Streak CRM Review & Product Details: Features, Price, Pros & Cons

CRM software refers to business development, customer retention, acquisition strategies, techniques, systems, and technologies. CRM software strengthens customer interactions and sales operations. Can all the layers above benefit your business? If you answer yes, we would like to introduce Streak CRM, which provides all these options. Now the concern is how Streak CRM can fit your business. This is why we are here to tell you about Streak CRM. Our deep research will help you learn more about Streak CRM, including the key components, How it benefits your organization, Whether it serves adequate support, how you can decide to be the most appropriate choice for your business, or whether the price is definable for your business needs? We have gathered relevant information for your reference. Our information and research may benefit your business. Please feel free to ride our review if you still have questions that need to be answered.

Streak CRM Review & Ratings
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What is Streak CRM?

Streak manages your leads, buyers & sellers, projects, support, and more from Gmail and Google Workspace. It autopilots your pipeline by keeping everything organized in a spreadsheet. You can edit, remove, collaborate, filter, sort, and many other activities easily.

Streak CRM aims to supercharge your inbox by offering mail merge for sending personalized emails to contact groups in the pipeline. Snippets let you write frequent emails for your team. People who check email can be viewed instantly through view tracking.

Streak CRM is equipped with robust features to align your workflow through your inbox. You can track your pipelines, contacts, tasks, and other activities directly from your inbox. Streak CRM allows you to manage your deals from Gmail by transforming your inbox with intuitive designs.

Other powerful features include project management that structures your conversation, and helps you to create a Hub to store assets, view all emails, and share information across the teams. You can quickly build reports to visualize the development process and calculate metrics and metadata.

You can access information and tasks quickly with a mobile app. With Streak CRM, you can benefit from multi-team support, data validation, custom permissions, and reporting tools to scale your business.

Which Business Size Uses Streak CRM?

Streak CRM is designed for those who lean on Google Workspace or Gmail. It aims to align your inbox with its robust features. It suits small, mid, and large businesses, non-profit, and public administration industries.

Language support Streak CRM offers

Streak CRM supports only English. Providing only English can present a challenge for those who need help understanding English. Other CRM tools also offer a wide range of languages per a customer's requirements.

Is The Streak CRM Compatible With Mobile Devices?

Streak CRM offers Gmail Add-on for Android and iOS apps. G-Suite is natively integrated with Streak. Streak can be accessed from your Gmail inbox on any device with the Streak Add-on for Gmail.

Streak Gmail Add-on: You can use the add-on in your Gmail inbox on mobile devices. It lets you easily access your streak data, such as box names, snippets, and email tracking. Additionally, it also allows streak data to be accessed by your Gmail app for Android and iOS.

Streak mobile app: The Streak mobile app is a standalone app that offers the same experience as on your desktop. This app is for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can edit, remove, update, and use pipeline information in the app.

Pipeline information can be accessed using the Streak Gmail add-ons and Streak apps. With the Streak Gmail add-on in your Gmail app, you can easily systemize your emails into your pipeline. Streak mobile app allows you to edit and view more details relevant to your pipeline information from your mobile and tablets. Additionally, you can follow up on tasks, call logs, and various other activities.

Is Streak CRM Capable of Providing APIs?

Streak CRM offers a RESTful interface API that allows the creation of boxes, pipelines, snippets, etc., as a rule. Additionally, you can do anything with the Streak API. Streak API offers countless options to leverage this platform and an advanced customization experience. You can utilize the API for:

› Create and modify pipelines & boxes: Based on the pipeline and box, you can allow creating a box with data from other applications using API, or you can create a whole pipeline for your team. With Streak, you can even sync data and update multiple fields at once in a box.

Build a responsive workflow: Through webhooks, actions made in Streak can be connected to workflows that can run in Streak or other applications in your team.

Extract and transform the load: You can pull all pipeline data into a JSON object from a single API request. Your data can then be transformed and loaded into whatever platform you choose.

Which Popular Apps Do the Streak CRM Integrate With?

Streak CRM allows third-party integration to automate workflows. It increases scalability, productivity, and process efficiency by saving time and eliminating repetitive tasks.

Additionally, it will also let you gain accurate data and actionable insight to improve the lack. With Streak CRM, you can integrate with several sources and 9000+ apps to automate workflows. It will allow the following:

Native integration and automation: Connect directly with third-party applications within Streak CRM through native integration to streamline workflow.

Streak improvement tool in Google Sheets: You can import data, contacts, and other details into a pipeline by directly connecting with Google Sheets.

› Google Chat integration: By connecting with Google Hangout Chat, you can easily add chat conversations, search, and set up simple notifications to Streak boxes.

Slack integration: Using interactive modes within Slack, you can get notifications and update the pipeline.

Zapier-enabled integration with 9000+ apps: Zapier allows countless third-party apps and tools integration.

Would You Consider a Streak CRM For Your Business? Yes/No

Streak CRM offers G Suite solutions. Integrating seamlessly with G-Suite and Gmail provides the most efficient email platform for sales teams. It is designed for organizations using Google Workspace to quickly access CRM tools in their Gmail inbox.

Streak's free version comes with basic functionalities enabling individuals to manage their workflow within Gmail. It delivers affordable software with plenty of customization, automation, and centralized location tools in the higher-tier plan that keeps all customers and clients connected. However, you must pay more, as Streak doesn't offer such features on the lower plans.

Overall, Streak CRM is powerful for startups and low-budget businesses. It is highly beneficial for beginners and small teams. It will help you grow your business by managing your sales workflow, hiring, projects, and customer support. Additionally, the Streak Chrome extension is an excellent choice to describe what you need when using Gmail, working with small teams, and requiring relevant essential CRM tools.

How Easy is The Streak CRM to Use?

Streak CRM offers a convenient user interface for businesses using Google Workspace products. It can be the smart choice for those whose business relies heavily on G Suite. Streak CRM is their lifeboat and offers seamless integration visually and functionally. However, its robust but limited features and integrations may only be suited to some organizations.

Streak CRM has an intuitive interface for learning, implementing, and using. With its easy setup and extensive features, it provides a competitive edge. The intuitive application provides easy navigation of options and task statuses. Due to G-Suite's surrounding features, Streak CRM will not benefit non-G-Suite businesses.

Additionally, Streak CRM avails tutorials and online resources for beginners and those who need assistance while using the platform.

Streak CRM Feature Plans (Pricing)

Streak CRM, designed explicitly for G-Suite and Gmail, offers several feature plans. It is diverse in 4 tiers. Streak CRM doesn't provide trial periods on all tier plans except the Pro+-tier plan. Additionally, if you bill annually with Streak CRM, you will save 20% off your annual billing. Let's look at how Streak CRM can help you:

› Free Plan: This plan is for an unlimited period with limited features. Suitable for individuals with essential CRM experience. In this plan, you will get a private pipeline feature, email tracking & snippets, and 50 mail merges per day. However, you must subscribe to other feature plans to access link tracking, shared contacts, integrations, customer billing, and many different features.

Solo-Tier Plan Table:

Plan/Price Monthly ($) Annually ($)
Solo 19 15

Solo-Tier: This plan suits a single user and includes an all-purpose CRM with essential features and accesses. It costs $15 per user/month if billed annually. This plan includes all the features of the free plans, plus you will get 800 email merges per day, unlimited contacts, mobile access, core CRM, and many more features. Regardless, you will not be able to get the experience of a shared pipeline, Advanced CRM, Zapier access, API Access, integration, automation, and many more features even if you pay for it.

Pro-Tier Plan Table:

Price/Plan Monthly ($) Annually ($)
PRO 59 49

Pro-Tier: This plan is suitable for any business size if you seek collaboration with the whole CRM. It costs $49 per user/month if billed annually. This plan includes all the features of the solo-tier plan plus some additional features, such as Zapier access, Advanced CRM, Shared contacts, and standard API access. However, you will still need automation, integration, data validation, advanced deployment, etc., as well as many other features to scale.

Pro+ Tier Plan Table:

Price/Plan Monthly ($) Annually ($)
PRO+ 89 69

Pro+ Tier: By subscribing to this plan, you will have access to some advanced features. It costs $69 per user/month if billed annually. You will get advanced reports, automation, archived users, and many other features. Even so, you cannot access data validation, custom billing, and security questions. As a benefit, you can get a 14-day trial before investing.

Enterprise-Tier Plan Table:

Price/Plan Monthly ($) Annually ($)
Enterprise 159 129

Enterprise-Tier: This plan suits businesses that need complete CRM solutions with advanced customization and data validation. It costs $129 per user/month if billed annually. In this plan, you can experience all the features with unlimited options.

Overall, Streak CRM offers different feature plans, some of which vary in various aspects, including distribution of pipeline updates, daily mass emailing, customer support levels, integration access, and other advanced CRM features that can be accessed only through 2 higher-tier plans. Apart from the two higher-tier plans, they do not have the same feature access as the other lower-tier plans. Undoubtedly, Streak CRM offers powerful features to boost your processes. Our information may help you to decide the right time to invest.

Streak CRM - Free vs. Paid.

Streak CRM has versatile features that are diverse in several payment categories. You will see the difference in Streak CRM's tier plans.

Regarding the free plan, Streak CRM allows basic CRM features, including customer fields, file attachments, data import and export, call logs, tasks, and notes. Additionally, it includes boxes, tracking, templates, and contacts. You will also get 50 mail merges and 500 contacts. However, you can only access all this with limited access. At the same time, you will need help accessing the pipeline, which is challenging for startups.

Besides this, paid versions, such as solo plans, are upgraded versions of the free plan, including contacts and emails daily composing. Additionally, you will get email support.

Premium subscribers get more advanced CRM functionality than lower-paid subscribers.

Higher tier subscribers will be able to benefit from Standard API, webhook API, automation, integrations, and many more advanced CRM functionalities with advanced CRM support.

Hence, if you want to scale your business with better functionality, you need to subscribe to a higher plan with unlimited usability. This information will enable you to decide which is the best tier plan for your business to scale.

Streak CRM Features Review

Streak CRM offers several features to boost your business operational processes. Detailed information is following:

› Project Tracking: It allows tracking of all project progress and helps forecast sales reports. Furthermore, it will enable you to keep track of appointments, emails, and tasks related to a project.

› Partners Relationship Management: It helps you streamline your business processes, manage partner portals, control administrators, prepare strategies to maximize revenue, and manage leads, revenue, opportunities, and sales metrics.

Task Management: It organizes routine tasks and updates your to-do list with high-priority tasks. Task management tools simplify your daily routine.

Team Collaboration: Collaboration with the team eliminates workload. With this tool, you can stay connected with teams from anywhere. It allows multiple pipeline sharing, team creation, assigning tasks, and creating a central location to view project information for the entire team. Additively, this tool helps teams to run processes smoothly.

› Business Development: Streak CRM offers solutions for partnership management across organizations through business development tools.

› Project Management: Streak CRM manages communication across product development. You can set deadlines, keep track of tasks assigned to the team, and check the status of completed tasks. The spreadsheet-style interface makes team collaboration easy from anywhere.

› Integration: With Streak CRM, you can easily integrate with the webhook API to customize your experience. It also allows G Suite add-ons and native Google Sheets integration. For third-party integration, you can easily connect with Zapier within Streak for other apps and tools.

Lead Tracking & Management: Manage your workflow from your inbox. It allows easy tracking of leads and closures, tracking and managing projects and tasks, and capturing data from contacts and emails.

› Mail Merge: It benefits email marketing and sales follow-ups. You can email the same email to several recipients. Additionally, automated follow-ups ensure that the mass emailing gets through.

Email Tracking: This tool will notify you of browser or email notifications when any recipient opens your email. All tracked emails are in an organized list in chronological order.

› Role-Based Permission: You can choose the level of access to the person's pipelines through role-based permission. It offers easy access to all data for each member based on your needs.

Mobile Solutions: Streak offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can manage your entire business process through a mobile app from anywhere.

Reporting & Analytics: Streak offers reporting and analytics tools to analyze pipeline reports and help businesses understand the status of sales opportunities.

Streak CRM Customer Support Review

Our throughout research shows how responsive and attentive Streak CRM support is. Its remarkable support is what makes Streak CRM appealing to some industries. Streak CRM has various ways to support, including:

    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • Chat

Streak CRM is worth it for G Suite users based on paid subscription. On the free plan, Streak CRM offers zero support. You can resolve self-help issues through Streak CRM's YouTube channel and tutorials. Streak CRM provides email support for solo and pro-tier subscribers. However, it takes a long and time-consuming process to resolve the problem.

Priority support or callback services are included in enterprise-tier plans. If you need help troubleshooting and implementing, you can even start a live chat inquiry. Moreover, you can explore the platform's features and navigate it using its other resources, such as a knowledge base and Streak University courses. Despite this, Streak CRM does not offer phone support.

Which Industries Use The Streak CRM?

Our research discovered that Streak CRM is designed for all sectors. Still, some industries consider Streak CRM effective for businesses. You can check the list here:

    • For Personal Use
    • Real Estate Industry
    • Mortgage Industry

What Are The Major Pros & Cons of The Streak CRM Software?

Streak offers a variety of features at an affordable price for growing businesses. And excellent customer service to prevent disruption in the process. In our research, you can see some pros and cons we have covered for your information:


    • A free version is available
    • Free Chrome extension
    • Native integration with Gmail and Google Workspace
    • Extensive experience managing and developing processes
    • Powerful email tools


    • Lack of native integration with social media
    • Only for Google Workspace and Gmail-based businesses
    • It doesn't offer multi-language
    • Trial-period only in the Pro+-tier plan

Streak CRM Alternatives

Streak CRM is an easy-to-use CRM platform that supercharges your sales and marketing processes with its robust features. There are also other alternatives available for your reference.

Streak CRM Technical Review

Streak CRM helps you streamline your inbox and grow revenue. Furthermore, it allows seamless integration with Google Workspace and product training through Streak University. To fulfill business desires, Streak CRM provides technical support at various stages, such as

› Deployment: Streak CRM facilitates easy implementation and workflow transformation on various platforms, such as

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Desktop - Mac
    • Desktop - Windows
    • Mobile - Android
    • Mobile - iPhone
    • Mobile - iPad

› Training: Streak CRM offers product learning videos through Streak University. It is designed to self-learn and train in Streak. It also offers product training from other sources, such as:

    • Live Online
    • Documentation
    • Videos

How to use Streak CRM

Streak CRM scores high for easy-to-use. While setting up the Streak CRM tool tucked away in your Gmail inbox, following these simple steps is a wise idea.

› Streak's Terminology: To deliver extensive CRM, Streak uses pipelines, stages, columns, and boxes for:

    • Pipeline: Consistency of multiple steps in a process or workflow.
    • Stages: Pipelines are made up of individual steps or milestones.
    • Columns: The layout to store information within the box.
    • Boxes: Flexible to move from one place to another. All relevant information about leads, sales, customers, applications, and contacts can be stored.

› Installation of Streak CRM: The Streak CRM extension can be installed from both Google Chrome and Safari. However, you can't use the software in another browser without the extension. The Streak Extension for Chrome and Safari extension can be installed to browse easily.

› Pipeline Customization: It's more than just a spreadsheet. You can easily customize your pipeline fields and columns for deal progress, sales, and lost deals through spreadsheets.

› Workflow Automation is Built: Customizing your pipeline templates will allow you to take over simple tasks and move leads through an automated sales process.

All of the above steps will become easier after installing the extensions. You can easily set up a smooth workflow, edit, and update. All assigned tasks will be centralized, all customer interactions will be organized, and many other activities will be systemized through these options.

Our Honest Opinion: Is Streak CRM for You?

The Streak CRM system supports G Suite-driven businesses and Google Workspace. Streak CRM inbox solutions include robust email tracking and collaboration tools. A very effective platform for small-scale businesses and individuals. Streak CRM helps users track business processes such as sales, partnership, support, and hiring. Additionally, powerful email tools such as mail merges that personalize and schedule your mass emailing and tracking will notify you when the recipient opens your email. Streak CRMs' affordable price and powerful features benefit solopreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

Streak CRM's features supercharge Gmail users' workflow by tracking and managing business processes. Email tracking is one of the features that alerts you when an email is opened. It also contains an easy-to-use interface to manage and track leads, projects, deals, tasks, support tickets, hiring processes, and other relevant processes directly from your inbox.

Streak CRM offers four versions of feature subscriptions. Wherein you will see the difference in limitations of features usability in various plans. The difference between limited pipeline updates, daily mass emailing, advanced CRM features, automation, integration, and many more features is that you get unlimited access to higher-tier plans. However, from the low to medium plan, you will get limited features and usability, even if you are a paid subscriber.

Streak's core characteristics let you manage sales processes through Gmail. Streak CRM's functionalities are also suitable for Android and iOS. Additionally, you will get free extensions named Streak Chrome add-ons and Streak Safari extension. Regardless, to run the software in another browser, you need these extensions.

Streak also provides seamless native integration with G Suite and Gmail. However, for social media integration, you need Zapier. Streak doesn't offer native social media integration. About the support system, Streak includes email and live chat support for all plans. Nevertheless, Streak doesn't have support for the free version, and a higher subscription plan includes priority support. Streak does not offer phone support as well.

We thoroughly examined Streak CRM. We found that it is specifically designed for G Suite and Gmail users. Yet, it needs to enhance areas beyond Google products.


What does Streak CRM do?

Using Streak CRM, you can manage your work directly in your inbox with its powerful email-suite features.

How many emails can you send with Streak?

Based on its feature plans, it has been categorized. Free plan 50 emails per day, Solo-tier plans 800 emails per day. Pro, Pro+, and enterprise-tier plans 1500 emails per day.

Is Streak CRM HIPAA compliant?

As well as PCI DSS-compliant, it complies with HIPAA to protect Health Information (PHI).

Is the Streak app free or paid?

Streak offers free and paid plans.

Can you send mass emails to Streak?

Streak CRM's powerful mail merge feature allows mass emailing. You can send dozens of personalized emails from inside Gmail.

Does Streak work on the phone?

Yes! Streak work on mobile apps for Android and iOS.