Creatio CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Looking for a CRM tool that can seamlessly deliver end-to-end processes throughout the customer journey? Creatio CRM has 3 products, sales, marketing, and service, capable of handling every business operation. If you are thinking about Creatio CRM and want to learn more about the tool, then you are at the right place. In this detailed Creatio CRM review, you will find crucial details about the tool, like its pricing, deployment options, training, features, customer service, ease of use, and pros & cons. So buckle up. The ride is about to start!

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What is Creatio CRM?

Creatio CRM software is one of the best CRM software obtainable in the market. It has 3 powerful CRM products to offer. More importantly, all the products can run on one unified platform to provide the best automation and customization operations with no code.

The tool has the best Marketing CRM with a multichannel marketing platform. We also found that the tool was named a Leader for B2B marketing automation platforms in 2022 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. This marketing CRM offers robust features like marketing resource management, productivity tools, email marketing, website behavior tracking, campaign management, and segmentation.

Creatio CRM also offers top-level Sales CRM software with an end-to-end sales management platform. Businesses can accelerate complex sales processes using this solution. The tool’s outstanding features are sales process automation, lead management, opportunity management, field sales, orders & invoices, contact management, etc.

What’s more, the Creatio CRM has the best Service CRM tool to help you provide the best customer experience with its high-level features, like a contact center, unified customer database, omnichannel communications, case management, service catalog, knowledge management, and service history. Additionally, the Service CRM has a powerful BPM engine that can handle any complex service process.

Creatio CRM Software: Suitable Business Sizes

No matter your business size, Creatio CRM is best-suitable for all. In our research, we found the following business sizes are widely using Creatio CRM:

    • Small business
    • Mid-size business
    • Large enterprise
    • Public administration
    • Non-profit organization

Creatio CRM Software: Languages Support

Creatio CRM understands the requirements of people from different countries, and to justify them, the tool comes in different languages. It supports English, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, French, Hebrew, Polish, Turkish, and Indonesian.

Creatio CRM: Mobile Device Support

Creatio CRM's mobile application can seamlessly run on Android and iOS mobile devices. Using Creatio mobile app, you can access Creatio and leverage its features practically from anywhere.

Furthermore, Creatio mobile application can be helpful for remote employees. They can access customer data by using the Creatio mobile app as a remote workplace. Additionally, users can get updated with essential notifications in real-time.

One more thing that we found fascinating about the Creatio mobile app is that the app can also run in offline mode.

However, according to some users, Creatio mobile app needs some improvements. Sometimes the app takes more time to perform actions than the desktop version.

Creatio CRM: API Support

Creatio CRM provides good API support for different operations, like data service, authentication, and business process service.

Creatio CRM Software: Integration Support

Creatio CRM software supports integration with many powerful external applications, such as Meta for Business, Google Contacts, Gmail, Brandwatch, Tableau, Google Calendar, Asterisk, Avaya Experience Platform, MailChimp, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

The core purpose of the Creatio CRM integration with other third-party apps is to exchange data with each other seamlessly.

Is Creatio CRM Right For Your Business?

Creatio CRM software is one of the most powerful CRM platform providers, with many robust features and capabilities to leverage. It has a straightforward pricing structure for its 3 products, Marketing, Sales, and Service Creatio CRM tool. Sales Creatio is the prime CRM tool equipped with top-notch features, like sales forecasting, low-level workflow automation, comprehensive contact management, and leads management. Sales Creatio product’s Basic edition is best suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Furthermore, the Creatio CRM tool has a very user-friendly interface with customizable dashboards to get the most out of the solution. It has simple yet powerful features that are easy to implement, even for users with less technical knowledge. More importantly, Creatio offers state-of-the-art customer support with exceptional response time. The customer support team also provides guaranteed resolution time.

However, the software does not have any free edition. It might be the biggest drawback of the solution in the context of new startups and small teams who want to leverage the Creatio CRM tool’s robust features.

According to some users, the tool is expensive if you want to leverage all its products. Hence, it might be suitable for medium to enterprise-level businesses.

Creatio CRM Software: Easy to Use

The solution is superbly easy to use. Its user-friendly interface allows users to configure the tool easily. The tool's intuitive features make it easy to understand and implement them in the process. Creatio CRM’s no-code functionality makes the tool more user-friendly. Even users with little technical knowledge can work efficiently on the tool.

Furthermore, users can easily align sales, marketing, and service CRM in a single platform to unify the actions to streamline all business processes. Additionally, users can easily hide unwanted features from the customizable dashboards.

However, some users found the development user interface a bit complex. It is time-consuming to learn development features. Although once you get a grip on it, it will be a piece of cake.

Moreover, you will need HTML coding knowledge to create online forms.

Creatio CRM Software: Pricing

According to our research, the Creatio CRM tool has straightforward pricing packages for its 3 CRM products: Marketing Creatio, Sales Creatio, and Service Creatio. All 3 products have different pricing segments based on how users want to deploy the tools, Cloud or On-site. Additionally, the Creatio CRM tool offers a 14-day free trial for every paid plan.

Moreover, users can choose the product separately or in a bundle. Suppose users only require to strengthen their sales team. They can subscribe to the Sales Creatio only. Users must select the number of users using the solution and desired support plan to get the estimated price.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the pricing for all 3 products:

1. Marketing Creatio

Cloud On-Site
Marketing Creatio $995 - Per User Annually $875 - Per User Annually

Marketing Creatio pricing starts at $995 per user per year for Cloud and $875 per user per year for on-site deployment. Users will get 1000 active contacts and 5 emails for each contact per month.

With Marketing Creatio, users will get robust features like website behavior tracking, marketing resource management, segmentation, email marketing, campaign management, and productivity tools.

2. Sales Creatio

Cloud On-Site
Sales Creatio - Team $360 - Per User Annually $300 - Per User Annually
Sales Creatio - Commerce $420 - Per User Annually $360 - Per User Annually
Sales Creatio - Enterprise $720 - Per User Annually $600 - Per User Annually

Sales Creatio CRM tool comes in 3 editions 1) Team, 2) Commerce, and 3) Enterprise. They all have different pricing packages based on deployment mode and number of users.

Team: Team edition’s pricing starts at $360 and $300 per user annually for Cloud and On-site, respectively. Here, users will get robust features like a customer 360-degree profile, opportunity management, and extraordinary process for long sales.

Commerce: Commerce’s pricing starts at $360 and $420 per user yearly for On-site and Cloud deployment, respectively. This edition offers top-notch features like lead management, orders & invoices, and product catalog management.

Enterprise: The Enterprise edition costs $720 per user per year for Cloud deployment and $600 per user per year for On-site deployment. It has all the features that Sales Creatio has to offer. The features include business process management, low-code/no-code configuration, analytics, AI and machine learning tools, user management, development framework, and integrations.

3. Service Creatio

Cloud On-Site
Service Creatio - Customer Center $540 - Per User Annually $420 - Per User Annually
Service Creatio - Service Enterprise $720 - Per User Annually $600 - Per User Annually

Service Creatio product has 2 editions, 1) Customer Center and 2) Service Enterprise. The edition’s pricing differs based on the number of users and deployment mode.

› Customer Center: The Customer Center edition’s pricing is $540 and $420 per user annually for Cloud and On-site deployment modes, respectively. It offers essential features like omnichannel communications, a service catalog, a knowledge base, a contact center, case management, and a self-service portal.

› Service Enterprise: This edition’s pricing starts at $600 and $720 per user annually for On-site and Cloud deployment, respectively. This edition provides all the Customer Center’s features and other robust features, such as configuration management, problem management, knowledge management, and release management.

Please note that you must choose any support plan along with any Creatio CRM subscription package in order to leverage customer support. Creatio offers 3 support plans, 1) Basic, 2) Business, and 3) Premium. Their cost is as below:

    • Basic: 5% of the subscription cost
    • Business: 12% of the subscription cost
    • Premium: 20% of the subscription cost

So far, we found that Creatio has tried its best to make the pricing straightforward. Plus, the extensive features and rich customer support it provides for the price are worth the money, like a customer 360-degree profile, no code configurations, AI, and machine learning tools, development framework, robust integrations, 24/7 customer support, and more.

The best part is that users can pay for the tool that is essential to grow their business. Suppose your business needs more robust marketing features. You can subscribe to the Marketing Creatio product only.

However, some users think the pricing structure is complex and accessing all products is expensive. Additionally, no free customer support for any user. Some users say a 14-day free trial is a short time to check all the features.

Creatio CRM: Features

Suppose you are looking for robust features and capabilities to run your sales, marketing, and service teams efficiently. And more importantly, you are looking for them in one solution. You can find it in the Creatio CRM tool. The solution has the best features to offer. They are as follows:

› Contact Management: The tool offers one unified contact database to get a comprehensive view of all customers from every account. You can also track their activities and see the complete interaction history to predict their buying pattern and behavior.

Lead Management: This feature empowers users to efficiently manage leads from lead generation to lead distribution, where users can assign appropriate sales reps to leads. Users can also analyze the leads to increase conversion and sales-ready opportunities.

Opportunity Management: Here, users can track opportunities and access their history. Using history, users can forge new tactics to generate sales forecasts that can lead to beneficial decision-making.

Sales Forecasting: Users can generate accurate sales forecasts by comparing crucial indicators and variable criteria. The tool also provides smart filtering to sort critical information.

› Task Management: Users can easily create new tasks and track and delete old tasks, such as scheduled meetings, follow-up calls, reminders, and more.

› Project Management: The feature allows users to manage projects effortlessly by enabling them to set project deadlines, manage costs, assign tasks to applicable team members, and more.

› Email Marketing: The tool literally offers unlimited communication using emails. The Creatio Marketing CRM has in-built integration with popular email services providers like Elastic and UniOne. Using this feature, users can instantly send millions of emails.

› Omnichannel Communications: The tool offers omni channel communication support. It means your team members can easily communicate with each other and customers without leaving the system.

› Knowledge Management: Creatio CRM allows users to manage their knowledge base to keep it up to date. An up-to-date knowledge base can provide resolutions for common issues in a more timely manner.

› Mobile Sales: Creatio mobile CRM tool enables users to manage opportunities and leads remotely. Users can get crucial notifications instantly on their mobile devices to keep updated with leads status.

› Third-party Integrations: Creatio CRM supports many third-party integrations so users can work with their preferred third-party apps without leaving the CRM tool, such as Google, MS Excel, PBX, and cloud telephony.

Creatio CRM Software: Customer Support

In our extensive research, we discovered that Creatio CRM offers exceptional customer support in 3 different paid packages, 1) Basic, 2) Business, and 3) Premium. They have a dedicated customer service team available that can provide the best solutions to any issues that arise. However, their response time differs based on the selected support plan.

Basic Business Premium
High priority response time 4 Hours 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Medium priority response time 8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
Support Hours 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday  9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Sunday  24/7

Users can contact customer support in many different ways. They are as follows:

    • Phone support
    • 24/7 (Live rep)
    • Live Screen Sharing/Co-browsing
    • Knowledge base
    • Creatio Academy
    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Community
    • Chat

Besides that, users can leverage other additional services, such as:

    • Case priority management
    • 24/7 Individual proactive monitoring
    • Guaranteed resolution time
    • Number of authorized contacts qualified to register support request

You can contact the help desk and send email anytime. Response time is superb. You can get a response within 30 minutes in-high priority cases. Furthermore, the tool has Creatio Academy, where you can access crucial documents and training to add valuable knowledge to your employees.

However, the tool offers customer support based on your selected support plan. The price of a support plan will be calculated at the time of the overall subscription. Premium plan users get more support services compared to Basic plan users. In other words, high-level customer support is restricted to Premium plan users. For instance, services like development consultation, 24/7 individual proactive monitoring, and case priority management are only available to Premium plan users.

Which Industries Are Using Creatio CRM Software Most?

Creatio CRM software is used in all industries due to its flexibility and intuition. But, we found some industries are using the solution most. They are as follows:

    • Technology Industry
    • Transportation Industry
    • Professional Services Industry
    • Retail Industry
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Telecom Industry
    • Banking Industry
    • Mortgage Industry
    • Insurance Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • For Public Sector
    • Media & Advertising Industry

Creatio CRM Software: Pros & Cons

If you simply want to know what Creatio CRM can and cannot provide, you can find it here in Pros & Cons. Our experts have done hours of research and gathered some crucial information that might catch your attention.


    • Provides a 14-day free trial for every paid version
    • Offers On-site and Cloud deployment options
    • One unified platform for all 3 CRM products
    • Provides a platform to automate workflow for CRM with no code
    • Creatio CRM mobile app is available for on-the-go selling
    • Hide unwanted features with customizable dashboards
    • The robust email marketing system
    • Follow-up reminders automation for new leads
    • Unlimited no-code customizations
    • 20 verticals for industry workflows and marketplace add-ons


    • No free version
    • Complex and expensive pricing packages
    • Only paid customer support is available
    • Need HTML coding knowledge for online forms
    • No monthly subscription
    • Learning every function can be time-consuming

Creatio CRM Software: Best Alternatives

Creatio CRM tool is preferable for every business size of every industry due to its fruitful features and no code functionalities. However, some users are looking for something more specific in CRM. For those, here is a list of the 10 best CRM tools that are perfectly capable of being alternatives for the Creatio CRM system:

Creatio CRM Software: Technical Details

Suppose you are wondering about the technical details of Creatio CRM, like how to deploy the solution and what kind of training sessions it provides for users. Our experts have put some effort into the matter and gathered these crucial details. You can find it below:


In this section, you can find the details about how Creatio CRM can be deployed effortlessly.

    • SaaS, Web - based, Cloud
    • Desktop - Windows, Mac
    • On-Site - Windows, Linux
    • Mobile - Android, iPhone, iPad


Here, you can learn about different ways you can leverage training:

    • Documentation
    • In Person
    • Webinars
    • Live Online
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Final Verdict

After thoroughly researching the Creatio CRM tool, we concluded that Creatio is clearly one the best CRM solutions in the market. Its capability of managing contacts, prospects, and leads is exceptional. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use UI and intuitive features that suit your sales, marketing, and service teams to perform business tasks. Furthermore, users will get robust marketing automation capabilities and analytics to scale the business.

We also discovered that the tool supports integration with many popular apps that can extend the capability of features to achieve higher goals. The tools that support integration with Creatio are Google Contacts, Google Calendar, MailChimp, Meta for Business, and Tableau.

Moreover, the tool has a Creatio mobile application to give access to the users 24/7. Using the mobile app, users have all the contact details at their fingertips whenever required.

Yet, dividing the tool into 3 products has made the Creatio CRM tool limited and expensive for single users who want all the essential features of marketing, sales, and services. Suppose you are a one-person team with a limited budget looking for a CRM tool that contains all the fundamental features essential for business growth. Creatio CRM tool might not become your all-in-one solution.

Good Luck!!


What is Creatio Used For?

Creatio is cloud-based online software primarily used for automating workflow and managing customer relationships. Many successful businesses and companies use the solution to automate business tasks, develop third-party integrations, and implement rules.

Who is The Founder of Creatio?

Katherine Kostereva, CEO at Creatio, is the founder of Creatio Ltd.

Is Creatio a Public Company?

Creatio is a privately held IT company. Its headquarter is in Boston, and its offices are in London, Melbourne, and Nicosia.

Is Creatio Good For Small Businesses?

Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from the Creatio CRM tool. However, its subscription packages might not be budget-friendly for small businesses.