For 2019 Importance of Mobile Apps in E-commerce Business

The only similarity between e-commerce businesses and mobile apps is it keeps on changing. Sometimes in the form of a passing fad while at other times as a seismic shift; developing a mobile app for your e-commerce store definitely falls into the latter category. What if I say there is a simple key that offers an increase in your sales, reinforcing your client base leading your brand to boast. Will you believe me?

As technologies continue to mount, 2019 looks the pretty promising year of signal technical progress and innovation in the mobile app development space. Being an entrepreneur, it is advisable to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way because mobile devices and technology have become the norm. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that there are now dozens of different business ideas, including business apps, e-commerce apps, retail apps, and so more. The cost of app making has dropped down so you can start either for free or for a very small investment.

Raving the Market- Mobile Apps for E-Commerce App!

Smartphones are getting activated than babies born every day. No kidding! With more than 2.1 billion smartphone users across the globe, the mobile app market is growing at a fanatic pace. Due to which businesses must buck up their spirits to cash in on this lucrative field. For instance, shopping. When it comes to shopping, more and more people are seen inclining towards online shopping. Gone all the days when we used to dress up or spare some time to visit 4-5 physical stores and buy nothing. Instead, we chose the easy way out; surfing on our smartphones in our same old pajamas for hours and get the desired thing. Even if you are unable to buy anything, you can keep scrolling on.

Further, I would like to highlight the significance of mobile applications in e-commerce business.

#1 Customers prefer a mobile app

One cannot deny the fact of how mobile applications are becoming a superior day in day out. Everyone ends up choosing a convenient way for customers to access your online store via their mobile phones. In addition to, go all the days when we had to remember all the lengthy URL's and log in every time while visiting your site. More importantly, as compared to browsers; the speed of an application is way faster. Better user experience and overall pleasant experience are its ultimate outcome.

Customers prefer a mobile app

In the present scenario, businesses coming out with a mobile app will only reinforce the credibility of mobile apps for e-commerce business.

#2 Deeper analytics

Keeping your customers aside for a while, a mobile app helps you to have a better view of your customer's preferences and activities. Yes, you can even check out in-depth analytical reports that elaborate on user information as well as their shopping decisions. This helps in refining your marketing strategies and improving business tactics.

E-commerce apps, in particular, are the ones equipped explicitly with customized features that engage end users to a great extent. For example, Easy-to-search products and filters that can limit results on the basis of a specific price range that provides high user-accessibility. This also aids in growing customer interest and accelerates business revenue.

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#3 Faster purchases leading to brand loyalty

With the dawn of 2019, more and more e-commerce sites seem to have mobile versions. Technically speaking, the app is generally 1.5 times faster when loading data and search results on mobile devices. In addition to this, there is no need to pull data from a server, and so customers can browse and purchase products faster. As mobile e-commerce apps offer the same functionality as desktop apps, people may purchase items directly within an app.

According to sources, the biggest retail app, Amazon increased the number of customers from 43 million in 2015 to 67 million in 2016. Reason being for such achievements is intuitive mobile browsing, which in turn drives sales up. As a result, it offers positive customer experience, easy and repeat purchases, and increased sales.

Also, customers using different mobile applications tend to grow more and more loyalty towards the brand. Adobe says 42%of smartphone shoppers, state that they build a stronger bond with the business when they shop through mobile applications. Brands are always a swipe away, shopping from the same brand again and again increases customer loyalty. They will spend more on the app, and some special offers can also lure them and make them stay close to the brand. The customer and brand connections tend to improve with time, and they develop brand loyalty.

#4 Push Notification

One of the most excellent benefits of mobile application development is where you can have a direct connection to customers; via push notification. These notifications help people stay aware of any kind of sale or discount on any product. Apart from this, they also work as a reminder for people. Being both instant and unobtrusive at the same time is a mobile app's USP. Shoppers get such alerts when they open a mobile app and may get them even without activating an app. 50% of users like notifications and 80% of users say offers and rewards make them more loyal to a brand.

For instance, if you are a person who loves traveling or on a business tour, that doesn't mean they won't be able to keep up with the popular trends. Creating a mobile app for an e-commerce store is the only way they are provided with better user experience and build a stronger relationship with your brand.

#5 Cost reduction and productivity

By reaching your audience faster with a mobile app, you obviously cut down marketing campaign costs. If an app has social media integration, users will do their part too in spreading the word. In addition to this, you can even earn from placing ads within your app later on. As a result, reducing costs, marketing campaigns more productive, and overall business productivity.

Certain Things to Consider While Develop E-commerce Mobile App

» Simple registration - Make sure that the application created does not demand too much information from the end user or else they won't even bother to complete it.

Different payment options

» Different payment options - Today ever app, especially shopping app, offers multiple payment options. This will turn out to be more convenient for your customer to buy the chosen item. Some of the most popular payment modes are credit/debit cards, eWallets, PayPal, Payoneer, and cryptocurrencies.

» Integration with social media - By integrating social media, users will be able to share your offers with others. In addition to this, you can allow users to login into your mobile app via Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network. Which also means the registration will be faster and easier for them.

» User-friendly interface - In a layman's language, it shouldn't be cluttered with the abundance of unnecessary icons. As a business owner, one should provide your users with fascinating experience; while browsing through your application. Also, make sure you immediately find the solution to their problems.

» Reviews - Make sure your users review your company. Allowing them to deliver instant feedback, which eliminates a number of calls to your support desk. Due to which you and your team members will also get insights into what you need to change to improve the customer experience.

» Analytic tools - Most of them are available for free and provide you with a comprehensive range of statistics on your users. It will help you find out more about your customers' preferences, see their total number, learn more about their location, navigation paths, etc. This is how you will learn what features of your app are used most of all.

» Simple checkout - High-quality products aren't the only thing which attracts customers. They should also feel satisfied after using your app. A clutter-free checkout funnel and fast navigation are what makes the user experience fascinating.

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Merging mobile application development and e-commerce business will definitely create some sparks in your life. And for a good reason! Also keeping up with such times will help you to boost sales, improve customer loyalty, and solve customer issues at a faster pace.

In a nutshell

Creating a mobile app that features extensive, yet hugely user-friendly experience, making it perfect for e-commerce startups to get a feel for online business in a way which is easy to digest. Also, it doesn't cost an arm or a leg.

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HP Morgan working as a Tech analyst at TatvSoft Australia, a customer software and Mobile app development company in Australia. He is having seven years of experience in a Technological domain. He loves to travel to Spontaneous places.

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