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PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / -- Today, with the markets becoming extremely competitive, it is important for all businesses to be proactive to stay ahead of their competitors. One of the best ways for businesses to gain these insights is through Business Intelligence Software.

Therefore, as a part of its annual series, SoftwareWorld has released a list of the most credible and functional Business Intelligence Software brands to help businesses function better. These brands have been shortlisted after careful analysis of several qualitative and quantitative parameters.

Here is a list of the top brands providing Business Intelligence Software:

- Sisense
- Zoho Analytics
- Looker
- Adaptive Insights
- ClicData
- Dundas BI
- Hubble
- TapClicks
- Alteryx
- Cluvio
- Intellicus
- Corporater Business Management Platform
- ManageEngine Analytics Plus

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Business Intelligence Software’s ensure businesses get real-time data that is powerful and intuitive. This information, about the internal and external environment, is critical to help businesses reduce their costs, take calculated risks, make purposeful decisions, and ensure growth and stability for a longer period of time. Business Intelligence Software’s ensure that the products, services, and offerings are in sync with the needs of the customers and correspond to the current trends prevailing in the market.

Business leaders need to comprehend the data that they have managed to gather through Business Intelligence Software. Data Visualization Software’s help them to get an understanding into the thousands of numbers and to make sense of them all. These software’s convert a massive amount of complex information into comprehensive and correlated into designs, patterns and trends about their internal and external environment, invaluable for profitability, growth, and stability of any business.

If you are looking at incorporating Data Visualization in your business operations, this list of the most prominent Data Visualization software will help you in making a sound decision.

Here are SoftwareWorld’s top picks in Data Visualization Software providers:

- Zoho Analytics
- Google Charts
- Elasticsearch
- Informer
- SAP Analytics Cloud
- InsightSquared
- Infogram
- Phocas Software
- MicroStrategy Enterprise Analytics
- Datadeck
- SAP Lumira
- Cluvio
- Map My Customers
- Screenful for Agile
- erwin Data Modeler

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SoftwareWorld firmly believes that businesses can transform themselves by using data intelligently. In today’s time of digital super-connectivity, we cannot underscore the importance of data and information that it brings with itself. We are globally renowned experts specialized in Business-to-Business software ratings and reviews platform.

We review, rate, and assess business technology software’s on the basis of parameters like relevance, price, quality of data churned, and reliability. The software companies are then further reviewed on the basis of micro but critical parameters like the number of years of experience in the market, customer testimonials, insights from the vendors, functionality, usability, and social ratings.

These parameters are then evaluated and compared for each software solution provider, laying the basis for identifying the top-performing brands in each category. Our ratings and reviews are completely transparent and free from any bias.

Once a business has assimilated critical data and information and comprehended its insights, it needs to measure and monitor its performance on all fronts. Dashboard Software’s do just that. They help businesses in making smarter decisions, improve their performance, and take corrective action in real-time.

This is SoftwareWorld’s list of handpicked top brands providing Dashboard Software solutions:

- Sisense
- Qlik Sense
- TapClicks
- AgencyAnalytics
- BI360
- Phocas Software
- iDashboards
- DataHero
- Slemma
- Wrike
- Cluvio
- Scoreboard

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