HubSpot CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

HubSpot is one of the most popular and demanding customer relationship management software available in the market. It is best suitable to facilitate sales, marketing, and service processes. According to the HubSpot newsletter, more than 167,000 customers in 120+ countries worldwide are using HubSpot’s outstanding features and integrations to grow their businesses. Due to its demand and popularity in the market, it is evident that you want to go with HubSpot CRM. But you may have some doubts and want to learn more about HubSpot CRM. Well, you are at the right place. We have researched the HubSpot CRM software comprehensively by exploring the internet and compiled data from multiple sources to help you make decisions. In this complete review, you will learn all you need about HubSpot CRM software that may lead you to the right decision.

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What is HubSpot CRM Software?

HubSpot is a complete CRM suite that provides software, tools, and resources to businesses or companies to fulfill their different requirements like connecting data, improving collaboration in teams, and especially managing and maintaining relationships with costumes to scale the businesses.

It is a powerful CRM suite providing different CRM tools to facilitate businesses for specific purposes like Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub. We will discuss all the CRM Hubs next.

Businesses can select one of the Hubs as CRM software and leverage its features. Or businesses can go for the entire CRM suite and choose all CRM Hubs to leverage comprehensive features.

The solution offers fascinating features: lead generation, analytics, meeting scheduling, payment, ticket, customer feedback, drag & drop editor, website themes, and automation.

Other Powerful Platforms Provided by HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a CRM suite that provides businesses with the platforms and resources to fulfill their sales, marketing, content management, and customer service-related needs. Here is a list of the CRM tools it offers:

It is a robust marketing CRM software many successful businesses use to target a specific audience and convert more visitors into paid customers. It is capable of running entire inbound marketing campaigns. The software has many fruitful features like SEO tools, social media tools, marketing automation, and analytical abilities.

This Sales CRM software is scalable and can help your sales team crack more deals quickly, nurture leads, and efficiently manage sales pipelines with its top-notch features like sales automation, email management, eSignature, customizable reports, and sales pipeline management.

It is one of the best customer service CRM software in the market. It helps businesses provide seamless customer support to increase customer satisfaction and engagement rates. It has many advanced features, such as customer service automation, a knowledge base, customer feedback, a ticketing system, and custom support form fields.

Content management software allows developers and marketers to provide the best personalized and secure user experience by managing and creating customer-centric content. The software offers many cool features, like lead generation, blog & content creation, dynamic content, and content strategy.

It is simple yet powerful CRM software that allows businesses to sync, filter and sort custom data quickly by automating essential business operations. The solution offers great features, like programmable automation, datasets, workflow automation, and snowflake data sharing.

HubSpot supports hundreds of integration to connect the HubSpot CRM with other applications that businesses already use. The integration allows users to work and perform both tools’ processes effortlessly from a single secure place.

Typical User-types of HubSpot CRM Solution

While the HubSpot CRM solution is suitable for every user type, we found in our research that some typical user types are best suited for the HubSpot CRM. They are as follows:

    • Business Owners

The solution is best suitable for business owners with a small team and a lot to work with. The HubSpot CRM solution can make things easy for them by providing excellent features like customer and contract tracking, automating administrative processes, and bulk email marketing.

    • Marketers

The HubSpot CRM software is for more than just sales teams. If you are a marketer, you can leverage its best marketing features for lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing and managing a lead database.

    • Salespeople

Forget about spreadsheets to manage your contacts and leads. Suppose you are a sales rep with a hectic schedule. The HubSpot CRM software is for you. With its fascinating features, sales reps can increase productivity effortlessly.

    • Sales Leaders

If you lead a sales team with tons of reports and data to update, the HubSpot CRM tool can be your one-stop solution. Its top-notch sales and reporting features allow you to easily and quickly track team members' work, update data, and generate crucial reports.

    • Operations Managers

If you are in the operations manager position, you should try the HubSpot CRM tool for your sales and marketing teams. The system enhances their capability and productivity by facilitating them with high-tech features to track leads and manage reports.

    • Customer Service Teams

The HubSpot CRM is for you if you are a customer service team member or team leader. The tool provides simple yet powerful features to track all customer communications to improve customer engagement.

What Business Types Are Using The HubSpot CRM Software?

Any business type from small to enterprise level can use the HubSpot CRM solution. However, we found the HubSpot CRM tool is used in the following business types most:

    • Small businesses
    • Medium businesses
    • Large businesses
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Freelancers

What Are The Languages Supported by The HubSpot CRM Software?

The HubSpot CRM software comes in the following languages:

    • English
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • French

Does HubSpot Have a Mobile Application?

The HubSpot CRM software also has a mobile application to empower users to work regardless of place and time. Users will only need a supported mobile device with active internet. The app supports mobile devices - Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Does HubSpot CRM Software Support API?

The HubSpot CRM tool supports API to provide access to standard objects, activities, and records. They all have index pages throughout HubSpot to connect with each other. The standard objects include contacts, tickets, deals, companies, and calls.

What Vital Applications HubSpot CRM Software Can Integrate With?

In our research, we found that the HubSpot CRM software supports hundreds of apps to integrate with. Additionally, it has HubSpot App Marketplace to explore the apps it supports integration with. Some on-demand apps it supports integration with are Gmail, WordPress, Google Calendar, Facebook Ads, Zapier, Google Ads, Zoom, Outlook, 360NRS, Google Contacts, MailChimp, Salesmsg SMS, etc. You can find your favorite app at the HubSpot App Marketplace.

The HubSpot CRM Software: Is It Good or Bad?

By looking at the HubSpot CRM tool’s vast customer base, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular CRM tools currently in the market. The tool offers outstanding features. It has an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it comes with affordable pricing plans. This surely attracts businesses and companies.

Moreover, HubSpot offers different CRM tools specially designed to target specific requirements, tools like Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub. Small to medium-sized businesses can select CRM tools separately or can go for the whole CRM suite. The superb quality we found in our research is that the HubSpot CRM software provides a free version with never expiring license. This can offer a life-changing opportunity for startups and small businesses.

Another thing we discovered in our research is that the solution needs some advanced features and analytical abilities. Large-scale businesses or companies might think twice before choosing HubSpot.

Is the HubSpot CRM Software Easy to Use?

The main reason the HubSpot CRM tool is so popular is that the tool is intuitive and easy to use. It is beautifully designed and developed by putting customers at the center to make the solution accessible and user-friendly for everyone. While many CRM tools have made their advanced features a bit complex, the HubSpot CRM tool did not compromise. It provides many advanced features that are easy to use, and users have no issue exploring them, even in the free version. However, some users found creating workflows tricky and confusing.

The HubSpot CRM Software Pricing Pyramid: Explained

During our research, we found that the HubSpot CRM software comes in various pricing packages. Users can subscribe to the solution in many ways. For example, users can subscribe to the whole HubSpot CRM suite, including all other CRM tools. Or they can subscribe to individual CRM tools, like sales, marketing, and services.

Furthermore, users can create a bundle of CRM tools by choosing the only solutions they need to grow their business. Users can also subscribe to add-ons to get additional features. I.e., users can get add-ons and increase API limits.

While researching, we discover that the HubSpot CRM tool has a free version for all their CRM tools, which is best suitable for individuals and small businesses. Users can use the free version as long as they want.

When the business grows, and essential features of free versions may not be enough, they can subscribe to any plan they choose. The HubSpot CRM tool also offers a 14-day free trial for some CRM tools, such as CMS Hub Professional, Operations Hub Professional, and blog tools. However, there is no need for a free trial as HubSpot provides a free version for all tools.

We have broken down the pricing tiers into segments to make them easily understandable. They are as follows:

    • HubSpot CRM Suite

› For Individuals & Small Teams: Users can get all the CRM tools subscriptions with the starter package of this category. It starts at $30 monthly (monthly payment with an annual contract). In the case of a monthly agreement, users have to pay $50 monthly.

› For Business & Enterprise: Here, users can choose from 2 packages, Professional and Enterprise. The professional package price is $1600 per month with an annual contract. Users can pay the amount of $19,201 upfront too. Or users can choose to pay monthly with a yearly contract. The monthly payment amount is $1781.

The Enterprise package is the most powerful package of the HubSpot CRM suite. With this subscription package, users can access HubSpot’s most powerful tools, like sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and CMS. This plan costs $5000 per month (billed yearly).

    • Marketing Hub

› For Individuals & Small Teams: Users can get a starter subscription at $18 monthly (annual commitment with annual billing). In the case of a monthly contract, users have to pay $20 monthly.

› For Business & Enterprise: This package starts at $800 monthly (billed yearly) with an annual contract.

    • Sales Hub

For Individuals & Small Teams: Starting subscription price for this package is $18 per month with a yearly contract and billing cycle. For a monthly contract, users have to pay $20 per month.

For Business & Enterprise: This package starts at $450 monthly (billed yearly) with an annual commitment.

    • Customer Service Hub

For Individuals & Small Teams: Here, the starting package price is $18 per month (yearly contract with yearly billing). If users want a monthly commitment with monthly billing, they need to pay $20 per month.

For Business & Enterprise: Starting range for this package is $450 per month (billed yearly) with a one-year commitment.

    • CMS Hub

For Individuals & Small Teams: Here, the starting package price is $23 per month with a yearly billing and commitment. For a monthly contract with monthly billing, the price is $25 per month.

For Business & Enterprise: The package starts at $360 monthly with a yearly billing and contract.

    • Operations Hub

For Individuals & Small Teams: Users can start with this package at $18 monthly (yearly contract with yearly billing). Users need to pay $20 per month for a monthly commitment with monthly billing.

For Business & Enterprise: The package starts at $720 monthly for annual billing and contract.

Some users feel the pricing structure is complex, and to understand the pricing structure fully, users need to contact HubSpot’s sales team.

Is HubSpot CRM Software’s Free Verison Good For Business?

Suppose you are a small business owner with a small team or a new startup with a limited budget and struggling to manage your contacts in spreadsheets. The HubSpot CRM software’s free version might be your all-in-one solution.

In our deep research, we learned that HubSpot CRM software has many essential features to offer in the free version of their tools that many CRM tools in the market cannot provide, even with their basic paid plans. The features include marketing automation, lead generation, contact management, CRM, social media integration, and blogging.

Nevertheless, the free version of the HubSpot CRM tool offers plenty of features, but it will be limited compared to the features of the paid versions. I.e., limited numbers of contacts and limited integrations.

Top Features Offered by The HubSpot CRM Software

The HubSpot CRM software is one of the best feature-rich CRM tools available in the market. In our thorough research of the HubSpot CRM suite and its other CRM tools, we found many top-level features worth mentioning. They are as follows:

› Contact Management: The solution allows users to efficiently and effortlessly create new contacts, save them into the contact database, and edit & delete contacts for seamless contact management.

Customized Dashboard: The HubSpot CRM tool lets users see their whole sales pipeline in a customizable dashboard. Users can customize it for better visualization, like adding new metrics for regular updates on performance.

Website Activity Tracking: The tool enables users to keep track of all website activities for various purposes. For instance, tracking anonymous visitors and learning the behavior pattern of potential customers.

› Reporting: Using the solution, users can create various kinds of reports, like weekly reports, monthly reports, and quarterly reports. These accurate reports can be presented during meetings and considered for measuring business growth.

› Mobile: HubSpot CRM tool also has a mobile app. Users can download the app and access their accounts from anywhere. This provides users unrestricted access to their accounts.

› Customer Support Portal: The software provides the best customer support portal to maintain customer relationships. Users can quickly answer any customer issue and offer them the best solution.

Opportunity Management: The HubSpot tool enables users to track all sales opportunities in the sales pipeline so users can identify potential opportunities and take action appropriately.

› Gmail & Outlook Integration: The tool offers flawless integration with Gmail and Outlook. Users can efficiently perform all their email-related activities within the CRM tool environment.

Task Management: Using the solution, users can quickly manage tasks in progress. They can also add new tasks and edit & track them to keep up to date with them. Users can delete unwanted tasks as well.

› Lead Analytics Dashboard: This feature allows users to monitor conversations between sales reps and leads. This way, users can quickly identify which leads are easy to crack and improve conversion rates.

Meeting Scheduling: Using HubSpot, users can easily compose emails and attach links for a meeting scheduler to make appointments securely. Users can even put links to their websites as well.

Live Chat: The solution facilitates users with the live chat feature. Using this feature, users can allow their website visitors to contact businesses in real-time. It helps to convert more leads and provides exceptional customer support.

App Marketplace Integrations: HubSpot’s app marketplace for integrations offers hundreds of integrations, with new apps added monthly. Here, users can search for their favorite apps and integrate with them for a seamless workflow.

› Email Marketing: HubSpot helps marketing teams to initiate email marketing campaigns and helps them achieve goals to complete campaigns fruitfully.

ROI Analytics: Using the solution's analytical abilities, users can measure their marketing campaigns' effectiveness. They can calculate overall business performance and ROI as well.

Email Templates: The solution provides auto-filled email templates that can be automatically filled using the contact database. This eliminates many tedious processes for users to utilize that time for other crucial tasks.

Email Tracking: Using this feature, users can track their sent emails and know precisely when they are opened. It helps users generate crucial metrics like email open rate and click-through rate.

Ad Management: Users can use the HubSpot CRM to manage their ad campaigns. They just need to connect their ad accounts to the CRM like Google & Facebook Ads, and they can handle all crucial ad campaign-related data to measure ROI for marketing efforts.

Does HubSpot CRM Software Offer The Best Customer Support?

HubSpot offers the best-in-class customer support service. We found that they have excellent support teams available 24/7 to answer all customers' queries. Furthermore, they have detailed help documentation, educational tutorials, and training program sessions to offer customer support. Additionally, they provide community support to help customers become masters.

However, it is notable that the levels of customer support services differ based on the user's subscription plans. Simply put, the more users pay, the more extensive customer support they get. As for the HubSpot CRM tool’s free version, users will only get support from the online knowledge base and community.

What Different Ways Does HubSpot Provide Customer Support?

According to our research, HubSpot provides customer support services in multiple ways based on the active subscription plan. Look below to find them:

    • Online knowledge base
    • Phone support
    • Email/Help desk
    • Community
    • Chat
    • FAQs
    • Live Representative

What Industries Are Using The HubSpot CRM Software?

HubSpot is one of the most incredible CRM tools in the market, with high-quality features to offer. Due to its capabilities, the tool can be used in every industry type. Yet, according to our research, some industries are preferable. The list is given below:

    • Software & Technology Industry
    • Sports & Fitness Industry
    • Travel & Leisure Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Marketing & Advertising Industry
    • Media & Communications Industry
    • Energy & Utilities Industry
    • Events Industry
    • Food & Hospitality Industry
    • Financial Services Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Consumer Goods Industry
    • Automotive Industry
    • Banking Industry
    • Consumer Services Industry
    • eCommerce Industry
    • Education Industry
    • Healthcare Industry
    • Insurance Industry
    • Logistics Industry
    • Nonprofit Industry
    • Professional Services Industry
    • Real Estate Industry

Furthermore, HubSpot provides industry-specific case studies to learn about their experience with the tool.

HubSpot CRM Software: Pros & Cons

During our extensive research on HubSpot, we encountered many vital facts and figures about the software. We have compiled them and listed them as pros and cons so you can understand them better.


    • Provides a free version of the prime CRM tool
    • User-friendly UI
    • Provides a 14-day free trial
    • Offers app marketplace
    • 24x7 customer support service
    • Offers great lead-generation tools
    • Provides amazing reporting capabilities


    • No A/B testing feature
    • Complex pricing structure
    • Only one email for one contact
    • Limited customer support for free version users
    • Premium subscriptions are expensive for small businesses and startups.

What are The Best Options For The HubSpot CRM Software?

Even though HubSpot is one of the leading CRM software in the market globally, it is possible that you may want to compare it to other tools before making a final decision. Here is a list of the top 10 gold-level CRM software that you should consider:

The HubSpot CRM Software Reviews

In this complete HubSpot CRM review, we have covered as many details as possible for you. Still, if you want to learn more about the solution, try the following software reviews and rating platforms.

Here you will find specific information and review to understand HubSpot’s performance and reliability better.

The HubSpot CRM Software Technical Details

Here is a list of interesting facts about the HubSpot CRM tool's technical details that we discovered during our research. You can find them below:


The tool comes with different types of deployment ways. You can choose any one which is convenient for you. They are as follows:

    • SaaS
    • Cloud
    • Web-based
    • Mobile devices - Android, iPhone, iPad


HubSpot provides various solutions for training purposes. Users can educate themself in the best possible ways from the following options:

    • Documentation
    • Videos
    • Live online
    • Webinars
    • In-person

Final Verdict

Our research found that the HubSpot CRM software is one of the best CRM tools in the market, offering many fruitful features. It is suitable for every industry type and business. Its free version of CRM can be an all-in-one solution for small businesses and new startups to find new opportunities. HubSpot is flexible and scalable. Hence, you can easily scale CRM as your business grows.

Furthermore, HubSpot’s unmatched enterprise plan grants businesses the capability of a comprehensive view of customer data from a single place. It helps sales reps to streamline the sales pipeline and crack more deals. Moreover, the solution has an easy-to-use interface. It allows all types of users to use the CRM tool effortlessly. Even users with less technical knowledge can use the HubSpot seamlessly.

However, there are some downsides too. HubSpot offers tons of features, and sometimes users need clarification about how to operate them. According to some users, HubSpot’s knowledge base and help documents require more specific instructions so users can learn quickly. Some small businesses found HubSpot’s pricing plans expensive and a bit confusing.


What Does HubSpot CRM Software Do?

HubSpot CRM solution can be an all-in-one solution for businesses. They can perform crucial business-related tasks to manage customer relationships with businesses. Tasks like contact management, sales pipeline management, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and more.

Is HubSpot CRM Easy to Use?

HubSpot CRM tool has an easy-to-use user interface that helps all types of users work with HubSpot effortlessly.

Is HubSpot CRM Free or Paid?

HubSpot CRM offers a free version of its core CRM tool with a never-ending license. Small teams and new startups can use the free version. The solution also has different paid subscription plans for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

What is The Monthly Price For HubSpot?

HubSpot has many subscription plans to choose from. If we talk about its core CRM suite, it starts at $30 per month with an annual contract where users have to pay monthly. There is also a plan with a monthly contract where users have to pay $50 monthly. If you want to learn more about HubSpot’s pricing packages, you can find them in the Pricing Pyramid section.

Is HubSpot Worth The Money For Small Businesses?

The HubSpot CRM tool has many fruitful features to offer. The solution is easy to use and flexible. Its core CRM tool’s starting subscription plan covers everything businesses require to scale. Moreover, the starting plan is budget-friendly. It may help small businesses to scale.

Is It Worth Paying For HubSpot?

By looking at the fascinating features the HubSpot CRM provides, along with user-friendliness, flexibility, and scalability, the solution is worth paying for.

How Long Is HubSpot Free For?

HubSpot’s core CRM tool offers a free version with limited features. It has a non-expiry license to use.

What Size Companies Use HubSpot?

Any business or company can use the HubSpot CRM tool regardless of size and type.

What is The Difference Between HubSpot Free and Paid Plans?

The main difference between HubSpot’s free and paid plans is feature availability. It is obvious that paid plan users will get more features than free plan users. Another noticeable difference is in customer support service. Free plan users can only leverage the online knowledge base and community forum for customer support.