workforce with Employee and customer powered data. Survey Monkey is one of the foundation tools that aid in understanding the current trends and validate business strategy with Market-powered data. The software is among the best survey software that indulges in delighting customers and increase loyalty through feedbacks.

SurveyMonkey Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Question Library, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“The nice thing about survey monkey is that it gives you an easy way to get opinions on various topics through a simple form. Furthermore, rather than having to create the form by hand, Survey Monkey does all the work. Choose your question type, input the question, and *boom*: you’ve got your first form up and running.” – P Christopher

SurveyMonkey Reviews


United States

501 – 1000



Yes, get a free trial


2511 Reviews


11769 Reviews

2. SoGoSurvey – Online survey, poll & quiz creation platform

Our Score 98/100

About SoGoSurvey : Effective research is the ultimate reason for entrepreneurial success. SoGoSurvey plays a decisive role in guiding organizations through varying market trends and customers’ demands. SoGo is among the best survey software that acts as a foundation for new innovations for key success. The platform is a myriad of options supported by the highest level of data analytics and key survey factors to gauge customer satisfaction.

SoGoSurvey Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Question Branching, Question Library, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“We use surveys to listen to the “collective voice” of many groups in our community, but we don’t have emails for everyone. The Survey Access Codes feature allowed us to invite a sample of our residents through postal mail and maintain survey integrity with unique passwords. It worked beautifully!” – Karen Derby

SoGoSurvey Reviews


United States

11 – 50





484 Reviews


35 Reviews

3. Nicereply – Customer Satisfaction Survey, Net Promoter Score & CES 2.0

Our Score 96/100

About Nicereply : From surveys to insights, to action, Nicereply is a quick survey platform that manages to get feedback from your customers for the ultimate customer satisfaction. The platform offers one-click survey system that can be customized to retain real-time quality feedback. Companies can now manage to get the right answers at the right time by collecting ratings, interactions, and adding mandatory questions to the survey software.

Nicereply Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey

“The tool is helpful in finding trends in how our customer service agents respond. The site is easy to navigate, and I like that I’m able to check reviews for different groups of agents as well as different time frames. The reviews we receive from customers on Nicereply is really helpful in gauging how our agents respond..” – Michelle P.

Nicereply Reviews



02 – 10





247 Reviews


244 Reviews

4. Zoho Survey – Everything surveys—made simple and powerful

Our Score 96/100

About Zoho Survey : Zoho survey aids real-time customer survey on any device to achieve the definitive experience. Zoho survey offers customizable questionnaire along with personalized themes to suit your brand and style. With Zoho survey, enterprises can now share the survey instantly with everyone using email campaigns and social media contact lists. Zoho survey offers visual graphics that help in analyzing data from Google sheets without manually going through all the pivotal data collection.

Zoho Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“We use Zoho survey to conduct easy and fast surveys among our clients and customers. It is intuitive both on the business side( organizations) and on the customer side(survey recipients).I love its mobile approach ,which is very important because majority of survey respondents answer our surveys from their smartphones.” – Ifeoma O.

Zoho Survey Reviews

Zoho Corporation







209 Reviews


205 Reviews

5. SurveyLegend – Mobile-friendly survey management platform

Our Score 94/100

About SurveyLegend : Survey Legend has been accredited as one of the best survey software of the year by many high profile review sites because of its mobile-friendly features. the software is trusted by more than 1000 brands and companies for its ease to access and collect integrated feedbacks. With Survey Legend, companies can now reach their audience whoever they are and collect feedbacks via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Survey Legend eliminates the obstruction for location and provides real-time experience to achieve customer satisfaction.

SurveyLegend Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“SurveyLegend makes it simpel to make an beautiful survey. You can use pictures and emojis to make it really interesting for the participants, and itworks well. Plus it is an easy tool to use, and if there are doubts they have a really good support system. Really Amazing and Easy survey tool!” – João Antonio B.

SurveyLegend Reviews



02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


114 Reviews


142 Reviews

6. Survio – Online Survey Software

Our Score 93/100

About Survio : Now create a customized survey with Survio, a leading survey software platform for online questioners. Survio is a free survey portal that allows companies to create personalized questioners in order to achieve customer satisfaction, employee feedback, and market researches. Survio offers more than 100 experts created templates and built-in designs to create an appealing page to attract audiences. The software is backed by 24/7 hours customer support team and provides vital security features and backup services.

Survio Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Question Library, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“I’d been searching for an online survey software to get customer feedback about my website and mobile app. After trying several apps, I found Survio to be a powerful survey tool while remaining easy to use. Customer service has been excellent and has provided quick and accurate responses.” – Dave Meyer

Survio Reviews


Czech Republic

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


81 Reviews


0 Reviews

7. 123FormBuilder -Web forms: as easy as 1-2-3!

Our Score 93/100

About 123FormBuilder : 123FormBuilder provides an open platform to build any type of forms, manage workflows, and collect accurate data to get real-time graphical reports. 123FormBuilder allows you to publish the online forms from anywhere, irrespective of your location. the forms can be automated by connecting them with web and integrating with social media platforms. The software offers a customized platform to collect feedbacks for HR, marketing, sales, and finance, e-commerce, and event management companies.

123FormBuilder Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Question Library, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“The best registration forms are the ones that are so easy to use that you don’t even notice how they work. We appreciate 123FormBuilder’s ability to deliver a complete and effective registration solution.” – Silviu Vert

123FormBuilder Reviews



51 – 200





78 Reviews


30 Reviews

8. SmartSurvey – Online survey & questionnaire tool

Our Score 91/100

About SmartSurvey : SmartSurvey is one of the best survey software that assists in making smart decisions through user-friendly and advanced tools. The software allows its users to customize online forms and create any type of surveys. SmartSurvey can be used to carry out the simplest and most sophisticated surveys without compromising with data security. SmartSurvey is being used worldwide by government departments, profit, and non-profit organizations, students, private businesses and other corporate units.

SmartSurvey Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Question Library, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“We are using SmartSurvey to gather views from both our employees and our customers. We have set up a few surveys now, collecting responses in the form of free text boxes, radio buttons and drop downs. The dashboard is easy to navigate. It is helpful to have the option to use pre-programmed questions and our own corporate template. ” – Suzanne M.

SmartSurvey Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50





47 Reviews


25 Reviews

9. QuestionPro – Web-based online survey solution

Our Score 90/100

About QuestionPro : Now quickly create attractive online surveys for product feedback, customer satisfaction, and market research through QuestionPro, one of the best survey software of the year. The software offers quick and advanced tools for easy point and customization. The user can create their own logos, images, fonts and many more that suits their brand and style. QuestionPro allows more than 30 question types from professionally designed survey templates. The software aids in efficient team collaboration irrespective of location.

QuestionPro Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Question Library, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“I liked the most that QuestionPro is easy to use comparing with others, also it is user friendly product. You can prepare your questions and make effective online surveys with reliable and honest results. I like using this software. Perfect survey platform with realistic results.” – Serpil D.

QuestionPro Reviews


United States

201 – 500



Yes, get a free trial


44 Reviews


18 Reviews

10. GetFeedback – Send better surveys. Collect better feedback

Our Score 90/100

About GetFeedback : Getfeedback is a survey software platform that analyses data and measures customer journeys on the basis of the critical online survey. The main aim of Getfeedback is to measure the pulse of customer feedback and detect the level of customer satisfaction through contextual feedback. Getfeedback provides advanced tools for Salesforce and follow-up workflows. The software triggers the team with potential issues and helps them in taking immediate action.

GetFeedback Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Question Branching, Question Library, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“GetFeedback for Salesforce provides the real-time customer insights that we need to take action. Our survey completion rate has skyrocketed to 94%, and our costs have gone down 95%.” – Myshka Sansoin

GetFeedback Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



32 Reviews


120 Reviews


11. SurveySparrow – Conversational survey tool

Our Score 90/100

About SurveySparrow : SurveySparrow works in a loop and helps the business to grow. The software builds surveys, shares surveys, makes clean reports, customizes question and closes the feedback loop for better analysis. SurveySparrow discovers customer satisfaction by accumulating feedbacks through various portals. The platform involves Chatbots, carries out market research, and employee engagement in order to create a better work culture.

SurveySparrow Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Question Branching, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“Survey Sparrow is an innovative product that has an extremely bright future with its Road Map. The service has been World-Class. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fresh method to gather intelligent data.” – Jignesh Pandya

SurveySparrow Reviews


United States

02 – 10





25 Reviews


169 Reviews

12. Hyphen – Real-time feedback & engagement at team or company level

Our Score 89/100

About Hyphen : Hyphen is not just survey software but the voice of every employee. Hyphen gives real-time actionable insights through employee surveys. The software also deals in pulse polls and crowd-sourced employee conversation. Hyphen believes that employee’s honest feedback and ideas are equally important for business growth. With Hyphen, companies can generate honest feedbacks from employees, carry out employee lifecycle survey and conversations to analyze overall satisfactory results.

Hyphen Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Question Library, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“Hyphen has changed way we listen to our associates, and the speed at which we, the management can take action. The real time insights that we have collected in just few months have had tremendous positive impact on our teams and have been at the origin of initiatives that we believe can improve employee engagement” – Ashish S

Hyphen Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



28 Reviews


25 Reviews

13. MySurveyLab – Survey software and questionnaire tool

Our Score 88/100

About MySurveyLab : MySurveyLab is simple, professional survey software that has in-built online forms to derive customer feedbacks and analyze data. The platform is easy to use, research and reporting software which integrates with systems on the client sites. The software supports all type of devices and can be accessed from anywhere irrespective of location. MySurveyLab has dedicated customer support, customized on-demand to meet the business needs. MySurveyLab also supports Multilanguage and automatically translates into browser language settings.

MySurveyLab Survey Features : Custom Survey URLs, Data Analysis Tools, Email Marketing, Mobile Survey, Offline Response Collection, Question Branching, Question Library, Site Intercept Survey, Skip Logic, Supports Audio / Images / Video

“We had a theory regarding our product and needed to conduct a survey to prove it right or wrong, The results were very, very helpful. The survey was easy to create. The reports are easy to use. The support team is helpful and responds fast. They can provide their own panel of respondents which was extremely helpful.” – Kirill L.

MySurveyLab Reviews



02 – 10





26 Reviews


18 Reviews

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Survey Software Buyer's Guide

For running a successful business for a long period of time, it is imperative to understand your customer needs. Once you know what they want and what their pain points are, formulating solutions becomes a cakewalk. With that being said, one of the easiest ways to know their opinion about your service is to run a survey. It will not only help you improving customer retention and loyalty but also optimize customer acquisition. However, doing the same is not an easy task as it requires formulating separate survey sheets according to different types of customer group and anticipating their future needs with predictive analysis. In this regard, the need for survey software goes imperative.

» What is Survey Software?

A customer survey software is nothing but a platform that facilitates you to run customer surveys with ease on every channel possible such as website, mobile, email, SMS, chatbots, etc. The survey management software shows up with a list of powerful and action driven questionnaires in front of your customers and helps you decide the best course of action required to make customers love your service/product even more. The survey analysis software makes powerful predictions about the future behaviour of your customers so that you can take actions when they need it the most.

» How does Survey Software work?

An online survey software helps you create, customize and modify surveys for your customers with a simple virtual interface. The presence of 100+ prebuilt questionnaires as per specific industry niche will save you time and effort. You can initiate the process through any channel such as email, SMS, or chatbots on your website. The presence of best online survey tools will help you anticipate your customer needs and will suggest you about the same. The software can attach the periodic survey reports collected to employees’ daily routine thereby giving them a clear picture of what to do next.

» Is it worth investing money in Survey Software?

A business starts with marketing to earn desirable profits at the year-end. Let’s make an analysis of the importance of a market research survey software starting from backward. We know the profit of a business depends on your service quality. Once you gain a solid grasp of understanding on what your customers want, you can easily tailor solutions that will make good money for your hard efforts in the market. Initially, you need heavy marketing but once you penetrate into the market and stayed little longer without losing quality service, future orders come from old customers and from their referrals. Now, standing tall on your business quality is important. That calls for keeping a constant tap on frequently changing customer needs. If a software application through virtual survey platforms can give you the same information, don’t you think it is worth investing your money in?

» What are the features of Survey Software?

Survey software helps individuals create, design, send and analyze different types of surveys for their companies or businesses. As a single software holds various functionalities assisting the companies to achieve maximized profits, they are often deemed necessary for enhancing productivity and reducing wastage of time. Loaded with numerous facilities and tools, one can easily create a personalized survey using simple yet powerful tools within the software. So, let’s start our journey by learning about the various aspects of the software briefly.

› Survey Building Tools

In a survey software, the first functionality provided to the customers to create customized surveys is the drag and drop feature, layout and design, in-built templates, and many more. Using these readily available tools one can easily create a customized survey and share it to the social media platforms to gain customer insight on the products which are the subject of one’s study.

› Question Setting Facilities

Numerous survey software allow their customers to input random questionnaires on exciting topics, customize them with audio or video clips to encourage customer engagement, and more. Moreover, one can also set a timer with every question which automatically skips the question after the timer has gone off.

› Answering Options

Similarly setting responding options is also easy, as the software can be used to set the preference for both manual input as well as clicking on options. Furthermore, to attract the inflow of conditional traffic triggers can also be assigned with the correct options to keep the customers hooked.

› Survey Templates

Many online survey software facilitates their customers by providing readily available templates which come in handy while launching a new survey. While polls and forms are the most common templates, many advanced ones like dichotomous questions, bipolar questions, and rating scale types are often involved.

› Email Invitation

The online survey software also comes with email sending facilities which helps companies to generate and share bulk emails to interested participants. This helps in intimating the participants to join the upcoming survey in real time without the need for explicitly jolting down each mail and sending it individually. With some simple clicks, the software will be ready to showcase its wonders.

› Multilanguage Support

Businesses and companies have to interact with the global market on a daily basis and hence, creating a survey with multilingual support is often highly advised. This generally comes with a spellchecker and auto-translator which automatically translates the contents of the survey into the preferred local language.

» What are the benefits of the Survey Software?

The online survey software essentially completes almost all the tedious tasks for companies starting from simple tasks to the most complicated ones. No wonder the popularity of the software has been gaining tremendous popularity since recent years. To achieve a deeper insight into the software and how it has been helping the companies and businesses to flourish, let’s study the plethora of benefits the software provides.

› Centralized data storage

The online survey software uses centralized storage for storing the various responses made by the audience to ensure that the data remains safe and intact. Similarly, as the data and answers are stored in a single server, retrieving information for sales and marketing purposes can be achieved in real time and with utmost feasibility.

› Flexible Platform

Another added benefit of the online survey software is its flexibility. One does not need to design and create different survey templates for conducting surveys on separate aspects. Preferably with a simple drag and drop, changing the questions or merely reassigning the questions to a newer audience with a few changes can solve the situation.

› Expanding the company’s reach

As the survey platforms use email invitation amongst other kinds of communication channels, the company or business can detect and reach its audience within no time. One can easily reach a wide range of customers differing from each other in terms of the demographics, industry, profession, and interest in real time.

› Gathering Market Insights

Marketing strategies change every day and hence having a detailed report on the marketing insights of how your company is performing in the global market can save you from a lot of headache in the future. These reports are collected from feedbacks and reviews, which can then be transferred to pie charts or graphs for storing purposes. Furthermore, many survey platforms also provide real-time analytics, hence, providing the company with the updated results.

› Provides a Sustainable way of conducting surveys

Rather than being pen and paper-based, the advanced customer survey software is completed online which proves to be a more sustainable way while conducting surveys. This helps in tackling the exploitation of papers, time and money required for printing, sharing, and more.

» What are the buying factors to consider before choosing a Survey Software?

Choosing customer survey software for your company or business can be overwhelming, but there are some points worth-remembering when it comes to selecting good software. These points are as important as deciding to hire software for your company. Hence, to help you out we have hand-listed some of the most crucial points, so be sure to check them out below.

› Checking the Necessity of the software for your company

Although the survey management software comes in handy while creating surveys, every company may not it. For example- An IT product developing company may not need the software until and unless they also put importance to other aspects such as getting market insights on the product. Hence, it is always essential to ensure that your company indeed requires the software for smoothening the survey processes.

› Analyzing the requirements

Every company has its own set of conditions which it looks for fulfilling with the help of additional tools. Thus, noting down the requirements before choosing the survey management software, can help in narrowing down the vast list bearing all the available software in the market, to a few perfect ones.

› Estimating the number of users

When it comes to the software’s necessities, one software differs from another in respect of the number of users, facilities and tools availed, and more. While some software allows a small number of users to operate, others may enable a larger group to utilize the software. If the company needs the second type of software, then investing in a small sized one can be in vain.

› Looking for the one fitting perfectly into the budget

Budget is an essential part of a company or business as almost all the decisions and progress of the company solely depends on the size of the budget. Hence, looking for the perfect software can be executed correctly, if the company or an individual estimates the final budget beforehand. Furthermore, this also helps in cutting down the risks of investing in expensive software which can prove to be a massive dent on the pocket.

» How to choose good Survey Software?

Being able to choose the best survey software among the heaps of many can prove to be an intimidating affair for both beginners as well as professionals. This is because each software is adorned with its own unique set of strengths as well as weaknesses which makes it different from others. While one survey analysis software can have expertise in providing personalized tools for creating innovative surveys, another may be hardwired to offer real-time analytics and reports on the market insights of the product. To help you choose the best survey software, let’s learn some of the crucial points which come in handy while looking for the perfect software for your company.

› Simple Interface

The best survey software is always coupled with a simple and user-friendly interface which makes them the best option for companies and firms to work with. It also eradicates the need for hiring staff with prior technical knowledge or expertise with coding skills. Hence, anyone and everyone can work with the software.

› Compatibility with Existing tools

Numerous best online survey tools come with compatibility for existing tools which makes the integration better. Hence, one need not have to worry about searching other business tools in case the existing tools gets rejected by the market research survey software. This saves both times as well as wastage of resources and finances.

› Multiple Platform Accessibility

Understanding the need of customers to have increased platform accessibility, a number of software developers have devised the best online survey tools with mobile convenience. This helps to keep a track on the analytics and reports of the surveys no matter where the employees are present.

› Reviews

The reviews left by the previous customers have a crucial impact on deciding the quality of the software as well as the services offered. Thus, looking at the criticisms one can separate the worst performing ones from the best survey tools. Hence, this increases the chances of landing with the perfect market research survey software for your company.

» How Much Does Survey Software Cost?

The pricing structure of the best survey tools differs from one another as the availed facilities and means finalize their price, the total number of users using the software, as well as the time duration for which the software has been hired. While the lowest pricing structure starts from $7/month, the highest price can reach up to $199/month. Moreover, various survey software also allows their users to avail the ‘pay-as-you-go’ option which can be used to install additional tools once the fee has been deducted. However, many experts highly advise that before buying a premium plan, one must try out the free basic version of the software to be on the safe side. Afterward, if the software successfully manages to fulfill all requirements, one can go with the premium plan with no regrets.

» Conclusion

Now that you have understood everything about a survey software well, it’s time to put your understanding into use. Make a list of your requirements, plan your budget and start looking for the best survey software that can meet your organizational needs with ease.

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