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Event management app has become an event essential with attendees expecting some type of technology at events. Gone are the days of sticky notes, piles of papers and heavy excel sheets. Today, everyone is embracing technology such as event management apps to make their events better and streamline their work. Let us look at some of the ways in which an event management app makes event planning look less intimidating.

» Streamline Planning and Event Management

An event management app can help manage the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. This means that you can streamline your tasks and effectively collaborate with teams to avoid miscommunication. It keeps communication between different departments such as finance, admin and sales more structured and fosters more collaboration.

» Create Unmatched Online Registration Experience

Creating online registration with Google forms is a thing of the past. With an event management app, you can create customized event registration that is more personalized and reflects your brand better. Powerful registration software can be integrated with your CRM for the smooth flow of data and reduce the scope of human errors. Event management apps also allow you to create different registrations based on your audience or ticket types and lets you collect payment online.

» Boost Attendance with Event Marketing Tools

Event management apps are all you need to create an integrated marketing campaign that increases registration for your events. Leverage social media networks or do multi-touch emails with an event management app to create an ever-lasting impression on your target audience. It is far more effective than traditional advertising with its retargeting capabilities to create a stronger brand recall value. Create a landing page that talks about your event and lets your potential audience decide if they’d like to buy the tickets. And not to mention, these landing pages can be created with ease without the knowledge of HTML. Great event management software should have capabilities such as email marketing, landing page creation, SEO, social media, etc for a smoother experience for its users, including you!

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» Attendee Management with CRM

When planning an event, you have to look at several aspects of it, including vital information such as the number of registrants or exhibitors coming to your events or the value of tickets and merchandise sales. Keeping a track of all this information manually is a daunting task. That is where an event management app can help! The software consolidates all attendee information in a single platform so that you can create dashboards depending upon the information you need. It helps you to view all transactions, attendance, preferences, and feedback in real-time and helps you make decisions on the fly!

» Maximize Attendee Engagement

Event management apps come handy in maximizing engagement before, during and after the event. It helps to build a community of people attending your event and brings your event to life. Whether it is a chat on social media platform or a forum to discuss the event, event management can enable your attendees to have a candid conversation about your events. From sending scheduled messages, teasers, newsletters, reminders to post-event feedback, an event management app has got you covered! It is the sure shot way to spark conversation and exchange ideas to keep the buzz alive.

» Reduce Onsite Check-in Queues

An event check-in app can help you reduce long wait times at registration desks and quickly check attendees into the event. It makes you look professional and enables you to collect vital attendee information. It helps planners collect the registration fee from walk-ins and streamlines the overall check-in experience.

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» Manage and Create Budgets

With an event management app that has budgeting, tools you can create your event budget and track expenses and revenue. When working with paper thin budgets, event organizers need to track all the last-minute payments and record them. Failing to record unexpected payments can result in discrepancies while running an event.

» Measure Event Success

You’ve set your goals and you know your event was a hit among your attendees. But how do you show it to your internal stakeholders? The pressure to prove ROI makes it necessary for event planners to measure the right details of merchandise sales, ticket sales, leads, cost, and profits. Event management app lets you analyze your event success and get valuable insights into attendee engagement, costs, and overall event experience.

» Manage Several Events Simultaneously

Event management software provides a central repository to manage all your events from one platform. It lets event organizers manage multiple events simultaneously and promotes collaboration with different departments in the organization.

» Final Thoughts

Event management apps have become a new norm for planning events. It is not only expected by attendees but has become an integral part of a modern event planner’s team. It helps to take events to the next level by allowing organizers to define their goals, create budgets, get insights and measure the success of events. Several organizations have ditched the traditional way of planning events and are turning to event management apps to remain competitive. As you turn to these tools, make sure you pick the right one for your events. After all, there is no one size fits all and you will have to get an app that is most suited to your needs! Eventdex provides event management apps to manage the entire event lifecycle from a single platform. If you’d like to know more about our services, then contact us today!

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