Bigin by Zoho CRM Review: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

There are lots of budget-friendly CRM software available in the market for small-size businesses. You can find many free software as well. But do they have all the essential features that your business needs? Are they reliable? Despite the long list of cheap and free CRM tools, only a few are really made for your business. We understand your frustration, and to help you choose the right CRM tool for your business, we have done comprehensive research on many popular CRM tools. Our research led us to the Bigin CRM. This highly-rated solution from Zoho might become your next CRM tool due to its ease of use, clarity, and cost-effectiveness. We have done in-depth research on Bigin by Zoho CRM and prepared this review so you can understand the solution better. In this review, you will find crucial details of Zoho Bigin, like attractive features, pricing packages, pros & cons, and our final verdict.

Bigin by Zoho CRM Review & Ratings
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What is Bigin CRM Software?

Bigin by Zoho CRM is an online cloud-hosted customer relationship management software. Zoho Bigin is specifically designed and developed for smaller-sized businesses. It does not overflow with features, but it has attractive features that are enough to exchange this CRM with spreadsheets. The software is equipped with features that can help businesses to manage sales pipelines and customers efficiently and effectively. The feature includes contact & account management, marketing automation, task management, product management, campaign management, excellent customer support, integration, and mobile responsiveness.

Bigin CRM has an easy onboarding system. Users can register and start using the solution in no time. Moreover, it has a simple and intuitive interface allowing users to learn the tools’ features quickly.

Furthermore, Bigin by Zoho CRM software supports customizable workflow. It helps your teams tailor the workflow in the best beneficial way for the business, and more importantly, everyone can stay in the loop.

Bigin CRM Software: Suitable Business Types

According to our research, Bigin by Zoho CRM is dedicated to smaller-sized businesses and supports the following business types:

    • Smaller sized business
    • Freelancers
    • Nonprofit organizations

Notably, the Bigin CRM tool is best-suitable for small businesses and not made for large businesses. Hence, for enterprise-level business, there is Zoho CRM for consideration.

Bigin by Zoho CRM Software: Language Support

As per our research, Bigin CRM supports multiple languages to target worldwide customers. The languages it supports are English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Italian, Korean, Hungarian, Thai, Bulgarian, Czech, Swedish, Indonesian, Dutch, Croatian, Portuguese, Danish, and Polish.

Zoho Bigin CRM Software: Mobile Device Support

According to our extensive research, Bigin by Zoho CRM offers unmatched support for mobile devices with a powerful Bigin mobile application. The mobile app can run on Android and iOS mobile devices. Thanks to the developers' remarkable job, the mobile app is as effective as the PC version. Moreover, the Bigin mobile application is one of the first mobile apps compatible with iOS 14.

Bigin mobile app can open the door to many opportunities by providing immediate access to your Bigin CRM account anytime, anywhere. Bigin CRM’s mobile app is for you if you want to sell on the go. Using the Bigin mobile app has its benefits. Some of them are listed below:

    • Manage customers remotely
    • Keep in touch with potential customers on the go
    • Update information in real-time
    • Secure customer data with app lock
    • Manage sales pipeline from mobile devices
    • Get real-time notifications and updates
    • Multiple language support for convenient use

However, some users think that the mobile app still needs some improvement in navigation. It is also painful for some users that some mobile integrations only support iOS devices.

Bigin CRM: API Support

Bigin CRM supports lots of open APIs. They are categorized into three modules:

    • Rest APIs
    • Bulk APIs
    • Notification APIs

These APIs empower users with many capabilities, like fetching large amounts of data from the database and instant notifications for every action performed on the records.

Bigin by Zoho CRM: Integration Support

The Bigin CRM software provides seamless integration with many powerful business tools for users to get the most out of the Bigin. The business tools it supports are Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Campaign, Zoho Desk, Zoho Invoice, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, MailChimp, Zoom, Constant Contact, etc.

Furthermore, the solution offers many telephony integrations (other than inbuilt telephony support) so users can facilitate their customers with effortless communications.

There is one thing we found beneficial. Suppose you cannot find your choice of tool in the supported integration list. You can fill up an online suggestion form and submit it to Bigin so they can help you out.

How Good Is The Bigin CRM For Your Business?

Bigin by Zoho CRM software is one of the most popular customer relationship management software, and it is famous for its simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. The software is carefully developed, particularly for smaller-sized businesses or companies. The tool offers essential features that are capable of managing a sales pipeline and leads conversions efficiently for business growth.

Furthermore, Bigin CRM has a free version offered with lifetime validity. It covers all the essential features, like contact management, sales pipeline management, instant workflow, telephony, integrations, APIs, and a simple dashboard. Small-sized businesses can leverage these features to scale their business. And when their businesses scale and require additional features, they can choose any budget-friendly plan offered by Bigin CRM software.

The software’s mobile application is another master stroke from Bigin CRM. It is a powerful piece of work with a user-friendly interface that can assist users in getting faster results. Users can leverage the mobile app on Android and iOS mobile devices. Moreover, the mobile app consists of all the features that allow users to perform all the processes that users can do on the PC version of Bigin CRM.

Yet, some users say the tool requires some advanced features, and the mobile app needs slight improvement. I.e., the Bigin CRM PC version has more reporting features than its mobile app. The free version has some limitations, like no audit logs, only single pipeline management, no custom fields, and no scheduled actions.

Bigin CRM: Easy to Use

Zoho Bigin CRM is very popular and in demand due to its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Even though it provides lots of powerful features, they are easy to understand. The tool has a simple yet attractive design. Furthermore, the software offers different types of resources to understand the solution’s functionalities and make it familiar so users can start using the solution quickly. The resources it provides are a knowledge base, quick-start guide, videos, webinars, community, and blogs.

Furthermore, the Zoho Bigin CRM tool has an easy-to-use mobile application compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. Using the Bigin mobile app, users can perform crucial business-related tasks from home if needed. Bigin mobile application is also compatible with watchOS 7. Users can create shortcuts for many business activities, such as calling, creating an event, and scheduling a task to perform the action from an Apple Watch.

Yet, some traditional CRM tools users may feel the Bigin CRM tool’s interface is a bit confusing and complex.

Bigin by Zoho CRM: Pricing

Bigin CRM tool has three pricing plans to offer: 1) Free plan, 2) Express plan, and 3) Premier plan. Their pricing differs based on two things.

    1. Number of users per month
    2. Billing cycle (Monthly or Annually)

The solution offers a free plan with essential features best suited for small teams, individuals, and small businesses. Growing businesses can also leverage more features by subscribing to cost-effective paid plans. Our research says that both the paid plans offer a 15-day free trial. The registration process is simple. Users can register for any paid plan and start using the free trial quickly.

Per User Per Month Free Express Plan (USD) Premier Plan (USD)
Billed Yearly $0 $7 $12
Billed Monthly $0 $9 $15

1. Free Plan

Bigin by Zoho CRM has a free plan that businesses can use as long as they want. If you are starting a new business with a small team, this free plan is just made for you. It has all the features you may require as a startup, such as 500 records, a single pipeline, three instant workflows, in-built telephony, integrations, and API support.

Bigin CRM also has a great mobile application supporting all the desktop version's functionality. The mobile application supports mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

However, you will not get all of Bigin CRM's features, like team pipeline, email integration, and custom fields. Also, free plan users will not get Phone, Email, or live chat support.

When your new business starts to grow, and you need more features other than the free version provides, you can easily subscribe to any of the budget-friendly paid plans to get more out of the Bigin CRM tool.

2. Express Plan

The express plan starts at $9 per user per month and is billed monthly. Users can save up to 35% if they choose a yearly billing cycle. Here, users are liable to pay $7 per user per month.

In this budget-friendly subscription plan, users will get many robust features, such as team pipelines, 50,000 records, ten instant workflow, email integration, custom fields, and customizable dashboards. Furthermore, users will get integration support for many premium products, like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Mailchimp.

This plan is the best for small teams and businesses with simple requirements. Suppose users may require more advanced features. They can go for the Premier plan package.

3. Premier Plan

The premier plan package starts at $15 per user monthly with a monthly billing cycle. This plan also offers discounts of up to 35% with a yearly billing cycle. The annual billing starts at $12 per user per month.

This subscription plan includes all features that the Free and Express plan offers, along with additional features, like advanced automation and additional field types. Furthermore, the Premier plan provides increased limits for many features. I.e., 100,000 records, 5 team pipelines, 30 advanced workflows, and 25 custom fields per module.

However, even though this Premier plan is budget-friendly and offers robust features, some users think it needs more advanced automation and customization required for more complex business processes.

We also found that the Bigin CRM tool offers add-ons for additional features, such as additional records, team pipelines, fields, roles, and profiles. However, users have to pay per addition they choose. I.e., $1 per month per 10,000 additional records and $5 per month per every additional team pipeline.

Our extensive research found that the Bigin by Zoho CRM software provides cost-effective pricing packages. Even its free plan also offers robust features, like data administration, pipeline management, customization, automation, integrations & toppings, and built-in telephony.

We discovered that the Bigin CRM tool offers vital resources and services to all paid plan users, such as providing 30-day onboarding services, give access to the bi-weekly webinars, assistance in data import, customer support for phone, email & live chat, and basic level product tracking for individuals and team members.

Yet, according to some users, add-on pricing for additional features is a bit confusing and costly.

Bigin CRM Software: Free vs. Paid

As the solution provides the free version, we have done comprehensive research for free and paid versions so users can see every aspect of the tool.

The free version includes fundamental features and capabilities required to grow any business, like contact management, pipeline management, customization, integration, and automation. More importantly, users can use the free version till they require additional features. Still, the free version has limited features compared to paid versions, like no integration with premium tools, no advanced features, no mass emails, and no custom dashboards.

The Bigin by Zoho CRM tool paid versions are cost-effective. Even with the low pricing, the Bigin CRM tool offers many fruitful features, such as team pipelines, custom dashboards, premium integrations, stage transition rules, multi-currency, advanced workflow, records up to 100,000, and API support. Moreover, users can subscribe to add-ons and get additional features to streamline the workflow and increase productivity.

However, the paid plans need some advanced features essential to perform more complex automation and customizations. Hence, Bigin CRM might not be the ideal tool for enterprise-level businesses.

Bigin CRM Software: Features

Zoho Bigin CRM software is one of the market's most highly rated user-friendly CRM tools. It offers the best-in-class features specially developed for smaller-sized businesses or companies. Some of them are as below:

› Contact Management: Bigin CRM provides small businesses with the best contact management system. Users can save contact information and organize them to simplify business processes. Moreover, they can access the contact data anytime they want.

Pipeline Management: This feature lets users track every business operation. Whether a team pipeline or a connected pipeline, users can track all teams’ processes and customers’ journeys to streamline the workflow.

› Task Management: Using this feature, users can seamlessly add new tasks and manage ongoing tasks. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to follow up and delete completed or unwanted tasks quickly.

› Workflow Automation: For small businesses, skipping routine work can be life-saving so they can utilize that time to attend to other crucial business affairs. This feature allows them to create an automated workflow for tedious routine tasks like sending notification emails.

› Team Collaboration: Whether there is a small team or multiple teams, using this feature, users can effectively manage team members and multiple teams so they can be on the same page. It also improves collaboration.

› Customization: The tool is customizable as per business requirements. Users can customize fields, modules, tags, notes, and more to tailor and transform the CRM tool to meet business standards.

› Customer Management: This feature lets users stay updated with incoming leads from multiple sources. Users can securely store leads and customers' data to sort, filter, and organize it. Furthermore, users can import customer data from other resources.

› Multi-channel Communication: Keeping multiple ways to communicate in mind, the solution provides the best support for multi-channel communication. This feature lets users stay connected with customers and prospects by engaging them in multiple channels.

› Reporting & Analytics: The tool provides the best analytical abilities to measure the performance of sales and marketing teams. Users can generate reports based on the analysis and present them in review and performance meetings.

› Role-based Permissions: This feature is an excellent choice for businesses that are really concerned about their customer database security. They can give access to the limited users who fit the appropriate roles and responsibilities.

› Third-Party Integrations: This feature allows users to continue using their other business apps and Bigin CRM. Integration can extend the functionalities and capabilities of CRM to grow your business. It supports third-party integrations, like Microsoft Teams, Zoho Analytics, and Zapier.

› CRM Security: Bign CRM understands your concerns about customer data security and provides the best protection for customers and leads information with GDPR and HIPPA compliance.

› Mobile CRM: Bigin by Zoho CRM tool has a state-of-the-art mobile application. The mobile app enables users to access the Bigin account and work on customer data efficiently and effectively. Additionally, users can get all the crucial notifications directly to their mobile devices.

Zoho Bigin CRM Software: Customer Support

Good customer support should be on the priority list for businesses that want to grow. Users may require support from vendors for many reasons. For instance, users want to learn how to use a specific feature. Hence, using a tool that provides convenient and reliable customer support is wise.

According to our vast research, Bigin by Zoho CRM software offers the best customer support in the market in more than one convenient way. They are as follows:

    • Phone support
    • 24/7 (Live rep)
    • Knowledge base
    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Live chat

The tool has the best help desk system. Users can easily contact the help desk and register their issues. The response time is good. Users get quick and reliable resolutions. Suppose users want to avoid getting in line. Bigin CRM software also provides a knowledge base. Here, users can navigate and explore the solutions for common issues. Additionally, users can explore frequently asked questions and forums for common issue resolutions.

However, the Bigin CRM software provides phone, email, and live chat customer support only to paid plan users. Free plan users have to rely on the FAQs and a knowledge base for resolutions.

What Are Popular Industries Using The Bigin CRM Software?

Bigin CRM tool is the best CRM tool for every industry due to its robust features and ease of use. We have listed some famous industries in which Bigin CRM works excellently and is more popular. They are as mentioned below:

    • For small businesses
    • For Startups
    • Recruitment Industry
    • Automotive Industry
    • Legal Industry
    • Real Estate Industry
    • SaaS Technology Industry
    • Insurance Industry
    • Education Industry

Bigin CRM Software: Pros & Cons

In our extensive research of the Bigin CRM tool, we discovered many exciting features and capabilities of the software. From the aspects of these features, there are many advantages and disadvantages of the tool that are displayed below in terms of Pros and Cons:


    • Easy-to-use UI
    • Free version available for a lifetime
    • A 15-day free trial for every paid version
    • Very budget-friendly for new startups and small businesses
    • Mobile-first CRM
    • Built-in telephony
    • Customizable dashboards and sales pipelines
    • Superb integration with other Zoho tools
    • Two-factor authentication and data encryption for enhanced security


    • Some mobile integrations are not available for Android mobile devices
    • No advanced features in the free version
    • Limited customization for dashboards
    • Limited third-party integrations
    • Limited customer support for non-business hours

Bigin by Zoho CRM Software: Best Alternatives

Although Bigin CRM has essential features required for startups and small teams, some users might want more from the CRM. Below you can find a list of top 10 best CRM software as alternatives for Bigin CRM:

Bigin CRM Software: Reviews

In this complete Bigin CRM software review, you may find every detail you are looking for about the tool. However, if you want to know what actual users have to say about Bigin CRM, below are the popular software reviews and rating platforms that you should consider:

Bigin CRM Software: Technical Details

During our research, we gathered some technical details of the Bigin CRM tool that might be useful when choosing the CRM for your business. They are as follows:


If you are looking for more than one way to deploy the Bigin CRM, the following is a list of the different deployment ways that we found in our research:

    • Web-based, SaaS, and Cloud
    • Mobile device - Android and iOS
    • Desktop - Mac


Our extensive research says that the Zoho Bigin CRM tool offers training sessions using multiple ways. Users can choose how they want training and choose the best option that is more convenient for them.

    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos
    • Live Online

Final Verdict

The Bigin by Zoho CRM software is one of the most popular CRM tools. It is specifically developed for individuals, new startups, small teams, and smaller businesses or companies. The tool offers the best features to help users nurture leads and convert them into paying customers. The features include contact management, pipeline management, profiles & roles control, data administration, built-in telephony, customization, workflow rules, advanced features, integration, and multi-channel support.

Zoho Bigin CRM tool offers a free version with fundamental features, like 500 records, one user control with two profiles & 2 roles control, 1GB file storage, finding and merging duplicates, 1 team pipeline management, and in-built telephony. Suppose you are managing a small team or you are your own boss. The free version is built for you.

Furthermore, Bigin CRM has cost-effective paid plans to allow users to subscribe to leverage more features, such as up to 100,000 records, 5 team pipelines & 25 sub pipelines, additional customization and automation options, more third-party integration support, and more customer support. Moreover, paid plan users can get other perks, like a 30-day dedicated onboarding service, bi-weekly webinar access, and assistance in data import. However, Bigin CRM offers limited customer support for non-business hours, even in the Premier plan.

Furthermore, the Bigin CRM tool has the best mobile application that is as good as its desktop version. Users can work on a mobile application and perform business processes efficiently and effortlessly. Moreover, the mobile app can seamlessly run on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Yet, according to some users, the tools offer limited customization options for dashboards. The mobile app has limited integrations for Android mobile devices compared to iOS devices. The tool needs more advanced features for complex business operations, so it would be best for large enterprises to consider the best alternatives we have listed in this complete review.


What is Workflow in Zoho Bigin?

Workflow in Zoho Bigin CRM allows users to create specific actions to be performed when a particular standard is reached. Users can automate many routine processes to streamline business operations using the workflow. I.e., sending emails, updating fields, and assigning tasks.

Does Bigin Offer Mobile Application?

Bigin CRM software has the best mobile application that supports mobile devices like smartphones (Android and iOS) and Apple Watch.

What is The Difference Between Zoho CRM and Zoho Bigin?

Zoho CRM software provides more advanced features like Blueprints, Approval, and Command Center to map business operations into the CRM system effortlessly. While Zoho Bigin CRM only has a basic level of deal pipelines. Bigin CRM tool supports many third-party integrations. Zoho CRM software supports extremely more integrations with third-party apps. More importantly, Bigin CRM is best suitable for smaller-sized businesses. Zoho CRM is ideal for all business sizes in every industry.