Top Tools For Your Coworking Spaces

top tools for your coworking spaces

Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way people look at the concept of the traditional “office,” as well as how they think about office culture. These workspaces bring efficiency to your day-to-day life by using effective technological tools to operate. Everything from desk scheduling, meeting room booking, event planning, and sharing relevant documents internally on the cloud is easier facilitated through coworking spaces. Coworking spaces symbolize innovation, and in this digital world, you can’t move towards efficiency without some handy digital tools and resources. In this post, we will share some quick tools to help your coworking space tackle their administrative needs with ease.

» SuperSaaS Meeting Room Booking System

SuperSaaS is an online room booking and resource scheduling software for coworking spaces. Online scheduling is a great way to bypass the hassle of in-person requests and a manual log. Instant booking is becoming standard for coworking spaces. It’s easy to see why. To maximize the number of workers who use your space, you have to be able to guarantee to them that they will have the space they require.

SuperSaaS is a complete coworking space management solution that allows you to sell monthly memberships, accept online payments, send automated reminders and follow-up messages, automate your marketing efforts, send automated invoices and much more! SuperSaaS is a powerful, easy-to-use and very flexible tool that helps you keep track of your individual appointments, allows you to manage meeting rooms, office resources, and other facilities at your coworking space and also accepts group bookings for any events or workshops you conduct at your coworking space.

SuperSaaS offers an indefinite free trial plan which allows you to test out the system that includes great customer service with almost always instantaneous responses.

» Slack for Internal Communication

Communication is the backbone of any successful business and Slack does a perfect job of keeping people connected. Sharing files and information has been one of the areas of industry that has been impacted the most by the advance of technology. Keeping every stakeholder in the loop has never been easier than it is now.

Slack is a global collaboration tool that enables you to chat with your colleagues, share files, documents, links and create common forums to clarify your questions or mobilize your discussions with the team. Slack keeps all the members of your coworking space connected in a single place. You can integrate Slack with other helpful tools like Zoom for video conferencing, SuperSaaS for sending automated reminders for an appointment, and other helpful programs.

Slack facilitates quick communication and allows people to stay in the loop on important discussions. Slack can help build the feeling of community with your coworking members by allowing them a common platform to connect and communicate.

» Andcards

Andcards is a member-first coworking space software. It is primarily designed to enhance the coworking space member experience. Andcards technology is available in a form of intuitive and fully native custom-branded mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as a white-label web application running on your domain. The software allows coworking space customers to reserve meeting rooms, discover and apply for value-added services, and communicate via Stream community newsfeed.

Andcards offers a range of integrations to improve the coworking customer experience: payments, support ticketing, customer messaging, access control, printing, Zapier, and open API to build your own. The meeting room display feature allows visitors to view a real-time schedule at the meeting room door. The service is available as a monthly subscription at a transparent $249 per location. It includes unlimited users, features, booking resources, weekly product updates, and friendly 24/7 live chat customer support

» IFTTT Automation

Automate small tasks and chores that your coworking space requires to reduce the manpower needed to get everything done. Allow all your coworking apps and devices to talk to each other by connecting them via the free IFTTT (If This Then That) tool. You can simply connect your apps and services to IFTTT and create applets to help them talk to each other. An applet allows you to decide which apps you want to connect and enables you to trigger an action which those apps or devices could not do on their own. A good example of this is an applet like Zapier or Integromat.

For example, automatically open the conference room door at the scheduled time of the room booking, send live updates from your official Twitter account to the Slack channel or simply allow access to authorized bookings for specific office resources. You can create your own scenarios and connect many apps in a single applet with many different triggers and scenarios.

» Zoho

Zoho is a business tool with over 40 integrated applications to help you manage all the work related to your coworking space from a single location. Centralization is another trend in business management that makes running a company in any sector much easier. This includes the growing area of coworking spaces, which require many different types of sales, marketing, accounting, and other administrative services.

Zoho not only automates your sales and marketing efforts but also solves your accounting challenges, empowers your workforce with apps to collaborate, sets up your coworking help desk to engage with customers and potential leads, helps you focus on your people and HR processes, and simplifies your work with custom apps and integrated solutions. Zoho increases your productivity and reduces your workload by offering powerful features like a CRM (Customer relationship management) system, analytics to look into user behavior, a reliable phone system for managing your calls, and much more.

» Hubspot Marketing Automation

You can never have enough help with your marketing efforts. Hubspot is a program that focuses exclusively on obtaining and nurturing leads. It can identify problem points in your current client retention efforts. Perhaps you aren’t gathering enough data about your leads or you aren’t sending messages with enough customization. Retain and acquire more customers by automating and streamlining your sales and marketing processes with the HubSpot tool.

Use HubSpot to automate your emails, newsletters, handle your leads and to make your business grow fast and scalable. HubSpot offers a free CRM with more than a thousand contacts which you can use to store data of your leads, send customized messages to existing customers to increase loyalty and to analyze the behavior of your website visitors. HubSpot offers 200+ integrations so you can easily extend your capabilities and allow your existing systems to speak with each other. We recommend scheduling a free demo call with the HubSpot representatives to find out how HubSpot can work for you.

» Typeform Forms for Engaging Interaction & Feedback

Typeform is a simple interactive form-building tool which helps you in creating an interactive experience for your visitors and leads. Customer experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to how customers view your product or service. Giving them an easily navigable system that presents each user with the correct prompts can add a level of customization that can have a huge impact. It will help build customer trust, which has become an increasingly important form of currency in today’s age.

Typeform offers an elegant interface and allows you to customize the customer experience. For example, you can customize the welcome screen, delve into the analytics, make your forms smarter by asking relevant questions, and keep people engaged by asking only one question at a time. Typeform can be easily embedded into your website and offers built-in integration with Google Sheets and MailChimp. You can also connect other systems with Typeform. For example, send an email every time a visitor fills in your lead form and adds his/her details to the Google Sheet.

You can use Typeform in requesting feedback from existing customers, conduct regular surveys to find out which features your customers are looking for, create invitations for events you conduct at your coworking space, develop engaging quizzes for events or in any creative way you would like to engage with your potential and existing customers.

» Sequr

One of the biggest challenges faced by coworking spaces is maintaining the manpower for handing out keys or digital cards for temporary/permanent access. You must maintain the security of your space, but paying for and training a labor force can be a serious drain on your resources. This is another area where automation can contribute to your bottom line.

Sequr is a cloud-based platform that allows automated physical access control extending your digital identity management into the physical world. Sequr empowers your customers to use the HED reader on their mobile devices or smartwatches which allows users to access specific doors and entrances. With Sequr, you can easily manage your key holders and assign mobile keys to your visitors and clients on any device, any time and from any location. Sequr is easily scalable and allows you to provide access to multiple locations with a single login, which means your clients reap the benefits of your coworking space membership across all of your global locations.

» Nexudus

Finally, just as with any business, you need to take into account the analytics of your progress. Having a simple platform where you can access statistics about attendance, memberships, and account status can be a huge help as it allows you to focus more intensely on the human relation aspects of what you do within your coworking space.

Nexudus is one of the most popular software used for managing and scaling up coworking spaces. Nexudus offers a lot of different features including the ability to generate invoices, accept online payments from members, control access and monitor statistics for your members, track sales cycle progress, manage online room bookings among many others. Nexudus is easily scalable as you grow your coworking space. It’s also possible to integrate any existing software you may use with Nexudus.

We recommend starting out on a free trial to test out the system for a few of your customers. When your business begins to grow, you can simply reach out to their support team to import your prices, rooms or member data into the new system. You can do the same when you want to handle multiple locations from a single point of administration.

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