Nutshell CRM Product Review & Analysis: About, Features, Pros & Cons

As there are several CRM platforms available on the market, B2B teams need stress-free sales and marketing. For your reference, we have researched Nutshell CRM. In this discovery, you will explore how Nutshell CRM can meet your business requirements. What are the features and plans it provides to streamline your sales and marketing processes? You might have explored a variety of reviews about Nutshell CRM that helped you gather helpful information. Here, in our review, you will learn about Nutshell CRM and some more crucial information through an in-depth analysis. You can also determine whether its features and support meet your business needs. Nutshell CRM contains some advantages and disadvantages compared to other CRM platforms. But what makes Nutshell CRM unique, how does Nutshell CRM boost your business, and when to invest in Nutshell CRM and how? You can discover it all in this review.

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What is Nutshell CRM?

Nutshell CRM simplifies pipelines and contact management, resulting in stress-free sales and marketing processes. A unified CRM platform guides B2B sales teams to maximize deal closure. Nutshell is SaaS-based CRM software that consolidates customer data.

Nutshell CRM enriches any business with its robust features, such as managing contacts and pipeline management. Features include sales automation, reporting, and analytics. These features help sales reps import data from various sources, keep track of entire sales activities, streamline sales workflow, and present real-time analyzed & customizable reports with 360-degree views.

Smooth integrations allow access to all data from a single tool to help the sales and marketing team produce effective results. Seamless third-party integrations make business operations run smoothly.

Additionally, B2B marketing services provide solutions to resolve lead generation challenges through webFX features. It transforms your sales strategies by digitizing your campaign process. An ROI-driven approach helps expand any business's digital presence. Nutshell enhances CRM data to maximize conversions.

Nutshell CRM aids in standardizing sales processes, improving strategies, and getting a complete view of entire sales activities. Nutshell CRM is designed to align sales workflow and processes and track each step from qualified leads to close. Furthermore, with native integration, it also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

What Types of Businesses Does Nutshell CRM Serve?

The Nutshell CRM platform is an easy-to-use sales automation tool that guides your sales reps to win more leads, provides robust reporting, and provides 100% free support. As a result of all these facilities, plenty of people use this CRM platform. Nutshell CRM has a well-established client base in different industries, such as:

    • Small-scale businesses
    • Mid-scale businesses
    • Large-scale businesses
    • Freelancers
    • Non-profits

What Languages Does Nutshell CRM Support?

We have found in our research that Nutshell CRM has limitations in the language part. It offers only one language, "English," which can be challenging for those who don't understand English. Dozens of CRM platforms provide multiple languages, such as Zendesk, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, etc. However, Nutshell CRM needs to improve its language support for better engagement.

Does Nutshell CRM Support Mobile Devices?

Nutshell CRM provides mobile apps to boost sales teams' access. You can manage and update your contacts at your fingertips. Flexible viewing, editing, creation, and receiving of prospect-related information on mobile apps. Furthermore, any relevant event will be alerted to you via notification. Nutshell CRM delivers a flexible native app for iPhone and Android to stay connected anywhere to increase conversions.

Is Nutshell CRM Offering APIs?

As you can see in our in-depth research, we discovered that Nutshell CRM offers ready-to-use API to meet your industry requirements. With the JSON-RPC API, you can retrieve and modify data anytime. In addition, it also allows simple web-to-lead forms through Nutshell's HTTP POST API.

Nutshells' Endpoint discovery offers an exclusive API that allows users to use applications with an API endpoint.

What Apps Does Nutshell CRM Integrate With?

For your reference, we have done our homework about Nutshell CRM integrations. Nutshell CRM offers dozens of integrations for apps, CRM tools, and email marketing solutions. Nutshell CRM offers seamless integrations to run your business smoothly. You can also check the various integration apps and tools Nutshell CRM offers:

    • ActiveCampaign
    • MailUp
    • Zapier
    • Gmail
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Google Drive
    • Box, and more

Is Nutshell CRM Right for Your Business?

Nutshell CRM's user-friendly interface and robust features make it a suitable choice for many industries. In our discovery, you will find more details to help you decide how it can benefit your business.

Nutshell CRM is a unified platform for email marketing, pipeline management, and sales activities to help B2B sales and marketing teams. Collaboration lets sales teams work together and win more deals, generate fresh leads, and maximize conversions. However, this feature is only available on a Pro-tier plan with a per-user but unlimited plan. You will have to pay an additional fee if you need unlimited users.

Nutshell CRM integrates with third-party apps and tools such as Slack, Google Workspace/Gmail, Microsoft Office/Outlook, etc. Despite this, Nutshell CRM scores low. Unsurprisingly, Nutshell CRM delivers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices with plenty of features to choose from. However, the web version contains more features than the mobile app. Additionally, mobile apps also have limits on analytics support, which could have been better.

Nutshell CRM could be an ideal choice for startups and small-scale businesses. The reasonable price and powerful features may benefit their business's early stages. On the other hand, Nutshells' limited features, integration, and support system may not help enterprise-level or large-scale companies. Still, if you seek the exact requirements, you can decide the appropriate time to invest in scaling your business.

How Easy is Nutshell CRM to Use?

As we found in our in-depth research of Nutshell CRM, the system is designed to deliver all solutions to your problem. It has intuitive tools to boost sales and marketing and grow revenue.

There are easy-to-use tools such as customization, contacts, reports, and other files available with Nutshell CRM. It also avails a knowledge base platform for easy-finding the information as needed. Additionally, Nutshell CRM comes with various intuitive and flexible features that benefit startups and small-scale businesses.

Nutshell CRM Price Plan

In contrast to other CRM platforms, they unlock their feature plan with their various high-tier plans. Nutshell CRM has its feature plans in 2 variants. Additionally, it offers a 14-day trial before investing. You can learn all the details in our research below:

Price/ Plan Foundation ($) Pro ($) Limitless ($)
Monthly 19 49 4975
Annually 16 42 -

› Nutshell Foundation: Nutshell offers this plan at $16 per month per user if billed annually. This feature plan includes contact management, communication timeline, email, calendar sync, customization, sales & lead reporting, drag-and-drop pipeline board, and interactive lead map with unlimited options. 

However, pipeline, hot leads, click-to-call recording, and other features will be limited, and you will have to subscribe to another plan to get unlimited options for all.

Nutshell Pro: This feature plan costs $42 per user/month if billed annually. In this plan, you will get unlimited access to the features. However, if you want marketing features, subscribe to its other add-on. Nutshell CRM has varying features in different areas.

Nutshell Limitless: In this plan tier, Nutshell CRM offers an unlimited usage plan. This will benefit your business with countless customer support, account management, and marketing features. That will cost $ 4975/ month. However, you are paying per user in the Pro and Foundation plans.


Nutshell Campaign: If you want to increase qualified customer data and connectivity, you can get this add-on plan which costs $35 for 2500 contacts. You will get an email marketing campaign and unlimited pre-built templates. Additionally, you can create a customized audience segment from your CRM contacts. Furthermore, you can build up to 60000 contacts that charge based on your marketing contact needs. You need to contact their support if you want more than 60000 contacts.

Overall, Nutshell CRM offers a robust feature plan that benefits your business. However, additional costs for unlimited users, even subscribers, might be challenging. Additionally, Nutshell CRM backs up your data while unsubscribing. Yet, Nutshell CRM needs a refund policy. The rest of these aspects and needs of the business might help decide the right time to invest.

Nutshell CRM Features Review

› Web Form: It captures data from websites and automatically generates fresh leads. Nuthsell's customizable forms facilitate the uploading of visitor data to create new information.

› Team Collaboration: It allows team members to stay connected from anywhere and be notified of upcoming events.

› Pipeline Management: It provides a work process that matches sales team needs. You can manage your pipeline with an interactive board view. The list view categorizes leads based on their stage, eligibility, value, and other activities. To evaluate qualified leads through marketing efforts, you can easily tag them.

› Lead Attribution: Consolidate qualified leads with an automated lead attribution report. You can filter leads by channels, segment sales, fresh leads, forecasts, and customer reports through various channels to get qualified leads.

› Reporting & Analytics: It will help to track & analyze sales teams’ performance, effort, and productivity with Nutshells’ CRM reports. Additionally, you can forecast your sales based on analyzing the entire sales report.

› Email Marketing: Through email marketing, you can easily connect to CRM data to target relevant audiences and convert more subscribers into buyers. Intelligent design, inspired templates, etc., can be used conveniently with powerful filtering tools.

› Contact Management: It helps you import contacts, calendars, and emails from various sources to assist the sales team. It helps you to minimize manual data entry and allows syncing with the phone contact to collect leads from scan business cards on the fly and website.

› Sales Automation: It automates sales processes and time-consuming tasks, allowing the sales team to focus on priority tasks. It helps businesses design sales processes based on their needs that maximize leads.

› Mobile App: Nutshell CRM provides a mobile app for the sales team to increase prospects and maximize revenue. It supports both iOS and Android devices. You can easily create emails, edit, remove, and send messages to stay connected with your sales managers and customers.

› Integration: Nutshell offers various integrations to ensure smooth business operations. Integration with Gmail lets you sync your emails. Microsoft 365 integration saves time and enables you to stay productive and exclusive, such as other integrations that contribute value to the business.

Nutshell CRM Customer Support Review

Undoubtedly, Nutshell CRM offers excellent customer support through various ways, such as

    • Email/Help Desk
    • FAQs/Forum
    • Knowledge Base
    • Chat

Nutshell CRM supports free trials and subscribers with live customer support to resolve their queries. Despite this, the support system is only available during business hours. For example, if questions are raised on Friday in the second half, you might wait till Monday to resolve them. Nutshell needs to improve its support system.

Email support is evident for a better understanding of queries and interactions. Regardless, Nutshell CRM doesn't offer VoIP systems like other CRM platforms. In addition to CRM, marketing requires a support system, which Nutshell CRM offers at an additional cost. To get marketing support, you need to subscribe to its add-on plan.

Overall, Nutshell CRM offers a sound support system with its two significant features plans, Foundation and Pro. Although Nutshell CRM has some limitations in terms of timing, it needs to be improved.

Which Industries Use Nutshell CRM?

Our analysis shows how Nutshell CRM is popular in the industry because its pipeline management and contact management tools make it a great choice. Nutshell CRM is one of the most effective CRM for micro and sole proprietor businesses. Due to its powerful features, it has covered large industries area:

    • Industrial Industry
    • Manufacturing Industry
    • Engineering Industry
    • For SMBs
    • Professional Services Industry
    • IT Industry
    • For Building Material Suppliers
    • Architect Industry
    • Distributors Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Heavy Equipment Industry
    • Home Services Industry
    • SaaS Industry
    • Roofing Industry
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Landscaping Industry
    • Retail and eCommerce Industries
    • Healthcare Industry

What Are The Major Pros & Cons of The Nutshell CRM Software?

All CRM platforms have their shortcomings and stability, but what really matters is which one will benefit your business most. We researched Nutshell CRM Pros and Cons to provide you with relevant information.


    • All pricing plans include unlimited storage and contacts
    • The 14-day trial before subscription.
    • Convenient learning
    • Mobile apps
    • Suitable import tools


    • Language limitation
    • Limited social media integration
    • No free version
    • Cluttered UI

Nutshell CRM Alternatives

It is possible to find several CRMs that offer a wide range of features on the market. But which one is the right CRM for you? Nutshell CRM is one of the best CRM software. Yet, we have other leading CRM alternatives to meet your needs. You can find a list of industry-leading CRM software here:

Nutshell CRM Technical Support Review

Any business must choose the right CRM for deployment. Nutshell CRM offers an intuitive implementation process and many integration and customization options for the sales and marketing team. Additionally, it also provides knowledge-based product training on how to use its core CRM features.

› Deployment: Nutshell CRM can be deployed or installed in the following ways.

    • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
    • Mobile - Android
    • Mobile - iPhone
    • Mobile - iPad

› Training: You can learn more about Nutshell CRM products in these ways:

    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
    • Videos

Our Honest Opinion: Is Nuthshell CRM for You?

In this review, you might find the best information about Nuthshell CRM. This information might have resolved your queries, which we have determined to resolve. In the final words of our review of Nutshell CRM, you will learn about the overall conclusion. With our summarized content, you can better understand Nutshell CRM.

Nutshell CRM software is designed to help users manage sales pipelines and dynamic marketing campaigns and gain insightful reporting, analytics, and customization. Yet, Nutshell CRM has limitations compared to other CRM platforms. Nutshell CRM has an intuitive dashboard with easy-to-understand widgets relevant to sales pipeline activities and status. You can also check the sales performance of deal closing, new lead generation, and other activities with Nutshell's wallboard option. However, you will not find the tab to return to the dashboard.

There should be email support for better integration with third-party apps and tools, such as Microsoft, Google, Slack, etc. However, integration is limited. Additionally, Nutshell CRM scores low for social media integration. At the same time, Nutshell CRM doesn't include a VoIP system.

You can find relevant information in Nutshell's knowledge base. Additionally, for other support, you can connect to chat support. These support services are available only during business hours and days. Email support will resolve your queries within 24 hours.

Nutshell contains many excellent tools to strengthen the entire sales and marketing process. It helps systemize your workflow, and customization enables you to organize your sales activities. However, It has some limitations regarding Nutshell CRM customization, while other CRM tools offer many customization options. Nutshell is a suitable CRM for sole proprietorships and small businesses. It will be appropriate to kickstart your business.


What does Nutshell CRM do?

Nutshell CRM is cloud-based software that provides pipeline and contact management tools for B2B sales teams. In addition, it offers tools for tracking, managing, generating, and prioritizing leads.

Is Nutshell CRM free?

It provides a 14-day trial. However, it only has a paid subscription option.

Who is the CEO of Nutshell CRM?

Andy Fowler is the CEO and co-founder of Nutshell CRM.

Is Nutshell CRM cloud-based?

It is cloud-based CRM software that helps to align the operation and reporting processes of sales and marketing.

Does Nutshell CRM offer mobile applications?

Nutshell CRM offers native iPhone and Android apps that connect you with leads and prospects from anywhere.