The Importance of Branding Mobile Apps

Branding is a marketing technique that has been around for at least a couple of centuries. Although we didn’t have websites and apps back in the 1800s, logos on products, letterheads, newspaper ads, etc. were used to brand a business. Even those businesses of yore knew the importance of branding and how it helped them be successful. So, let’s take a page from their playbook, put the concept of branding into our millennia, and look at the importance of branding for mobile apps.

Imagine you are on your computer, browsing through Amazon’s website so you can purchase a last-minute birthday present. You place an order, then head out the door for work. Later in the day, you want to check to see if the item has shipped yet. So, you pull out your mobile phone, pull up Amazon’s app, and then proceed to check your order status in the app. Now, pause that thought. How did you know which app was Amazon’s on your phone? Its logo! You automatically associated that “A” with Amazon and knew it was the correct app icon.

Branding is meant to pull everything together, so you can be easily recognized by the public. This includes your product labels, websites, AND mobile apps. You need your mobile app to look and feel like a part of your main business. Think of your app as your business’ child: It may look different, but it carries the same last name (brand) as your business. Brand your app with your logo to make it easily recognizable by users.

⇒ Encouraging Feedback

Many companies shy away from open feedback from past customers or users because they fear those “nothing will please them” customers and the comments they will leave for the whole world to see. We are here to tell you, “Don’t live in fear!” It’s true that branding can make it easier for a customer to find your website or app after visiting your physical location. And yes, it’s true that can be a bad thing for those few customers that had a terrible experience at your store and decide to rant about it on your website’s comments feed. But, the customers with positive experiences will drown out those few that put you down.

Make it easy for those who loved their experience with your business to find you online and rave about you! Branding your app will reassure customers that they are in the right spot and can continue to have a positive relationship with your business long after their first contact. Then, once enough customers find you online, you will be well on your way to becoming a customer approved, five-star brand/business!

⇒ Design

When developing an app, the design is a major part of that app’s success. If your design doesn’t mirror what users expect from you and your business, it won’t succeed. So, take the time to develop an app that is designed for your customers and addresses their wants and needs.

Then, to top it off, the brand that awesome app! Let your customers know, “Hey! We now have an app that will blow you away!” Branding your app shows that you approve the app’s design and that you kept the focus on the customers when developing it.

⇒ Competition

Competition between businesses has been going on since the first two businesses to ever exist opened their doors. App competition is almost the same as competition between physical businesses. Think back to the example given earlier about Amazon.

Now, suppose you’re still searching for that birthday present. You aren’t having much luck on Amazon, so you go to another app on your phone that says “Bella’s Beautiful Boutique” on the app icon. Yes, you had to squint and even get a magnifying glass to read the company’s entire name that is written out on this itty-bitty app icon just to make sure you were clicking on the right app.

This is an unfortunate mistake many app creators make. Because they didn’t brand their app, there wasn’t a logo to put on the app icon, resulting in the business’ name being squished on the icon instead. Don’t let your app be passed over by users because they can’t read your business name on the app’s icon. Brand your app with your company’s logo so they know exactly who they are clicking on and will associate your app with ease of access!

⇒ Belonging Together

As stated earlier, brands are meant to pull everything together. You need your users to know that your app is your company’s official app and will offer them a sensational experience. Develop an app that you are proud of and want to share with your customers. Develop an app that will enhance their daily lives. Then, give them a sense of belonging by including those app users in your company’s family (aka customer database).

Without a branded app, your app users may feel like the “outsiders” of your company’s customer list because they are only customers through what appears to be a knock-off app. Your company, its website, and its app should be viewed as one unit when presented to the public. Brand all of your products (both physical and virtual) to make them easily recognizable and convey the feeling that they, along with your customers, belong together.

These are just a few reasons that illustrate the importance of branding for mobile apps. Without a brand to pull all components of your business together, you are left with a disconnected, unorganized mess. And you know what? This mess is easily perceived by the public.

If you want to show the public that you are an organized, professional company, then brand all of the ways you interact with the masses. This includes physical letters, advertisements, emails, websites, apps, and so much more. Branding is such a large component contributing to an app’s success, so don’t miss out on giving your app its best chance!

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