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Salesmate is a business CRM system that assists small and large corporations in converting leads into customers. The platform is simple and easy to use which can be personalized by every salesperson in the team. It provides all you need to enhance the sales process, grow long-lasting customer relationships and attain added deals. With its strong support team and documentation, Salesmate provides a high-quality CRM platform that can meet the needs of small and large businesses alike.

Here we explain what Salesmate CRM software can do for various businesses and how its main tools function:

Industries that the Salesmate CRM serves:

The Salesmate CRM can be customized to meet the needs of a diverse range of businesses. Its real estate CRM software benefits your real estate business to manage contacts, automate activities, and facilitates a smooth sales process. If you are in the construction business, the Salesmate CRM for construction helps you to stay organized and seamlessly handle your bidding process and sales deals.

Salesmate also serves the legal industry. The Salesmate’s CRM for lawyers is a perfect CRM for law firms to help you maximize efficiency and increase the revenue of your business. Catering to the needs of the growing SaaS companies, the SaaS CRM for startups and businesses helps sales reps to simplify complex sales processes, organize and automate workflows, and close more business by providing a holistic view of your prospects.

The Salesmate CRM equally benefits your media, marketing, and digital agency. It streamlines your sales process and keeps you at the top of your business by keeping your client’s needs organized as you take them through the sales funnel. The competitive educational market can also gain from Salesmate through its CRM for higher education. The highly advanced CRM helps you organize processes and records and gives you an edge in the current competitive market.

Plans and Pricing:

Almost all the CRM software out there starts at great introductory prices, but when you are looking for advanced features at an affordable price, this is where Salesmate beats them all. It is available for a free trial period of 15 days. Unlike Salesforce, Zoho or Insightly, whose pricing inflates every time you add new features, the Salesmate offers a simple and affordable pricing plan, which is $12 per user/month when billed annually. The price rises to $15 when billed monthly.

All the sales and CRM features, two-way email and phone integrations, live chat, and email support come under this price range, not to mention that it supports unlimited users, mobile apps, extensions, and a plethora of other tools.

The 15-day trial doesn’t require any credit card and can be canceled anytime. You can start your trial period simply by creating an account and adding as many users as you like. You will enjoy unlimited access to all the CRM features. Once the trial period is over, you can either pick a monthly or annual billing plan. No CRM can compete Salesmate in its pricing, features, and support.

Salesmate features:

[caption id="attachment_7624" align="alignnone" width="894"]Salesmate features Salesmate features[/caption]

Some CRM software programs have one or two standout features that might make them worthy of consideration among users the sheer number of features, plugins and limitless service options that Salesmate offers gives it an edge over its competitors.

It brings all your favorite apps into one CRM with incredible customization. It also offers the ability to sync your Google Apps into a single CRM. This includes Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, and Chrome Plugin. Additionally, you can connect with apps like Shopify and MailChimp, and use the WordPress crm plugin to integrate with WordPress to maximize your customers and leads.

When it comes to multiple currencies, Salesmate allows you to track your sales in one or more currencies. The customizable sale CRM will convert all sales data into your preferred home currency using current foreign exchange rates and generate accurate sales and revenue reporting.

You also have an option to get instant notifications on your iOS or Android device when new sales activities are given to you. Here are some of the best features Salesmate CRM offers business users.

Accelerated Sales

Pipeline management: The sales pipeline in Salesmate CRM can be customized to fit your unique sales process. It allows you to focus on the right deals at the right time and remove any sales roadblocks. Everything you need is presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-follow manner

Tracking activities: You can track your team’s activities and plan ahead using the Salesmate’s activities. It allows you to plan and track your meetings, log calls, and send emails for every deal, contact, and company

Smart Emails: The Salesmate CRM lets you know what happens to your emails once you hit the send button. By synchronizing your Google, Outlook, or Yahoo services, you can send and receive emails directly inside Salesmate. You can also setup a professional email signature and make it more appealing with free email signature template creator by Salesmate CRM.

Smart Productivity

Deal management: The Salemate’s deal management system adds discipline in your deal cycle. You get precise, real-time visibility of the deal cycle and take necessary actions when required

Sales automation: Salesmate relieves you from doing the busywork of creating and assigning tasks to your sales reps. You can assign and rotate deals, score leads, and send emails automatically

Data entry automation: With Salesmate, you are no longer logging data manually. Everything you do in Salesmate is automated so you can focus on closing more deals

Contact management: The contact management software keeps you informed with every detail of your contacts so you can interact with your prospects anytime from any point. You can prioritize communication and structure all your contact data in one place.

Gain Visibility

Tracking sales goals: With Salesmate CRM, you can start tracking sales goals to create a positive competitive environment and motivate everyone on the team to go above and beyond. The personalized sales rep dashboard helps the team members see their sales goals, what they have achieved and how far they are from the goals set forth

Sales intelligence: The interactive and customizable sales reports can significantly improve your sales. It eliminates guesswork and provides you data to make smart decisions

Sales forecasting: Sales forecasting software gives you a clear view of your sales funnel so that you can take the required actions at the right time. It automatically unveils the insights from your data and provides statistical analysis that helps the management to take necessary steps to use the resources appropriately.

Mobile apps: The iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to keep selling when you are on the move. You can stay in touch with your team, track the team’s performance and get status updates no matter where you go

Integrations and Apps:

[caption id="attachment_7625" align="aligncenter" width="913"]Integrations and Apps Integrations and Apps[/caption]

While the third-party app integrations are not unique to Salesmate, the variety of apps it offers far exceeds than its competitors. Salesmate CRM integrates well with Gmail, WordPress, as well as other integrations such as Squarespace, Shopify, Drive, and Zapier among others.

Customer support:

CRM software, Salesforce in particular, are known for their poor customer support. But unlike others, Salesmate prides on a large support center with tons of articles and guides that answers many common customer questions. Customers can chat with support in real time, 24/7, with minimal delay. They are also responsive to customers’ emails.

The verdict:

Sometimes, it becomes a genuine challenge to get a trustworthy CRM Software that not only matches your requirements but also be in accord with your budget limits. When you compare Salesmate with the competitors, you will find it better on a broad spectrum of aspects including pricing, level of customer support, supported mobile devices and integrations.

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